God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Opens to All PSN Users

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God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Opens to All PSN Users

God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta

Friends of PlayStation.Blog,

You’ve likely read or seen the many posts over the past month regarding the God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta. At first it was available only to participants of the “Rise of the Warrior” experience on the God of War website (which is now relaunched, new and improved, and ready to dole out even more extras for series fans). Then it was only accessible to PlayStation Plus members (as if they needed any more exclusive content, what with their free Instant Game Collection and countless discounts).

Now, we’re excited to announce that we’re opening up the Ascension MP Beta to all PlayStation Network users for a very limited time. Starting now and lasting through the holiday weekend—provided you’ve got a PlayStation 3 and a valid North American PlayStation Network account—you’re in!

Think of it as a sampling—nay, a slice—of the benefits and rewards showered upon PlayStation Plus members month after month. Wish you could have played the Beta for longer than a few days? Wish you could get more first looks and early access opportunities for amazing PlayStation content? Join PlayStation Plus!

As we said, we’re going to sneak you in to check out the PlayStation Plus God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta. Simply redeem the universal voucher below and join the action!

F2TA – HMNB – 762G

We want to get as many people as possible into the MP Beta, not only to really give those servers a good beating (it’s nothing personal; they just have that kind of face you want to punch/stress load), but also because we want everyone to discover the exciting, frantic multiplayer experience that gamers are raving about. So please, spread the word (and the code) and let’s see how many people we can thrust into the frenzy!

As we’ve shared before, here’s what you can expect when you jump—nay, LEAP—into the fray:

God Allegiances

  • Zeus and Ares (2 of 4)


  • 8-player – Team Favor of the Gods or Capture The Flag
  • 4-player – Free For All
  • Favor of the Gods (Deathmatch)


  • Desert of Lost Souls (large map) & Forum of Hercules (arena)
  • Vast amount of weapons, armors, magic, relics, and God items to customize and earn
  • Level 30 cap
  • VoIP (bust out those headphones and mics; team strategies are crucial, especially in CTF)

Here’s the wealth of additional content not in the Beta that will be in the final game March 12th:

  • God Allegiances – Hades and Poseidon
  • A third, to-be-determined In-Game Weapon Class
  • More Large and Small maps created from signature God of War locations
  • The ability to customize your Warrior as you unlock all the weapons, magics, armors, relics, and God items from the four allegiances — and level them up!
  • An unannounced fourth multiplayer mode

Need help achieving godly multiplayer skills? Check out the Book of Divine Wisdom, a multiplayer strategy booklet created in partnership with the fine folks at Penny Arcade. Want to learn even more about the Beta? Click here.

See you online!

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4 Author Replies

  • Cool cool. Need more SP footage!

  • “lasting through the holiday weekend”

    Does it mean it ends tommorow?

    • stepha_t,

      A bit later, actually. The current plan is for the MP Beta to end Monday night at Midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time). Hopefully you, like many folks, will have the day off and can make a bit of time to jump on!

  • Thanks guys! Been waiting for a chance to try some GoW online. Nudity ;(

  • Not working!!!

  • The code doesn’t work for me, i’m from Norway but my PSN account is created as American, I think. I’ve tried everything and the code won’t work! :(

  • What a joke of a game. Team deathmatch in God of War? I spit on this trash. Can’t believe I even wasted time downloading + playing it. I hope the game sells like garbage and your team realizes that the series ENDED with GOW 3.

  • One thing that worries me though, that Kratos statue looks really good, I hope it doesn’t look like crap when I get it. I remember that Sackboy from the LBP 2 CE looked cool but the actual Sackboy we got was horrid.

  • Don’t bother guys, get’s old pretty quickly. They need to add more to keep you invested. It can be quite a bit of fun in a small free-for-all match, but all of the team matches suck. You’ll too often run into two or three other guys and get dominated. It’s pretty equally matched one-on-one, but it just doesn’t work when there are two swords arrayed against you and you have very little chance of winning.

