PlayStation Home Update: All Aboard the Galaxy Express

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PlayStation Home Update: All Aboard the Galaxy Express

Today, Wednesday, January 23rd, Granzella unleashes quite a storm of goodies, the Galaxy Express collection expands, The Casino has a new reward tier, and more. Check out all this and more this week in PlayStation Home.

Granzella – So Many Things…

Winter is coming to Granzella’s Japanese Teahouse Personal Space. Snow flurries falls on the small, mountain secluded Teahouse among snow blanketed trees. When looking at the protective ropes on the trees and the frozen pond, a unique winter tranquility can be felt. Also, seasonal Japanese sweets and flower arrangements have arrived. As the season changes, why not ponder your thoughts while taking in a moment of peace?

Granzella introduces the Street Dance gesture item. Enjoy using the Street Dance gesture item anywhere! By pressing the R1 button and selecting Street Dance, you can freely choose from 6 possible actions. Choose from Backflip, Frontflip, Head Spin, Scratch Spin, Backspin, and Crouching Roll. Also, when moving forward you’ll make a forward diving roll. There’s no doubt you’ll stand out. On the streets or at clubs you’ll grab the attention of those around and never get served again!

Granzella introduces the Magic Cloak, a new locomotion item. The Magic Cloak has arrived! Now you can float in the air as you move. Float like a cloud in the air, and feel the exhilaration of gliding like the wind. You can accelerate by pressing the Square button. The cloak is available in both red and purple. Float like the wind wearing this cloak and fly around the lounge!

All aboard! A Steam Locomotive that you can ride on top of has arrived! Jump on and ride the Small Steam Locomotive around! With puffs of steam and the sound of the engine the Steam Locomotive speeds along. Press the Square button to accelerate. The steam whistle will blow as you speed up. With this two-piece set you can also decorate your room, using it as furniture. In addition, the Railroad Worker Clothes Set is perfect for the steam locomotive. The set includes, tops and bottoms of the Railroad Worker Clothes, Railroad Worker Cap, Railroad Worker Gloves and Railroad Worker Gloves with Ticket Punch, Railroad Worker Shoes, and also the Station Master’s Clothes and Station Master’s Cap.

The wings of angels and demons have arrived as locomotion items! When you use the wings, you can fly about in the air. The new series is here! For both sets there are different types of wings and head items. Depending of the size of your hairstyle and your outfit, you can choose between these 3 types, near, medium, and far. In addition, these set includes items that are indispensable to angels and demons. The Small White Wing Set includes a toy bow and arrow and a halo that floats about the head. The Small Black Wing Set includes a toy pitchfork and pointed horns. Angel or Demon, which will you choose?

Lockwood – Drey and Super Skinny Jeans

She slid into his office like a sword into a sheath – sleek, sharp and dangerous. The cut of her suit spoke of wealth, but her eyes spoke only anger. He picked up a pen from his desk and rolled it between thumb and forefinger, waiting, letting her set the tone of this encounter. She leaned forward, placing her hands on his desk, one made a fist, expensive leather glove clenched tightly around expensive leather clutch purse. She drew in a breath-

Drey Noir. Live your story.


Digital Leisure – The Casino + Aquarium Updates


The Casino has added a new Overall Tier Reward. When players get up to Tier 5 in all of the games, they will receive a Gangster Outfit. People will know not to mess with you when you are sporting this hand tailored pinstripe suit and hat. Not to mention, youíll also be holding an authentic Tommy gun. Before you know it, youíll be running this town in no time!


Hold onto your sea horses because Digital Leisure is releasing their first update to their aquariums. A brand new fish pack will be available for you to add to your tank, or a friendís. The Quartet pack contains 4 fish and if you want to use all of these fish keep in mind that the minimum tank size to do so is medium. The fish that are included are the Blue Discus, the Kuhli Loach, the Siamese Fighting Fish, and the Squareback Anthias. Check out the new aquatic life right from your tank!

BOOM Corp. – Galaxy Express 999


Next in Boom Corp.’s Galaxy Express 999 line, we are proud to release the Count Mecha and Antares costumes for males, and the Metalmena and Ryuzu costumes for females.

