Bayonetta Bewitches PSN Today

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Bayonetta Bewitches PSN Today

It’s been a good month for Platinum Games and SEGA titles. Just a few weeks ago saw the release of Anarchy Reigns on PS3; later today will mark the digital release of one of the finest action games ever created. Bayonetta is coming to PSN!

If you have yet to try this iconic action game from the mind of director Hideki Kamiya, your time has come as Bayonetta is debuting at $19.99. Of course, Bayonetta truly shines when you see it in action. So here’s a trip back to the year 2010, when a certain Launch Trailer was just arriving…

Bayonetta is the story of the last remaining member of an ancient clan called the Umbra Witches, a group that has kept the balance between light, dark, and chaos for hundreds of years. Bayonetta awakens after 500 years of sleep to find herself in a world she no longer recognizes, with no clues to her past or how she got where she is.

Her awakening sparks a chain of events that soon reaches cataclysmic proportions. And with a 500 year-old war setting the background of the game and the lines of good and evil blurring fast, Bayonetta needs to discover the secrets of her past and work towards securing her future.


At the core of the game is an amazingly deep combat system, and Bayonetta comes well equipped for battle: wielding four pistols (collectively known as Scarborough Fair) and utilising her infamous fighting style – the ‘bullet arts’ – she’s one big, bad witch you don’t want to make angry.

If you haven’t played Bayonetta and you like action games, I implore you: don’t miss this one. Of course, since I work at SEGA my opinion may be a bit biased, so I’ll leave it to the tried and true fans in the comments to back me up on this.


Hit me up with any questions you have in the comments, and I’ll do my best (as always) to respond to as many as possible. Thanks as always, loyal PlayStation.Blog readers – we hope you’ll enjoy your trip back to Vigrid!

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  • Oh, awesome! Now we can play an absolutely wretched port of a fantastic game digitally! Thanks, guys!

    • A patch was released not long after launch that addressed a lot of issues – most notably the load times. I’ll leave it to the other blog readers to mention their experiences with the patched game, but in most cases I think you’ll hear that it plays very well!

  • nice, i hope we can see this on vita someday :), i own every vita game

  • Valkyria Chronicles PSN version. Please?

  • If you’re an action gamer, and haven’t tried this game…

    Fix that now. This is a great game. Enjoyed it all the way through.

  • This is awesome! I remember hearing that ps3 version had some issues though, are they improved with this release?

    • At launch, the PS3 version had some slower loading times — this was later patched, so load times in both the retail (and this digital version) have been fixed! :)

  • You guys should put Valkyria Chronicles ( PS3 game ) on PSN!!

    • Valkyria Chronicles is one of my favorite games on the PS3! No news on a PSN release, but it’s always good to see support for the series.

  • Also its sad the sequal will only be on a completely different system

    • VCII on the PSP is pretty nice if you want a Valkyria experience on-the-go – it released a couple years ago, so if you haven’t tried it yet and own a PSP, I recommend it!

      Also, don’t be fooled by the happy-go-lucky school experience at the start. Things get dark fast about halfway in.

  • i need all kinds of valkyria chronicles games on psn!! the psp ones too!

  • Aaron please tell me SEGA has some good annoucements for 2013, im worried.

  • SEGA.

    Samurai and Dragons – Its in English in Asian territories in like a few days.

    There is NO excuse for not bringing it out over here.

    For the love of God, do something with the Shining Series. Westerners haven’t seen one since the PS2 closed shop. Inexcusable.

    • Ah, I remember reading about this one – looked really cool. I haven’t heard any word on it, sorry!

      When it comes to Shining Force, are you a fan of the original style series (Genesis, Saturn) or the more recent Shining titles(PS2 era)? (Or both?)

  • Oh, and do work on grabbing the rights for Bayonetta 2, once it flops and the licence expires on the Wii U. Kind of ridiculous that the sequel is on a system no one cares about.

  • This is one of the best action games this gen so everyone should definitely pick it up!

    I agree with the others also, put Valkyria Chronicles on PSN and it would be awesome if VC2 could be made available on the Vita store too. Right now you need a PS3 to transfer it. :/

    • Thanks for the support, iri!

