Side-Scrolling Action Brawler Sacred Citadel Coming to PSN

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Side-Scrolling Action Brawler Sacred Citadel Coming to PSN
Side-Scrolling Action Brawler Sacred Citadel Coming to PSN

We have been fans of classic action brawlers for a long time. And it grieved us a little that, in recent years, there has been a lack of quality titles that truly harken back to the golden age of brawlers. Remember the fun you had with this kind of game, especially when playing co-op with your friends? That is exactly what we want to bring back with Sacred Citadel!

It’s is a side-scrolling hack and slash action brawler using a 3D engine. You face different opponents that require individual tactics, all staged in a beautiful, colorful art style. Each of the four unique heroes plays differently, having their own combos, special moves, skills, and equipment.

When we started creating Sacred Citadel, we said to ourselves: Let’s create a fresh, sparkling, side-scrolling hack and slash game that not only brings back the joy of the old days, but also sets a new standard for the future of this genre.

Sacred Citadel on PSNSacred Citadel on PSN

We started to think about a possible setting, and the answer was quickly found. Since we had already taken the first steps into the production of Sacred 3, what better background to use than the rich Sacred fantasy universe?

Once we had the basic concept of Sacred Citadel in place, we started to look for a suitable developer. The name Southend Interactive came up very early in the process, because they had already done some great things with their titles, and they just love games as much as we do. They immediately shared our vision and earned our trust by developing our concept even further.

The earlier Sacred titles had already created a rich playground as the foundation on which to build our stories, characters, and world. Lord Zane’s Ashen Empire threatens to enslave the once peaceful world of Ancaria. He created an army of Grimmocs and started a war against the Seraphim, protectors of the lands of Ancaria, in order to gain a valuable artifact that will enable him to open the gates of the underworld… Be sure to look out for story links that will lead to the events in Sacred 3.

Sacred Citadel on PSN

You’ll visit various towns, snag tons of loot, level up different aspects of your character, experiment with different weapon combinations (one in each hand) and much, much more. We’ve also built in local, as well as seamless online, co-op play.

While Sacred Citadel offers a lot of depth, we took close care in making the title accessible with a fluent, intuitive gameplay. You’ll get the hang of the mechanics quickly, but there are so many things to dig into that it allows for almost boundless variations of your play style.

Check out more artwork, videos, and screenshots on our official website, or join us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages! The game is planned to be released in the first half of 2013.

For now, thanks for your interest in Sacred Citadel, and feel free to ask us plenty of questions below. I am looking forward to answering them!

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  • Awesome! Any chance for a Vita version?

  • Heya! I’ll be answering all your questions about Sacred Citadel in here. Fire away!

  • Vita too?

  • So, I might have missed it while reading, but will this have both local and online multiplayer? One of the defining factors would be whether or not I could play it on the same couch as my family, but then also play it with my friends on the psn. :)

    • There will be both local and online multiplayer. So yes, you can play with your family on the couch as well as play with your online friends.

  • Looks really good actually. Like others I think this is something I’d rather play on the Vita though. PSN-style games feel much better on that platform. Reminds me a bit of Golden Axe and Guardian Heroes and that’s a compliment. Will keep an eye on and I hope it turns out well!

    • Glad that you like what you see! When you play it you will recognise a bit of a Golden Axe vibe, but with more fluid and deeper combat. For instance, different characters have different combos, and you can tailor your character to your playstyle by assigning stat points and different weapons & armor. Then again, the last Golden Axe came out quite a long time ago. We wanted to recapture that experience, but update it for the current age :)

  • Will there be stat. upgrades much alike in CASTLE CRASHERS?

    Will each level/Stage have its own unique Boss battle?

    • Yep, as you level up you can assign stat points to your character! The characters all have their own strengths when it comes to the flow of combat, and you have the freedom to assign points however you want. So if you want a melee character that focuses on damage, assign points to attack power. Want him to be more of a tank? Build him as a tank.

      There are also big boss battles, but we don’t really want to spoil them for you. If you like Castle Crashers, I think you’ll like this one too.

