PlayStation Home Update

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PlayStation Home Update

Today, January 30th, nDreams releases a new arcade cabinet, Lockwood releases gorgeous new clothes, Juggernaut introduces a Classy Date package in time for Valentine’s Day, there’s a new Quest in the Activity Board, and more! Check it all out this week in PlayStation Home.

nDreams – Espionage 9 Arcade Cabinet

The addictive one or two player game about spies and espionage is now available to play from the comfort of your personal apartment space. You can play the Espionage 9 Arcade Cabinet as many times as you want without the need to buy Espionage 9 tickets. You can earn the rewards if you missed them in Aurora.

Espionage 9_cabinet

Lockwood Publishing – Super Skinny Jeans, Animated Hi-Tops + High Heels

Some things just never get old. And when they do, they’re really just crying out for a re-imagining! Lockwood have revisited some of their classic staples and given them a fresh look for 2013. Skinny jeans have gone even skinnier and the animated glow shoes of the past are given a new lease of life in the form of hi-tops for the guys and sneaker heels for the gals.

Shoes and jeans all come in a variety of colours plus value packs to help you look sharp without breaking the bank.

The Gift Machine is updated with new outfits and LMO magic carpets for The Jewel of the Skies.


Juggernaut Games – Classy Date Adventure Pack

Love is in the air, and the Instant Classy Date Adventure Pack from Juggernaut Games has everything you need to bring the romance home. Light some candles, put on some romantic jazz music and cuddle up in the Jacuzzi with your special someone. And if your love is true, gift them a Sparkling Diamond Ring to show them they are the only person in the world who makes your heart skip a beat. Stay Classy Home!

JAM Games – Painted Bare

Why wear clothes made of boring old material, when you can be your own work of art and wear paint? These hand-painted masterpieces let you show off in style and be a little different from the crowd!

Will you choose to be an intricate painting of beauty as Madame Flutterby, be sleek and stunning as Lady Purrfect, show your strength with war paint as the Gladiatorial Hero or go for a more abstract paint effect as the Alien Reptilaman or Mistress Multi-Colored? Whatever you decide, you can complete the look with matching shoes and accessories! We hope you enjoy the free gift for your apartments too!

Bedazzle all those around you… Show your artistic flair, be Painted Bare!


HellFire Games – SpeedWings R3, IdolStyles + Home Tycoon $ale

Boost your speed up to 150% with the newest line of SpeedWings from Hellfire Games, available this week in the Home Tycoon Train Station and Novus Prime! Blaze through your favorite spaces with the Industrial Steampunk, Wicked Razor, Shadow Dragon, Camellia Fairy, and Golden Archangel SpeedWings, plus the first-ever Novus Prime-themed locomotion item: the Obsidian Runic SpeedWings!


Steal the spotlight and go wild with the craziest new female hairstyles in Home: IdolStyles from Hellfire Games! Each style comes in three flavors: Customizable, Special Color, and Animated. Choose between the Blazing Twin, Colossal Curls, Elegant Twin-Drills, and Wild Ponytail IdolStyles to become the life of the party today! Don’t let little things like gravity keep you from showing off an amazing hairstyle.



Hellfire Games is holding a player appreciation sale to celebrate Home Tycoon being voted “Favorite Game” in AlphaZone4’s 2012 Home Awards in the U.S.! This week only, get 50% off the popular Animals Gone Wild expansion pack, and save 40% on the illustrious GloboSyn Loft Tower.


Also coming to Home Tycoon this week: the new Olympic Stadium! Bring the thrill of the games to your city, and boost your citizens’ Happiness by 850 points. No Gold Coins required!

Digital Leisure – Egyptian Slots + Steampunk Girl Outfit

Digital Leisure has added a new variation to slots. King Tut’s Tomb is now playable in the Concourse and Roulette room. Take a spin on this new slots variation and unlock King Tut’s riches. Your earnings in this game will add to your earnings in all of the other machine games. Line up the hieroglyphics and you’ll be living like a pharaoh in no time.

Head to the lower level of the Concourse and give King Tut’s Tomb a spin!


Take to the skies in your dirigible with this outfit. No longer do you need to rely on archaic fossil fuels because steam power is the way of the future! This outfit, accompanied with its own hairstyle, is available in the gift shop at The Casino. Strap on your goggles and go!


