Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Out Now on PSN

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Out Now on PSN

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2 Classic

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2 Classic

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the story of one man’s rise to the top of the criminal pile, is now available to download from PlayStation Store for $9.99 as part of the PS2 Classics collection.

That’s the original game in digital form, and to complete the nostalgia, we’ve made the map that was originally packed in the game box available as a hi-res jpeg for you to print out and peruse next time you’re lost in Little Havana. We’ve also got the maps for GTAIII and San Andreas, both of which are already available to download from PS Store.

Ten years have passed since Vice City was originally released on PlayStation 2. Over at the Rockstar Newswire, we’ve been casting an eye back and celebrating that anniversary with a series of features and never-before-released peeks behind the digital curtain of the game’s development.

One of these was a three-part series of interactive Flash features showcasing the game’s Animation, Sound and City Design. ‘The Lab’, as the series is known, was originally exhibited at London’s Design Museum when they nominated the game for their ‘biggest contribution to design in 2002’ award. This is the first time it has been made widely available online.

Click on the images below to check them out, but bear in mind they’re Flash so they may not work if you’re reading this on mobile.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2 ClassicGrand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2 ClassicGrand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2 Classic

We hope you enjoy revisiting Vice City on PS3. Look out for more classic Rockstar titles arriving on PSN in the next few weeks.

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  • YAY!! Definitely my favorite Gta <3

    • That’s great to hear, cheers! We’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing about the bright neon lights of Vice City over the past couple of months, and it’s great to be able to bring the game to PS3.

  • If only rockstar made a hd remake of this GTAIII and San Andreas, would gladly pay $50 for it.

  • I love vice city :-)
    now if we can only get a release date for GTA5 ;-) ????

    • Thanks for the love! We’re not talking about GTAV here at this very moment, but it’s great to hear you guys are pumped for it. We hope you enjoy revisiting Vice City.

  • Finally! This is by far my favorite Grand Theft Auto game, is time to finish this again for the 14th time :D

  • My Fav Series of all time along with God Of War. cant wait for GTA V. God Bless RockStar

  • Extremely sorry to be off-topic, but when will the PSN store update, I’ve desperately waiting to play Crysis 3 Beta.


  • Best in the series.

    On a side note, (something that has NEVER been asked for before), I would love to see a GTA HD Collection, with Trophies…

  • I think I might the only person alive that hasn’t played a GTA game.

  • @mezzo20
    What is this Crysis 3 beta you speak of…?! I want to go to there!

  • @mezzo20,

    Random time, nothing set in stone. However based on this post I’d think it would be within an hour or two.

  • What songs were removed?

  • Would have been sweet to spend my money on this for my PSVita, O well guess I will have to pass.

  • Because I raaaaaan, I ran so faar awaaayyy

    I just raaaan, I ran all night and daaaayy

  • Give me the HD/3D remake of San Andreas and I’d pay at least $60 for it, as would many others. I didn’t enjoy GTA4 so much so I’m not really looking forward to GTA5 because nothing could ever top SA, so why bother? Just give us what we want, we’re willing to pay.. why say no to that?

  • we’ve seen games that barely sold units (Okami) getting an HD remake… c’mon Rockstar, get off your a$$es!

  • trophies???????

  • Hey Rockstar Games, after you release this, can you please release the PS2 version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories as a PS2 download, and maybe do the same to the PS2 version of Liberty City Stories.

    pretty please with a cherry on top.

  • Nice release. And thanks for the map. I always get to check them out once because I always lose them.

  • FYI the store is updated people. At least on the webstore.

  • Thanks for releasing PS2 classics on the PSN, always good to see more of that.

  • Rockstar and Sony make Gta San Andreas stories for ps vita that would set the world on fire.

  • Or better yet, could you please release the PS2 GTA’s for Vita? Or do some HD remakes (that are playable on vita of course)? Or even a new vita exclusive GTA? I’ll be satisfied with any of the 3. Thanks

  • I would buy GTA3 and this right away if the graphics were upgraded like the smartphone and tablet versions. The graphics are smooth and nice and the price is right but touchscreen controls stink. Collecting some hidden packages are near impossible with touchscreen controls and missions that were a breeze are now hard with touch controls. That’s why I love my Vita and it would never be replaced by my smartphone or tablet. Physical controls, FTW.

  • I wonder why they didn’t do a HD update? Maybe it would be to hard to do? Big game & all that. I would of loved a HD update with Trophies for all the old PS2 GTA Classics. Anyway nice to have on PSN now(i still wish my PS3 could play my PS2 disc tho :( Oh well)

  • Ahh, good memories!