      I’ll ask around about VC2 being up on the store… not sure if that’s something we can adjust for you guys, but we’ll check!

  • @8 Valkyria Chronicles 2 is in the store for $20

  • @12 ooh, forgot to mention that :)

  • Valkyria Chronicles on PSN is just something we need. Since the 3 isn’t coming do the US, that’s the least you could do.

  • @vanwinkle,

    Not only is this a wretched port from the 360 that is riddled with flaws (played it at a friend’s house), we don’t even get a garbage port of the sequel.

    I’ll never use my hard-earned money to play this game on my PS3, EVER.

    By the way, played the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo, and the controls were very poorly though out. Why would you place the parry button on the same button that performs your basic attack? It doesn’t work.

    Won’t be getting this game until it’s on the sale rack, if ever.

    • A few notes…

      1.) Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is not published by SEGA, so I can’t comment on that one. Sorry!

      2.) Did you play with the patch that released after launch?

      3.) The game’s price is $19.99, so hopefully that’s pretty close to what you’d consider sale price!

  • Will this have all the presentation problems fixed that came up during the reviews at release?

    • We released a patch after launch that addressed some of the issues, most notably the loading times, which was a big priority for our teams. It’s essentially the same as if you were to buy the game at a retail store, take it home, patch away, and start playing.

  • This version (post-patch) is perfectly playable, and most of the expert players on youtube are playing the PS3 version. No one should skip out on playing one of the finest action games ever just because there’s a better version elsewhere. Play that one if you can, but if not, this’ll do just fine. I enjoyed every moment of getting the platinum trophy on this one. :)

    Also, Aaron, whatever happened to the Hatsune Miku tease from E3?

    Requisite OMG we need Yakuza 5 to get localized statement goes here.

    • Thanks Androvsky! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. :)

      For Miku, it wasn’t a tease, sorry – It was there to represent the international parts of SEGA as a company. Are you a big Miku fan?

      And finally, for Y5… no news from me, but it looks awesome.

  • Hi,

    Is there any Bayonetta avatar available? I want one!!!

  • BTW, I’ve read lots about problems with Bayonetta vs the XBox version. I played it last year and didn’t have the issues. There must have been a patch. Don’t let those old complaints prevent you from the great game.

  • Might get rid of my physical copy to have this on my HDD at all times.
    I will say this, tell Sega to bring over Yakuza 5, PSO2 (And a PS3 Port of it) and some kind of HD collection of Valkyria Chronicles with 2 and 3 on it

    • No news on any of the titles you mentioned, but I do commend your taste in games! I’ll pass on the requests where I can. :)

  • Hey look Bayonetta! Oh by the way please please please please please bring Yakuza 5 to NA pleeeeeease :) Love ya, Sega!!

    • Thanks for supporting both series! As to Yakuza, one of the best things you can do to support the franchise it is to go out and buy a copy(ies?) of Yakuza 4 or Dead Souls! And if you have already, thanks. :)

  • for the love of god bring yakuza 5 here!!!!

    • As posted above… if you love the Yakuza series and haven’t already, please do get out there and support the franchise by picking up a copy of Yakuza 4 or Yakuza Dead Souls! Every bit helps. (If you already have, thank you!)

  • This game was a huge black eye to the playstation brand. It’s disgusting to see it supported with a psn release.

  • Waiting for the Valkyria Chronicles Trophy patch to play it.

    • Don’t miss out on one of the PS3’s best games because of a lack of trophies.

      Fellow readers, please back me up on this one if you agree. :)

  • Actually just introduced my ex-girlfriend to this game over the weekend. Maybe she’ll be downloading this on her PS3.

    Anyway, since you’re from Sega, I have to tell you that not only do people want Valkyria Chronicles up on the PSN (with a trophy patch, but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one…I’d also mention how much we’d want an HD Collection of 2 & 3, since they will actually sell on PS3, as opposed to PSP), but we NEED the two recent Yakuza games released in Japan brought over.

    The Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Collection needs to come here and so does Yakuza 5. March will be my first birthday without a Yakuza game from you guys and I feel like not only are you messing with a personal tradition, but depriving people of one of the best PS3-exclusive franchises out there. Please tell me there’s an announcement coming soon on those two.

