From Ashes: God of War: Ascension Live-Action Trailer Explores Kratos’ Origins

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From Ashes: God of War: Ascension Live-Action Trailer Explores Kratos’ Origins

If you’re an ardent PlayStation fan, you’ve no doubt seen the teasers. Today, I’m extremely excited to share the final, full-length version of our “From Ashes” live action trailer for God of War: Ascension, featuring a special arrangement of Ellie Goulding’s “Hanging On.” This is just about the biggest production we’ve ever undertaken for a God of War commercial or trailer — or for any PS3 game for that matter. We are very proud of how it turned out, and we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

From Ashes: God of War: Ascension Live-Action Trailer Explores Kratos’ Origins

Everyone knows Kratos has anger management issues; he will stop at nothing to get revenge on Ares and all of the gods that have betrayed him. In God of War 1-3, **SPOILER ALERT** we got to experience Kratos’ quest for vengeance as he took down Ares, and literally climbed his way to the top of Olympus to defeat Zeus himself. God of War: Ascension, however, is set before the first God of War game. Through the course of the story, we get to see a more human side of Kratos as he deals with the pain and loss of having just lost everything he has ever loved. We worked closely with Imaginary Forces, the creative minds behind some of the gorgeous cutscenes in Ascension and some of the past God of War games, and Santa Monica Studio to bring Kratos and his family to life, paying careful attention to each minute detail.

If you are like most other red-blooded Americans, you’re probably going to be watching the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. If you happen to watch the game streaming online—an increasingly popular way to enjoy the big game—or have it streaming as your second-screen info source for the game, you’ll be able to catch a unique one-minute version of the trailer airing during the Super Bowl live stream.

God of War: Ascension on PS3

If the recent single-player gameplay video left you hungry for more news about the epic single campaign waiting for you in the game, you are in luck. That was just the tip of the iceberg. We hosted a media event last night with a bunch of the top gaming media in the country to show off the first half hour or so of the game. Watch for their in-depth impressions to start popping up online today.

In the meantime, here are a couple of brand-new screenshots from the single player campaign. Look for more screens of your favorite Spartan warrior in the online preview coverage, along with playthrough videos of the spectacular opening of the game showing some brand new attacks, areas, enemies and more.

God of War: Ascension on PS3

If that wasn’t enough reason to go out and pre-order, don’t forget that you’ll be able to sample the next PS3-exclusive from Naughty Dog, creators of the amazing Uncharted series, before anyone else. If you hadn’t heard yet, there will be an exclusive-access demo of The Last of Us that will only be accessible via God of War: Ascension’s main menu prior to the launch of TLOU.

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  • Oh! just take my money already! *kappa*

  • That was just perfect! And Ellie Goulding was icing in the cake!

  • I am so excited for tis game!! Looks amazing! Great commercial guys!

  • Dang… that was emotional…

  • Please let Kratos be the God of Peace!

  • I can’t remember a time in my gaming life where I was this excited. God Of War, MLB The Show, The Last Of Us. Also Feb 20th and E3. Very excited to have the next Playstation sitting beside my PS3 and Vita

    Also love PS+ :)

  • Great trailer! Cant wait to play it!

  • I just realized Ascension is less than 6 weeks away, that’s crazy.

  • That screenshot above looks amazing! I just wish that was a pic of the statue we got with the Limited Edition.

    Nevertheless, I have my Limited Edition on pre-order and I am excited for it no matter how much I dislike his stance in it.

    Keep up the awesome job guys – you know you have a killer IP.

  • Great live-action trailer and background music to boot! Ascension will be mine soon!

  • I bought the PS3 Because of GOW3. This live action trailer is probably the best I have ever watched. Keep up the great Job guys, You have my preorder!

  • Awesome trailer.

    While this was loading I was feeling a bit of fatigue for the series, i’ve never been into prequels but this trailer peaks my interest in this.

  • That was just 100% pure awesome.

  • I’ve had the collectors edition paid off for months
    the single player video looks phenomenal just like the multiplayer beta was awesome
    By the gods finished ship this game LOL

  • Very cool trailer, especially the ending when Kratos is surrounded. But that song just didn’t seem to fit for me.

  • Great live action trailer. Really felt like emotion was what was trying to be conveyed there….hope that means that the game will also be focusing attention on the emotional aspect of the Kratos and his journey.

    Side comment about the trailer, with all the emotional build up that went on in the trailer, it would have culminated perfectly into a bout of rage if he would have used his circular move to wipe out the encroaching soldiers. As it is now, it just focuses on the emotional aspect, and leaves you hanging there. Which is nice in it’s own way….not sure if at this point in the entry if he’s supposed to be “the god of war” yet or not. But if he is, he should have exploded with anger. If not, then perfectly done!