Continue playing out the classic masterpiece of Galaxy Express 999, by renowned manga artist Leiji Matsumoto, in PlayStation Home with these stunning outfits!

JAM Games – Painted Bare

Why wear clothes made of boring old material, when you can be your own work of art and wear paint? These hand-painted masterpieces let you show off in style and be a little different from the crowd!

Will you choose to be an intricate painting of beauty as Madame Flutterby, be sleek and stunning as Lady Purrfect, show your strength with war paint as the Gladiatorial Hero or go for a more abstract paint effect as the Alien Reptilaman or Mistress Multi-Colored?

Whatever you decide, you can complete the look with matching shoes and accessories! We hope you enjoy the free gift for your apartments too! Dazzle all those around you… Show your artistic flair, be Painted Bare!


Juggernaut Games – Classy Date Collection

Love is in the air, and the Instant Classy Date Adventure Pack from Juggernaut Games has everything you need to bring the romance home. Light some candles, put on some romantic jazz music and cuddle up in the Jacuzzi with your special someone. And if your love is true, gift them a Sparkling Diamond Ring to show them they are the only person in the world who makes your heart skip a beat. Stay Classy Home!


Community Theater Update

New in the Community Theater, Hip Hop Gamer has a very special interview with Robert Kirkman, creator of hit series The Walking Dead as they talk about the Game of the Year recipient from Telltale Games. Head to Theater 1 later today to catch the interview.

The Virtual Items Showcase

Magnus is back again, sharing with us all the hottest new items this week. Check out the video below for all the details. Enjoy this week’s Virtual Item Showcase.

See you in PlayStation Home!

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4 Author Replies

  • so where is my trophy room? coming exclusively on ps4? lol

  • @Comment 1…that would be something we want, why would they give us that?

  • Thanks for the update looking forward to the Granzella street dance locomotions.

  • Is the new patch getting a separate blog?

  • Hahaaa the painted bare thing looks great. Now, how about we get some basic v-neck t-shirts! Please!

  • Amazing looking update for once but where is all the Atomic Republic stuff that they tweeted that was coming out today?

  • lol @1 why do we need a trophy room, ever appartment is a trophy room that showcases all my rewards. this is a nice little update, some cool stuff i want. looking forward to the notes on the 1.75 update

  • When will Home be up?

  • some pretty cool stuff . i still would prefer to have the update posted a day or two before so that i have time to decide if i need a card to buy stuffz though .

  • @8 Don’t bother asking, because even the most innocent and benign of questions equate to whining according to Cade. This is the response we get with regards to some very valid complaints concerning a lack of communication.

    Go to message #27 by Glasswalls here:

  • i really think this updating wednesday sucks!!! you guys said you were doin the wednesday thing so you’d be more accurate but thats not the case, things still arent releasedwhen theyre suppose to be!!! did u PS people know theres a site called thats alot better than this blog. only reason i come on here is because this is a OFFICIAL sony site, but its becoming OFFICIALLY lame & late!!! please change your updates back to tuesday, thanks

  • Trophy room, please.

  • I liked the Drey Noir stuff and the Classy Date furniture.Will the furniture featured in the Drey Noir video be for sell too? Aslo will the Classy Date stuff be out? It wasn’t in the Virtual Item Showcase video. (I can’t get on Home maintanance)

  • You guys posted the blog the same day and yet still get it wrong? i see no Painted Bare in the store. :p

  • The trophy room was a feature announced before even Home was released! It was the main thing that interested me in Home, and they never delivered. No wonder I’ve only logged into Home maybe 3 times in 5 years. Frankly, all the time and effort invested in Home would better be spent on Sony exclusive games or making the PS4 even better, etc. OR on finally supporting multiple user local login!!!!


  • Just wondering, but is there something wrong with Home or am I the only one having this issue? Once the loading screen has ended, it brings me to the Navigation Menu but doesn’t connect.

    It’ll say “verifying purchased content” and eventually kick me off of home with a connection error.
    I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that didn’t seem to help.
    Any tips, information?

