Introducing the New Sony Entertainment Network Online Store

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Introducing the New Sony Entertainment Network Online Store

PlayStation Store on the web

We’re excited to announce today’s launch of the new Sony Entertainment Network online store, allowing you to browse and buy PlayStation Network games, add-ons, movies, TV shows, and more for PlayStation 3, PSP, and PlayStation Vita through the web.

Following the redesign of the PlayStation Store, the new online store offers similar filter and sorting features — making it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for and discover new digital content.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign in to with your Sony Entertainment Network or PlayStation Network username and password.
  2. Browse or search for PlayStation Network games, add-ons, movies, TV shows, or whatever else you’re looking for.
  3. As soon as you buy what you want in the online store, it will be added to the “My Downloads” section in the PlayStation Store on your PS3, PSP, or PS Vita for you to download and enjoy!

Still have questions? Click here to check out the FAQ for the new Sony Entertainment Network online store.

There are more features in the works for the online store – including automatic remote downloads – so stay tuned for the latest.

Also, in case you missed the announcement last week, you can now use PayPal to fund your PSN/SEN wallet via the Sony Entertainment Network account manager on the Web.

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  • Thank you based Grace Chen (dealwithit.gif)

  • Yippy! Finally!

  • hoo-rah! finally!

  • Sweet, that should help me buy some of the weekly deals when I’m not home or near my PS3.

  • Glad to hear automatic remote downloads are in the works. THAT’s what will make this truly beneficial.

  • Thank you! This is fantastic!

  • first Jesse McCartney confirms he is recording lines for Kingdom Hearts -1.5 HD ReMIX- and now this ^_^ today is starting to look good

  • Great can’t wait to start buy games and dlc’s when i’m not home. (:

  • welcome! can we purchase via PlayStation Vita to purchase PlayStation 3 games and movies?

    also, can i buy hd movies for my vita? via Vitas store i cannottho i know Vita can run 1080p video. thank you!

    Phillip Santana

  • Yes! Very excited. Now if we can just get an Iphone app where I can purchase this stuff on! Any update on that?

  • No ipad???

  • Better late than never…

  • Sweeeet!

  • Glad to see this is live. Let’s be honest, the current PS3 store is anything but a smooth running application. This serves as a great replacement.

  • Very nice! Questions:

    1 – Will you guys integrate PayPal with PS3 and PSVita, or will we always have to Pay with PayPal only through the PC store

    2 – Will we ever see a PlayStation Store/SEN Store App on iOS/Android/Windows 8/etc…?

    • 1 — That is something we’re working on, but no ETA yet.

      2 — We know this is something that folks want, and it’s something we are looking into. Nothing to really discuss at this time, however.

  • Awesome!
    Please get the web team to get the site to work on iOS (iPad, iPhone) Safari browsers please!

  • nope can’t access via PlayStation Vita’s Browser.

    Theres absolutely no need for me to use this then becase at home my pc and PS3 are hooked up to my Bravia so if im look at the store for that i use my ps3 because my mobile phone is my 3G vita so thats my browser on the go.

    its good for non PlayStation owners to see whats available and those who do use a pc at home and find it useful.

    still good though but tie it all together.

  • Wow Grace is very pretty………& nice job on the online store. Now i dont have wait till i get home to check out the store on my PS3

  • Doesn’t seem to work on the iPad.

  • So all it does is it add it to your download list? It doesn’t start downloading it as soon as you log in? That’s disappointing. If I am wrong about this please let me know, that’s just what I gathered from reading

    • Yes, that’s how it works at this time, but we are working on automatic downloading as a feature in the future.

  • Great to see the unified account approach starting to stretch its legs. This will be a very helpful tool.

  • It took only some odd years to finally get this lol. Glad it’s finally here, Sony.

  • Ohhhhhh this is great. Can I set my PS3 or Vita to automatically download this stuff?

    Seriously, this is really awesome. I like the redesigned store on PS3 but it’s kind of slow to load. If I can just buy things from a web browser and set it to download to my PS devices, then that’s just the greatest.

    Excellent work you guys.

    • Automatic downloads are not part of the Store’s feature set at this time, but it is something they’re working on for the future.

  • Cool, I don’t have to worry about missing good deals when I have to travel and leave my PS3 in home :’D

  • I love the store on the PS3 system itself but now I’m just going to use this all the time!

  • Oh, oh. Just make sure that you always include a link to the web store in every PlayStation Store update post. If I don’t have to bookmark this to access it every week, even better.

