Urban Trial Freestyle Racing Soon to PSN and PS Vita

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Urban Trial Freestyle Racing Soon to PSN and PS Vita

There are motorcycle arcade style games out there already, and although many are really fun (everybody remembers Elastomania!) most of them lack depth. So with Urban Trial Freestyle, we decided to add high-quality graphics and a modern social experience to the gameplay to bring this genre to a whole new level.

We wanted Urban Trial Freestyle to provide players with the highest level of competition as possible, so we are including about 100 different leaderboards. Players can compare their best score and best time depending on two different game modes. For example, in stunt mode, players can compete to be named “Best Stuntman” on every track. There are 20 tracks, and five kinds of stunts to perform on each track – and each one of them has its own leaderboard – all making Urban Trial Freestyle more unique and more competitive!

Arcade games are great for quick competitions so we also gave Time Attack mode a boost by storing the ghost of the best player on PlayStation Network so everyone can challenge him/her (it’s possible to choose worldwide best player or best amongst your friends).

Urban Trial Freestyle on PSN and PS Vita

Urban Trial Freestyle on PSN and PS VitaUrban Trial Freestyle on PSN and PS Vita

We wanted to take advantage of the high-end graphics and the power that PS3‘s Cell processor provides. So we developed a live background and enhanced gameplay with secondary events like police chases, barricades, and all the demolition you can imagine when you put a crazy guy on a motorbike and let him jump over the motorway. Urban Trial Freestyle really breaks the rules of gravity with the trial biking.

We heard from Julian Dupont, the godfather of urban trial racing, that he is capable of doing most of the tricks, but I think there are quite a few in Urban Trial Freestyle that he wouldn’t dare, right? ;)

At first we wanted to keep the game’s visual design tight, as we thought that this would help us keep high quality. But then, developing proper tools helped us to speed up the process and we designed five totally different environments. Having that helped us to create a more varied riding experience, and to create lots of different conditions for stunts so each one of them is worth conquering. Social competitiveness is one of our main goals!

Urban Trial Freestyle is crazy challenging and crazy fun. You can race against ghosts, try to beat records in Stunt Mode, or focus on beating one particular stunt out of nearly a hundred. It’s all your choice. And you can repeat it again and again if you like it or race along – depends on the style of the player you are.

We’ll be updating this blog over the next few months with more details and inside scoop on Urban Trial Freestyle, so make sure you continue checking it out!

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  • Wow that’s cool! Is it just PSN or retail too? PS3 and PSV?

    • Hello, UTF is PSN only and comes both to PS3 and PSVita.
      It’s my first post here so HELLO TO EVERYONE and thanks for the interest in our game!

  • nice, more Psvita games!!!!!

  • 100 leaderboards?? That’s pretty awesome. Really looking forward to this.

  • Any word on pricing and release date? Anyone knows if this title will be cross-buy enabled? I’m interested in buying it for my VITA, but if I can get the PS3 version as well, it will more than probably be a day 1 purchase for me.

    This is very good news for the VITA. More games are always welcome!

  • hope its cross-buy!

  • This game looks awesome! Finally PlayStation gets a Trials HD/ Trials Evolution-esque game. I loved playing those on my friends Xbox 360, hopefully you guys can top them.

  • I love these kinds of games! I’ve been wishing for a game like this on the PS3.

  • This type of game is perfect for Vita to do a level or too and chase a high score. Day one! I don’t care if it isn’t the most original thing as long as it plays well. Might replace my Motorstorm RC addiction.

  • A few months until released, eh? :-( I hope this can compete with Trials series.

    “We wanted to take advantage of the high-end graphics and the power that PS3‘s Cell processor provides.” What about Vita version? Any compromises? I hope it runs at lest 30 fps with no slowdown…

    • Hi, it’s packed with visuals and in terms of physics model it’s the same as on PS3 so no compromises.

  • Looks amazing!

  • So…Trials HD for the PS3? I’m not complaining, but wh do something that’s already been done. I can see the differences, but this is really just Trials HD. Just saying. Still waiting on my HD FFXII.

  • If it’s cross buy day one for me.

  • Very happy to see this game coming to PSN, but particularly pleased to see a Vita version being developed. Personally, many of the games that are on PSN would be absolutely perfect for the Vita, as they are often played in smaller time increments than their AAA PS3 counterparts. I would be much more likely to buy games like Castle Crashers, Renegade Ops, Skullgirls, Pac-Man CE EX etc. if they were somehow ported over to the Vita. I hope more PSN game developers take note and start developing Vita ports of their games in the future. These $14.99-type games are exactly the type of experiences that many Vita owners such as myself would gladly pay for. Thanks!

  • This game is as original as PS All Stars Battle Royale!

    Yet, I can foresee sales for sure! – Thanks to earlier mentioned Trials HD.

    Good luck, I hope your product is well received in this light.

