Gun Commando Blasts onto PS Mobile Wednesday

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Gun Commando Blasts onto PS Mobile Wednesday

PlayStation Mobile: Gun Commando

Do you like old school first person shooters? Do you own a PlayStation Vita or a certified PlayStation Mobile device? If the answer to both questions is yes, then we at Green Hill have some great news for you! We’re very proud to announce the release of Gun Commando, an “old-school, new-cool” first person shooter, developed in collaboration with Abstraction Games & Ripstone Publishing, and coming to your PlayStation Mobile device this week!

Gun Commando is a distinctly classic first person shooter that combines 8-bit graphics with visceral game-play, in the vein of Wolvenstein and Duke Nukem. You play Jack Bennett, a weapon-loving alien-hating gun-for-hire; who is called in to save the world from invading aliens. Alongside the story — sublimely visualized by comic book legend Romano Molenaar — and the great retro look, it features a unique weaponry upgrade system that rewards players’ skill and accuracy, allowing you to upgrade to the big guns faster if you’ve got what it takes. And you’ll be needing the big guns, as the aliens are a force to be reckoned with!

PlayStation Mobile: Gun Commando

PlayStation Mobile: Gun CommandoPlayStation Mobile: Gun Commando

If there’s one thing we think makes this game stand out, it’s the way you are able to control the on-screen action. We believe the touch screen controls rival that of the traditional mouse & keyboard setup, and for the first time allow you to really play a first person shooter on a touch device. The secret of our controls is the additional momentum we apply when aiming, allowing you to turn and respond blazingly fast, but at the same time allow you to be very precise. We’re not fans of on-screen buttons, as we feel you need the tactile feedback from the buttons in order to be in full control, so we allow you to use your thumbs anywhere on the screen. With these controls you’ll be able to control Jack Bennett with unmatched precision. In fact, we found out that with a little practice you can kill enemies even faster with our controls, than with a mouse & keyboard!

Epic boss battles, ingenious level design (if we say so ourselves), the old school look and feel, Romano Molenaar’s superb comic cut-scenes, big guns and unique and intuitive controls for touch screens make this game really worth your time.

Gun Commando will be available to download from the PSM store on January 23rd, and is available for all PlayStation Mobile certified devices including PS Vita. Don’t forget to check out the Green Hill Games Facebook page for updates on all our games.

Need more information on PlayStation Mobile? Want to know more about supported tablets and phones? Head here.

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  • Awesome awesome awesome!

    I just wish my region had PS Mobile.

  • any news on soul sacrifice

  • I am guessing that Playstation Vita physical controls aren’t supported? Because that would be awesome considering how most people prefer that over touch in the first place.

    It’s why all these Android gamepad/tablet gaming solutions exist

    • The Playstation Vita controls are supported! You can play with analog sticks and shoulder buttons, or just mix them up with your touch controls. You can play this game however you like!

  • Looks like a lot of fun. Can this be one of the free PS Mobile games!?

    I agree with #3 — it would be great if this game also used the Vita’s physical controls.

  • reminds me of wolfenstein. i’ve been playing mostly psmobile titles right now cuz of the short piece by piece gameplay. hoping this one will be good too.

  • Awesome! Couldn’t wait for today’s update on the Store & now I can’t for tomorrows update!

    Any news on PsMobiles getting a trophy feature?

  • First off, Ripstone Publishing, you guys are awesome with the vita support :D
    Secondly, this retro FPS game means only looking left and right only?
    And lastly, are we forced to use the touch controls or is it optional cause i’d rather use the good old thumbsticks on my vita :)

    • You can’t look up indeed, just like the good old retro FPS games.

      Physical controls are supported, so you’re not stuck with touch controls if you don’t want to!

  • Definitely interested in this game. Will probably give the game a try even if it only has touch screen control, but I really do not like touch screen controls for FPS games. That is why I have a Vita.

    Does this game support the Vita’s analog sticks?

  • This looks great. First “must have” PS Mobile game for me! Thanks! So happy it’s coming to Vita.

  • Better than CoD:)

  • This is cool but when are we getting more info on Killzone Mercenary? is there gonna be a co op mode? online multiplayer? how many maps? how many players? modes? how about Tearaway demo? Soul Sacrifice demo? Warrior’s Lair? how about Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault? isnt the game supposed to be released next week and we still havent seen a single gameplay video of it running on the vita.