    The entire MP game is fundamentally broken. This formula just doesn’t really work in team-based multiplayer. They need to add more free-for-all modes because that is the only place I was having any fun. The maps in the team-based matches are also just too big and you’ll do a lot of running around big empty maps. There are a few interesting side things, but they need to make the maps more dynamic if they want this to work. They also need to push players closer together as too often you’ll just be running around doing nothing. This works in shooters, but in an action game like God of War you want to be fighting not running.

    • Come leave some feedback on our forums. Or tweet to me @SonySantaMonica or @Just_Tank. Would love to hear your constructive opinion further. You are certainly on one side of the fence, and those on that side are just as important. There is a lot going on in our Multiplayer, and A LOT that hasn’t been seen yet.

      That said, would love to hear your further ideas for improvement. Thanks!


  • @ 6 if u don’t like the just Don’t play it, is simple as that, but don’t go talking trash on other’s people work comments like those most of the time come from people who go play the game online and after getting beat up blame the game. I think that they did the best they could with what they have, and at the end the multiplayer is just a feature added to the game, so that you can get more replay value and not just the campaign…

    More over who cares if they add TDM or FFA, hell i would even play CTF if they decide to add it, because they are just giving options to the gamers.

    Just because I respect the rules of the blog.. I’m rather not trash talk like you…

    Haters got to Hate….

  • That third weapon better be an axe! That would be awesome. Fun game, by the way. One question, though: do the characters level up to a point where they become drastically different from one another, or will they each have slightly varied stats but otherwise feel like a “tank” class character? I’m only to level 5, so I don’t know how much the stats spread when advancing in levels.

  • Oh, a spear would also be cool.
    The FFA arena is fun! I think my controller was broken the other night, though, because everyone stomped me, ha.

  • ok the code work its downloading

  • @ #9,

    There IS a CTF mode in the game, I’ve played it in the beta already. Pretty sweet getting kills with the flag.

  • @9 Congratulations I can speak my mind as I wish, thanks for your useless information.

  • will there be a larger amounts of armors, magic, relics, and God items to customize and unlock in the full game or it’s only what we see in the demo??

  • even for Zeus and Ares I mean, not only including the two new gods??

  • Not a big fan of it multiplayer. God of War would a great series to have a endless survival mode.

  • @17 Ghost of Sparta has one. u can choose the types of enemies, difficulty, tike limit, etc. i put cyclopses and minotaurs with fast respawn and managed to get a 4000 hit combo.

  • so far i really enjoyed the multiplayer and i agree with @9 but who cares people complain about every game these days (not that complaining is a bad thing *Feedback* as long as there’s no trash talking) mostly the ones who are adding multiplayer. Although i agree that not all games need multiplayer it’s an optional feature for the player. -which i love ;)

    “if you don’t like it don’t play it” -@9 agreed

  • I’ve been playing since Dec and I think this is pretty cool.

    Thanks Aram!

  • i have been playing since december hell of a mp its really fun most of these gamers that complain about multiplayer on games are just in it for the platinum trophy and are either too lazy and suck badly at the game to work for it

  • thanks let me go see

  • just waiting for the final game now..played it since december, put it down cause of all the new noobs and my character level was reset. not too excited to grind through it again in beta. but to everyone else, PLAY IT, ENJOY IT, LOVE IT.

    seen the latest single player trailer! OMG….

  • Seem decent, but i guess like Assassin’s Creed I’m in it for Single player. Although AC3’s multiplayer is quite fun may get back into it.

  • is this game good

    • soccer123win,

      This post is only about the Multiplayer Beta for God of War: Ascension. The full game, which — in the grand tradition of the long-running, award-winning series — includes a substantial single-player campaign, isn’t out until March 12th.

      That said, if you’re new to the franchise and would like to learn more about it, previous entries would serve as a good starting point.

  • Sony,
    Please fix your SIGN IN link for mobile devices.

    When clicking on SIGN IN on this page (which is required in order to post anything)
    it forwards to this address:

    It’s been like this for several weeks so I don’t know if no one knows about this mistake or what,
    but I like to be able to view and post without having to power up my laptop.


