Rocketbirds for PS Vita Launches on February 12th

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Rocketbirds for PS Vita Launches on February 12th

Hello again! I’m happy to announce that Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken for PS Vita will be available very soon for download on PSN — February 12th, in fact!

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken on PS Vita

The game is already available in Asia, where it was bundled with the PS Vita over Christmas, while it was also available exclusively to Asian PS Plus members. Since then, it became one of the top three most-downloaded PS Vita games on the PSN Top 10 PS3 and PS Vita Games in December list in Hong Kong, which is awesome!

In this game, you’ll take control of Hardboiled Chicken, the original Cock of War (a chicken so tough, he survived being boiled as a fetus), to lead the rebellion against the draconian penguin oppressors to overthrow their hold on Albatropolis! It’s an old-school cinematic action-adventure set in the Rocketbirds universe, a world filled with some despicable and often violent birds.

Rocketbirds for PS Vita Launches on February 12th

The game sports jetpacking sections, stab-action in the Hardboiled difficulty setting, mind controlling brainbugs, some pretty nifty PS Vita controls, sweet music videos and an Ad-Hoc / Online cooperative mode with its own separate campaign!

There’s something tragic about the idea of flightless birds. So if they did grow to man-sized proportions, and they possessed the technical know-how, I’m sure they would build jetpacks and mini helicopter packs for aerial navigation and zeppelins with big screens in order to expunge their oppressive propaganda. We hope you’ll enjoy the game’s jetpacking stages!

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken on PS Vita

The stab-action forms part of the Hardboiled difficulty setting, where Hardboiled gets limited ammo, a deagle and an uzi, but one very large knife. To do this correctly, you’ll need to use the weapons icon, which is located at the top right of PS Vita’s front touchscreen. Tapping the icon will auto-switch you between your last two weapons so you can quickly switch between the knife and your gun to close the gap between Hardboiled and the Penguin that’s trying to shoot you. You can also slide this icon to cycle between the weapons in your inventory, or open up your inventory with the d-pad. In Hardboiled mode, you’ll also need to defeat a different end boss than in Normal mode… but I feel I’ve given too much away now.

Everyone knows that Penguins are highly allergic to mind-controlling Brain bugs. If you obtain these, you can throw them at the feet of Penguins to make them do terrible – but useful – things for you.

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken on PS Vita

The single player game takes you through 15 chapters of Penguin destruction. For PS Vita, we wired the screens to the built-in motion sensors, so you can tilt the detailed, non-scrolling screens at will.

In the tenth chapter of the co-op campaign, you and a friend can choose two of the six Dirty-Half-Dozen Budgie Commandos to go and rescue the General’s daughter, who has been bird-napped by Penguins in Albatropolis. Of course, you’ll be able to connect with a friend via Online or Ad-Hoc mode for cooperative play.

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken on PS Vita

To thank the guys and gals who already own the PlayStation 3 version of the game, we will be offering a discount on the PS Vita version. You’ll also be able to unlock the new Sniper Budgie if you downloaded the PS3 demo, along with the new Agent-H Budgie (based on Herwig Maurer, the guys behind the sci-fi rock band responsible for all the music used in Rocketbirds) if you purchased the PS3 version of the game. Agent-H budgie is wielding a custom Photon Blaster – with sound effects created by H himself!

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8 Author Replies

  • Looks good. Will there be a PS Vita demo?

  • Awesome, I’ve been waiting for this one. How much will it be?

  • Awesome!

  • I got this on PS3 when it first dropped. Good game and it looks to be a great fit for Vita.

    Unfortunately, due to limited funds, I’ll have to skip it (along with tons of other games I want) although I really want to get it for my Vita too.

  • I don’t know why people always say that the Vita does not have any games because every time I blink there is another game coming to my favorite portable console. Thanks for bringing your game to the Vita.


  • This better have a PS Plus discount of at least 20-50%!

  • @5 so true

    been waiting for this one

  • This is exactly what Psvita needs: Games, more Games, i hope the “See the Future” event wont end up being just about ps4 and sony announce new psvita games at the event, perhaps Gaikai vita compatibility, ps4/psvita compatibility.

    anyways back to the game, Online CO OP you said? well then you just sold 2 copies, i always buy 2 copies because i buy games for my 9 years old nephew too and we love to play together so yea co op games are always welcome.

  • Dangitt!! I just deleted 4 games to make room for Sly Cooper, Big Sky Infinity, and Knytt on my 32 GB card and I know I’ll be picking up Alien Breed next week (Cross Buy and PS+ discount = instant buy for me).
    I hope Rocketbirds is way overpriced because that is the only way I’d be able to resist it.

    Curse you Sony! Either release a 128GB Vita or stop releasing so many Vita games for cheap.

  • Does this game going to have trophies separate from the PS3 Version.

  • I was on the fence on buying this, until the last paragraph. Extras and a discount for owners of the PS3 version pushed me towards buying it. Thank you for considering those of us that will be buying it twice.

  • @ 10- I believe it will have a whole separate trophy list, as it is a whole new purchase.

  • Burger Time WT would be a great game on the Vita. So would Ratchet and Clank FFA.

  • AWESOME! I’ve been waiting for the Vita version of this ever since it was announced. I loved the PS3 version. A discount for owners of the PS3 version makes this a no-brainer. I’ll definitely be picking it up next week. Can you release pricing information?