  • Love the trailer

  • Guess I should have read the article before commenting :) The video was just so great, i skipped the reading.Now back tracking and reading, I see my questions answered. Very cool.

  • I remember when i first heard they were making another GOW, and cried out because they wouldn’t let a great series die great. NOW, after the multi beta has ended I find that the Rage has been rekindled. I cannot wait.

    AND TLOU Demo TOO!!!! The distance is too far to wait…

  • Sony is straight up murdering it right now!


    ^^whistle tips dude^^

  • That trailer was EPIC!


  • Great trailer. I love the song used in it.

  • This is definitely the best trailer Sony has ever made. To bad they don’t make more of these, it would sell a lot more games. They should make a Last Of Us trailer, since a lot of gamers that don’t read gaming new a lot probably have minimum knowledge about it.

  • Great Scott! where is my Delorean, i’ll go straight to March

  • first 5 seconds I was like “this is gonna be another weak sony trailer”, two minutes later “OMG THAT’S AWESOME”. Great job.

    Not sure how I feel about this being cut down to 1 minute for the super bowl. But I guess red blooded americans just have the attention span for the other 50% of the trailer.

  • OMGod of WAR!! AMAZING!! Can’t wait for my Collectors edition to come in! Please do a live movie of God of War … sign Chris Nolan or JJ Abrams or Zack Snyder to direct it!

  • AMAZING!!!!

  • Oh yeah, and the music was perfect. Great job Sony!

  • Nicely done :)

  • Damn that screenshot is pure awesomeness so beautiful…PS3 and Sony are so above the others….Hardcore GoW fan here….since the announcement of this game it was already ready to be pre-ordered…..can’t wait.Oh and I’m eager to play TLoU demo too.Also I’m dying to see the 1st 30 min gameplay but I don’t want spoilers…oh St.Monica why did you do that?…you’re killing me.

  • Wow haven’t been liking the live action trailers lately (littlebigplanet racers,PSASBR) but this one was so well done..why didn’t u guys use this kratos in the PSASBR trailer? Lol can’t wait for this game! LONG LIVE PS3!!!

  • Oh just watched the live action trailer…impressive….that guy is very similar to Kratos and that thing with the ashes….simply fantastic….Sony I’m never disappointed with you….although I’ll be if you announce the PS4.

  • @PlayStation Blog
    Does this take place before Chains of Olympus?

  • They made a mistake. This game place before Chains of Olympus

    anyways love the live action trailer, makes you feel sad for Kratos

  • Simply Amazing!!!!!!

  • @34:

    i think it’ll be between the chain of olympus and the 1st GoW

  • The devs heard some of the many complaints about Kratos, and they made what appears to be another great game with this in mind. Great job and thank you!

  • I’ve never seen a blog post get a perfect 5 point score before, but By The GODS This DESERVES IT! Surprisingly emotional trailer!

  • I have been on this Blog since the beginning and I don’t think I have EVER seen a solid 5 of 5 rating after 40 comments.

  • lol @ Pabloo1010

    ….great minds and all

  • Oh. My. God. This video almost brought me to tears. It’s the closest I’ve come to crying in a long time. I MUST AVENGE KRATOS’ FAMILY. AGAIN!

  • awesomeeeeeeeee

  • Besides the awesome single player, I wanted to play more of the multiplayer. I actually had fun playing and I couldn’t believe you guys pulled it off. I mostly liked Team Favor of the Gods and that FFA mode as well.

  • Really Sony? a 2 minute Super Bowl ad? I thought it was 4 million for a 30 second ad, so this is 16 million? Wow, I cant wait to see future ads and this must mean Sony has learned from their ads/marketing fiasco and now everything that should get ads/marketed will get it and proper ads/marketing. I dont know how good this ad is but we will see. And that bundle is overpriced, the AC3 bundle is 300 but this one that is the same thing but includes the GoW Collection is 350 when the game is only 30? I would have bought it if it was 300.

  • I was voter #60 and it’s still a perfect 5! Great job on this, it was so emotional and well done.
    The song was heart wrenching too.
    I wish Sony would use these skills to advertise on tv more often!

  • Damnnnnn yo this Video hade me feeling all Emotional and ishhh. nice job on getting a dude from the hood all sensitive haha God Of War one of my Favs. First Day Buy. Great Trailer.

  • ^^ @ Freshh23 ^^

    “If you happen to watch the game streaming online…”

    This commercial will play on the STREAM, not on the televised Super Bowl. It did not cost them 4 Mil for 30sec.

  • You are wrong, Freshh23, this bundle includes Ascension, which is a $60 game and Saga, with all five games which is a $40 game.

  • Also LUVVVV the Song to. Fits Perfectlyyyyy. Well Done

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