    • Nice, thanks Clupula!

      I worked on Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, and Yakuza: Dead Souls here at SEGA of America, so I hear you on it feeling a little strange to not have one releasing this March. Right now the best thing that can be done is to help spread the word on the series – tell your friends or others you think might enjoy them, and have them grab a copy of Y4 or Dead Souls.

      No news of any announcements, but thanks in advance to yourself (and all the Yakuza fans) who are still pushing hard to support the series here. It’s great to see that dedication.

  • $20? Why not! Especially seeing that the patch cleaned up some of the problems, and those who played it post-patch say it runs fine.

  • My first birthday in three years, not my first birthday. I’m not three years old…

  • Here’s a trip back to my gaming receipts from the year 2010, when a certain Megamixer picked up Bayonetta for $10. Several years later it’s going for twice as much on PSN! :D

    PS3 port issues aside this is still a darn fun game (just be sure to skip any and all cutscenes). There’s a lot of really cool levels/segments, many of which are outdoors which sets it apart from DMC. While this is a pure action game it gets the adventure feel down thanks to a strong feeling of progression by having you go through different locales in the games world. Plus this is one step close in getting the rest of Sega’s PS3 back catalog on PSN. Sega Super Stars Tennis and Valkyria Chronicles next please.

    @Aaron Webber
    Are you going to be picking up Project X Zone? I hear it has some Valkyria Chronicles 3 characters in it. Gotta show some support! :)

    p.s. Bring out the PS2 Phantasy Star Collection which is on Japan’s PSN to us! The (main) games are already in english so there’s no excuse! Just as there are PS1 Imports on the store, you could be at the forefront of PS2 Imports!

    • Thanks for the comment, Megamixer! :) Glad to hear you also had a great time with the PS3 version of Bayonetta.

      As to Project X Zone… absolutely! We’re stoked to have characters from Valkyria Chronicles 3, Sakura Taisen, Virtua Fighter, and even Shining Force showing up in the game. As a SEGA fan who happens to work at the company, I’m stoked for it.

      Little shout-out to our friends over at Namco-Bandai for bringing that one over. :)

  • Bayonetta is probably the worst port of all time. To think that a publisher or developer would attached their name to such a horrible port is beyond me.

    Even after the patch, this game was still lacking behind the other versions.

    Also, you can buy this game new for $15 at amazon or used for $10.

    As much as I enjoyed the combat in this game, the Story, character, setting, Voice overs, and music was so bad that I had to mute this game.

  • Not only could I get this game for half of this price several years ago, but why should I support SEGA at all when it comes to Bayonetta? SEGA themselves couldn’t even bother to support Platinum to get Bayonetta 2 on PS3. Bayo2 had to be saved by Nintendo because you refused to support it.

  • @11
    I know this is a Sony only forum, but no need to be a jerk.

  • Your treatment of Platinum Games has been nothing short of insulting so take your overpriced digital game and shove it.

  • Man i love bayonetta it’s one of my favorite games :). i already got the platinum trophy and everything but i’ll pick this game up to add in my digital game library.

    PS. i love the sound track: Fly me to the moon, one of a kind, etc. :)

    :/ bayonetta 2 (yes i know someone will state get over it but it’s just one of those unique games out there and i have gotten a little over it)

  • Great game, have it both on PS3 and 360, trophies/achievements can be challenging yet rewarding, lots of unlockable items/weapons. Can’t wait for the sequel on Wii U.

  • hey, do u guys plan on a soul sacrifice demo for the us store, cause its already on the japanese, also id like to see a ni no kuni demo, unless im just being oblivious and there already is one

    • Hi Spyro – I’m actually just a SEGA guy, so I don’t know of any plans for demos from other publishers. You’ll want to look for the PSN store update blog to post the question there! :)

  • If I may ask, there were talks of a new Ecco the Dolphin possibly being worked on, a composer whom has worked on the series before had been hired. Any chance we will hear news on that, heck even a re-release of the Dreamcast game in HD or at least a PS2 Classics re-release of the PS2 version will help me tide over. Any thoughts on those?

    • Tide you over… I see what you did there.

