Urban Trial Freestyle Amps Up PS3 and PS Vita

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Urban Trial Freestyle Amps Up PS3 and PS Vita

We are getting closer to releasing Urban Trial Freestyle – and since we’ve focused on the PS3 version, we thought it was time to shed more light on the PS Vita version.

Both versions of Urban Trial Freestyle feature the same proprietary physics engine (called Elephant Engine), so in terms of being a trial biking experience, PS Vita and PS3 are quite similar. Both platforms also feature the same game modes, outfits and motorbike customization. PS Vita is a really powerful machine — as a development team, we were able to include all the same features as those on the PS3 version.

Still, there are some differences between the two versions, including events and background action, billboards and challenges.

PS Vita has a smaller screen, and we decided that trying to match the big platform level of detail would be too much on a handheld platform. When you play Urban Trial Freestyle on your PS3, its likely you’ll have a much bigger screen, chilling in a comfortable position in front of the TV, so you can really absorb more elements and events that are taking place in the background. With PS Vita, it’s all about short, portable sessions of play. Thinking from this perspective, we want you to be able to focus on what is happening in the foreground. Of course, both versions have a ton of crazy, intense action happening.

Urban Trial Freestyle on PSN and PS Vita

The PS Vita version takes advantage of the platform’s features, like the built-in camera. For instance, gamers can take photos of themselves for their profile. When the top player’s profile is displayed on Billboards placed on tracks next to each of the Stunts (and also on a summary screen at the end of each track both in Stunt Mode and Time Attack), they can actually see their photo on these Billboards. That’s quite cool – imagine that thousands of your fellow players see your photograph on these Billboards! Seeing who is the best for each stunt fosters a more personal, perceptible sense of competition. I remember we had some great moments with this feature at our studio. When you see someone’s happy face on one of these Billboards, then you manage to beat their score and replace their photo with your own grinning mug, it just feels great. Another exciting feature here is that you can narrow the competition only to your friends list, so it can get fiercer and more competitive.

There are also some differences between the two platforms in Challenges mode. For example, in the “Defying Gravity” challenge on PS Vita, a player shifts the whole game system to shift the gravity, whereas on PS3, it’s only the controller that you need to shift — the screen shifts accordingly on TV, so the feeling is a bit different.

Both versions are awesome – we love playing Urban Trial Freestyle on PS3 in the comfort of our homes, and also taking it wherever we go on PS Vita. Both feature addictive, fast paced gameplay action that we think you will love too!

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  • Looks uninspired. I’ll stick with Joe Danger and Trials Evo.

  • Wish you guys would post Vita screenshots. I was just wanting to know if it’s running at native resolution?

  • i would have prefered if the vita version was not compromised and had the background stuff happening… going to wait… i will wait for the game to come on ps plus one day

  • I’m very much looking forward to the Vita version. Will it have a demo? And what’s the release date?

    • Hello,

      Release date for US is 19th February 2013 so pretty soon :) and yes, PSVita has free trial version (4 tracks available)

  • This will be a day 1 purchase for me. Love arcade style games for quick bursts of gaming.
    When can we expect this game?

  • Looks awesome, I just have one question. What kind of features will this game bring that will make me want to buy this on my Vita? The game looks awesome, and having it on the Vita would be cool (portable and some cool features) but when I have a fixed budget on game spending, what would make this game stand out for me?

    • I think it fits Vita perfectly – you can beat the whole track or just play with Stunts if you have less time and try to beat one of more than 100 records :) and get your photo on billboard so everybody knows who the best rider is :)

  • Unless the cretins in the first 3 post, I’m super excited for this game! Price?

  • This game looks great and i cant wait to get my hands on it. But what i want to know is this title cross buy?

  • Already, now that REALLY sounds like ‘new’ Megadeth… Cool looking game! Hoping it’s priced well and a crossbuy/play!

  • Priced right, this will be an awesome addition to my Vita playing time. Great news. Gamers, PLEASE rally around “RIGHT” handheld system…the future of hardcore gaming is in YOUR hands.

  • What a stupid excuse for reducing detail…

    • not really, actually the Vita version was finished a bit earlier and everybody liked the gameplay very much, when we added some new stuff to PS3, we decided that Vita version doesn’t need them in the background and we didn’t want to change sth. which was already good, especially that it really could be too much to absorb on smaller screen

  • This looks great and I can’t wait to hear more! Will the PS3 version and the Vita versions have separate leader boards or combined? Will the levels be the same between the two games with the Vita version just being zoomed in because of the screen or will it be completely different levels made just for the Vita version?

    • Leaderboards are separate as tracks are in most cases a bit longer on PS3 than on PSVita. Again we felt that smaller screen goes with shorter play – you just get tired more quickly than in front of TV, please see my post above that Vita was actually finished first so it was not a cut but reasonable design decission

  • Will the game be a crossbuy game and do you have a release date???????

  • psv compromises are understood and fair enough…. anxious to see more

  • Gotta say, you guys are smart to go for this style of game on PS3 and Vita. It is lackimg games like this. I wish you well, personally not interested in this type of game, but I am all for more variety available.

  • Yay, I’m always happy to hear about new Vita games, thanks.

    And @ 7, Ghostmachine, lol but what would the Internet be without the cretins. More civil, yes, but therefore very sparsely populated.

  • Not bad at all. looks really nice.

    vp -psn legioniaree group

  • QUESTION: So is this game related to the Trials series (Trials HD and Trials Evolution) on the XBOX? Same license?

  • great job guys, looks great! seems like a perfect fit for vita, i can deal with the compromises if the game plays smoothly, looking forward to a demo

  • Did you consider the probability of genitals appearing on the billboards?

