Step Up to the Plate: MLB ’13 The Show Hitting Enhancements Detailed

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Step Up to the Plate: MLB ’13 The Show Hitting Enhancements Detailed

Hitting is such an important aspect in baseball, and it’s an area we continually strive to make as realistic as possible. Last year we introduced our True Ball Physics engine to the franchise for ultra-realistic ball physics. This year we’ve done even more work to really make this area of the game as dynamic as possible with true to life outcomes. Take a look at what we’ve done to make hitting in MLB ’13 The Show more accessible to everyone.

We really want to make hitting more streamlined for players. Beginner mode allows people who have never played The Show — or have struggled with it — to learn the fundamentals of hitting. It’s meant to teach you the basics of Plate Discipline, Pitch Recognition and Timing.

This mode uses adaptive A.I. that only advances as you do. If you take longer to get the hang of hitting in The Show, you won’t be forced to advance. The A.I. will only advance once you’ve passed a certain threshold at each level.

MLB The Show 13

In regards to the Push/Pull hitting Trajectories Engine, gives us spray chart data for all current MLB players. This data is then imported into a program, which tells us what type of hitter the player should be in game. All hitters in the game fall under one of five hitter types: Push, Pull, Balanced, Extreme Push or Extreme Pull. Both A.I. and human players will now hit more balls to their preferred side based on this attribute. Generated players in franchise and Road to the Show modes are given a random hitter type. However, it’s a weighted random number so you won’t see a ton of guys in the draft from year-to-year who are labeled as extreme push hitters etc…

Furthermore, the timing window across all difficulty settings has been increased to allow everyone more time to react to the ball. While this change will lead to more offense, it’s relative to each difficulty setting. For example: if you hit .220 on All-Star last year, and you play the exact same way this year, you will probably hit in the .260 range.

MLB The Show 13

We’ve detailed what was in the video, now here’s some info about what wasn’t in the video: There are a total of 16 batting views, and you can even create your own. Every batting view in the game has been re-created to increase pitch recognition. You will see more variability between gold glove type fielders and those players who aren’t known for their fielding prowess. Lastly, there are now less ground rule doubles in the game, and wind will now have less of an effect on the ball.

Let us know in the comments which enhancements to The Show you’re most looking forward to testing out!

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  • Please tell me this is going to be Cross Buy. I love baseball, and while the Show is always the best around, I can’t quite justify this purchase when a whole lotta games are coming out around the same time unless I can get the vita version included. With Sly coming on feb 5th (@ $40 AND cross buy), and GOW coming on March 12th, I can either afford Tomb Raider or MLB. It worries me that at the end of the video the cover art listed doesn’t mention Cross-Buy as a feature. Please make this happen Sony…

  • I don’t like baseball, but this game looks gorgeous!

  • I buy the show every year. But I can’t think of a time I was more excited to buy. Can’t wait

  • Cross Buy Please!

  • Ive had MLB 12 for Vita since July but just got the PS3 version last night. Great game.

    Side note to above peeps: MLB 12 had a discount if you bought both versions, I doubt this year they will just give you the game included but maybe.

  • San Diego Studios developers create MLB The Show better and better every single year. I truly liked the motion each player had from the video above. The motion capture was true to it’s root. I hope Pitchers had their personifications well captured as well. Thanks for sharing Ramone Russell.

  • why does mlb 13 NOT have a 3D option when mlb 12 did? i have a 3D tv and enjoy at least trying the games in stereoscopic. it seems like sony has already steered away from 3D gaming…its a shame

  • Only gonna get it if it has Cross Buy.

  • I’m glad that The Show didn’t waste resources with 3-D this year. In my opinion, 3-D is a novelty and doesn’t really enhance gaming (or movies).

  • I’ll buy MLB13 if it is cross-buy otherwise I’m still happy with MLB12 and will wait on next year’s PS4 MLB.

  • Cross Buy?

    Cross Platform play?

  • There is no cross buy for The Show. They know that people are going to buy the game even if the Vita version is not included and by including the Vita version, they would be losing out on the sales for Vita owners.

  • @connvit72: Where did you read that it didn’t inlcude 3D? In a video interview, Ramone said it was still in this year, as well as motion controller. As far as cross play, only Home Run Derby can be played between Vita & PS3 owners this year.

  • Looking forward to getting MLB 13 The Show on March 5th. Best Baseball videogame series of all-time on the PS3. Question for you guys will the braves Jason Heyward’s stance be updated this year? Hayward changed it last year. Also will Tim Hudson’s pitching motion be updated this year too? Hudson’s motion has not been updated since MLB 07 The Show. Thanks Sony and keep up the good work.

  • well i really want this but i need it to be able to play vita vs. ps3 players in order to get it!

    great game/simulator.

    my #1 sport beside racing.

  • Will these new features be on the vita? I plan to buy that version this time.

  • @GhostMachine1:

    According to an online article (not sure if I can mention other sites), the Vita version will have Beginner Mode and all the improvements in hitting & fielding. Also the new scouting and finance aspect will be included. The game will have Post Season mode but won’t have all the audio to go with the mode because they can’t make it fit within the size limit. Unfortunately, no online leagues and Diamond Dynasty this year in the Vita version.

  • Maybe know I can finally learn to play this game and for at least one time hit the BALL
    ( yeah I’m that kind of bad)

  • Please make it cross buy! I want this game but I will not buy it at launch if it lacks cross-buy!

  • when will the soundtrack be announced?

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