This Week in the PlayStation Community

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This Week in the PlayStation Community

Although the former Community Spotlight ended earlier this month, it’s back this week in a new form. Welcome to the evolution of the weekly Community Spotlight. We’re transforming it and providing you more of a weekly go-to source for what’s hot and what’s happening. Join us, the PlayStation Community team, as we share what’s going on, new events, give mad props to some fantastic gamer creations, and more. There’s so much going on in the PlayStation universe, and we’re here to lead you on that journey.

I’m your host this week, though you’ll see my buddies Morgan, Kristine, Paul, and maybe even Matt, take turns at the helm. Let’s go!

Anyone who knows me knows I am hyper creative and really love seeing the creative spark in others. We would be seriously missing out without a spotlight on relevant gaming culture via awesome things like fan art, cool cosplay, and other fan-made content. To start out, I’m sharing some very amazing cosplay from one of our own, a PlayStation co-worker of ours named Melissa who goes by PSN ID moemarston. In her spare time, she’s always designing and crafting new outfits of her favorite PlayStation characters. She’s internally famous for her Nathan Drake (a female version, and quite well-done, I might add), and new this month, she’s made a Chloe Frazer, both from the Uncharted series. Doesn’t this inspire you to make your own awesome outfit so you can strut your geekiness with pride?

Meli - Nathan Drake Cosplay

Meli - Nathan Drake CosplayMeli - Chloe Frazer Cosplay

Now if only I could sew…

If you’d like to share your PlayStation-inspired creative sparks and possibly get it showcased here in the Blog, share them here in this forum thread. Don’t be shy. You might even see one of us dressed up in a future post! But no promises… (I still have to learn how to sew).

At the bottom of each of these weekly posts, we’ll have a few modules to get connected, find cool events and maybe even win some really cool swag. Check back weekly for more info and continue your PlayStation community connection with us.


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Win It Wednesday

Win PlayStation games and products every Wednesday on Twitter! Last week we gave away the Ni No Kuni Wizard Edition; next week you can win Madden NFL 13 and a Madden shirt. Follow @HeyPlayStation to learn how to enter!

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9 Author Replies

  • I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this but, I signed up for Sony rewards, and I can’t get an email confirmation, not sure if u are the right guys.

    Also THIS QUESTION you might be able to answer if u are able to:
    -Whatever happened to keeping updated the blog share? It’s been dead for quite some time. Any chances of updating it?

  • Great idea team, I look forward to future posts. Friendly suggestion: perhaps it’s time for a “meet the team” post? I’m not sure that I know who you are Cade Peterson (sorry, I don’t frequent Home), nor do I know who Paul is, or even Matt. I know Morgan and Kristine from the PS+ updates and such, but an introduction to the whole Blog (or whatever) team might be overdue?

    • We considered it for this very post actually, but opted to focus the content back on the community. Still, I think it’s a good idea since our team has grown and people like to know who they’re communicating with. I’ll talk with the posse about it.

  • Oh my god of war. (Sorry) She is beautiful.

  • This is great! I can’t wait to see more stuff from the community. I know there are a lot of creative people out there :)

  • Woah! Sweet outfits!!! I’m just sad because I can’t find my special T-shirt I got from PlayStation Rewards :'(

  • Hi, Any news about Killzone Mercenary?

  • Very good post, the info at the bottom is really good to have, you should post some contest also ^_^

    • #WinItWed is a weekly contest to win cool PlayStation goodies, but I’m sure we’ll have more to come. Stay tuned!

  • Also any news on getting rainbow moon in the instant game collection for plus?

  • She is super talented! Do Heavenly Sword! That would blow my mind. <3

  • Now this is cool! Seems really neat. I’ll send in some Fan Art eventually :)

  • I like this idea way better than the community spotlight. I hope it catches on and people start doing some really cool stuff.

  • That is a sweet Uncharted cosplay. I own a few bits to Nathan Drake’s outfit, but I don’t have the right look to pull it off. Maybe 15 year old Nate. I normally make Nintendo costumes though.

    Album: (Not ps3, but let’s see if you game fans can guess em all?)

    I’ve been meaning to do a Playstation character, but could never decide on which one I could pull off properly. If you pick me a character, Cade, I will make a top-notch cosplay.

  • Very cool post.

