Limited-Edition White PS3 Bundle Hits January 27th With 1 Year of Plus

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Limited-Edition White PS3 Bundle Hits January 27th With 1 Year of Plus

When we launched the new, slimmer, lighter PS3, one of the top requests we heard from you was to bring the white PS3 to North America. We’ve answered the call — for the first time in North America, we are introducing a bundle that features a Classic White PS3.

For $299.99 (MSRP), the Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle comes packed with value. It includes a massive 500GB hard drive and a one-year membership to PlayStation Plus that includes a dozen PS3 games with the Instant Game Collection. The bundle hits store shelves on January 27th.

With a 500GB hard disk drive, the Classic White PS3 makes it easy for you to store your favorite games from PS Plus, like inFAMOUS 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2, along with movies, TV shows, music, photos and other PSN DLC. Your one year membership to PlayStation Plus gives you exclusive access to a host of features including:

Classic White PS3 PS Plus Bundle
A regularly refreshed library of 12 PS3 games including LittleBigPlanet 2, inFAMOUS 2, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, and more, with additional titles added each month
6 Additional games to play on your PlayStation Vita system including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, WipeOut 2048 and more
Exclusive discounts of 10% – 75% on the PlayStation Store
1 GB of online storage on both your PS3 and PS Vita for game saves
Exclusive and early access to select demos and game betas, including the God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta

If you’re already a PlayStation Plus member and want to add the new Classic White PS3 to your collection, the one-year PlayStation Plus membership can be added to your current PS Plus membership (thereby extending it another year).

For more details, click here.

Classic White PS3 PS Plus Bundle

So tell us, what do you think about the new Classic White color for PS3?

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5 Author Replies

  • Would’ve been nice to see the White Vita on sale along with the bundle. Still, sweet bundle.

  • I like it, but I think all Orbis rumors may hurt sales….it is pretty though.

  • The color is great! Too bad that I can’t say the say the same about the new PS3 design…

    • Thanks for your input! We’re glad you like the color and although you don’t like the new design we hoped to provide a better experience by making the chassis, lighter, more efficient, and packed with tons of memory.

      Never Stop Playing!

  • I’ts great to see Plus pushed more and more, it’s a fantastic service.

  • I think that will go great with my copy of Ni No Kuni. Thanks for bring over a new color to the states. Hopefully we will see the red and blue one soon.

  • Oh, oh, I think I might trade in my original 120 slim and get this….

  • saving money for ps4 and steambox. once my slim dies ill get the white ps3 one for sure.

  • Pretty awesome deal for all the people who don’t have a PS3 yet. I’ll just wait for that PS4 :)

  • I’m wondering if playstation plus is gonna get me into Killzone Mercenary beta/ online multiplayer demo, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, Warrior’s Lair early demos?

    • Thanks for your comment! We’re constantly updating our game offerings within Plus and we will take this suggestions into consideration. Have a great day!

  • Better pull this ad, Sony.

    At 0:27, it says: “Get 12 games to play EACH MONTH with your membership”. You know people are going to think it’s 12 new games every month… then you’ll have a load of problems on your hands…

    Re-do the ad, quick.

  • Ugh a PuglyStation 3 in Ceramic White…. pass….. a few years too late on this one.

    What about Ceramic White Controllers?

    • HI KazeEternal! The new Classic white PS3 matches the Classic white DS3 that is available at retailers everywhere.

  • I put aside 500 bucks for the 4 and Extended plan just in case it overheats as bad as it says I want guarantee of at least 4 years with this baby.

  • If i swap out the hard drive for this one, out of the box, do i have to have the firmware on a USB drive?

    the 1 year extension, will it work without a credit card, or will have to use one?

    i ask because i had bought the Uncharted Slim 320gb version last year that came with 1 month of PS plus and despite me being plus already, it asked me for a credit card number. I’m going to use the white one to replace a 60gb (upgraded to 320gb) Fat that just recently YLOD on me and i had fixed. i know.. can’t swap hard drives…. i’m going to put a hybrid 500gb into the white ps3 and then do a PS3 Transfer. The Fat PS3 will go into storage…

  • Calling this a “bundle” is pretty lame. It is just a game system, with one year of PlayStation Plus, which is a $50 value. You can get an AC3 PS3 bundle for the same price, same hard drive, same new PS3, and 30 days of PS+, which is approximately a $55 value … plus you get to keep a game, which isn’t the case with one year of PS+, unless you pay $50 more.

    BeyondESP, I recently upgraded my refurbed PS Slim hard drive — after trading it in to Sony for $100 and my old YLOD’d 20GB PS3 — and I needed to put the firmware on a USB drive. It was easy to do.

  • Peasants.