Codeglue – More u love green

Codeglue continues the successful collaboration with u love green, and brings you a new “eco-chic” collection this week. This new collection comes in classic black and a natural beige and includes a cami, a boyshort, new shoes, jewelry, and two stunning new hairstyles! You can grab any of these as individual items or go for one of the discounted bundles! In 2013, Codeglue and u love green are planning to release more clothing and expand on this successful collaboration. Codeglue and u love green might have something new for you very soon!


Atom Republic – New RadPetz, Hover Bikes + Mustaches

Meet Three Eyes, Four Eyes, Five Eyes and Cyclops: the second batch of RadPetz, a new generation of advanced companions! Those cute pointy-headed pets fly, run, kick some dust as they try and catch up with you, hover around your head, then land on your shoulder for a rest.

Also, discover the hover bikes and the ring-shaped bikes: those gleaming locomotion items will let you zoom around Home at high speed! Hear the engine roar as you accelerate, and watch the smoke and flames coming out of your engines!.

And last but not least, pick your moustache amongst a collection of nine, ranging from classic, through trendy, to funny styles… Nobody will feel left out: we even have a fake moustache for girls!”

pointy headed companions_256x368moustaches_256x368

Granzella – So many things…

Granzella introduces the Men’s Dress Shirt Stylish 3-Piece Set and the Square Glasses, Half-Rim & Beautiful Eyes. These larger sized Men’s Shirts are comfortable and spacious, available for both men and women. Cropped Jeans and Sneakers are also included in this set. Enjoy this carefree style. Additionally, the very popular Beautiful Eyes have been combined with square half-rim glasses. Now you can incorporate fashionable glasses with Beautiful Eyes. The colored contacts combined with glasses have become integral accessories.

Introducing the Monotone Ribbon Dress 8 Piece Set from Granzella! The calm Monotone Dress Set is available in Black or White. Included in the 8 piece set is a hairstyle, the Monotone Dress (with and without tights), the Monotone Heels with Anklet (with or without tights), the Cosmetic Pouch and Bracelet, and Feather Earrings. The Boyish Hairstyle is provided with the white variation, and the Medium Wave Hairstyle comes with the black variation. In addition, the Cosmetic Pouch and Feather Earrings come in colors which compliment the black and white sets.

Granzella introduces the new 2-wheeled Minibike and Riding Suit items! Enjoy touring around on the Minibike! Feel the wind, hear the engine, and see everyday places from a new view. It’s also equipped with the ability to accelerate by pressing the Square button. An elaborately detailed Minibike reproduction is also available as a furniture item. It’s perfect for the interior of your Personal Space. Also new is the Riding Suit set, perfect for the motorcycle rider! The set includes the Full Faced Helmet (open and closed shield), Color and varying chest openness, Riding Gloves, and Hair Tied Back Hair.

Granzella introduces the Sexy Mini Yukata series. This new design is open wide at the chest expanding out to reveal the shoulders while also having a super short length. Both tops and bottoms are available in 3 colors, black, white, and peach and each is decorated with a flower pattern.

Granzella introduces the new Succubus Wing Set items. When you use this new series, you’ll be able to fly about in the air. A nightmare which lures men, the Succubus Wings & Tail and the Succubus Head Wings are available. You can fly around with Succubus Wings in a variety of outfits. Of course, since it’s a locomotion item, it can be used by both men and women.

The Virtual Items Showcase

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

Exclusive, VIP Nightclub x7 Update

Head to x7 this week for another members-only special bundle as well as a new freebie—some Golden Slotted Shades. Once you’re past the security guards, take the private elevator to the penthouse floor and then speak to the bartender. He’ll take care of you right away.

Also new this week, Lockwood has some goodies in there for exclusive early-access—some Fairytale-themed items. See what they have in store, then dance the night away!


Head to the Activity Board in any of the core districts (Hub, Pier Park, Adventure District, Action District, etc.) as there is a new quest available, one of many new ones to come this year. Invite your friends and have a ball!

See you in PlayStation Home!

Note: The Painted Bare and Classy Date items were announced incorrectly last week. They have successfully published today.

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