  • Couldn’t agree more with a “meet the team” post :) that would be awesome :)

    Also, Melissa is WOW gorgeous. Between that and what Cade said, I’d say that she’s the true definition of a keeper hahaha :p

  • I like her FemDrake, but now it makes me wonder why we don’t see a character like her in the Uncharted Universe. Inspiration for Uncharted Vita/PS4 :-D

  • How about you tell us your plans for the psvita this year sony? isnt Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault supposed to be coming out tuesday? if so why we havent seen a single gameplay video of the game running on the vita? how about new info on Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, Soul sacrifice, Warrior’s Lair or new games? are you guys planning to release an online only multiplayer game ala Warhawk on the system? price cut on the memory cards? those things are too expensive and i need a 64 gb one.
    Dont forget about us (psvita owners)

  • I like this segment, it’s a neat idea. And the stuff at the bootom is cool too. Oh wow that is a really impressive Drake costume :D

  • I don’t understand the reason for this post other than showing off the cosplayer (good costumes though).

    The Forum links… well thats no better than visiting the forum itself, i don’t get it.

    The Calender links… all the ones I click on are not Sony stuff, they seem to be random events that some fan/gamer or other has decided to run… why does that matter to us? We come here for official sony stuff.

    Not meant as a complaint, I just don’t understand the merit of this post, the “Win it Weds” part is the only part that seems Blog/PSN/Sony related (not fan based, even the forums is gernally just fans talking to each other hoping someone from sony shows up eventually).

    So is this just a post to collect a bunch of random links to fan based things? I keep hoping for more real sony news, like the Blogcast made into a text format so I can finally get the news everyone else does.

    • Building go-to resources (like this weekly post is with its modules) and celebrating a community’s culture (via fan art) is intrinsic to community management. Give it a few weeks, and I think you’ll appreciate this series of posts as a handy and interesting weekly update.

      As for the Calendar links, we now list official events (like tournaments), user-generated events hosted by our official forum MVPs and Home Community Volunteers, and other official events that are put together in cooperation with 3rd party game studios and developers and communities. It’s a mix of great stuff. The full calendar may always be found here:

      As for more news, the blog is full of that already and the Blogcast does add a wonderful bit of commentary in that regard too, but we know that most of you want a bit more than just news all the time. Some people want to get a little deeper into their gaming lifestyle than just staying current on news topics.

      You can also bet that in future posts there will be links curated that may related to gaming news that has meaning for the gaming community. It’s all meant to be a helpful resource going forward.

  • Very neat idea! Expect to see fan art from me!

  • vita gets no love…could of had a declassified saturday or something…

  • Thank you for the detailed reply. It can be very hard to get straight answers or news from Sony, so I appreciate you taking the time to write out all that.

    It does feel sometimes like the blog is way behind in news, I’ll hear about things on a random msg board weeks before anything is announced on the blog sometimes, so seeing another ‘non-news’ post was odd to me.

    As for the Blogcast, it does have some great info, but it’s also an hour long thing you have to listen to. The EU uses a video blog that’s half the length, which also lets you skip ahead, visually seeing what topic is coming up.

    For someone like me with hearing problems, listening to the blogcast is next to impossible even when I have that much free time (my main hearing issue, beyond not hearing well, is a difficulty distinguishing between voices/hard time following conversations/etc…).

    Will the NA blogcast ever switch to video or release a text based log/transcript of the important news?

    Personally news/updates/major announcements are the only reason I have to come to the blog, but I can see your point for this post now.

    • First off, you’re most welcome.

      As for the Blogcast, I cannot speak as to whether it might make the jump to video or not here, but it’s always a possibility. I can understand the difficulty to be able to enjoy it if there’s a hearing issue as a hurdle. Either way, I’ll share this insight with the Blogcast team.

      Anyway, thanks for reading and being here with us.

  • This is GARBAGE. The community spotlight feature was a nice way to highlight touching stories and now you guys have decided to trash all that to toot your own horns. The community here and on the forums are the GAMERS not Sony employees looking to highlight themselves. Shame on you.

  • @Cade

    Thanks for the response and I guess so long as the ‘community spotlight’ remains focused on the community–as a whole–there is nothing wrong with patting youself on the back and playing a little show and tell. I understand that even Sony employees can be passionate gamers so, yes, I was certainly concerned (upset) about the ‘new direction’ this feature on the ps blog was headed. My point is that you guys (Rey, Morgan, Grace…et al) are the face of the PS blog and have your fingerprints all over it so I admit I was worried you guys were going to take away the ONLY feature that highlights the rest of the community to make it all about yourselves. I’m sorry if I was mistaken; however, that remains to be seen. All that said, I respectfully request that you keep the link to submit user made content in bold front and center on future installments of the ps blog spotlight feature.

    • No worries. The less you see of our personal stuff, the better, but only because we, the Community team, are hyper focused on you guys, not ourselves. Plus, I don’t think I’d look good (or fit in) in Melissa’s Nathan Drake cosplay outfit, hahaha! :-P

      More obvious/bolder links, noted!

  • I love the last picture its Beautiful. Not to say that the other two are not nice but the last picture looks great in my eyes.

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