DC Universe Online Home Turf DLC Available Today

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DC Universe Online Home Turf DLC Available Today

Hello PlayStation and DCUO fans,

Today our latest DLC pack – Home Turf – went live! Home Turf is our sixth DLC and brings with it the biggest addition to DC Universe Online since the launch of the game two years ago – Player Bases. Bases are a player-created and controlled space that can be used as a venue of self-expression in addition to being a place for combat. Perhaps the most important part of your Base is the Mainframe. Through it, players can unlock several new abilities. In a lot of ways it’s like having your very own Bat Computer.

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The thing you’re likely to notice when you first enter your Base is a terminal on the wall next to the front door. This is your Base’s Control Panel, and by interacting with this you can relocate or rename your Base, or enter Decoration Mode. Decoration Mode pops you into a first-person camera, allowing you to easily zoom around your Base, placing and moving items and amenities. The latter can include things like an R&D Station, Broker, Mailbox, or Bank. Basically, the things that you otherwise would need to visit a Safehouse or HQ to use – in the convenience of your own home. When you first start decorating, you will have to use pre-defined markers to place objects you’ve collected. The markers will only accept compatible items – ceiling objects on ceiling markers and so forth. There are pink markers that signify an amenity location. Aside from teaching players the basics of item placement, these markers will also serve another purpose – only items placed in markers are visible during Lair PvP Battles. Once you’ve placed at least 20 items in markers you unlock Free Placement Mode – allowing you to place items just about anywhere you want.

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Lair Battles need a bit of explanation. They’re a new addition to Arenas: PvP that takes place in your Base – a multi-round 1-on-1 PvP contest. Lair Battles are set-up much like a fighting game, with a best of five rounds format, and short cut-scenes before and after each round. You can earn PvP rewards just like in other PvP Arenas.

The Mainframe is a major addition to the “player package” – everything that makes up a player’s abilities (power, weapon, movement mode). Leveraging the Utility Belt introduced in DLC 5, The Hand of Fate, the Mainframe is the heart of your Base, and offers several new abilities and a new class of mods. You can unlock some pretty amazing Upgrades such as Orbital Strike, Supply Drop, a powerful Sidekick (Accomplice for Villains), a group of Back-Up (Henchman for Villains), and Tactical Mods using Marks of Triumph. Orbital Strike is a powerful AOE attack from the heavens, from your own killer satellite. Supply Drops are similar, but instead drop a variety of power-ups (health, etc.) from the sky.

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Sidekicks are powerful allies that can provide health and power buffs in addition to being a competent battle companion. Using Back-up will summon three less powerful companions, perfect for those occasions when quantity is more important than quality. Tactical Mods are a new type of mod, fitting into the white sockets that started showing up on some gear in our last game update. They do more than just incremental stat-buffing. For instance, Absorption Adapter is a Tactical Mod that fits into weapons that has a chance of activating a shield while attacking, reducing damage by 75% until its damage threshold is reached. Focused Restoration, a neck mod, increases Restoration until you’re hit by an attack. There are a lot of these and they offer up some really fun and interesting combat mechanics.


Though Bases are getting a lot of the attention in Home Turf, there is a good deal of new content to play through, too. For the first time, we’re offering Tier 4 solo challenges. These are set in and around four of the most iconic locations in DC Universe Online: Ace Chemicals, Steelworks, Arkham Asylum, and Stryker’s Island. All of these missions will have an open world component in addition to instanced content, and will allow players to collect Marks of War for the first time solo. Of course, we have new gear sets for each location.

As you can see, there are a ton of new features and content in Home Turf that will keep you happily busy for months, so dive in and check it out!

See you in game!

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  • Love this game and everything it has to offer, will pick up this DLC today! Wish they would introduce Blue Beetle powers for trollers in the future though =)

  • I haven’t played in such a long time I just hate to try and catch up on the grind.

  • I just recently gave into the pay-to-win subscription, this sounds perfect for a DCUO noob like me! :D

  • its sad this game is turning more and more into pay to win. also the develepors of this game are some of the worst i have ever seen they make stupid changes that mess up powers all the time and take forever to fix it also alot of bugs and glitches and insted of working on stuff like that they just keep releasing stuff to make money.
    also they have ruined PVP now its pokemon battles bunch of pets and stupid stuff on the screen and a bunch of consumables that break the rock paper system they have created. they are lucky there is no other MMO around at this time as soon asanother MMO comes out for the ps3 im going to jump ship.

