Dead Space 3: Your Questions Answered

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Dead Space 3: Your Questions Answered

Dead Space 3 on PS3

A couple weeks ago, we asked you for Dead Space 3 questions, which we’d forward along to Visceral Games for a future Q&A. Starting at 12:01AM Pacific time tonight, you’ll be able to download the game on PSN in North America, and it will be available at retail tomorrow, so we think now’s a good time to revisit that.

You mobilized and responded to our request in full force, so we had plenty to ask about when we tracked down John Calhoun, Associate Producer of Dead Space 3. When we finally caught up with him, we threatened dismemberment politely asked him a few of the questions you had, and he was happy to oblige. Read on to find out how Visceral kept co-op scary, what Isaac’s new locomotive abilities mean for the game, and what kinds of new horrors you’ll face when Dead Space 3 launches tomorrow.

@tehSeruh: What was the inspiration behind making Dead Space 3 more action-based than the previous games? For example, taking cover, rolling, and universal ammo.

John Calhoun, Associate Producer of Dead Space 3: The overall pacing of Dead Space 3 – that is, the ratio of high intensity action sections and lower intensity suspension moments – is actually comparable to the gameplay that was established in Dead Space 1 and 2. We don’t really consider DS3 more (or less) action-based than previous games. That said, we did make Isaac a more capable protagonist in this game, including his ability to crouch and take cover. These features were added to level the playing field between Isaac and Dead Space 3’s new human enemies, who are tactically advanced and could otherwise overpower the player.

Dead Space 3 on PS3

@Jeremy_LaMont: Is horror less horrifying with two? How do you design a scary two-player game from the get-go?

“There are times when Carver will see or hear things that Isaac does not.”

JC: The secret to keeping DS3 scary is twofold: know your game’s strengths, and don’t be boxed in by conventional thinking. Regarding the former, one of our franchise’s strongest areas has always been audio. We turned to our sound designers a lot to ensure that the game remained atmospheric and thrilling no matter how you choose to play. We also decided to think outside the box about what makes a co-op game tick. Why should it be less scary with a friend? It was this thinking that led us to develop the “asymmetrical dementia” moments you’ll occasionally experience in co-op. These are times when Carver will see or hear things that Isaac does not, which we hope will start a dialogue between players about what’s real, and what isn’t. Not knowing if you can trust your partner is a great technique to keep things tense in co-op!

@EricFordham: Is this going to be the concluding chapter for Isaac?

JC: If you’re fishing for spoilers, you won’t get them from us! We’re staying focused right now to make sure DS3 is the best game it can possibly be at launch. And while there is a lot more story to tell in the Dead Space universe, we can’t reveal what this may or may not mean for Isaac.

Dead Space 3 on PS3

@the1PARiAH: Will there be additional missions for single player and/or co-op via DLC?

“These additional areas are some of the most challenging – and rewarding – levels in DS3.”

JC: We haven’t made any DLC announcements at this time. However, we would like to share a little-known but important fact about DS3 that’s related to this question. In the course of playing the main campaign, in either single-player or co-op, you may encounter barracks, ships, or underground labs that are entirely optional sections of the map for you to explore. These additional areas make up a large chunk of the game’s content, and are some of the most challenging – and rewarding – levels in DS3.

@JAlvar_5495: What type of new Necromorphs are there in the game?

JC: We have the Waster, a humanoid Necromorph with a variety of transformation states, depending on how you dismember it. The Feeder is a smaller creature that is attracted to light and sound; you can sometimes avoid it, or face it head on. But be warned – they tend to attack in packs when threatened. The Shambler is an infected human corpse that is able to haphazardly wield a gun. Don’t get too close, or it may infect you, too! These are just a few of the new Necromorphs you’ll discover.

@MaLTRaiN: What bonuses will we get if we preorder the game?

JC: There are a couple preorder bonuses that we think are pretty cool. All preorders will receive the Limited Edition, which contains codes for the Witness the Truth and First Contact weapon and suit packs. Each pack contains an exclusive suit and weapon, built from customized parts that are not available anywhere else in the game. GameStop preorders also receive the custom-skinned and upgraded EG-900 SMG, while Amazon customers will receive the similarly awesome Tesla Enervator weapon.

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2 Author Replies

  • Any thoughts as to considering Dead Space 2 for PS+ in North America to help generate interest in DS3?

