The Last of Us Demo Coming First to God of War: Ascension Owners

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The Last of Us Demo Coming First to God of War: Ascension Owners

The Last of Us for PS3 (Joel)

In just a few short months, The Last of Us will launch and put the fate of Joel and Ellie into your hands, as they embark on a brutal journey across a post-pandemic United States.

May 7th, 2013 might seem like a long way away, so to help assuage the excruciating wait we’re announcing today that players who pick up God of War: Ascension will be able to get their hands on a demo of The Last of Us when it becomes available at a later date.

The Last of Us for PS3

We teamed up with the development crew at Santa Monica Studio to include access to a chapter of The Last of Us in every copy of God of War: Ascension, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on two of the biggest games of the year. Just load the God of War: Ascension disc into your PS3 and find The Last of Us listing on the main menu. There, you’ll find details on how you can obtain The Last of Us demo for free as soon as it becomes available.

We hope you’re as excited about this news as we are, and we know what’s likely on your mind now — what will you be able to play? We’ll have more news about what’s in store for you after God of War: Ascension launches in March. We hope your wait just got a little easier!

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  • A demo?!?!?! As if people weren’t going to buy it. already. Cross-Promotion!

  • Was buying GoW:A anyway, so this is just a bonus.

    • Hopefully you think it’s a great bonus! We’re excited to be able to get some part of The Last of Us in your hands before release.

  • Go Mets!

  • Wow
    This news just made my day.

  • God of War: Ascension was a must buy anyways. Though it gets even sweeter now, worthy package of the year. Thanks!

  • Already seeing people talking about how they are now buying God of War because of this. Smart move and everyone wins.

  • Is this a Single Player Demo or Multiplayer Demo ?

  • @Stringer SP

  • lol i’ll play the demo after i get my God of war Ascension platinum.

  • The Last of Us was one of the games I was looking forward to, until they announced multiplayer, which means annoying multiplayer trophies, which equals a no sale for me.

    Grats to everyone that likes this idea though, it is a solid marketing scheme.

    • If you take a look back to our multiplayer Trophies for Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 – play one game each of competitive and co-op – I think you may see that they are far from “annoying.” We’ve always been very conscious that challenging MP Trophies can be frustrating for players who aren’t heavy MP players.

      We haven’t settled on Trophies yet, but I’m pretty certain we’ll keep that same consideration in mind when making up our Trophy list.

  • I have got GOW 3 do I get an avatar or something???

  • I was gonna buy God of war anyway but this is awesome!!! The offer is available in Canada too right?

    1 thing tho, as I understand it, it will not be available on the disc? and we will have to wait more before getting the demo like it will not be available the day god of war is release?

    • Pretty certain it’s for North America (which covers Canada, obvs).

      You are correct, the demo is NOT on the disk and will not be available day one of GOW: Ascension release. It will be ready for download through the disk later on.

  • Glad to see it’s not an exclusive.

  • The Last of Us = Game of the Year.

  • I find it sad that people like #10 aren’t buying games because of trophies.

    Can’t wait for TLOU!

    Gonna get Ascension! Will have to get GOW III first.

  • No thank you. I’ll be going into it on May 7th completely fresh!

  • I love this this can of personal attention Sony gives sometimes – thanks Santa Monica Studios, PlayStation Blog, and guys at Naughty Dog :D

    • No problem! We couldn’t have done this without the support of the folks at PlayStation and the God of War team at Sony Santa Monica, not to mention, you, our fans!

  • Know i been complaining about the lack of single player info for GOW. This def sweetens the pot a bit though…unless its a multiplayer demo/beta too.


  • @10 Don’t forget we’re talking about naughty dog here. Like with the uncharted plats, they wont force you to play a ton of multiplayer because of trophies. They just add mp trophies in a later patch so they’re available for those who want them. Naughty Dog is awesome and they know what fans want.

  • Awesome.

  • Is this a new demo or the E3 one?

    • Demo content is TBD – so while we’ve got some ideas, we’ll keep it under wraps until we know for sure! Sorry.

  • As much as I would love to play this demo, I’m going to pass on it. Would rather just wait until the full game comes out. Don’t want to have any chapter ruined. The game deserves to be played in full. I hope my pre-order arrives early. Might cancel it if my local stores do midnight sale for it then call in sick to work the next day

  • @15 Undrey

    Sadly that’s one of the features that made gaming much valuable nowadays. There some games that maybe do not have huge story’s spectrum yet have sold quite some copies due to single-player only or easy trophies. Don’t get me wrong now. The Last of Us looks wonderful and has big things to look forward to, but there is a trophies fan-base out there who wish to get their trophies to 100% yet some Multiplayer trophies keep them from reaching their goal. (ex: Uncharted 2 & 3 added more MP trophies)

  • Winning!!! I have God of war paid off and I just went to GameStop and paid off the last of us too so this is all good news :-)
    When are we going to find out a little bit more about multiplayer Eric?

  • @23
    In my opinion, those people are gaming for the wrong reasons. As Calhoun said in VGHS, it’s all about the game. Those people who game just for the trophies…I don’t understand it. To me, it makes it feel like more of a chore or a grind rather than about fun and entertainment. I’m paying $60 to have fun, not to get as many trophies as I can. But again, that’s my opinion. As for this news, I’m so happy to hear this. I was going to buy both games regardless, including the Post-Pandemic Edition of The Last of Us, and this just makes it even better.

  • Me and my God of War: Ascension Collector’s Edition going to so enjoy this

  • It sucks how they are going to implement The Last of Us demo listing on the main menu of God of War: Ascension. I don’t have a good feeling about this, they will be using too many space for other things and Maybe just MAYBE Ascension might NOT be that huge in story scale. Man…

    • What does having an easy way to download the TLOU demo from the main menu have anything to do with development and quality of a whole game? I don’t understand why that would be a concern. The main menu is completely separate from game development – plus this is a minor addition. I wouldn’t try to knock the Sony Santa Monica team that they are fully focused on making GOW:A a worthy game!

