PlayStation Home Update

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PlayStation Home Update

Today, Lockwood’s Gift Machine has a Unicorn (squeee!), nDreams brings sexy Venice Beach even closer, Granzella has a bunch of goodies for us, and more. Check out all this and more this week in PlayStation Home.

nDreams – Venice Beach

Are you the King of the beach or the ultimate beach babe? If so then the new Venice Beach clothing range is perfect for you. With new muscular torsos for the guys and some gorgeous swimsuits for the ladies you will be the envy of everyone else on the beach. The ladies’ swimsuits go great with the High Heels locomotion.



Lockwood Publishing – Update


A soft breeze stirs the long grasses. Sunlight dapples the dusty ground through the trees, their leaves red and gold. On the horizon, the rusted out hulk of an old steam train begs exploration and a snuffling sound in the grass outside the perimeter fence warrants further investigation. The only thing is, that fence is so far off. Walking there would take so long. If only… Oh, wait!

Lockwood has temporarily left the dinosaur rearing and lion-taming behind, and gone for something a little simpler, but just as exciting – Horses of the Prairie! Including mustangs and ponies, plus something truly magical for the Gift Machine.


As a special bonus, horse owners (and Unicorn owners) get free reign in the Prairie public space! Explore the landscape, collect rewards, but best of all, let your horse cut loose and canter along those dusty trails. So mount up and get riding!


Were you a fan of Iron Fusions Envoy clothing released just before Christmas? Well let your friends join you by sending them an alternate version from the Gift Machine.

Juggernaut Games – Martial Arts + Cutteridge Estate Update

Practice your stances with Juggernaut’s Martial Arts EMT! Contains 3 unique martial arts – inspired poses for both male and female avatars. Users should also drop by Cutteridge Estate today, and see if you can find a new feathered friend!



PS Talent – Shadows Collection Expands

New colors of the well-tailored suits are available as well as a Tommy Gun just for the ladies. Head to the PS Talent store now, before these mobsters beat you to it.


HellFire Games – Home Tycoon Update

Also fresh from Hellfire Games this week: new Custom Cars available in Home Tycoon! Tear up the streets in the Tribal GS 828 and Blue Stripes GS 828 sports cars, available now in the Vehicles store in Home Tycoon.


Granzella – New Clothes + Furniture

Granzella introduces the Three-quarter Sleeve Jacket and Cropped Pants Outfit Set. The top is made of a simple sewn on floral pattern, necklace and Three-quarter Sleeve Jacket. Together with knee high skinny Cropped Pants, it makes for an elegant casual outfit. The perfect style from head to toe, this set is completed with Ribbon High Heels.

The Three-quarter Sleeve Jacket is available in black and white, gray and khaki, and beige and black. The Cropped Pants are available in beige, black, and red. Finally, Ribbon High Heels are available in brown, blue-gray, and black. Express your adult charm in this slender, enchanting outfit!


Howdy partner! So yer lookin’ to get into a gen-u-ine cowboy or cowgirl outfit? Well, look no further! Them fine folks at Granzella got a new Cowboy and Cowgirl series to put yerself in! They’ve got all the fixins’ one could want. Hats, jackets, and boots! Pants for the cowboys, and both shorts and miniskirts for the cowgirls out there. You won’t find a finer western costume this side of the Mississippi, or the other, for that matter! What do you say, partner?


New in the Roller Skate series from Granzella, the Rocket Type has arrived! Used as a portable item, the blade attaches to the shoes you’re wearing. Now you’ll feel like a sprinting speed skater. Additionally, pressing Square button while moving will cause you to accelerate. You can switch to a burst of speed at your heart’s content. The contents included with the Roller Skates Rocket Type have a futuristic style. Of course, they can also be combined with your favorite shoes as well.


Granzella introduces the Watchful Snowy Owl 4-Item Set. With a characteristic white body and round eyes, the Snowy Owl has emerged as portable item. The set includes the Soaring Snowy Owl which flies around you, the Descended Snowy Owl which walks on the ground, and the Snowy Owl Resting on Head (Men/Women) which is a headphone item.

Granzella introduces the Dreamy Bed series. Two people can lie down together on this advanced furniture. There are various poses to choose from for sprawling out when you go to sleep, such as face down, on your back, and even resting your head in someone’s lap.

The 3 piece set includes the Bright-colored Wooden Bed, the Steel-frame Bed, and the Chic Black Bed. Depending on your mood, you can sleep in various beds. Items will come out of your dreams, and you’ll get a home reward! Sprawl out as you like, just the two of you spending time together!

x7 Update

This week in exclusive, VIP nightclub x7 there’s a new bundle just for members as well as a new freebie. Head there now and snap up all the perks that belong only to members!

The Virtual Items Showcase

Magnus took a little longer on his time off than expected (who doesn’t love a nice, long vacation?), and he’ll definitely be returning next week with his famous Virtual Item Showcase!

See you in PlayStation Home!

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12 Author Replies

  • still no update to the action district/atari event wow just take it down i lost interest

  • Thanks for the update glad that there is a free item this week on x7.

    • You’re welcome. I try to get a mention in when a new goodie is in there. Just so you know, it’s usually every other week, with the exclusive bundles being weekly.

