The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

This week on PlayStation.Blog: the 13 for ’13 sale went live (check out those prices!), PS Vita is getting its first fishing game on February 5th Tuesday, we launched the PlayStation Store on the web, the God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta very briefly opened its gates to all PSN users, Beats Slider is free on PlayStation Mobile for just a few more days, and lots more.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is finally out (both on disc and downloadable on PSN)! I’ve only just started playing it, but between its luscious art style, charming story, and impeccable voice acting, it’s a breath of fresh air for the traditional JRPG genre. Between that, finishing Far Cry 3 (one of 2012’s best games), and new PS Vita release escapeVektor, my free time this week has been committed to my couch. No regrets.

What are you playing this weekend?

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  • The 13 of 13 sale was an amazing sale.hopefully Sony continues to bring us amazing deals throughout the year

  • I love how they got the wrong release date the first time they posted about Let’s Fish! Hooked On (the correct release date is January 29th), and the second time in here.

  • i agree sales like these make me glad to be plus more of these and ill keep throwing money out like assassins creed

  • Don’t usually post on this but might as well take the chance to mention Ni No Kuni.

    I’m playing: Ni No Kuni, NHL 13, P4 Golden
    I’m watching: NHL, NBA, Leverage season 4
    I’m listening to: ONE OK ROCK

    Also re-reading the Wheel of Time books before I read the final one. Got the first couple books done friday/sat and should have Dragon Reborn done tonight. Only another dozen or so to go… durn wind… 80 page openings about where the wind is blowing…

    • Wheel of Time! I always looked at those books longingly, but realized long ago that I don’t have the willpower to get through a series of that magnitude. I just did some quick research, and I see the final book was only just released — that’s nuts! Over two decades in the making.

  • I would of taken advantage of the 13 for 13 sale but my 30 day ps+ trial requires a card and for some unknown reason my card is constantly rejected… (error 43 i think)

  • The 13 for 13 sale was amazing! I bought pretty much everything.
    Hopefully since Bayonetta is coming to the store this week, there is hope for a DMC4 release. Playing the new DMC got me back into it, they did an amazing job with it. Now I just hope there is a sale for the DMC, Sly and Ratchet Collection and I’m a happier camper!
    How ’bout a 13 for 13 round 2!

    • The only DMC game I ever got all the way through was 2, which people tell me is the lesser of the original series. I’m really liking DmC though; I think I might actually finish it. That is, after Ni No Kuni…

  • Really great sale the 13 for 13, I would recommend The House of the Dead Overkill, a very FUN game especially if u have the Move controllers. Bayonetta is a GREAT GAME! The trophies are not too hard; yet still challenging to get. Can’t wait for the sequel on Wii U.

    Also sorry to keep posting this but i never get a response, whatever happened to keeping updated the PS Blog Share, it’s been dead for quite some time.

  • any news on Killzone Mercenary and Tearway?

  • Playstation Store quietly added a 3 month bonus for buying a 12-month Playstation Plus subscription until March 4

    There is no mention of this anywhere on the Playstation sites. I hope this gets publicized this week because this is a great deal.

  • Any news on phantasy star online 2 for psvita?

  • @5
    I’m not sure if you are aware but Sony has made it possibel to add funds to your PSN Wallet through Paypal! Which is rather lovely as I used to have to book my behind up to a Best But 20 miles away to buy a PS+ and PSN Card. As such I was able to procure three fie games form the 13 fo 13 sale, and it’s not to late as the sale shold extend at least unitl Tuesday afternoon.. Thanks Sony!

  • I know that eastasiasoft is interested in working with playstation plus, have you been interacting with them on that?

    would love to see rainbow moon on the instant game collection.

  • Lol at Justin’s YouTube watching. I’m expecting one more week of lackluster stuff in the gaming world, February will be the start of another good year.

  • Playing: Persona 4: Golden
    Watching: The Dark Knight Returns Part II (EPIC MOVIE! Beat the life outa Superman)
    Reading: PS Blog Articles

  • 100%13for13 2013

  • Oh good, now the shows the February content.
    Sleeping Dogs, and for we: foosball.

    Thanks, thank you so much sony america.

  • @10
    Yeah, the closed beta was going great for that game. Hope you will enjoy it eventually, probably late June or July. I wouldn’t expect it any sooner since it barely comes out next month in Japan.

  • I am still looking for more PS2 Classics love – I’d like to get all my old library sorted on PSN!! Games like the Onimusha series, in particular are no-shows in the PSN era.

    I mean come on! We’ve got all the Metal Gear PS2 games in an HD collection, as well as God of War 1 & 2, Ico, Shadow of Collossus, all the Resident Evil games, and Devil May Cry.

    We’ve basically hit the high points of the PS2 era, but there’s a lot of gems that are missing. As I understand it, the process of selling a PS2 game on the PS3 requires a specific emulator hack to be built for the game and then it’s available for download. While some games might have trouble with this, I doubt any of the Onimusha games would be problematic.

    Go PS2 classics!

  • Lol yeah the Wheel of Time is insanely over written/long but I still like it.

    I also have been reading longer books/series like the Lord of the Rings and the other books in that ‘world’ since I was 9 or so, I’ve gotten use to reading long books and can read pretty fast .

    But when I started reading the Wheel of Time books back in high school (mid 90s) and saw that it took 2-3 years between books coming out and there were still about 6 expected back then… I often said to my friends that I expected the author to die before he finished.

    Sadly I was right, but at least he had so much planning/notes/etc… done that they were able to find someone to finish the story, although the ‘final’ book became 3 somehow heh.

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