  • Am I the only see that this screams Vita with cross play with the PS3? I loved the trailer and after seeing the Deep Sliver logo, I know we are in for a ride.

    Please take into consideration about getting a Vita version out there for this game! I know every article posted on the Blog about a PSN title gets that infamous, “is it coming to the Vita” question, but some games just look better as Vita titles, because of the screen.

  • Been watching out for this one for quite awhile and it is looking amazing!! Definitely gonna grab it on PSN when it is available! :D

    Is it 3 player co-op or is it 4?

    • It’s 3 player co-op, both offline and online, but there are four playable characters. So you can play around with different teams. If you already finished the game with your friends with one team of 3 characters, have everybody switch to another character and go through it again!

  • Can I ask, Why no plans for it on the Vita? If you would like to play it on the Vita, and so would all of us….and the two platforms are very similar in terms of production….why then not have it on the Vita? IS it a multiplayer limitation? Is it something else completely? I just always wonder, when I see these game that look to be an ideal fit for the Vita, and the devs say, Nope, no plans for the Vita as for now. Is it the limited install base? If that’s the case, why not release for both systems? Is it really that much more work to create the title so it would be playable on both systems? It seems to me that as long as you created it with both platforms in mind, then it would be a matter of simply porting it. Any light you can shed on this would be most appreciated.

    • That’s a good question. As community manager it’s not my place to decide these matters I’m afraid, and my technical know-how of the differences between PS3 and Vita for PSN games is limited at best.

      As far as I know, it’s not quite as easy as “simply porting” it, and you would definitely need to plan for this kind of thing when you look at development time. You also need to make sure that every aspect of the game works on Vita as well as on all the other platforms you release a game on. Perhaps as new games start to be developed from scratch, now that the Vita is out, more developers will decide to create a Vita version as well.

  • I think the game looks really cool and would be very likely to buy it…if it were being made for the Vita. I barely have enough time each day to play the copious amounts of AAA titles that are out for the PS3 (still haven’t gotten to Dishonored, AC3, Hitman, DMC, or RE6), let alone delve into some of the brilliant PSN titles (did play Journey though…so awesome!). However, I would love to have these PSN titles to play in short bursts while eating lunch at work or commuting to and from work. Games like Castle Crashers, Pac-Man CE EX, Renegade Ops, and Skullgirls would look fantastic on Vita’s OLED screen and would be perfect to play for 15 minutes at a time. The same goes for Sacred Citadel…I would gladly pay $15 to have this on my Vita. But it would get completely lost in my back-catalog of AAA PS3 titles, which is only due to get larger with Ni No Kuni, MGS Rising, GOW Ascension, and Sly 4 arriving shortly. PSN game developers take heed: if you want to maximize your sales, simultaneously develop these great games for PS3 AND Vita. And Sony: incentivize cross-development of these awesome titles! The Vita community would love to have such titles in their catalog.

  • I love your colorful character classes art work and I’am so excited that you are letting players play in the same room with each other. But I was wondering whenever you reveal the fourth class into the hack n slash could there be an extended local multiplayer and online multiplayer up to four player side-scrolling co-op.

    • Sacred Citadel is designed for a maximum of 3 player co-op, even with all 4 characters. However, I think when you play it, it will also make sense to you. You can get a good mix of front-line melee, ranged support, and magic to keep control of all the enemies on the screen with 3 different characters.

      Of course you can also still play it by yourself, or just with one friend in 2 player co-op. But with 4 players on the same screen, it would likely break the sweet spot where every player has enough fun and always has something to do.

  • Game looks neat.
    I’m with #10 on this one though : you need to port it to the Vita.

  • Looks fun. Thanks for local multiplayer.

    I would like to remind the Vita owners asking for a “port” that you would lose half of the games functionality with couch coop. Sure you could use the online as a ad-hoc couch mode, but where is the fun in that with everybody staring at the tiny 5″ screen.

  • Thanks for the comment Maurice.