    Google image search “Scarlett Red PS3” for the real deal. Got it last year, and it poos all over this godawful & cheapass redesign from a mighty height.

    1st generation PS3 slim FTW!

  • I love my white vita, but I wouldn’t get the white PS3 due to my TV, receiver, surround sound and other gadgets being black and metallic in my living room. Also this will end up looking pretty bad for smokers, my friend’s wii is yellow, ah how we kid about it…

    But it definitely looks fancy.

  • Looks cool I was going to buy a second PS3 to keep stored in case my old one breaks down so I’m def gonna wait and pick this up!

  • This is a great strategy to promote PS+ and PS3.
    Now, Sony should do the same thing to Vita.
    Bundle 32GB card and 1yr PS+ with Vita, and sell it at $300.

  • But @ 15, isn ‘t the red one import only? Are the controllers different on import models?

  • Could you allow some interaction for those with Plus that have both a PS3 and a Vita? My main request would be that the panels go beyond the Vita to the PS3 if you are a Plus owner. Also, bring more panels, as PlayStation All-Stars has many more that would be great to display.
    Also, please call the next PlayStation system Orbis! It just makes sense with the Vita.
    Thank you, and this bundle looks great.

  • @community- let’s say I’m interested in this and planned a trade of my 320 gb PS3 towards the purchase.
    Also, my PS3 slim has a 2 year Sony PSN online store warranty…
    Well that paid for warranty get transferred to my new White PS3??
    Has anyone here ever had a warranty transfer for a new system done?

    Big Thanks in advance players!


  • I like the color. But why wait until the 7th year to provide an option? You should have published colors when you unveiled the original Slim PS3.

    This at first glance looks like a very low value bundle. I won’t count the value in the games, only the plus subscription. Black Friday and a few sales have had a $50 discount on the same bundle. So the attraction here is the color.

    Those who wish to point out the value of the games, I know that as a new PS3 owner all the games put on PS+ would be worth their value, meaning if all games for a year would be a $200 value the new owner would have a $200 value to them, the issue is that the buyer does not know what games PS+ will have over the course of the year.

  • “6 Additional games to play on your PlayStation Vita system including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, WipeOut 2048 and more”

    It looks like we know what the evergreen Vita titles are going to be.

    Side discussion, why are you littering Vita advertisements all over the PS3 box? Is it because Sony has decided that PS Vita owners are likely to be PS3 owners?

  • @ lisatsunami

    Yes the Scarlet Red PS3 was released only in Europe last year, and in Japan the year before that.
    The European controller layout is the same as US models, but Japanese controllers have the X and O functions swapped. It has a 320GB drive and comes with 2 controllers.

  • Boo to the super slim. Hideous top loading reject.

  • @25 its actually pretty sweet when you stand it up and hit the eject button the tray comes out slowly. other then that its much quieter and runs smoother then the previous 2. i’ve owned all 3, consolidtated for super slim.

    kinda upset i didnt have the choice of color, i would of easily got this one. my brother in the marines lived in Korea when the ceramic white 40gb ps3 released.

    its so reminiscent of the ps1

  • @26: I despise top loaders, and the design of the system itself looks cheap to me. And the regular slim looked cheap enough. I prefer the fat’s design. I just wish they took that exact design and made it smaller. Because I love my fat to pieces. Didn’t care for the PS2 slim either.

    Plus, the white fat in Japan looks a billion times better than this white one.

  • Ummm……I was hoping for a white (or black) PS4.

    Good deal though, here’s to everyones PS3’s lasting throughout 2013!

  • @27 granted i do miss the aesthetics of the fatty. but that thing would make a room hot in 10 minutes. i wish they would come out with the fatty with less power consumption.

  • @23 ummm…thats the point. you own a ps3 and at some point depending on the type of gamer you would be likely to get a vita…vita and ps3 go hand in hand, but its not necessary if you dont desire it. so puttin a lil promo on the ps3 box for some vita love is appreciated, cause the vita needs as much love as its big brother, ps3.

  • prefer the slim V1 :P

    love the color though

  • @YungShep,

    Would the type of gamer that wants both a PS3 and Vita not already have a PS3?

    Those buying the bundle are not going to look right at the box and say “Oh my, I need a Vita too, I must buy”.

    Later down the road your not going to look at the box it will have been recycled. My point is it’s great for those people who would love Sony to advertise the VI ta. But those who want a Vita won’t be looking at a PS3 box.

  • @Elvick_

    Heh… there you go again.

    I cannot comprehend how a top-loading disc drive could cause such a reaction in someone.

    You say you didn’t like the slim PS2 either (obviously for it’s top loading disc drive), but the original “fat” PS2 also featured a top-loading drive… in a way. Sure, it had a tray that slid in and out at the push of a button, but you still loaded the disc DOWN ONTO THE TRAY, FROM ABOVE. Does a tray sliding inside the hardware after loading the disc make that much of a difference from a door the closes manually from another direction?