    Too bad you guys didn’t take the care you did with iOS and rework the textures and add trophies/achievements for the consoles, but hey, I’m not gonna force you guys to do this, it’s just a way to make a pretty nice amount of money is all, lol

  • Great to see some of my favorite PS2 games finally being put up for sale in the Store.

    I love Vice City as much as anyone, though I’m glad Rockstar chose to release San Andreas first. :) Then again, Ray Liotta? Dennis Hopper? Jenna? Gonna be great to hear those voices again.

    An HD remake would be nice, but I can live with the original PS2 classic.

    Time to bust out dem old cheat code sheets again………..

  • I have played this game every year since it came out. Last year I was able to get 100% completion from memory and with the hud/radar turned off for 96% of it. I am absolutely buying this again.

  • You guys need to do an HD remake of San Andreas and add trophies then i’ll buy it.

  • I love this game! My favorite GTA (although the others are amazing as well). I still have my disc and should probably start the game over just for fun. Thanks Rockstar for making this available to those who don’t have it.

  • PS2 disc BC on PS3 and PS4. PS2 Classics compatible with PS3, PSVita and PS4. Standard benefit of us playing our legally ripped digital copy of our PS2 games on our PS3 and PS4. That’s how it’s suppose to be. That’s how it should be. Those are the normal standards. Stop being greedy, ripping us off and anti consumer!

  • Dear rockstar why no hd collection for these classics 0_o? Can we expect it in the future ?

  • Not HD and no Trophys :(

  • Yep. Not HD and no trophies.

    Vice City was great and I’d love to take a spin around it again in a stolen Hermes, but no HD and no trophies won’t put a Hawaiian shirt on my back.

    Still looking at GTAV, since it’s evidently not going to have NPCs ringing my cell phone to death or have me hitting the gym to maintain stats, but another visit to Vice City is what I really want.


  • Will you please say something about a Possible future GTA HD Collection. I belive it would be a huge seller. I have bought all available standard editions and would gladly buy them again as HD games with trophy support. I don’t like to beg but this is something that me and many others would love to have.

  • Hawaiian shirt on my back…check!!
    Downloading GTA: Vice City!!…check!!
    Listening to Phil Collins as I’m blasting Vice City to the ground…priceless!!

  • on a separate subject im not seeing ps2 games i want what happened to final fantasy x can i please have dragon quest 8 i cant find it anywhere. i want more rpgs

  • This is great but PLEASE Rockstar, put Liberty City Stories next!

  • This game does not bother me, because whenever something new is never
    I run it run it several times but I still love you


  • @40 you cant have trophies with ps2 “classics”, they are direct ports. Its not up to Rockstar…just the way it is.
    HD classics(rachet Clank HD ect), now those can be trophy enabled.

    Also I rememebr the day one buying this at Kmart(only place in stock) my soph year of college. The wait up to release with the teaser website…I’d visit that everyday, it was so well done. Still to this day never remember being so excited for a release. Its the only GTA I ever 100% too.

  • Need a proper HD Remake for PS3/4 (not HD classics upport) + PS2 classics need to be playable on vita + need GTA PSP Collection (GTALCS, VCS, CW) for Vita and a brand, spanking new GTA: SAS for ps vita

  • I was worried about the quality after buying San Andreas which had terrible picture quality, but after turning on VC I was surprised how good the quality is. It’s not remastered in HD by any means but still looks good. Colours are great and you instantly get lost in the setting. Thanks Rockstar for finally finishing the trilogy on psn. Can’t wait to get a few hours of gameplay in on the weekend.

  • estoy esperando llegar a casa en la noche para poder descargarlo… GTA VICE CITY

  • just bought the game, so nostalgic.

    wondering if there will ever be an HD version of this in the future with trophies and such? would really love that

  • Is the soundtrack the same as in the original game?

  • Woops you missed another chance on getting money from me. Still waiting for the HD trophy remakes.

  • Was really hoping this Grand Theft Auto to get an HD release! Oh well though, it is my favorite of all of them. The soundtrack and Tommy just MAKE this game. I just know and remember that there will be that one mission that I never like- Guardian Angels (?) Where you have to speed down an alley way on a hog to cat and kill a guy, bah! Hahaha

  • Yeah, it’s sort of silly to pay $10 for a game with nothing new, when HD re-releases go for $10-20 depending on the title/bundle. Not buying any of your games in ‘PS2 classics’ form, Rockstar. Thanks and good luck though.

  • Cool ,one of my favorite games when I was a kid.
    Probably might buy it cause my old disc cracked.
    Can’t wait for GTA V though,it’s already starting to look like it’s going to be GOTY .
    Also wonder if they are planning on Red Dead Redemption 2.

    Makes me wish I work for Rockstar and help them out with the games I love.
    Have a lot of good ideas for them but of course don’t have the money to go
    into college to get a degree,if game tester needs one or a voice actor.

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