Urban Trial Freestyle Amps Up PS3 and PS Vita

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Urban Trial Freestyle Amps Up PS3 and PS Vita

We are getting closer to releasing Urban Trial Freestyle – and since we’ve focused on the PS3 version, we thought it was time to shed more light on the PS Vita version.

Both versions of Urban Trial Freestyle feature the same proprietary physics engine (called Elephant Engine), so in terms of being a trial biking experience, PS Vita and PS3 are quite similar. Both platforms also feature the same game modes, outfits and motorbike customization. PS Vita is a really powerful machine — as a development team, we were able to include all the same features as those on the PS3 version.

Still, there are some differences between the two versions, including events and background action, billboards and challenges.

PS Vita has a smaller screen, and we decided that trying to match the big platform level of detail would be too much on a handheld platform. When you play Urban Trial Freestyle on your PS3, its likely you’ll have a much bigger screen, chilling in a comfortable position in front of the TV, so you can really absorb more elements and events that are taking place in the background. With PS Vita, it’s all about short, portable sessions of play. Thinking from this perspective, we want you to be able to focus on what is happening in the foreground. Of course, both versions have a ton of crazy, intense action happening.

Urban Trial Freestyle on PSN and PS Vita

The PS Vita version takes advantage of the platform’s features, like the built-in camera. For instance, gamers can take photos of themselves for their profile. When the top player’s profile is displayed on Billboards placed on tracks next to each of the Stunts (and also on a summary screen at the end of each track both in Stunt Mode and Time Attack), they can actually see their photo on these Billboards. That’s quite cool – imagine that thousands of your fellow players see your photograph on these Billboards! Seeing who is the best for each stunt fosters a more personal, perceptible sense of competition. I remember we had some great moments with this feature at our studio. When you see someone’s happy face on one of these Billboards, then you manage to beat their score and replace their photo with your own grinning mug, it just feels great. Another exciting feature here is that you can narrow the competition only to your friends list, so it can get fiercer and more competitive.

There are also some differences between the two platforms in Challenges mode. For example, in the “Defying Gravity” challenge on PS Vita, a player shifts the whole game system to shift the gravity, whereas on PS3, it’s only the controller that you need to shift — the screen shifts accordingly on TV, so the feeling is a bit different.

Both versions are awesome – we love playing Urban Trial Freestyle on PS3 in the comfort of our homes, and also taking it wherever we go on PS Vita. Both feature addictive, fast paced gameplay action that we think you will love too!

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