  • Kristine. Can we please see an app come to the apple App Store and to android so we can buy games and more without Using the web on our phones that would help me out a lot sence I use my iPad a lot. And I hope other people would love that Idea too

    • See above :) This seems to be a recurring request, but we don’t have anything to announce at this time.

  • This page is so beautiful is simple, nice no navigate on, wao just amazing

  • I have been using PSN for about 5 years now, never had a problem. Although this option looks neato, I will continue traditional usage. Options are always good though!

  • Does it work on Firefox or Chrome? It’s not working for me. Maybe because I use Linux?

    • I just confirmed with the team that although Linux is not supported at this time, it will be added in the near future.

  • The song at 1:30 sounds like the Dyad soundtrack. I love that game — one of the most immersive experiences I’ve had in gaming.

  • Looks great PlayStation team, can’t wait for the automatic remote downloads feature to be added.

  • I didn’t even know this was coming. This is a nice surprise!

  • Checking the user-agent string for whether it’s compatible? And only allowing Windows? Wow, someone got the lowest priced web development tool they could find….. As soon as I changed my user-agent, everything worked for me. As soon as I set it back to default, things stopped working….

  • I really need a reply to this by someone at PlayStation.

    I purchase Uncharted Fight for Fortune when it came out and I can download the full game from my purchase history, but in the store (on Vita/PS3/PC) it shows I only own the demo, not the full game. It even lets me add it to the cart to buy it again, which it should not since I have already purchased it.

    A similar thing has occurred with LBP Karting. I purchased it on Tuesday with the new 13 for ’13 sale and it shows it as not purchased on the PC version of the store. Not sure about on PS3. It shows up fine in my purchase history, but when I try to add it to my cart I get an error saying I cannot purchase or download this content.

    • I’m sorry to hear that. Please contact our customer service team and explain the issue, hopefully they’ll be able to sort it out for you!

      PHONE 800-345-SONY
      Mon – Sun 6:00AM – 10:00PM Pacific

  • I want change my account to Brazil, my account is from USA. Please make it be possible!

  • i still miss the old store but its nice i guess to have a web browser version.

  • Thank you. Now, two features you still need is a Wish List, or something like it so I can remember games I might want to buy later when I’m just browsing, and, a Gifting option. Would love to be able to gift friends PSN games for birthdays, etc.

  • Great new site, but when I try to log into it I get a “Site Not Available” error >.> I thought it was live.

  • Yay, finally :)

  • @35, I have the same issue with LBP Karting, weird. I just checked UFfF and it shows up correctly for me (both demo and full game listed as purchased).

  • Can we get a sort on the online side atlease for the downloads list found here: we have asked for it for a while on the ps3 but I would be really happy if you could do it here.

  • Thanks Kristine. I never saw the post above me.. I’m not surprised people are asking for this app

  • @41 I bought it the day it came out, got every trophy in it, even bought and finished both DLCs for it. So I know I own it. It makes no sense.

  • Thanks for answering my previous question! But I also have another question, lol

    Is it possible to eventually add the feature to be able to purchase something off the webstore, then when you turn your PS3 on, it will start downloading automatically?

    Right now, we would have to purchase something by going all the way in the webstore and then go to the download list, or go to the account management and get the download (much fatser). I wish it would just automatically start downloading though when turning on the system.

    What would be cool is if you don’t turn your PS3 on for it to automatically start downloading, PS Plus users would be able to have it downloaded automatically that night when they have their system set to it.

    If this is not possible, can you guys add the download list as a main icon under the PlayStation Network section of the XMB? Because it kinda almost defeats the purpose of having a webstore if you still have to go to the download list anyway, lol

  • Ahh, I see you have auto-downloads in the works as you said in the news post, that’s what I get for not reading the bottom, well disregard my last comment, lmao

  • If we can see purchased games in the store, can we also be able to filter by that criteria? it would be of great help because I am always forgetting to download games that I have bought.

  • Yes!! Thank you! Been waiting for this for a long time. Now I can browse the store during my breaks while working and I’m more likely to buy something on impulse. (Bad for me, good for you :P) Doing it from the PS3 is so sluggish even on a fast connection and I just end up giving up and rarely buying anything unless I already know what I want.

  • Oh God, this is a memorable day. Can’t say how long I’ve been waiting for it. Thank you for finally making it true!!

    Now it will be almost impossible to miss any sales or opportunity while away from my PS3.

    Also thank you for letting the web store available for brazilian Store as well. You guys are amazing!

  • Wow didn’t take too long to finally get a website for the Store!! Really exciting, hopefully this will make the automatic download feature for PS Plus worthwhile :)

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