  • Currently having an issue not being able to get past the “Confirming Purchased Items” or whatever loading bar, though I suspect that has to do with the terrible internet that I am currently stuck using. However, I did manager to get on earlier just long enough to check the stores and also noticed the lack of Painted Bare items. I hope you can correct that this week…

  • Cool stuff this week.. Thanks.!

  • cant get in keep getting errors , i agree with#10 put the blog the night before

  • Not much for me this week i might get a Magic Cloak if i could actually get in home to buy it but i keep getting errors i can’t even get past the “verifying purchased content” bar

    Oh and #10 is 100% right by they way it’s not more accurate doing it on wednesdays is just coming off as lazy considering it was still wrong about the body paint items

    So far the new year for home has been a let down hopefully it can only get better from here right? if not i don’t know if it’s still worth my time or my money

  • What a great week for PS, lots of great stuff!! I’m still hoping for the day that the characters we created in HOME can be used as avatars etc, OUTSIDE of HOME, like on the XMB. Similar to what MS and Nin have done.

  • this update was a lil better but still this blogs needa be moved to a tusday. cuz there was really no point to coming here just letting u know. KThxBye

  • when is the motorcycles coming out.

  • Will Home ever escape the loop of being a virtual mall with overpriced items and actually start to integrate in features that have been available through the PS3 for some time?

    In all this time we still don’t have:
    Picture frames for clubhouses
    Trophies both obtainable or viewable from Home
    No 3D, Move, PSP, or Vita support
    No way to replace XMB with virtual apartment for loading on PS3 startup
    Still missing lots of first and third party support
    Spaces and items previously announced as coming soon that never saw the light of day
    No way to playback our own music and video content within Home for even personal use
    A way to use our Home avatars as our PSN avatars
    Official game launching for more than a handful (if that) of titles

  • Continued:

    Spaces that actually carry a link or unlockables for the titles they’re themed around (SOCOM is one of the very, very few), including unlocking items for use in Home through those titles
    Items returned that vanished in the past due to updates or flat out mistakes including items people have paid for
    Discounts or perks exclusive to PS+ members (Anybody can buy into X7 for about the same price as a Plus subscription minus a few bucks)
    VIP areas for big spenders(Again, anybody can buy into X7 without any other purchases. The VIP area here doesn’t really grant any perks outside of a tiny bit more room to walk & sit.)
    Split Screen support so family members can use Home without the need for another setup
    Full game launching not limited to the users current space or instance

    This list goes on but frankly, I hate myself for even wasting the time to do these posts. Most of this feedback has been posted multiple times in the past only to be what appears largely ignored in favor of releasing more virtual items that won’t be used for more than five minutes here and there.

  • Ok, I was expecting to see painted Bare in ps home but did not see it . Is it not in todays updates? is it delayed? I was really looking forward to having fun with that one . Please let me know Thanks ^_^ oohh and myabe a price on it also ..

  • I’m also curious: What is going to happen with all the THQ content since THQ applied for bankruptcy and their properties are being auctioned off to other companies who will then gain rights to those properties?

  • It is CRIMINAL that Home remains in beta so longer after it has been monetized.

  • So you guys move the Home blog updates to the DAY OF the update in order to get all the info correct, and yet things are still missing. That’s just rich…

  • I am usually very supportive and you’ll be hard pressed to find a negative comment on here from me but, if you say the Wednesday blog post is for accuracy. At least mean it. Especially considering how disappointed everyone was when said change was made. The Juggernaut items aren’t in the store either. Also several Peakvox items have gone missing, such as the medicine chest, the special shoes, and the capes that allow you to glide. When will they return?

  • I have quit buying stuff for home because
    A) The blog post are so late, this is what i used to decide what to buy.
    B) The coming soon space screenshots was so much better than video (my opinion of course)
    C) My friends cannot even play half the time due to the huge amounts of lag
    D) Lack of interest

    *PS. Tell Crackle to add more to the movies list more often, this is what i mostly use home for now to watch movies with friends when it actually works for them…*

  • Wow … it has been a long time since I’ve visited Home. Seems like there’s a lot going on there.
    Neat to see Galaxy Express 999 getting some attention. :)

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