    I too would like to extend my agreeance with GStylez1980. I’m 30 now, and as a young kid, I was able to play every game I wanted to , in full, and still feel like I had not enough to play. I’m not sure if it’s solely because I’m older and have less time to play (still 40+ hours a week mind you) or if it’s due to the over abundance of quality games out now. But either way, these smaller title games, such as Sacred Citadel, are just as good in my eyes and most times better than AAA. But they don’t get my attention and time on the PS3 and 42” TV as that is reserved for big budget AAA type games. The VIta or smaller handheld screen is where I want to play my indie games, smaller niche titles, and Sony would do well to start informing their devs thusly. If they were on the Vita I would be buying them. As it stands now, via PSN, I will have to pass even though the game looks fun.

    • I know exactly how you feel. These days it sometimes feels like there are even too many games to play them all, and you end up looking at your backlog of games you once started and will finish “one day.”

      Then again, although I don’t play thaaaat much local co-op myself nowadays, I tend to go through my downloadable library for something to play together for an hour or so whenever the situation arises. If all else fails, I can always start up a few levels of Castle Crashers or Final Fight again :)

  • haters gon hate. this game seems legit. last one i recall being a side scroll and legit was castle crashers. not many games get me first glance like this one.

  • Very promising. Gameplay looks very fun, I almost wish it was full 3D isometric and a dungeon crawler. I’ll definitely check it out, I hope you have a demo.

    • Well, we also have Sacred 3 in development which is more like what you described. Two different games, but they both take place in the same Sacred universe as Sacred 1 and Sacred 2.

      There will probably be a demo for Sacred Citadel so you can try it out first without any commitments.

  • This looks like a fantastic entry into the Hack ‘n Slash / Beat ’em Up genre, and I’ve been a fan since the first reveal! Great to see a new-to-the-genre IP in this arena, too. Local Co-Op all the way!

    But a question: Will this game have a mode that does away with the level-up feature, and allows you to play with pre-set “complete from the start” characters?

    (Contra) Hard Corps: Uprising pulled this off when it released, allowing everyone to get a sample of a run-and-gun with modern leveling, customizable characters, and movesets, but also to play with limited lives, classicly balanced difficulty, and characters that depended more on skill play, and less on grind-play for levels.

    I hope to see something like this with this game! Even if not at release, it’s be a great patched-in mode, or bonus unlockable for beating the game.

    And I’d love to see the game on Vita, not because I don’t want to play “smaller” games on my console (I love the option!), but because the system sorely lacks real 2D perspective Beat-em-ups, even when taking the PSP and PS1 libraries into account. It could find some success as one of the (if not only) true, native Vita Beat ’em Ups!

  • Sorry, but no Vita version no buy. Pretty much anything that could have been for Vita and isn’t I’m simply not supporting.

  • Hey, just some feedback for you guys. As others have said, i wish you guys would have thought ahead a bit more and also did a Vita port of this Sacred title. This type of gamehas NO representation on Vita yet, and would have been a perfect fit. I would really rather play this on my Vita….and then get Sacred 3 for my ps3. I think you guys would have made more money and more people excited if this were on Vita as well. Something to think about when the dev team for this is done to make yourselves some more profits

    For PS3, what Im excited for is Sacred3. I LOVE Sacred2. I wish more people played it, it’s an open world Champions of Norrath. I heard you guys are changing alot for Sacred3. No more open world. i know programming wise 3 will be bettter than 2, but i hate to lose the open world, so Im afraId of how much of the formula is being changed

  • Thanks Maurice, I (and many other old school gamers) would really appreciate it!

  • nothing beats a good side scroller. quite a treat for us OG’s (original gamers). thank you so much! looking forward to this.

  • I would also like to know will the ranger trailer be reveal this month? Out of the three classes that are known my favorite is the lovely shaman. I wanted to know will there be some more screenshots or concept art of some of her armor before Sacred Citadel is release?

    • We’ll have a lot more images coming for Sacred Citadel, but we’ll also have screenshots and more “hardcore” specifics about the game that will be posted exclusively on our Facebook page. If you use Facebook, make sure to check out the Sacred World page (!

