PlayStation Blogcast 060: A Light Dusting

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PlayStation Blogcast 060: A Light Dusting
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Amid the fanfare of today’s long-awaited Sony Entertainment Network Online Store launch, we humbly serve up the 60th installment of PlayStation Blogcast for your listening pleasure. On today’s slightly slimmer-than-usual show, DUST 514 Executive Producer Brandon Laurino dishes on the latest dirt from the free-to-play MMO shooter’s new PSN open beta, which implements a host of sweeping graphical and gameplay enhancements (as well as those EVE Online orbital strikes you’ve been hearing so much about). Then we serve up next week’s PlayStation Store releases, tackle some new Player Tips for DmC Devil May Cry and Far Cry 3, reminisce about the 2002 launch of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and listen to your latest voicemails. Dig in and, as usual, let us know what you think!

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • downloading…

  • downloading too.

  • Any way you guys can make the store compatible with the vita. Also it would help if this website acknowledged that the Vita exist. Don’t treat me like I don’t matter please :(

  • I second that. Where is the Vita love? How about a Vita “13 for 13” or how about come out with 13 Vita games this year. As a day one Vita owner Im disappointed in the lack of new games. To be honest to offer foosball as a ps+ shows the lqck of love. Another good show but please dig deep for some vita games.

  • disappointed with lack of vita discounts. hey guys why dont u talk abt ps plus release? what game wil be available on. as a sony blog it would have been awesome if u could give us a sneek peak of what game will be added to the IGC

    • We actually touch on this question in today’s show! Short answer: Sometimes final details aren’t available when we record the show, and we’d rather be accurate than a couple of days early. The Monday Plus post is the final word!

  • The saddest part of Bayonetta being on PSN now is that we won’t get the sequel that we deserve not to mention that it wasn’t a very good port and even though the patch fixed some things up. Thankfully they fixed things up with Vanquish and Metal Gear Rising :)

  • @Sid I would recommend that you check out Hawken! I wish that it would come out on PSN, it is a really fun FPS mech game and its free to play. I have played the ZOE HD Collection partly because I wanted to play Metal Gear Rising, but ZOE2 is actually pretty good.

  • This blogcast thing is good for information, but it’s far too long for someone with hearing problems like I have to be able to listen to.

    Do you release text/transcripts of the conversations so that everyone able bodied or otherwise can get the information?

  • The fact that upcoming plus content isn’t finalized, guaranteed, and known a considerable amount of time before the store updates is unbelievable. Seriously I don’6 believe it. you’d have to know sometime in afvance otherwise you run the risk of someone pulling out on you at the last minute with no back up plan.

    Could you imagine a plus update pending with no new content even though new content was scheduled …………….. no because you have to have your sucks in a row or risk angry customers. So their has to be a better reason for the Monday update. I mean if Europe can get their updates in line a month in advance you guys can to and probably do to.

    We are probably kept out of the loop to keep blog traffic high or something but the reason you gave above doesn’t ring true.

  • Are you guys going to do the top ten platinum of 2012 like last year? if so, you guys should put it in the Blogcast, instead of just posting it.

  • I heard new store. Do you guys mean the new Sony Entertainment Online Store or is PS3 actually getting a new PS Store.

  • One question Dead Space 3 is a midnight release according to the pre order details is that correct ?

  • downloading..

  • Talking about Super Rub a Dub?!

    Man, I must say… it might sound silly, but this was one of my first fully immersive experiences with the SixAxis controller. And I loved this game! I deleted it recently but have been considering a redownload. My family and I must have spent hours with Rub a Dub. Ranks about a 10.0 on my Cute-Fun meter!

  • Any news on rainbow moon? I know they announced on their site a vita port and you guys didn’t give them a post on the blog, shame on you!

    I think they also might be interested in working with you guys on the instant game collection for plus members.

  • Great Podcast as always!
    The crew on this show is great, you always look on things positively and don’t say much negative stuff, unlike half the stuff out there on the net. Keep up the great work.

  • Hey SId…Any news regarding more ps vita cross-play,cross-controller & remote-play games? Sony needs to know that we want more of them and that if they make efforts to patch previous games & ps2 classics or even games like journey,unfinished swan etc, that it will most likely sell more Vita’s.The more we can do with our system makes the Vita more appealing to us.If cross-controller was instead enabled throughout the entire system we could replace our controllers with Vita’s and impress our friends when we go over their houses, thus making them want to buy one etc.

  • Not sure where the best place to mention this is, but I know I can count on the blogcast guys to reply (or at least read this). I’m pretty sure something is wrong with downloads on Vita. I’ve been trying to download the blogcast, and it shows that it will download (lists the file info as always) thenbslides off to the top right corner, but has a different symbol from what I remember. When I go to see if the download is happening in the notifcation list (not sure what its called), there is no sign of the download. Any idea whats up?

    Thanks – ShadowNight36

  • I’m sorry but Im not gonna lie I haven’t played DMC yet but I’m STILL upset because DEVIL MAY CRY DID NOT NEED TO BE REBOOTED!!!!!!! It was already a great game that had an already developing story.. Who is Nero exactly?? What’s Dante gonna do next?? Idk I’m still not convinced it was even necessary to remake it.. But I was never a big fan of reboots to begin with

  • Thanks to sony for the free to play section!!!!!!!!! Thats great , like to see a full 1st person urban shooter , with buildings and houses that you can enter and hid out in . sniper highpoints and destruction. Multiplayer only.
    dont worry about taking up disk space with story mode. Just great online maps.

    If anyone has any power to bring a PS2 title back

    Bring back “BLACK” probably one of the best looking and sounding 1st person shooters ever.

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