    Unless you had your fat PS2 standing vertically, in which case you would have loaded the disc sideways, but the slim PS3 features nearly the exact same loading process, thus… ???

    I’m bewildered. Seriously. Could it be that you like the threat of having your discs get stuck inside the console? Does it make you feel like you’re living on the edge? Does the top-loading design take away that feeling of total bad-assery? Why such passionate disdain over something that’s ultimately insignificant?

  • Anyway, the white looks nice. I wish we could get one in silver though. That would be rad.

  • Yea I want one I got a Phat PS3 and too have a slim White PS3 would go well with it.

  • Why has it taken almost five years for Sony to release a PlayStation console in the U.S. in another color besides standard black, while Europe and Japan have been getting the proverbial royal treatment with much more selection to choose from?

    The only other PS3 console to be released here in a color other than standard black was the gun metal gray MGS 4 bundle back in ’08, and I don’t get why. I would have bought the GT5 bundle with the blue PS3 if it were offered in the States, but I guess that would have been too difficult to make happen apparently.

    Are we the red-headed step-child in Sony’s eyes, or what?

  • Let’s hope Sony can learn from its mistakes and offer more color options equally to all territories once the PS4 is released.

    The same should be true for Vita as well. I love my white Vita, but I would have definitely bought the blue one Japan has right now.

  • @37: I know, I wish we got more colors/themed systems. I’d kill for a purple Vita, and I mean all purple. Not with off-colored buttons. (I’d do the same for controllers, but they always have black buttons ;_; )

    @33: Who cares what I think? Jeez, here we go again. Cherry picking a negative comment, ignoring all the positive ones I’ve made. The reverse of those who call me a fanboy and ignore my complaints and then focus on my “@$$ kissing”.

    You need to get a life, because if you didn’t even respond to me with “here we go again”, I wouldn’t even know who you are. Yet you seem to be concerned very much with what I say. Perhaps, you should just ignore it like you do my positive comments! :D

  • This is all kinds of awesome but please release new colors for consoles earlier on… I would’ve bought a white PS3 in a heartbeat when my old one broke down.

  • I hope that this also means that PS Plus may have some marketing power and hopefully marketing for games on PS3 and PS Vita picks up as well. PS Plus and the PS Vita (PS Mobile as well) are all great things that not many people know about and which one could benefit from a price drop and a lot more games.

  • Hey my ps3 slim just broke and i want to get a New Super Slim Ps3 classic White. Does anyone know if they are going to sell the classic White ps3 separate or is it just in a bundle? Please give me an answer Thanks :)

  • That’s pretty. Just imagine owning one of these while playing The Unfinished Swan into the light. Nooooo!!!

  • @ Elvick_

    So that’s your explanation for why you’re so strangely bothered by top-loading drives? Wait, was there an explanation? Oh, no. Just turning it around on me is all you did. Good job.

    “Get a life” is a ridiculous thing to say. It only shows you lack a real argument. Everyone has a life. Everyone does something. I’m probably busier than you as well anyway. Jeez.

    – “if you didn’t even respond to me with “here we go again”, I wouldn’t even know who you are”

    That’s a lie, because we’ve had discussions before, including very recently where you did this same thing of ignoring my points and amusingly assuming superiority instead.

    – “you seem to be concerned very much with what I say”

    Not really concerned. Just curious. It doesn’t keep me up at night like you’d love to believe. You’re not that special.

    Forget it dude. You’re clearly not capable of having a healthy discussion/debate on anything.

  • Aww man, this should have been here when we had the original ps3 systems that have bc. I love my original 20 gig model and the only way i would upgrade is if they had it (i have to many ps2 games and my ps2 laser went out and i bought this rare model). i think its one thing sony shouldnt have gotton rid of.

  • and as for playstation plus, add some jrpg to psn (like ar tonelico and a few others on psn as downloadable games and have them go on sale) i am tired of these mainstream games getting all the glory. i want something i can actually play!

  • Nice deal…but i’ll have to pass. Just bought a New PS3 old slim and slapped a New 1 TB HDD on that baby!

    Add a Crystal MacKenzie Plush Doll to package and maybe i’ll reconsider!

  • it looks nice. despite im not currently subscribed to ps plus, i would like to see duke nukem forever’s dlc made free to ps plus subscribers. i would definitely renew my subscription.

  • What up Crystal Mckenzie

  • I’d love to see a PS3 with an elegant print design, like Japanese cherry blossoms or some streaming PSN ribbons.

  • Want it, there should be plad or checkerd ps3 systems, I would definatly buy that.

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