  • I have an additional question, if you please have the time: why is the embargo date for the game hours after it’s made available for gamers? Wouldn’t you want people to make an informed purchase?

  • i played the demo, does the final version of the game allow split screen co-op? as thats the deciding factor for me.

  • I hope the co-op is solid. Too many games nowadays release with the promise of a great co-op adventure only to find out there’s a big problem keeping it from being fun. (I’m look at you Far Cry 3 and your horrible voip/comms)

    I like the answer about keeping the co-op game scary by making things detectable to one player but not the other, I think that is an awesome idea to keep the uneasiness of the horror going. Really looking forward to this game!

  • How large is the download? Thats one of the questions that should be answered.

  • I just finished Dead Space 1, only one trophy keeping me from the platinum that stupid “don’t get cocky kid” trophy, I don’t think I will ever get that stupid bronze trophy. I am a little more than halfway finished with DS 2 right now. Should be finished with that tonight and tomorrow morning in prep for 3.

    I am psyched for 3 but please tell me if you are planning on a season pass I really hope so. The super suits like the tank suit and heavy damage plasma cutter from 1 will make that no dying mode actually doable.

    Between this and Sly I have no Idea what I am going to tackle first.

  • Dead space 1 and 2 would make a great ps + free game ^^

  • Pre-ordered it on PSN. Please tell me if it will be available at midnight so I stay awake for it.

  • @scorpionov4 midnight pacific time. 3 am here :( I preordered on amazon because they had that 20 dollar promotional credit and the extra weapon

  • I’m rolling that right over to my already pre ordered god of war ascension collectors edition I already had pre ordered, so great deal for me.

  • @dodgdedoors lucky i wish i could get the collectors edition instead im going for the red ps3 because my ps3 disk reader doesnt work anymore.

  • I wish Sony would offer all of its releases in digital and disc format outta the gate, it would make it easier for me to purchase games as they come out. I live 45 miles from the nearest store where I can purchase a physical copy so I either have to pre-order online or hope their is a digital release. I prefer digital to disc as I have small children who like to scratch discs or leave them out of their cases. Please Sony more Day 1 Digital releases!!!

  • Dead Space 1 & 2 were really great games.. my question is why is Dead Space 3 such a total flop of a game compared to the first two games? It’s really bad. ;(

  • Why’s it such a Flop? come on omega_alpha. the game isn’t even out yet. Personally Dead Space was an instance Classic imho. Dead Space, while great, was somewhat of a letdown. The jury is out on DS3 but I’m sure it’ll be a solid game and get decent sales figures. Certainly not bad enough to be considered a flop on any level.

    My question. Where’s the Dead Space + Trilogy for PS Vita. *grin*

  • so it comes out at mid night? i can download it I pre-ordered it.

  • Kinda confused, so is supplies like ammo,health packs and so on shared amongst the players (IE:Issac picks up ammo;then carver can’t) or is is separate (both can pick it up)?

  • Does the game feature Split Screen Co-op? This is a HUGE deciding factor for me to day 1 purchase.

  • Thanks for offering DS3 at 12:01am pst! This is a extraordinary bonus. I have already preordered on PSN and will love to get my download going when I wake up at 7am est! Downloading while I am working is the way to go. Cannot wait to get lost in the Dead Space Universe! :)

  • Loved the first two but very skeptical of DS3.

    Also, hated the demo and didn’t finish it.

  • I’ve never enjoyed the demos for the previous 2 Dead Space games but I enjoyed the demo for this game so much that I decided to pre-order it. It was the weapon crafting and the online co-op that pushed me to pre-order.

    1) Will the Tesla Enervator & EG-900 SMG be available at a later date as DLC?

    2) I’d like to see Isaac fight enemies in an underwater environment. Is this a possibility in Dead Space 3 or in a future Dead Space game?

  • i think ill wait not sure how i feel about the in game microtransaction store- i dont want to influence others to do this and its like how bioware got hit with on disc dlc- this is just dlc thats already on the game and i think that it takes away from the difficulty and noobifies it. just my opinion i mean no offense.

  • I really liked the first 2 but this one I’m still not sure and I didn’t like the demo that much. From the demo, It didn’t feel like I was in Dead Space universe and I hated the new enemies ala resident evil.