      No news on Ecco, but the series is a personal favorite of mine, even if it did frustrate me quite a bit when I was a kid! (Must… get… air!)

  • Also I heard there will be a NEW Sonic game being announced on Feb 2nd a.k.a. Groundhog day or as u guys call it, Hedgehog day, LOVE SONIC (as u can tell by my PS I.D.)

    • Nice to hear from a fellow Sonic fan – did you enjoy Sonic Generations? (And likewise, am I the only one who thinks the halos in Bayonetta that you collect look a lot like certain golden rings?)

      As to the first part… My uncle’s cousin’s father’s roommate’s best friend’s goldfish told me they read a post on the internet saying that internet rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. :)

  • I’d love to be able to play this on my Vita. I’d buy this game four times over.

  • Hey Aaron Webber, pass this message along to Sega for me. Allow Platinum Games to develop Bayonetta 2 for the PS3 after the WiiU version launches with inevitable success.

    I personally loved Bayonetta and I still play it to this day because the gameplay is the BEST I’ve ever touched! Everyone that felt burned by the Bayonetta port would INSTANTLY forgive Sega if they brought Bayo 2 ( at 60 fps) back to the PS3. You don’t have to reply, but please pass my message to the higher-ups in Sega, thanks.

  • kinda a tease considering we can never play Bayonetta 2

  • DAYTONA USA 2 on PSN? 0:

  • Great game and a nice soundtrack! Own it already but don’t miss out if you haven’t played it yet. And yes, the patch fixes any concerns you may have heard about the PS3 version.

  • I hope u guys do something really special for Virtua Fighter’s 20th anniversary this year, u didn’t do anything at least for the U.S.A. 5 years ago. Would love to see a portable VF game, a collection of older VF titles, and possibly an announcement of VF6. Can’t wait to kick more u know what with Sarah Bryant.

    • I’ll mention your comment over to our team that handles all the Virtua Fighter items here. Your love for the series is apparent with your avatar!

  • P.S.

    Platinum Games director Atsushi Inaba has called the PS3 conversion of Bayonetta, “our biggest failure”.

    Allow them to develop Bayo 2 for PS3, allow them to move on from that moment, allow them to redeem themselves. They are the best, they deserve it. Thanks for reading :).

  • @40

    Bayonetta 2 is being published by nintendo… so regardless if it does well or not nintendo won’t give it up i believe.

  • Protip: Nearly all multi-platform games on PS3 are to some degree “inferior” to their 360 counterparts. Few even get patches to fix any aspect of them. The whining over Bayonetta PS3 is wildly overblown to the extent that I doubt many people even know what they’re crying over. Okay. The game isn’t 60fps. And…? While it would be very nice if it were, the game is still very playable and just as importantly: fun. But this is all just a vocal minority. Why? COD is still the best selling games on PS3 and the day the Skyrim DLC drops, it will instantly have many more purchases and ratings than Bayonetta will. :(

    “Your treatment of Platinum Games has been nothing short of insulting so take your overpriced digital game and shove it.”

    What? Sega was like the first publisher to pick them up. They went on to help fund & publish not 1, but 5 of their games. I’d call that pretty good treatment, especially coming from an ever poor (sans pachinko moneys) company.

    There is a Ni No Kuni demo, I think it was released in late December?

    New Sonic on hedgehog day? Wait… that’s a few days away! Hype!

  • Also really glad u included VF characters in Dead or Alive 5, a full crossover game would be awesome, can’t wait for the game to re-release on VF, the closest thing to a portable VF hint hint. ;) (Sorry for the constant posts, I’m a huge sega fan, still have all my old 40+ sega genesis games from when i was a small child, had owned my original sega when i was 2, Sonic 1 was the very first game that got me into video games.)

    • No worries! I grew up playing a lot of SEGA games (and Virtua Fighter 2 on my Saturn), so I fully understand. :)

  • *sorry i meant DOA5 to re-release on Vita, not VF. had VF on my mind.

  • @ Aaron Webber

    Skyrim on ps3 has a metacritic of 92.

    Platinum Games calls Bayonetta on PS3 its “biggest failure”

    Yes i most definitely do think the “black eye” comment is justified. The candor from platinum games is appreciated though.

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