  • i wonder what the 4th multiplayer mode is, i so hope for a online co-op sorta thing

  • So this “Beta Gift of the Gods”… I get things (usually on PS Home) for other users in my household, and with only a couple days left, I’d like to know how an account gets these. Does simply redeeming this code work, or simply booting into the game (“at all” or starting up the tutorial), or finishing the tutorial, or some combination thereof? I should be set, but wondering for the others.

  • Thee time i been playing this beta (What i been seen) that the Zeus fraction is so freaking cheap……

  • And now for a $50 PSN Code…

  • I hope the 4th multiplayer mode is Co-op. Please dear gods, let it be.

  • @ 6 – I_Montano_I


    @ 8- Obrusnine

    It is clear you guys got murdered when you entered your first match and then labeled the game a failure. You guys were probably trying to “Square, Square, Triangle” your way to victory like some single player nubs on Easy mode.

    Listen, the Multiplayer game mode is amazing, it is not some tacked on extra. It is a fully fleshed out game with tactical gameplay that is different from every single MP game out this whole gen. It allows fans of the God of War universe to finally share the God of War experience without just talking about SP moments “remember that time when…”. If you get killed and it is not easy enough for you then fine, but don’t talk like the multiplayer mode is “trash” or “broken” because you are more then likely describing your gaming skills and comprehension of gameplay mechanics.

    Just play the SP on easy and stay in your lane, the multiplayer is too fast for you.

  • I will agree with the ones that say it sucks. It looks like a mess. You will just get jumped by 2 or 3 guys. All of you just looking like fools button mashing seeing who hits the most buttons faster than the other….Have i played it……NO. Just my thoughts on the short video. Why do you think they are opening it up to the rest of the PSN?……. because it is horrible.

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, all good there.

      That said, you should only be entitled to such a hardcore opinion for something you have actually played and experienced. We’re giving everyone (such as you) a chance to experience our Multiplayer Beta so the short videos you’ve been watching, have more “proof” in the actual gameplay.

      Would love to see you actually DL the MP Beta, then comeback and weigh in. You’ll earn the respect of everyone here.

      We are the God of War team – we’ll take any and all feedback, be it constructively positive or negative, we want to make this the best possible Multiplayer experience for the God of War fan and then some.

      Go play, then speak. That’s the point of the Beta, not the videos.


  • @thebgj

    So you’re judging the beta you haven’t even played based on a short video? Wow your reasoning is horribly flawed.

    Also, they’re opening the beta to the public because everyone does that with a beta. You would know that if you’ve ever been part of one.

    If you play it and then don’t like it that’s understandable but don’t judge something based off a video.

  • I’m not so into the multiplayer either. Got bored really fast. But I cant wait to play the single player. Can you tell us if there is co-op? Now that would be a decent multiplayer!! If there is co-op then I will be playing it A LOT! But wont be playing that normal multiplayer much at all

  • Any plans for a ps vita remote-play or cross-play patch…That would be awesome…

  • @Sony Santa Monica: Please do not force us to grind through the MP to get the Platinum. One or two MP trophies to dip in and catch people’s interest are fine but I am seriously gonna re-consider my d1p plans if I have to grind to max level in MP or if I’m forced to achieve a MVP bonus or stuff like that. I love the SP campaigns you create and my 5 GoW Platinums are testament to that. I do not enjoy MP so much, I’m an SP-guy.

  • I too, had my doubts about multiplayer in a God of War game. But all my doubts were gone as soon as I finished my first match. It does take a little learning, but once you get the hang of it, its really fun. You have to know when to parry your opponents attack, and when to use your special attacks. You can’t expect to win by button mashing. And to the people saying you get killed by groups too easily, that’s somewhat true. It all depends on skill level, I beat a group of 3 enemies once and 2 enemies a couple of times. At first I was just focusing on getting kills, but I found out that’s not the way to play. You need to actually complete the objectives to help your team. But can somebody please tell me what the objective is in Favor The Gods. I thought the objective was just to kill the enemies, but its not.
    Also some feedback, please make future maps a little smaller, it does take a while to find opponents on the larger maps, especially if they’re all in one corner huddled up together. Maybe you can put a minimap or something that shows where everyone is on the map. Also the matchmaking takes FOREVER to find people to start matches. It takes like 10 minutes just to play a 5 minute game. Please fix this for the final version.