  • My main question is are we getting anything extra from pre-ordering in from PSN are getting the EG-900 SMG and the suit’s or what are we getting with the pre-order from the PSN.

  • Nice Q&A Justin. I want to know when EA will push some of these AAA games onto Vita as they did with Need For Speed Most Wanted, which is phenomenal and my favorite racer on the handheld with Sonic close behind.

  • Loved the first two games. If the demo is any indication of what the game is shaping up to be then the third game looks like it’s going to have that EA touch to it. The demo wasn’t interesting and not scary at all. It feels like another boring shooter. Even the generic cover of the game tells you what to expect. The switch to action might bring in a different audience but it’s alienating the original fans of the series. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if they slapped Isaac’s face onto a bag of Doritos. I’m sure it’ll sell well but this is the same thing that happened to Resident Evil. That’s a real shame.

  • 12:28 n its still not in the store D;

  • nvm looks like i got 3 more hours to go -_-

  • Since the game launches at 12 midnight on the East Coast you should make it available at 1201 Eastern Time. As it is right now PSN offers zero incentives to go digital. Absolutely zero. And a theme which can be matched for free at PS3-themes isn’t really a bonus. Now to put players 4 hours into the red not to mention a lengthy download even on fast connections and it just doesn’t make sense. I purchased this digitally and have several other items and am beginning to think I should stay with discs since the few dollars PSN rewards back for my purchases are roughly equal to what I earn from Best Buy except I have a lengthy wait, lose HDD space, and I have no preorder bonuses.

  • Might as well try…. Is there any chance to get Dead Space HD (The iPad and Android game) on the Vita? It is already optimized for the hardware that is used for the Vita. The developers could sharpen the textures a little, change the controls to use the physical controls and end up with an instant classic.

  • @29 That would make too much damn awesomeness to make sense

  • its 12:07….please dont tell me i stayed up for nothing.

  • 12:10 games isn’t up yet.

    Not surprised though

  • What’s going on? I pre-ordered the game and waited for it to be available at midnight. It’s 12:10 AM.

  • @7 I bought both games on disc awhile back. They’re $20 each now.

    @13 Play Dead Space 3 first before assuming things. Duke Nukem Forever was a bad game according to the reviews.

  • @33 Pacific time.

  • Has anyone go their digital copy downloading yet? I don’t see it up anywhere. Do I need to do the Konami code or something?

  • + Justin Massongill on February 4th, 2013 at 6:04 pm said:

    12:01AM Pacific time.

  • O RLY? It’s 12:18 AM right now.

  • What is going on? Has anyone been able to get it? It is almost 1230!

  • You know what I said?

    It will be up to be available for download at 12:23 AM Pacific time. I’m downloading it right now.

  • “Dead Space 3 on PS3

    A couple weeks ago, we asked you for Dead Space 3 questions, which we’d forward along to Visceral Games for a future Q&A. Starting at 12:01AM Pacific time tonight, you’ll be able to download the game on PSN in North America”

    I pre-ordered this the day it was available for pre-order. So, where is it.. you’d think with the 18 million or so dollars you made off the Day 1 digitals, you could get this right.

    If you can’t do something right, then don’t bother doing it at all.. People are depending on this, patiently waiting on you.. staying up all night for this.

    It is now 2:26 am central time…

  • 12:23 AM was the time it was available and like I said, I’m downloading the game right now.

  • Fale propaganda. No 00:01 Pacific Time download.

  • Fake propaganda” No 00:01 Pacifict time download. It’s now 00:30 and just became available to download.

  • I clocked it in for 12:23 AM. I know it’s weird for the most of you but did they did say it will be available on 12:01 AM but that didn’t happen.

  • That’s a big FAIL. I woke up at 4:00 AM (Atlantic Standard Time), to start downloading this game and it’s only now it’s going up? Sony. You all have to do a better job than this!!!!!

  • They even posted at 00:30 on that was now (that time) available. I hope they don’t do this on crysis 3 midnight release as well -.-‘

  • “Alright, guys. Stop whining, crying and all that. It’s available now to download.”

    Yeah….About 30 MINUTES LATER IT WAS!

  • @48 Of course, I agree with you as well as 41 and others like 48 and 41 and me.

  • Geez. Have patience. If its not there now, try again later.

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