  • Can’t wait to get these new styles, and do this new stuff with my league

  • I’m not legendary right now, will I have to wait till the store update to purchase the DLC? or can I get to it from the marketplace?

  • ok, so i did the update and can’t see the DLC in the marketplace, guess that answers my question.

    now, when will it be in the markeplace, do we have to wait until the PSN store updated?

  • Hi everyone. I’ll be checking in throughout the day to answer questions you might have, or to help out where I can.

    You should be able to head into store now to purchase the DLC, if you’re not Legendary and want a Base to call your own.

  • You do have to wait until the PSN Store posts new items for sale – which is usually around 3 PM PST.

  • wait, so I can or can’t? on one post it says ¨You should be able to head into store now to purchase the DLC¨ and the other says ¨You do have to wait until the PSN Store posts new items for sale¨

    sorry, not trying to be a pain, just want to be sure. I love this game and appreciate all your hard work.

  • Sorry for the confusion. You will have to wait on the PSN Store to publish today. They are ususally done by 3 PM PST. The DLC, additional Themes, and Deed are already on sale on the PC Marketplace, but there is a bit of a delay on the PSN Store. FYI – If you’re a Legendary member you can already access Home Turf (and all other DLC content).

  • thank you

  • OMIIGAHH i cant WAIT ….cant u create your sidekicks look…or does your lair create it
    nd i had to remember eastern time is 3 hours ahead of pacific time …..im soooo impatient :D!!!!

  • Home Turf is available on PSN Store now. Sidekicks and henchman are associated with a Theme. Included with the DLC you get two themes (three if you count the Dive Theme that is also available to all players) – Deco (Art Deco) and Gothic. You will be able to mix and match, pulling from all the styles that you have unlocked. So, you could have a Cave Base with Ancient ameneties, and Eastern henchmen (ninjas). Hope that helps.

  • I purchased it and when i went to download it says no content found. Waited all day, thinking it was just a store update issue….now its past 11 pm and i still can’t get what i paid for. I go to the dlc under add ons. Says it’s been purchased….hit the download now and nothing. Just loads for a second and goes back to the same screen. No download prompt of any kind. Wth is this crap sony. Charge me for a add on that i can’t even download? At least i got crysis 3 beta. Fix the dlc download issue please!

  • @Blacksunshine93 – are you playing on EU PS3 (SCEE)?

  • No. I am on north american

  • Also i just tried to download it again and nothing.

  • the same for me. I bought it this morning and it wont let me download it here or in the DCUO marketplace.
    this is the second time I have had a problem with the Playstation store last time was when I bought portal 2 and I got an error message while trying to add funds from my debit card and it made me spend an extra 20 dollars. you guys really need to fix these playstation store bugs because I dont like being double charged.

  • Really sony?!? 3 days and no response? that’s really not a good way to keep customers…

  • Hi Denetsu1727 – you may be having an issue with PSN. As far as I know everything has been working for a while now. If you think you have a problem with DC, you can reach out to SOE at:


    If it is a PSN Store issue they will have to help you. Sorry about that, and good luck.

  • I have a problem. I just got this DLC (DC Universe Online Home Turf ) and I am at L15. It stated that I received 2 themes with it. I tried to use them and I have nothing but a ceiling light, wooden table and a round clock that I got when I first came into the room. Other than this I have access to the main frame and the dispenser (which is empty). Is this a glitch or what? I mean it is $9.99 after all. I expected a fair bit of items and stuff for the room. Yes I restarted the game. 4 times. On the last of which I even turned off the system and restarted the game. Still nothing but what I listed above. What’s going on?

  • Oh and when I tried customer support. the site kept saying I was not logged in, but as you can see by my writing this I am.

  • Looking forward to getting back into the game, time to break out DC Universe Online Secrets guide again to level up again. http://www.mmo-strategy-guides.com/dc-universe-guides.html

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