      Different armor sets and different weapon effects are definitely among the things we’ll be talking about there. I’m going to make a note to create a few screenshots of the Shaman in different armors for you ;)

  • Looks awesome. Reminds me of Golden axe and the PS1 Hercules game.

  • I have to go home right now, but I will continue answering questions in about an hour!

  • Wow!!! I was blown away by that trailer! Can you just take my money now? Cannot wait for this D1P!!! The Sacred universe is awesome. Loved all Sacred games and also cannot wait for Sacred 3.

  • I was guesting from a couple of screenshots I seen the shaman in action swirling her staff at some enemies. Do she have them dancing for her while one of my teammate come and send that enemy to its grave?

    • Glad you asked that! Unfortunately my super detailed reply that took half an hour to write was denied because it was more than 1250 characters, and I lost it.

      Short version:
      The Shaman can cast buffs and debuffs. Hold down [Triangle] by itself to charge it up for a bigger area-of-effect, and release it to buff yourself and any player within range. Or hold down L2+[Triangle] to charge up a debuff to cast an elemental effect on all enemies within range.

      What type of buff and what type of elemental effect you cast depends on your weapon and the weapon’s effect.

      So the Shaman can act as a support character to improve your team, while holding her own when it comes to light melee combat. Or use her as an area damage dealer. It all depends on how you build your character’s stats and weapons.

      We’ll have more information on how elements come into play for different character at a later stage.

  • I don’t think anyone will mind if I give you some more juicy details on the combat in Sacred Citadel.

    Like most games in the genre, you will have your light attacks, heavy attacks, special “power attacks” and jump buttons. You can chain combos, like for instance “[Square], [Square], [Square], [Triangle]” to do a “light, light, light, heavy finisher” combo.

    What sets Sacred Citadel apart is that you can direct your finisher for different effects. End a combo with forward+[Triangle] and you will knock back enemies in range (with the range depending on the weapon). End it with down+[Triangle] and you do an area-of-effect stun. Back+[Triangle] lets you end a chain by attacking anything that happened to approach you from behind. And Up+[Triangle] lets you do an uppercut to juggle enemies in the air.

    Basically you can choose to just mash away and have simple fun, OR dive into the combo system to turn your enemies into toys. Skill is rewarded, and a skilled team can turn any screen of enemies into a playground.

  • That’s actually quite nice to hear. One of the things I always find the most fun about combat in brawlers, is feeling that I have an element of control over how my enemies act. Coralling them to all die in a single spot, juggling a few off their feet, in order to lighten the load on partners, or constantly crushing / stunning them, in order to wait for all the desired players to get into position… it’s a strategic element that many gamers just laugh at, and label “buttong mashing”.

    So does Sacred Citadel’s Finisher system take the place of a grab / hold system? If so, this doesn’t sound like a bad way to handle such things, in a 3D engine…

    (And yeah, have to hate bumping into that post character limit, haha.)

    • Yeah I think Southend Interactive did a really good job on the mechanics to make sure you have that level of control over the combat to provide a wealth of gameplay options for every type of player. If you attempt to button mash your way through higher difficulties, without using a dodge roll or block/parry (which is also included), you’re going to get in trouble.

      We don’t have a grab/hold system in place, but like you said you can use these combo finishers to focus damage or throw enemies around.

  • It looks wicked fun!

  • Looks great. These are some of my favorite games.

    Someone who would pick “triple A” games over this probably just grew up with COD at their first game and
    don’t understand this sort of genre.

  • @18: How would you know? What games on Vita and PS3 have you made? Is it something I have played? Oh right, you’re just making assumptions.

  • @31: What am I assuming? That this game is possible for Vita? I had to have made a game to have that kind of common sense? I really don’t know what you are implying, but it doesn’t take a genius to see and know this could have easily been a Vita game and even if it was not possible I likely wouldn’t be supporting it anyway due to that fact that portables are more convenient for my daily schedule. Whatever man, you go ahead and make an argument over what was a simple statement though. Have a blast with that. Doesn’t change the fact that I’m not going to buy the game as a PS3 title.