  • God of War just sold a few more copies :)

  • Wow , amazing sony , thx

  • @25
    Your right about them gaming for the wrong reason. I’ve seen people pay good money on junk just for easy trophies. For me it’s different. I play the game for the story and enjoyment, then I play some multiplayer if it interest me but not every game does. If the game is good fun and would be willing to play more of it after the story, I go for the trophies. I’m not a trophy hunter but I do go after the platinum but only on the games that are worth playing longer. Going for the platinum is just a way to play the game even more than you normally would. Think of a game as an orange. You paid good money on an orange and enjoyed it but how about squeezing every last drop out of it to make your money worthwhile. In this case the trophies would be them last drops. It also expands the time I have to play as I wait for the next game to be released/dropped in price

  • @rangerfan7187

    Its not so much as how much multiplayer you need to play, its more of communication issue between regions of the world, as in, I can not access their multiplayer servers from my account.

  • @28 JimmyHack: God of War just sold a few more copies :)

    Maybe not enough, although this is a nice marketing bonus.. Many GoW fans are still skeptical about story size.

  • @30
    I completely understand where you’re coming from, and I totally understand going for a platinum if it’s worth it. I’m talking about people who will only play a game to get every trophy, and who even refuse to buy a good game if it means not being able to get that platinum. I think that’s ridiculous.

  • Awesome, I have both games pre-ordered already, so it will be awesome to play this demo.

    I love it when demos are offered for big games like this. I don’t need a demo to see if I will like it or not…I need a demo to help ease the excruciatingly long wait for it to be released!

  • I bought here in Germany god of war had so little to expose the game but otherwise it is ok

  • by the gods!

    this only sweetens the offer….

  • @32 Velmonte

    True, the best GOW news in months is a demo for another game.

  • @RidleysBox

    You are literally not going to buy the game because you think it’ll have stupid multiplayer trophies? Have you paid any attention to how Naughty Dog assigns their trophies? The Uncharted games have been nice platinums with hardly any MP trophies, just a few for playing a match which are perfectly fine. But hey if you want to be stupid and miss our on one of the best games ever then go right ahead. Silly gamers.

  • I’ve been anticipating this game but i’m getting a little concerned about it. You’ve shown gameplay where you have to fetch a ladder to get up an easily climable platform and now your posting a screen shot where a character has a big hole right through him.

    • The game still is in development – a lot of the game mechanics will be explained and bugs/issues will be resolved by release.

  • I’ll be honest, I was a little bit skeptical about buying GoW:Ascension, but considering my excitement for TLoU, it’s all the reason I need. In this case, I’m considering GoW the bonus.

  • @33

    It’s not about buying a good game or a bad game to get a platinum, its about leaving something half finished. Why bother starting something if your not going to finish it? There are plenty of good games out there, this is just one of many to choose from. I agree with buying games just for platinums is ridiculous, you can see that on people’s trophy lists all the time. How someone with a God of War plat also has one for Hannah Montana… But, if you want to start to play a game with the intent of doing everything possible with that game, then you pick games that you will enjoy doing everything possible. A lot of people do not like mulitplayer, and I am one of them, with the exception of local co-op. I really enjoyed the Far Cry 3 and Borderlands co-op. Therefore, good story or not, I personally steer away from games with online multiplayer, and steer towards games that are pure single player (with a few exceptions).

  • Hell yes!

  • @25, 30, 33

    I play for both reasons, Story of course and trophies in some games. But also other developers’ work should get appreciated even if it means playing their games for Trophies. lol
    Everyone have their opinions and ways, now watch Trophy-fans not buying Ascension if it ever releases with more Multi-Player trophies than Single-Player ones. haha

  • God of war and the last of us on one disc? I’m there!

  • @41 RidleysBox

    I agree with you on that. Definitely is a waste of money and experience to buy a game and after you finish the story you do NOT even do the required to unlock the ‘Game Development Video’ yet end up watching it on YouTube, now that IS sad. lol
    Which in this case, whenever I push myself to complete every task in-game is not only for every trophy but as well to watch every piece of Development process the studio went through to release their game to us.
    Now that’s Gaming with a purpose to fully complete a game.

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes. Thank god a buddy of mine is buying ascension. I’ve got no money but now I can play the demo at his house! Hooray!

  • This is evil… Now I have to God of War Ascension. I was interested in the game anyways.

  • @41
    Uncharted 2 and 3 both had multiplayer on it and was very easy to get platinum. This game will clearly be easy too even tho it also has multiplayer. You don’t know what the trophy list is yet but it could most likely appear very similar but also different at the same time. They may not even be any multiplayer trophies until later on in an update and those wont be needed for the platinum. Wouldn’t call this a good game out there. Would more call it a great game and would be one we all shouldn’t miss out on unless of course it’s not your type of thing. Just remember when you go for an interview or tell people your achievements, your trophies don’t mean a thing..even to friends. So you asked “Why bother starting something if your not going to finish it? “, that’s a question for the story not trophies

  • Continue to #45:
    Let alone after finishing up the story, many consumers end up Trading-in their games at GameStop. Retailer sells game as *Used* to make a profit.. Then that’s when SONY tries to come thru fighting Resale of Used games. End of story. lol

  • I dont understand why they dont put this demo on a non highly anticipated game so people think about buying that game but they put it on another AAA high anticipated game, bah , Sly Cooper Thieves in Time needed something like this, God of War not at all.

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