This Week in the PlayStation Community

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This Week in the PlayStation Community

Last Friday, Cade introduced our new twist on the Community Spotlight. Now it’s my turn to highlight something going on in the PlayStation Community. Last week we showcased the creative and talented moemarston, but not all weeks will be related to creative fans. Sometimes we’ll get a chance to focus on those of us with a nice, healthy competitive streak. And this is one of those weeks!

Battle Bowl

Starting today, and running all through the month of February, is the inaugural Battle Bowl. Two of PlayStation’s biggest community-driven tournament sites have teamed up to bring us an epic series of tournaments called Battle Bowls. In each of these Bowls, FraggedNation and Urgent Fury will host massive, month-long 4v4 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer ladders. The top eight teams from each site will compete in an intense bracket tournament during the first weekend of March.

The winners will walk away with huge bragging rights (and momentum into Battle Bowl II). But for those of you that like your prizes to be a bit more impressive, each member of the winning team will receive an Elgato Game Capture HD device. So, if you’ve been telling everyone on your friends list that you’re the one to beat in BO2, now’s the time to prove it!

Grab three of your toughest friends, and sign up now at either FraggedNation or Urgent Fury to compete for the Battle Bowl I title.

As will be the norm in our weekly PlayStation Community posts, we’ll have a few modules to get connected, find cool events and maybe even win some really cool swag. Check back weekly for more info, and continue your PlayStation community connection with us.


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Win It Wednesday

Win PlayStation games and products every Wednesday on Twitter! This week we gave away Madden NFL 13 for predicting which team would win the big game over the weekend; next week you can win Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time! Follow @HeyPlayStation to learn how to enter.

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3 Author Replies

  • I might have to jump on this..

  • I don’t think it’s a jumping contest. Joking aside, you don’t have a chance buddy. Rocknchop FTW. Go get them tasty cakes Hines!

  • @Morgan ME TOO!

  • Ohh I see a dream team in the making here, but can they really hang with the COD pros at UF and FN???? Shots Fired!!!! Hoooyyyaaaahhhhh

  • It’s On!!!!!!!

  • If only I wasnt a ghost.

    To clarify from last week about the contest, for me I dont have any social networks so the twitter thing on Wednesday isnt something I can take part in. thats why I was inquiring about adding some other events, thanks.

  • Sounds awesome! I’d love to see a tournament like this for a fighting game.

  • Urgent Fury FTW!!!!!!!

  • Hey Morgan,
    can you please look into the login/password link on your mobile version of the PSN Blog?

    It just doesn’t work (and hasn’t for several weeks now!)
    I’ve tried this on an iPod Touch 4 (Via both Google Chrome and Safari) and a Kindle Fire HD (via Silk)
    and on all of them it redirects them to a non-existent page.

    I emailed this to PS Customer Service and they replied REPLIED….
    “I recommend trying to view this site on your Personal Computer
    (PC) to be able to view this information.

    Thank you for contacting PlayStation® Support today.”

    I certainly don’t consider this a fix! Many others are having this problem as well and
    I know many people who would love to comment on positive things, but are unable to.

    PS fan since 1995.

  • @9 i click view full site when redirected to that page. It usually then redirects me to the login. I dont view the mobile site because it never works correctly. I always use the pc version while on my phone.

  • Hey I want to know where in NYC the playstation event going to take place on February 20. I’m very much interest in going. What can I do to get my chance to be inside?

  • @10: Yeah, I don’t view the mobile blog theme version either. I don’t think it even lets you view comments when doing that, but I have no “PC mode” on an iPhone or Kindle Fire HD.

    I’m guessing Sony is making this hard to use on these devices on purpose. I don’t know why else they not fix this after 5 weeks.

    Sony Customer Service is CLUELESS too. I asked them a second time to please fix the link and they are now telling me their Blog is not compatible with mobile devices?!? What??!

    Their actual answer to my question:
    “Unfortunately, the PlayStation® website may not always be compatible with all mobile devices. I recommend trying to view this site on your Personal Computer (PC) to be able to view this information.”

    The PSN Blog is just too technically advanced even for the iPad 4, Kindle Fire HD, or any iPod. You must buy a new PSN Blog Machine to view and comment! It must be running HTML 1000.0 Delta.

  • It’s pointless if Sony staffs don’t reply to the customer problems in the Support section.

    I don’t know why Sony don’t support their customers on the official forums and what’s the point of Support sections?

    • What issue are you referencing? If you can give me link to a forum thread you are talking about, then I can get the right set of eye on that thread.


  • ok i try it out =D

  • Where’s Blogcast 61? It isn’t up anywhere? Don’t you put it up every week anymore?

  • @Paul Sullivan

    I’m not having any issue at this moment but I just want to see Sony staffs support their customers on their official forum like the other companies do.

  • While you’re at it, Paul, can you get someone to look at the mobile site? The text gets cut off on the right side when in portrait orientation (iPhone 4) and it’s probably just a matter of adjusting some css in the WPTouch template(s).

    (I’ve raised this via various support mechanisms already)

    Not a huge deal, but a less-than-perfect web presence! doesn’t befit a great legacy like Sony!

  • @monterossa

    The forums have been working with community members, and it has been working rather well. There have been maybe 2-3 issues a month that don’t get answered on the forums and refer the thread maker to Sony support.

    It’s been over 5 years and I haven’t seen many Sony people outside of Morgan on the forums. They have email and phones, and the occasional twitter. Maybe look into those.

  • Black Ops 2 is a joke. Too much hype for CoD ever sense after CoD4

  • Paul Sullivan,

    I’ve contacted PlayStation

    We are getting this:

    when trying to log in on mobile devices. (which is required to leave a comment on here).

    As I mentioned I’ve tried this on an Apple iPod Touch 4th gen, Kindle Fire HD, iPad. on various web browsers,
    Safari, Google Chrome, and I can’t think of the Kindle Fire browser ATM.

    I don’t mean to sound angry, as I do enjoy being a part of this blog, but it’s really frustrating when you want to post a reply and have to go to another computer to do so. Not to mention it used to work perfectly about a month ago (give or take).

    I appreciate that you will look into this for us.

    Thank You,

  • Well, I guess no one is monitoring this page anymore. :(

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