    And the soundtrack rocks.

  • @13- R & C FFA will be on the Vita eventually…

  • Easy Platinum! Played on PS3…good old fashioned fun for sure. Swell Vita purchase if you never played!

  • Thanks for showing the Vita some love. Will buy!

    Hint to other publishers: When you release your titles on PSN AND Vita, it increases the chance that many of us will purchase the game. I have about 100 games on my PS3 that I’ve downloaded over the years, and never play them, because I don’t have much game time at home, what with work and the wife. However, I have a cool 2+ hours to kill daily due to my work commute, so I’m always spending that time playing the Vita. I’ve stopped buying games on PSN if they aren’t on the Vita, not because I don’t want to, but because it’d be a waste for me otherwise.

    Ratchet: Full Frontal? Bought. Can play on Vita
    Knytt Underground? Bought. Can play on Vita
    Sly Cooper: TiT? Bought: Can play on Vita

    See the trend?

    Studio Head is getting my money, because they took the chance to develop their game for the PSN and the Vita. Thank you guys, for that, as an adult with limited gaming time, I really appreciate the effort you put into bringing this title over to the Vita. Now I’ll be able to enjoy a fun-looking game, and support the gaming industry with my hard earned cash!

    • The Vita’s an awesome piece of tech – I hope you’ll enjoy our game on Vita :-) ~ My 7 year old daughter has hogged mine, so I’ll have to get my own!

  • Thanks for supporting the vita.
    Day one buy.

  • @17 agreed. I know all games can’t be cross buy but a discount on the Vita ,if PS3 version purchased, works as well.

  • Yay, more Vita games, thanks!

  • Awesome, more games for VITA.

  • Looks fun, may have to check it out once I clear out some of my already monstrous backlog of games.

  • Sounds totally crazy and totally awesome.

  • Perfect fit for the Vita library!

  • This is cool & all but PS Vita needs more original titles not more ports.

  • This looks good… I will be a buyer…

  • Definitely picking this up! Enjoyed (though never finished) the PS3 version, and would love to have it on my Vita as well. The discount and extras for PS3 buyers is an awesome gesture. Thanks!

  • Wow, very informative video. More people should buy and play this game(hopefully series).

    Will the PS3 version receive any of these new features in a patch?

    • On a personal level, I really want to do this, though nothing’s planned for this yet – But the patch would not be compatible with people’s saved games since there are a lot of contentual changes including completely new Chapters and game modes since PS3. But never say never!

  • I’m buying this the absolute SPLIT second it releases on the PSN store!!! Thanx Sony for another great 2D platformer… I like many others have been waiting for this one!!

    Related to the above question though, for those that have bought the PS3 version of this game (not me), you say they will get some extra free features in the form of new characters/weapons, correct? My question is, for those of us that do not already own the PS3 version, will we be able to purchase these extra characters/content in the form of some DLC or patch update?? I always like to support a game I like by making sure to own ALL possible content… so I personally would definitely purchase any DLC that you guys might offer.

    Anyways, thanx again for the great game. I can’t wait to play it soon!!!

    • Thanks for your support! We’ve taken this into account – it’s always a tough call. If you haven’t purchased the PS3 version, but downloaded the demo, you’d already have access to the Sniper Budgie DLC.
      For Agent-H Budgie, well he’s a really special Budgie, based on New World Revolution’s real life Agent-H, and reserved for die hard fans of his music and Rocketbirds.

  • Wow this looks really fun, hopefully there’s a demo too!

    @ SolduNuts I agree 100%

  • Have this on the PS3 and while I never finished it, I DID buy the soundtrack. Definitely worth checking that out if you like the music.

  • No questions answered no price listed what gives guys.

  • @purse317: sorry, trying to get my in-line stuff to work… gimme a sec

  • is a cross buy game??
    if I buy the ps3 version i get the vita version for free??

    • It’s not a cross buy, but you’ll get a discount if you purchased the PS3 version. On top of that, you’ll get both Agent-H Budgie and Sniper Budgie for your Co-op game on PS Vita…

  • and another game that my phone could run if it were to be ported, why make all these games that dont even go to retail stores? we want some tripple A titles that atleast you can see in stores

  • I don’t own a PS3, but this game looks pretty sweet. I know there’s a PS3 demo…will there be a Vita demo for the game?

    I “purchased” the PS3 demo from the web store to hopefully get access to the Sniper Budgie :)

  • Definitely looking forward to this. How much is it going to cost?

  • Thanks for the release! I’m jumping on the love train here to say that I also love my VITA!

  • I love this game, and love my Vita. I use it hours daily for everything to movies, music and video games. I bought the game when it first released on PS3, definitely picking up the Vita version for more chicken killin’ fun. Man, hope there will be a 64GB memory card at some point in the future, my cards are filling up and switching is a hassle most of the time.

  • Didnt saw the price in the article….

  • Is there a straight out v.s mode where i can challenge my friends?

  • WHOA! Where did this game come from? Looks like so much fun!!!

  • Does content stay the same for both PS3 and PS vita version? Can you tell me the detail how much the discount is when purchase a PS3 version first. Thanks! One of your employee post this game to all Chinese BBS.

  • cant wait to this game come out

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