The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

Previously on PlayStation.Blog…

Wake-up Club made its bad habit-breaking debut on PS Vita, we took a look at cyber-action puzzler escapeVektor, PlayStation Plus members get Darksiders for free (there’s a new Platinum in my future), and we detailed MLB ’13 The Show’s Diamond Dynasty.

DmC: Devil May Cry, after a long and controversial journey, made its debut to nearly unanimous praise, and I’m inclined to agree with it. I’m about halfway through the game, and it’s been a textbook example of how to reboot a franchise. A lot of work went into making this game shine, and it shows. I still haven’t been able to drag myself away from Far Cry 3 — I’m closing in on the end of the main storyline, but there’s still lots, lots more to do after that. I’m really starting to think this game should have been on more Game of the Year lists.

What are you playing this weekend?

  • I’m playing: DmC Devil May Cry, Far Cry 3, NBA Jam On Fire Edition
  • I’m watching: The FP, Archer, Bob’s Burgers
  • I’m listening to: PlayStation Blogcast 059

What We’re Reading

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3 Author Replies

  • Awesome news updates!

    I’m playing: Resident Evil 6
    I’m listening to: Link Wray – Switchblade
    I’m watching: Arrow

    PS: I listen too PlayStation Blogcast already. it was very good :)

  • I am really enjoying the new Devil May Cry, it is a lot of fun, can’t wait for Dead or Alive 5 on the Vita, been playing the heck out of the game lately, also looking forward to the huge patch that releases on Tuesday. What ever happened to keeping updated the blog share if I may ask?

  • Great reviews from PSNStores as usual! Thanks Justin!!!

  • best news of last week was the announcement of Ni No Kuni being digital day 1.

    • I can’t wait for this week’s Store update! I’m trying to finish everything I’m working on before then, because Ni No Kuni is going to rule my gaming life for the foreseeable future.

  • My Vita for some reason can’t go onto the PlayStation store. Is something wrong?

    • There was some maintenance a couple days ago, but that’s all finished. You should be able to connect as long as your network is functioning properly.

      Hard to troubleshoot remotely, but this is a good place to start. If you can’t get your issue resolved, you can get in touch with the Support Team from there and they can help you out.

  • Watching- Looper and The Pats pregame

    Listening to- Daemon Audiobook

    Playing- R+C trilogy

  • Enjoying Darksiders alot & trying to catch up on Dead Space before the 3rd one comes out. Heard the demo for it will be out this week, so i’m looking forward to it along with the PASBR character update.

  • I’m watching the Ravens make it to the super bowl, just finished The Walking Dead awesome game. And also a must see zero dark thirty real good movie.

  • I’m playing: Metal Gear Solid 4 (again) Darksiders PsPlus (in a few hours The Cave)
    I’m listening to: Mt. Eden & Nero
    I’m watching: Zero Dark Thirty & The Walking Dead S2

  • Sadly the second half of Far Cry 3 is nowhere near as strong as the first half… I think that’s why it didn’t get GOTY but it is still really good.

    • That’s too bad… I think I’m near the end of the game (no spoilers!) and I have noticed that not as much “stuff” is going on, but I’m still having a blast liberating outposts, opening up the map and destroying things with the vast selection of weapons.

      Oh, and… dat wingsuit!

  • I’m sorry but Im not gonna lie I haven’t played DMC but I don’t agree that thats how a reboot should be done because DEVIL MAY CRY DID NOT NEED TO BE REBOOTED!!!!!!! It was already a great game that had an already developing story.. Who is Nero exactly?? What’s Dante gonna do next?? Idk I’m still not convinced it was even necessary to remake it.. But I was never a big fan of reboots to begin with

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