  • I agree with #37, please don’t put multiplayer trophies in the game. If you do make sure its done right.
    Example: Black Ops 2 trophy to prestige once is not done right.. That’s like15 hours just to get to level 55 to prestige.

  • Hello everyone and TANK, just going to comment on one thing that has been on my mind since i received early access to the beta, my one and only hope, wish and prayer is that an offline multiplayer mode is in the final game, what i mean by this is when i level up my character, weapons, armor let me be able to keep leveling up and gaining xp even if i cant find a match online like in the game (and i dare say this on a playstation blog) Gears of War 3. servers die at some point and time and god of war is my favorite game series of all time and i just dont want to see it die online so please if at all possible add an option for bots to be played in a private match with your character of choice this will keep the game alive and let you practice your skills before going to war online, i just dont want to put hours into another game to only not have access to my hard work when the servers are down or not enough gamers online at 4am in the morning to fill a match. not complaining here just concerned and only want the best for the best game. thanks for your time.

  • I happened to enjoy the few hours I spent with this game yesterday. I had no plan on buying it, even though I’m a huge GOW fan. As long as there are very limited online trophies, preferably none, Ill actually pick this up.

  • I found the MP to be super fun actually, even though I only have played the GOW 3 demo back in 2009-2010. The thing is, Ive heard GOW series to be REALLY good. Recently, game companies started making MP the new thing, which i think is good. However, this should NOT be more a priority to the SP, it could ruin it.

  • I_Montano .. what a joke of a comment. you realy are a fool… thebgj , based on a short VIDEOOO you saww ? are you freaking kidding me ? try the Beta before you say anything that you have NOTTT experienced.

  • The BETA is great! Can’t wait for the full game.
    A question for Aaron Kaufman.
    If people redeem this code & play the BETA before it ends. Will they receive the
    “Gift from the Gods” Champion’s Blade & Armor pack that Sony Santa Monica Development Team promised they would give out to anyone who participates in the BETA?
    JAN 11th Blog Entry ( https://blog.playstation.com/2013/01/11/god-of-war-ascension-beta-rewards-penny-arcades-book-of-divine-wisdom/)
    Cause if so, that is another good reasons for players to redeem this code & play this BETA ASAP!
    Cause that Armor & Blade look pretty sweet!

  • @SP trailer: I am confused why Kratos’ skin is white while he’s meeting with his family. I thought the ash of his slain family covering his skin turned him into the Ghost of Sparta.

  • ^^

    It could be a dream sequence, re-living the moment when he left his family. I highly doubt that huge detail would be overlooked. :)

  • @6

    your comment its useless. this game its gonna sells millions and the team behind it will be laughing at ur pathetic statement .

    • Folks,

      Nothing wrong with some healthy debate, but let’s please try to minimize the vitriol.

      It’s important to note that this Beta process, while obviously a great way to give folks playing time with the multiplayer mode, is also a means of improving the final experience. It’s infinitely more helpful when fans who give the MP a go and don’t find it to be their cup of tea can elaborate and articulate as to exactly why.

      The content in question may never be quite for them, but focusing that sentiment into constructive criticism can net a positive result that personal attacks never could!

  • Okay look, everyone is entitled to their opinion. People ganging up on you, or getting your face punched in? Learn to block, when to block, when to escape, and when to attack. This is mostly similar to a fighting game, how you ask? Well I just explained it, you need to know when to block when to attack, and when to evade/escape and recover a bit, you also can’t simply button mash your through and expect to win. Some of you may THINK that’s how it is, but that is not true, when I first began playing the multiplayer, I would get severely punished for simply pressing the same buttons, played more games, and began to get a feel of what this beast has to offer. There are also some RPG elements thrown in to the mix, you have weapons, armor, abilities that improve your character overall, and depending on which God you side with will determine your play style. If some of you have honestly tried and don’t like it, that’s fine, just not your cup of tea, no need to talk down to a developer that has done Singleplayer experiences for this game since the first installment of God of War, excuse them for trying something new with the series, and offering something new and exciting for fans.

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