  • Hey guys i bought my PS Vita just a few days ago but i own PS All-Stars since last year and I was able to sync the save on PS3 and PS Vita but I couldn’t sync the trophies! Is it happening to everyone?

  • Trophies, leaderboards on PSM?

  • @12 The PS3 and PS Vita both have different trophy list. So you have to earn them twice.

  • This looks awesome. Hope we can use the Vita controls.

    • You can! You can also choose to mix them up, so one hand touch and one hand physical controls. However you like!

  • -For All-Stars

  • Was psyched until I read that there’s no dual-analog control scheme.

  • Pssh… Doom’s graphics were far better ;) lol

  • Also.. no this touch screen does not in any way rival a mouse-keyboard setup. You’ve got to be kidding me lmao. It barely even rivals the dual analog scheme.

    • The way the touch screen is used in this game hasn’t been done in any other game yet. When people first get their hands on Gun Commando, they find it very refreshing compared to all the other (less succesful) attempts.

      Dual analog scheme is supported too!

  • hmmm.. but I want to find out first hand, seeing as I haven’t personally tried it. Hopefully PS Plus will give us this one for free!

  • Can we please, please, please have a SORT function added to the ‘My Downloads’ portion of the Playstation Store?

    Some of our accounts have MULTIPLE, MULTIPLE downloads in it… ;)


  • are there PS Mobile trophies yet? If not, then I will not be interested in these games

  • @22 There is no trophy support for PS Mobile, but why does that matter? Do you get something for getting trophies?

  • The only thing I hate more than console shooters is touchscreen shooters. Now if there’s an option to use the rear touchscreen, like in Jetpack Joyride, I’d definitely give it a try, otherwise you’re just covering up too much of the screen with your fingers and blocking the action.

  • Wow, at least this would sort of help. From watching the video, yeah the graphic does remind me of DOOM a lot.

  • This game looks like it’s plenty awesome!! However I don’t think I’ll be buying it unless it also allows for dual analog stick controls (or something other than touch screen controls). Touch screen controls are OK’ish if the game requires you to sometimes tap or drag the screen with your fingers (eg Escape Plan). Controlling a FPS with a touchscreen though is a different story. There are just too many problems that arise because of it… i.e. always having to keep your fingers in contact with/on both sides of the screen, both sides of the screen being visually blocked from view, the imprecise nature of FPS touch screen controls, getting my screen all greasy and dirty from constantly having to rub my thumbs all over it… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    I really hope there will be multiple options for controlling this game? If not, I really fear that a lot of people are going to be scared away by the always bad combo of FPS & touch screen controls. So for the sake of this game’s success, it would be wise to consider having multiple ways to control this game.

    Considering everything other than what I stated above, this game really does look great!! Nice job : )

    • You can use the analog control sticks fully! We don’t want to force anyone to use the touchscreen if they don’t want to.

  • Touch controls? Touch controls??? Touch controls???!!!!!!!

    The only reason I got a Vita as opposed to a similarly priced tablet was the promise of being able to play games with buttons, not touch.

    But instead it’s been an absolute nightmare. Sony’s own devs have been throwing in touch for no good reason in most of their Vita games (reminds me of how early in the DS life everything had to use touch, even though it was inappropriate for most games).

    I have never owned a most disappointing gaming device than the Vita. Not only does it not get very many games, so many games it does get are ruined by touch.

    It’s absolutely crazy that the Vita has been out what, almost a year, and there are all of 3 FPSes, none of them proper ones. 2 terrible ones by Nihilistic and this promising one ruined by touch.

  • Yeah I’m curious about trophy support on PS Mobile games as well.

  • You can use the actual buttons on Vita though…. right?

  • @DiscoJer

    I agreed with you about everything in regards to this games use of touch controls… that is up until you started bashing the Vita and everything else along with it.

    You’ve got to be kidding me man!? Sure there are a few bad examples here and there of the implementation of touch controls, but they by FAR do not take away everything else that’s great about the system.

    A perfect example of this was when Escape Plan first came out. In the beginning, the touch controls were a little imprecise and outright wonky, causing frustrating deaths. However, after listening to their fans opinions and ideas on how to improve the game, the game’s developer tweaked around with and fixed the touch controls so that the game controlled 10x’s better… they accomplished this with a quick update/patch.

