Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories Hits PSN Today

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Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories Hits PSN Today
Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories PS2 Classic

Greetings all! We’re super excited that Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories is coming to PSN later today as a PS2 Classic! I’m dropping by today to talk briefly about the title and to answer any questions you may have for us!

First let’s talk about the Disgaea in general for those that are new to the series. Disgaea is a turn-based strategy role-playing game series that is well known for its over-the-top attacks that give you the ability to inflict millions of points of damage on your enemies, its cast of hilarious and memorable characters, and lastly its deep customizable gameplay and seemingly endless replayability. If you’re an RPG fan and new to the series, this is an opportune chance to try it out on your PS3 for only $9.99!

Here is the story in a nutshell: a mighty Overlord named Zenon (one of my favorite characters) has cursed the land and now Veldime is transforming into a nasty Netherworld. Memories are sterilized, bodies demonized, and the world is generally falling into chaos. The only one unaffected is a young man, named Adell. He stands up to fight the curse, but of course things never go as planned. Enter the haughty daughter of Zenon, a filthy little frog, lovable demon siblings… even a washed-up rock star?! No one can ever predict what will happen in the world of Disgaea. And of course, the other Overlords refuse to sit still watching…

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories PS2 ClassicDisgaea 2: Cursed Memories PS2 Classic

Lastly, it’s definitely worth mentioning two really cool mechanics called Dark Assembly and the Item World. The Dark Assembly is a senatorial-type system where players can make outlandish requests like “lower enemy level” and “I want better weapons!” and then bribe the members of the assembly to make it happen! Need to power up your weapons and items? No problem, dood! With the item World, you can access a limitless battleground where you can upgrade weapons and items by progressing floor by floor. The Item World feature is by far one of the biggest fan-favorite mechanics of the Disgaea series, and really adds to the infinite replayability that the series touts.

Again, thank you for hanging out here today to talk about Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories with me! I’ll be back soon to talk about Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection (PSP) and also Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory (PS3)! Thanks, dood!

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  • \m/>_<\m/

  • I want this. :)

  • Ryan, lets get the rest of NISA catalogue on the PSN too please! There are tonnes of PS3 titles that are either out of print or next to impossible to find.

    Oh, and see if you can squeeze Tales, Lord of Arcana (most likely) or any of the Shining PSP games out of their stingy, not wanting to publish in the West hands. LoA would be awesome and I do not think SE give a crap about that game anyhow.

    • Hi Christian399!

      I’m definitely with you – we’d love to see more of our older titles hit PS2 Classics! Hopefully this trend will continue for our titles and for JRPG’s across the board!

      Have a great day, dood!


  • Any news on D2:Disgaea 2 for PS Vita will be released?

    • Hello saike1,

      I’m not quite sure if you mean Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days, or if you mean Disgaea D2. If you mean the Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days, at the moment we don’t have any plans to release it for PSVita. If you mean Disgaea D2 that has yet to release in Japan – it will actually be for PS3 and not the PSVita. Unfortunately I don’t have any news for that title just yet. If anything is announced, you can bet I’ll be back to talk about it on the PS Blog, dood!

      All the best,


  • @Christian399 Um… dude… Lord of Arcana is all ready available in the States and Europe. It’s on the PSP. Trust me, I’ve played it. If you’re talking about the Vita, well it’s on the PSP so it can be played on the Vita. It’s not like we don’t have the game. We do. It’s on PSN. RIght now. Prove me wrong. :)

    About this game. It’s gonna be awesome.

  • @5 I meant Lord of Apocalypse. Obviously. The Vita/ PSP sequel.

  • Just like all the rest of the Vita JRPGs, it seems to be just rotting in the hands of its Eastern publishers. People like XSEED and NISA need to step it up. The only games the Vita has are in the East and no one is doing anything with them.

  • @Christian399

    If you want a Shining series game, talk to Sega as they own the rights and sometimes let third party publishers (such as Atlus EX: Shining Soul, GBA)

    If you want a Tales series game, you need to talk to BandaiNamco.

    Bottom line is NIS and XSeed have absolutely nothing to do with these games unless the companies that hold the rights to them give them permission for publication.

  • @8 What part did you fail to understand? I know and implied that their would be a rights negotiation. Just like how XSEED took Last Story from Nintendo (who paid for publication and production in Japan).

    Those dialogues aren’t for me to have. They are for Western publishers to have with Eastern ones. Why do people not read internet threads before posting any more? Personally talking to SEGA did nothing, we never saw another Valkyria in the West after 2. Namco have let two Vita Tales games slide by now. XSEED, NISA, Gungho and Aksys are our ONLY hope of seeing half of these games in the West. Through dialogs and publication negotiations.

  • I’ve never played a Disgaea game but always wanted to get into it. Should I start at the beginning?

    • Hi gus_xl

      Each Disgaea does have it’s own independent story, so you can definitely pick the game up and enjoy it without playing previous versions. There are reoccurring characters that do appear, but you won’t have to previously play the earlier games to enjoy them.

      The first Disgaea was released last week on PS2 classics as well, so feel free to try it out!

      I hope this helps!


  • You know what happens if you don’t bring us Disgaea Dimension 2, don’t you Ryan?
    ZETTA BEAM!!!!

    • Hi Vinland_Krauser,

      Hahahaha! We don’t have any news just yet on Disgaea D2 – but as soon as I hear anything you can bet I’ll be back to talk all about it though, dood!

      Have an awesome day!


  • how about a disgaea sale?

  • I have the actual disc sitting in my closet, but it’s nice to see digital releases like this. It’s not my personal favorite in the series, but I do recommend any Disgaea fan who started on the PS3 pick it up. Just so you can say you’ve played the complete series.