  • Looking at all these Vita comments gets me happy because before I came in here I wondered the same thing. Maurice, if you guys dont make a Vita version, you could always just enable the ps3 version of the game for ps vita remote-play * cross-controller so we can both view the game on vita’s screen or controller the ps3 game on tv using the vita etc..This will fill the void us gamers want until you guys decide to do a vita specific version…

  • I’ll definitely pass the comments on Vita demand and remote play along internally. Can’t promise anything, but it’s good to hear that kind of feedback from PlayStation fans directly!

  • I got into Sacred 2 on PS3 and have since bought it for PC as well, so whenever I get far enough along with it, I can get the DLC that never made it to PS3. I recall seeing a reveal for Citadel quite a while ago, so it’s nice to see that it’s still happening.
    I’m looking forward to seeing more about this game. While I’ll definitely pick this up when it releases on PSN for the PS3, I’d also love to have it on the Vita. As some of the other more constructive comments have stated, there is an extremely disappointing lack of this genre of game on the Vita. I know we have Dragon’s Crown and Ruin to look forward to, but neither of those seem anywhere close to release. And I know that Rainbow Moon recently got greenlit for a Vita version after the PS3 release, due to fan demand. Maybe Southend can work that out after they get the PS3 version released as well. Either way, can’t wait to play this and looking forward to more news on Sacred 3. :)

  • Thanks once again, Maurice!

  • Vita. That is all.

  • I’am trying to find out after the journey from Sacred Citadel continue on into Sacred 3 will there be a chance to allow players to play a 4 player co-op side by side in the same room? I should already know there is going to be 4 player online co-op as it usually be. The reason I’am expressing this is because don’t you have teammates in the same office lending you a helping hand in person on these two games that you all are working on. It feel good inviting family or friends over in person to talk about things. Like Gauntlet Seven Sorrows or Champion Return to Arms they allow players to play a nice 4 player offline and online co op. It would be nice to have my brother and two of my friends in the same room who I can call on for help with there character class who they are playing with to assist me in Sacred 3. Right now I know I will certainly buy Sacred Citadel for how you all letting players play a fast pace 3 player co op in the same room. It is just like having family and friends over to talk about the NFL games.

    • For Sacred 3, the dev is still working around the clock on that game. I don’t think that game will have offline co-op, sorry to say. There is still a lot that can change so I can’t say for sure right now what the final options will be for Sacred 3.

  • It’s really a shame when developers don’t bring their games to Vita when they so clearly suit that platform.

  • OMG i can finally get on here and post, stupid maintenance….


    Will this game have any type of rewards that will unlock in Sacred 3?

    I got my plat for Sacred 2 and have been waiting for so long for Sacred 3 to come out.

    • That’s a really good question and an excellent idea! We’re actually looking at options like that, but I cannot guarantee 100% that it will happen. We’ll do our best, though :)

  • @Maurice Tan

    Thanks for answering my question. I really hope you guys do think of something, even if its something that is built into Sacred 3 that would register you having played Sacred Citadel and then unlock stuff.

    I just like it when games have some sort of “tie in” thru ingame items or whatever it may be. Plus by doing a rewards tie in with Sacred 3 you might get a lot more ppl to buy the game :-P hehe…

    I loved Sacred 2 so much, and i dont think you guys didnt make Sacred 2 (think that was Ascaron) but i cant wait to see what you are doing with Sacred 3….. Maybe even a collectors edition for Sacred 3….. hint hint

  • Could there be a chance of letting Sacred fans play with a dwarf class in Sacred Citadel and Sacred 3?

  • I wanted to find out will the shaman have to fight with that huge drum on her rear end through the entire gameplay. From my thought of mind it be good to see her full body design while playing in action. Just like how the ranger isn’t carrying his bow n arrow on his back. He can pull out his bow n arrow for when he wants to use it at the right time. I think the shaman shouldn’t have to carry the drum on her back she should be able to do the same thing as how the ranger can do with his bow n arrow. It would be interesting to see her full armor design while fighting in gameplay action.

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