  • ^^^continued^^^

    So yes of course there are a few bad examples of games with poor touch controls, especially at the beginning of the Vita’s life. But again, that doesn’t in any way shape or form take away from all of the other great games the Vita has. And please, try your hardest not to use the tired old “the vitaz haz no gamz” argument… it’s too old and simply doesn’t apply anymore. Besides, I really don’t want to list all the great Vita games I own only to have you shoot every single one down just because (in your opinion), you happen to not like any of them.

  • This will be available for free on Wednesday right?

    • Gun Commando is not included in the free PSM deals, Pricing is as follows: £2.19/€2.79/$2.79. Not too bad right?!

  • Personally, I’d rather just have Doom or Wolfenstein 3D on the Vita. See if you guys can coherce Id Software into letting you do it. ;)

  • IT DOES HAVE DUAL ANALOG people. Sheesh, bunch of whiners. Do some research before you commit to complaining about something.

  • Loving this game, but I haven’t yet died. If I die, do I start all over? Or does it just reset my score and weapon to 1 and allow me to continue the ‘story’?


    Awesome look? Check. Awesome artwork? Check. Awesome controls (vita)? Check.

    And I guess that the price, since being a PS Mobile title, won’t be of the “it’s-really-worth-20$-but-let’s-charge-40-Earth-Defense-Force-2017-style” type price (still haven’t recovered from that one, sorry lol!) So yeah, check on that too.

    How can I NOT buy this game?

    Green Hill, you’re full of WIN. :)

    Insta-buy for me.

    Cool to see some developpers caring about the VITA! Thanks and keep up the good work guys!

    • It’s all about winning, isn’t it? :-)

      Pricing is as follows: £2.19/€2.79/$2.79

      That’s a very good deal if you ask us!

  • “We believe the touch screen controls rival that of the traditional mouse & keyboard setup,”

    I cannot see this as anything but a lie.

    The game still looks nice, though.

    • Well, the game is designed completely around touch screen controls. Since it’s a retro game, you can’t look up or down anyway. Combine that with our newly designed touch screen control scheme, and you’ll find them pretty accurate!

      You can also mix and match, example:

      Use the left analog control to walk
      Use the right part of the touch screen to look and fire

      Touch also works anywhere on the screen, so you’re not tied down to an on-screen analog stick.

  • I boutght the game and it does indeed support tradicional controls. Im really liking this game. its simple but addictive. Lot of aliens to kill hehe

  • “IT DOES HAVE DUAL ANALOG people. Sheesh, bunch of whiners. Do some research before you commit to complaining about something.”

    just so you know… because i don’t think you do… those replies you see in ‘READ’ posted by the developer, weren’t actually there when a bunch of us were asking whether this game supported dual analog control. that’s why there were so many people asking the same question.

    you don’t honestly think that if it read in the beginning of the topic that this game supported dual analog control that there would be this many people asking about dual analog control, do you? yeah, i didn’t think so either. so next time you accuse a group of people of “whining” or complaining, make sure to think long & hard before you actually type it out first.

    going back to this game…. this game supporting multiple types of control methods, including dual analog, is great wonderful & news!!! it certainly has me buying this game ASAP, as i’m sure it will with many others. i look forward to playing this game and i really do hope these types of quality PSMobile titles continue to break into the scene every week.

    • Like we said in other comments, the game has been designed around touch control but we want the players to be able to choose if they want them or rather use traditional controls. No gamer should be forced to use a certain control scheme if they don’t want to.

      Game is out now, so we’re very much looking forward to all your comments after you’ve played it!

  • Loving the game. Great look, great controls, great price. Great job guys!

    Also, I’m finding I’m using a combo control scheme. Left stick to move, right stick to turn, and firing either with R1 or touch. Touch is actually faster, and great if you can strafe out with the left stick and pop some shots off.

    Love the slide kick too (L1). I almost forgot about it at first.

  • Love the game, guys. Such a bargain. Thank you.

    I do kinda wish there were more pick-ups in the game (spread gun?) but hey, that’s what sequels are for, right?

    (Hint: Think Quake 3 with online multiplayer)

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