  • why time missions it takes away the fun in games u have to rush to beat the game

    • hi, that’s why UTF has stunt mode, which features special stunts on the track to perform like highest or longest jump and others, you can even play with one stunt and try to beat other players scores without finishing the track. Each stunt has separate leaderboard, thats why there are so manyn of them :)

  • bet it will be onl 8 tracks you race down on and it will be a over priced game with a crossbuy option more than likely they will show us shiny stuff to distract us from the fact the ps+ in the us is slowly slowing down to a hault nowif you ask me its because most of sony money is going to the ps orbis and with 100s of people leaving the ps+ in the us we wont see any better days ahead all we get is crap and more crap yeah darsiders is ok i personally think the ps+ should have a 3 game download option ofyour choice every 1st of the month at 8:00am time without waitng for the usual time based in california they have the tech and know ow just making us wait for crap so they can suck asmuch money out of our hopes and dreams for them to use the money on future projects sony if you cant tell us more about the ps orbis then stop trying to suck us dry and lie o us … i fear that the digital download age of sony is beginning to die with the ps+ ive seen alot and a big supporter of sony for years now and with that said i may just say see ya to all gaming consoles period .. hope you do better soon sony before you lose us all…

  • If you are going to copy the XBOX Trials series, at least do it right.


    • Hi, it’s difficult to avoid such comparison when you do it right …
      We’ve focused on online features like tens of leaderboards and racing with ghost, which we think will build great competition among players. As for multiplayer we are already working on it so it should come soon after the release.

  • looks cool!

  • Getting this day one! looks fun and i’v really missed a good cross game!

  • @18, Trials is a sport, and Urban Trial Freestyle is a different game based on the sport. The Trials game series aren’t the only ones allowed to be games based on the sport. Stop being offensive.

  • Boy, am I psyched for this! Really looking forward to this one.

    Add UTF to the likes of Killzone, Tearaway, Sly Cooper, Soul Sacrifice, Final Fantasy X etc, and 2013 promises to be a very handsome year for Vita owners.

    Just hope my wallet can keep up!?

  • Looks fun, will definitely be picking this up for vita!

  • Looks great! Always wanted to try the XBLA Trials games. All we need is Halo, Shadow Complex and Fable and there is no reason for the Xbox to exist! :)

  • Oh yeah and I would love to see Bastian come over to the PSN as well.

  • hey if you cant get Trials evolution, make your own. now can we get our own Fez and super meat boy too?

  • Motocross Maniacs with modern graphics. Hope there’s a demo.

  • This looks amazing! Cross-buy please!

  • Thank you Tate Interactive for bringing this game on PlayStation. Forget the negative comment & comparison to Trials. Game looks amazing. I also noticed some humor element to it XD (please have instant respawn & tons of map) Day one buy for me. Will be posting the game-play on my youtube channel.

    @ dark1725 going a little off topic there buddy.

    • Thank you for your support, I am sure UTF will bring you a lot of fun, we had great feedback both from Sony and after our own focus tests. Greets from Tate Interactive Team.

  • not really the game is going to be cheaply made and your expected to play this for sonys high prices im just exposing the truth thats why they never comment back like i said if the truth hurts pour salt on the wounds

    • hi, I can’t say about the prices as I represent developer of the game and we don’t decide on that, but you can ask me about the game and if you are interested in it, I think I can convince you that it’s really fun to play.

  • tips for true gamers dont buy cheaply made games for highprices especially when a psvita costs asmuch as a ps3 and dont spend over 15 dollars for games that you and everyone knows is 4 to 5 years old and never put faith in games made my 3 partys that arent reconized you save more money that way and can save you lots of trouble with crappy services and disappointing games the psn never use to be this bad but ive had to learn the hard way

  • i would be interested just very dissappointed with all the games coming out except the last of us . ths game ive see specs on it and since you can tell me about the bad pricing why dont you tell us all why its a short maybe 3 hrs of game play and why is it all a timed race worst way to discourage ps+ members is create a short game with a high price with nothing to show for it but 3 hrs of racing against th clock again i ask you why should we even consider this game when so much disappointment surrounds the dlc on the psn for ps+ members that pay good mone for a few hrs of game play please answer me that good sir …

  • hope this gets better or is revised to have longer game play

    • The game features 2 main modes: Stunt and Time Trial, plus additional Challenges. Obviously you can’t compare it to story driven adventures like The Last of Us, but with 100+ leaderboards and endless possibility to improve your scores, time and stunts, I think it’s enough fun for solid arcade racer. Greets.

  • ok i see your point but answer me this for the price would you a consumer buy this game and mind you , your a true gamer that likes the adventure of playing a indepth game and would like to surround your self with fun and excitement instead of the usual rat race of this world the way it is would play something like this game for the price just to remind you of quote ” rat race ” and play tbis arcade game as you call it just for a score on the score board no …no thank you good sir not hateing the game just being realistic think about it for a min …. hope this helps make better games for the price and please for get the leaderboards its a true waste of money and valueble time when better games could be developed not saying this game isnt good just saying there is alot of wor to be done ive been in retail a very long time now and i call it like i see it

  • I read that you are working on a Mutiplayer.
    Thats really Cool!!!!!!!

    Can you tell me if you also working on a Editor for the Game?
    I Love to create my own maps for Games like this.

    I will Buy your Game at the release. It looks awesome!

    Sorry for my English i am German

  • I just bought PSVITA just for this awesome game. :)

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