    Do you have counter measure prepared?


    “With PS Vita, it’s all about short, portable sessions of play.”

    I like how many companies think “oh it’s a portable device that means you’ll only play it when you’re out of the house and even then only play it for like ten-twenty minutes”

    if you target your game for longer play times, then people will play it for a longer time.

    Monster hunter is a great example, the average quest time is around twenty minutes, however you won’t get much done in one quest, so you’ll find that players will do a number of quests before they finish gaming.

    This thing is more powerful than a ps2, I expect games at least on par with the ps2.

    Not a bunch of phone games.

    You have a lot of power, it’s up to you to use it.

    That being said this is just a side scrolling dirt bike game. I don’t expect courses to be particularly lengthy.

    • I didn’t mean it’s short or undamending, it’s a very intense gameplay and to reach all goals it takes a lot of sweat – just as an arcade racer should be in my opinion.
      But as we look at the way the Stunts are designed, that each has separate leaderboard, it’s true – you can have this sort of portable sessions of play

  • I’m sure this is fine, but I’d rather get the real Trials game.

  • This looks really fun. If the price is right, will definitely purchase this. Cross-buy would just make the deal sweeter.

  • No release date yet what a shame… :(

  • Bet this ends up on plus for free a month after release.

  • The compromises you made to the Vita version because it on a smaller screen will be your undoing. Nobody wants a watered down, half-hearted port of a game that already treading the line of mediocrity to begin with. Your decision to downplay the Vita like it’s some sort of device for smartphone length games was the wrong choice.

    @24: Sadly I think you may be right, and I definitely do not want it.

  • ^^^
    I somewhat agree… although I don’t think the devs would be so stupid as to water it down to the point that it’s not like the PS3 version AT ALL.

    I personally think that while the game will be zoomed in compared to the PS3 version, it won’t be so different that you won’t be able to recognize the game. They’re both going to be fun as hell!! I’m almost sure of that… I hope… because I really want this game to be great!!

    One question I do have about the trailer included in with this article is at the end of the video, it reads “PS Vita” at the bottom of the screen but not “PS3.” So does that mean that the footage shown is from the Vita version? Because if not, I absolutely HATE it when you think you’re watching a trailer for the PS Vita, but you’re actually watching footage of the “better quality” PS3 version. I despise gaming companies that do that… it’s essentially false advertising.

    Anyways… I’m still very excited for this game to come out, which if it turns out a bad game it would make it all the more disappointing.

  • been waiting for this, hope its priced appropriately for vita. $24.99 all i got in my ps wallet. Release date?

  • I don’t understand why the excuses for Vita version be light. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Vita version is a full experience like PS3 version. About the game, is awesome.

  • Wojtek, the voice work in the game sounds really corny. Please remove it before release. It’s unnecessary and detracts from what looks like could be a really good game.

  • @28: No it isn’t. The menu is terrible on Vita for one.

  • This looks amazing to me lol I own it’s inspiration(TE) back on 360 and this still screams out “BUY ME” even now. I love how it has a focus on “best jump” etc. too lol

  • I have to ask: Is there a level editor?

    • No, there is no level editor in the game, although we used one for building tracks ourselves (along with 3D modeling and animation package). The reason is that UTF has very complex backgrounds so the editor is just too complicated to use with PSVita and PS3 controls. We are working to customize the UTF environment in such way that it would be possible to work with controler but it’s only in prototype phase now.

  • I believe this game is developed by a Polish team which makes me skeptical. The Trials games are developed by a Finnish team and there are some fine developers from that country but I suppose production costs would be higher and Sony was looking to cut back so instead they went the Eastern European route.

  • I cant wait for this :)

  • I have a few questions:
    – What is the native resolution of the PS3 version?
    – Does the game run at 60fps?
    – How did you guys implement the V-sync?

  • All the background action is what makes the game cool, not implementing in the Vita version was a bad move. Not buying :T

  • I’ll take a stab and say it costs $14.99.

  • a lot of people are moaning about the vita version, how many people on this post can create a better version, if yes why haven’t you, give the guys a break you are all moaning before it is even released yet, i say it looks awesome game and i cant wait to get it, also guys any idea release date for EU and is it cross buy

  • just wanted to say as a fan of the vita which im using to type so forgive the typos, im interested in any games for it the lineup is small so when it grows its nice to know, any ways great post man ill be getting this just update with a price thanks

  • @ Sevyne

    Make your own game, idiot.

    Seriously. Why don’t you try… And when you have to cut some features due to some unforeseen complications, you can then deal with idiots like yourself snapping at you as if they know more about game design than the actual game designers.

    And as far as “I definitely do not want it” is concerned, well then, why are you even posting here? Move along, son.

    When are you fools going to learn? Why is it taking so long for the same handful of trolls around here to snap out of it and realize how stupid they sound all the time?

  • @primeroincognito i could said it better myself all the people slagging it off, id like to see them make a game as good as this, some people dont know when to shut up and Seiji_Mad_Dog dont buy it im sure the creators are not going to lose any sleep over you not buying it, i cant wait for it to land in the EU store

  • I’m in it for the Vita version.

  • Hello,

    These are official prices for Urban Trial Freestyle:
    PS3 – 14.99$
    Vita – 9.99$
    Release date in US for both platforms is 19th February 2013

  • best news i could have ever seen. played the DEMO version of Trials HD on my friends xbox for hours! the demo version! so excited for this, will be purchasing the minute its in the store!

  • no multiplayer and no track editor!!! not good.. not caring much for a leaderboard.. its all about racing together.. not trying to get ur name on a ladder!!

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