    By the way, are you guys able to release the Atelier Iris games on PSN? or do you no longer hold the licenses to those ones? Because I only have Atelier Iris 2 which I found in a bargain bin one day. Kind of want to get 1 and 3 to complete my collection.

    • Hello Zarxce,

      I’m glad to hear that you’re a fan! At the moment we don’t have any plans to rerelease any Atelier games for PSN – but if anything changes we’ll definitely let you know!

      All the best,


  • This game is just awesome, I have spent 263 hours on the PSP version, recommend to all.

  • awesome game with an awesome pricing!
    i cant wait for the livefeed of the neptunia game this thursday and i cant also wait for the upcoming nisa announcements next month :)

    • Hi perrandy!

      How are things?

      Thanks, dood! The stream will actually be on Friday the 25th! Can’t wait to see you there!

      All the best,


  • Bundle 1 & 2 for $12

    do it!

  • I want to see the Store update for today. LEMME SEE IT!

  • Yeah! Great news to finally have this on store C:

    • Hi Adelflame,

      Definitely, dood! We’re super stoked to have it on the Store! It’s a ton of content for the price!

      All the best,


  • Sweeeeeet can’t wait to replay this!!

  • Ive played this on PS2, Ive played this again on PSP, and now Im thinking of playing this game yet again on PS3.

    Its 2 months until Disgaea D2 huh….

    Must…. Not…. Give… In…. To…. Temptations…….

    • Hi akimura87!

      Whoa! That’s some serious Disgaea devotion, dood!

      If you do pick up the PSN version today, I hope you will enjoy it!



  • A great PS2 classic! and great characters (Etna <3)
    Thanks Nis America

    • Hi Dark_Rezo,

      It’s our pleasure, dood! We’re really happy to be able to release this one for sure! Etna is definitely one of my favorite characters!

      All the best,


  • Me as an Tyrant Overlord , i command you to release this game today !

  • @saike1

    Disgaea D2 is a PS3 game, not a vita title.

  • @RidleysBox
    disgaea d2 , i think they will release it to ps3 and vita
    i dont know what site did i read this , i dont remeber but google it and you will find it

  • well for starters we have this allready. “dark hero days” PSP. stop releasing boring grind-fest JRPGs. JRPGs suck. theres to many games that have the same gameplay style on PSN, stop it. release something better and different. please. and please if you dont have a PSP get one. and hey if you dont have a Vita ,,,,, Well go out and get one allready. sheezz.


  • I agree with number 3, that and after I let someone borrow my copy of Disgaea 3 I could not find another copy near me (and 4 seems to be nonexistent at all local retailers) Id love if the whole Disfaea series were on PSN as downloads

  • Sounds good, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Far too often I’ve seen titles announced, hype built up, and then the whole thing falls through for some unspecified ‘reason’ that usually ends up placing the blame on something entirely unrelated. These announcements have absolutely zero credibility me, and for quite a few PS Store users. I hate to be such a cynic, but having been the victim of unwarranted hype one time too many, I don’t believe a word of them anymore.

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Am I going to go hungry after the publish?

  • Disgaea 2 remains my favorite of the Disgaea games, especially for the story and characters.
    That said, more Disgaea is always welcome (I’m really looking forward to Disgaea D2).

    • Hi boxmyth,

      I’m really happy to hear that it’s one of your favorites! As soon as we hear some info on Disgaea D2 from Japan, you can bet I’ll be back on PS Blog to chat!

      All the best,


  • This is great and all, I mean I’m really glad you did this with Disgaea 1 and I bought that in a second since I didn’t have it, but I’ll probably skip this one since I already own Disgaea 2. Ryan, what I do REALLY want to hear about is if NIS has plans to localize either Disgaea Dimension 2 or The God and Fate Revolution Paradox. Or another Disgaea add-on sale. Those are always nice and encourage me to go back and play the other titles again. Even though I already have probably spent probably too many hours playing them already.

    • Hello JG4Horrowshow,

      Thanks for posting! I definitely hear you on both titles – hopefully we’ll hear some news on both shortly – I will definitely be in touch as soon as I have any news!

      Have a stellar day!


  • Can we please have a SORT function added to the “My Downloads” view in the PS Store?

  • ….please…???…!!!

  • Hey guys! Is it true that the game Haunting Ground is coming to PS2 Classics. Please IT HAS TO BE TRUE!!

  • Excellent work, now bring us the Xenosaga trilogy. :)

  • @ryan i’m doing great,thanks for asking! how about yourself?thanks for clarifying the stream’s date.i just hope that the house’s computer will be free by then.right now i’m revisiting/playing makai kingdom.good times,indeed! :)

    • Hi perrandy,

      Things are great here at NISA! Just getting ready for Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory and Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection that are upcoming, on top of anime as well ^^

      Looking forward to seeing you Friday at the streaming!

      All the best,


  • @raamlife3

    Disgaea D2 is PS3 only right now. I would have pre-ordered a vita version if it was available, but it is not, so PS3 version is what I am getting. Looking forward to it ^^ Lots of <3 to the region free Sony systems =)

  • Awesome to see Disgaea 2 get a rerelease as a PS2 Classic. I just wish they would rerelease Makai Kingdom in some manner here in the US.

  • @RidleysBox

    PlayStation Portable version under the name ( Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days ). they have that for the getting on PSN.

  • awesome stuff :D

    but will stick to the PSP version :P

    much better and more content!

  • Hope to see some more Vita localizations from you guys soon.

  • Glad to see it get added! I’m a huge Disgaea fan so happy to see it get some attention. I would LOVE it if Disgaea 4 was released for the Vita. I didn’t enjoy 3 as much as the others but thought 4 was fantastic.

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