  • I for one hope Home for PS4 if they plan to make it for that system be of higher quality.I’m kinda at a loss to why Home looks like a PS2 game and handles like a PS game.Hair’s don’t move and look super stiff I guess we use alot of hairspray.We need more room in our wardrobe tired of my stuff going to storage.Also wish we had more categories such as the following:

    Hair:For hair obviously
    Head Accessories:Anything like a cute rose behind the ear, headbands, bows, horns ect
    Hats:Self explanatory cus they shouldn’t be attached to certain hairs
    Face:For face paint, tattoos, piercings ect
    Glasses:Got to have some style to your Avi
    Earrings:No need to explain
    Neck:For necklaces, scarfs ect
    Under shirts:T-Shirts, tanktops, dress shirts ect
    Jackets:Cus we should be able to layer clothes
    Back:Backpacks, Wings ect
    Pants:We all need to cover our most valuable area
    Belts:I like to be able to wear any belt I choose
    Socks:Socks, stockings ect
    Shoes:Not recommended walking on Home barefoot
    Tattoo:Cus I don’t feel we should have to wear certain stuff just to have a cool tattoo
    Body Shape:This can have voluptious, preteen, teen, normal, buff, chubby, fat or fantasy stuff like centaur ect

  • Come on now we all know Home would make so much more money this way.idk Maybe I’m just a dreamer but I would love Home to someday be like that.Plus I don’t think our poses and dances should be an activated item.It should be permanently in our R1 section once bought.I can’t look sexy posing with my bought poses and have a companion out.

    • We’re always working on new and better features. There’s another update of Home in the works currently, so perhaps in future updates some or all of these feature requests will come!

  • P.S.I want Marla’s outfit from Midway 3’s Whack Off.I would also like the Ninja-Swallow from Peakvox in seperate pieces head torso hands legs feet you get what I mean.Plus when do we get the victorian maid out fit Japan got on Dec 5th and the nun outfit on Dec 19th? Sorry for the long post :P

    • For the Midway stuff, we’d have to encourage Mass Media to consider making it for public release, rather than just Marla getting to keep it to herself. ;-) As for Japanese items, it really depends on who makes it and if they’re interested in importing it here—that’s always on the 3rd party to decide if and when.

  • @RemyReznor
    The victorian maid comes from the Shoei stuff which I believe is exclusive to Japan. i doubt it’ll get released here.

  • A great up date, However… I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw a few people doing that rodeo dance at the Lockwood location.!

    a 11 out of 10.! THE FAZEONES LOUNGE.

  • I like the rocket skates also these ppl complaining should relax well pshome might not be for everyone I for 1 love pshome and I’m a gamer as well also if u can improve something people well fix it or improve it dont sit there all bitter writing angry comments I for 1 always encourge comments positive n negative

  • @asfghjklEU Aww sad to hear and thank you for answering my question.Mr. Cade Peterson never comments on my posts.I think I scare him.

  • Looks like the Granzella lady finally got to sit down. This is one hot update. Is there any word on creating more mystical horses like, a flame horse, or skeleton?

    • No, not that I’m aware of, but I did spot a pink horse at the very end of the Lockwood Prairie video… perhaps they’re working on more. I like your ideas for magical/mystical ones.

  • this update is OK.. finally something new for x7 and the only thing that i am interested in is the horse of the prairie thats about it.. the vinec beach is just another advantage kids can buy they muscular looking body and Rome around home with mean intentions and messing up the home experience.. Just a question., will we be getting a major home update this year, like one that offers more space slots, or betting animations or better face expressions? Just curious // Thanks

    • Re: Home update—we’ll be getting another Home update or two for sure this year with upgraded and additional features and improved functionality. A major update like our fall 2010 update with new districts, etc., is not in the plans, though we do have more quests coming in the near future. Everyone’s been asking for more of those, so we’re planning a regular release of them this year.

  • @RemyReznor

    I agree with you, i dont see why hats have to come with certain hair style’s . And there should be more options for customization. Granzella hats do give us a lot more ways of wear are hats by putting in the head accecory section. But in short of a major home, aka Home 2.0, where pretty much stuck with what we have. And as far as the graphic’s, That has to deal with the technical limitations of Onlime MMO’s on consoles. Basicall need a lot more RAM for those effects. Hopefully when PS4 ,along with PS Home 2, drops it can solve these problems.

  • Mmmmm I just burnt my tongue…

  • First PSHome was up before the Blog Update even came out. This is not working. Second, it was said that this was done for accuracy and prices to be added, and I don’t see no prices. There is no need for prices anyways, even if you do, this may cause more in-accurate information. So, lets just put things back to the way it was, and get the blog update before the Home update, please.

  • wow… the last time i tried home, the funnest things to do were to either play chess or do a running man train… stores werent even open ,,, sounds like a lot has changed.. im scared of trying it i may never wanna leave! huge sims fan*

    • Wow, that must have been years ago… like 2008 or 2009. It’s so vastly different, you will not recognize it. Since you’re sort of a born-again noobie for Home (no insult intended), I would recommend asking a veteran for a tour to get oriented. Here’s a link to the Home forums. Feel free to browse there, and even ask for someone to take you around and show you their favorite spots, things to do and games to play. The Home community is very friendly and quick to help others.
      (Would others reading this maybe send this be interested in helping show him around?)

  • lol Thank you for the info Mr.Peterson makes me happy to know Home will still be getting better.Don’t get me wrong I love Home but lot of room for improvement.I love the Peakvok ninja game I hope it will have more updates .

  • Oh and thank you for the ridable horses been wanting that for a long time.

  • Home is cool. But I must express my opinion that Christmas was absolutely terrible this year. I’m glad i was on there 3 years ago when prizes and stuff had meaning. I’ve spent tons of money on there, and I enjoy everything I have. I just wish we had better quality items. Christmas disappointed me, entirely.

    • Everything is a learning lesson, and every year there’s good feedback for us (we listen to everything)! Some years, people get mad because we keep it very similar to the last, others always want us to experiment with new ideas. This year was very experimental, and while some enjoyed various aspects of the events (Halloween – NYE), we’re being mindful of all feedback when planning and developing future events. There’s more coming, that I can guarantee, plus quests are coming back in the near future too. Stay tuned! It’s always a new day in PlayStation Home.

  • This update has a unicorn. So by default, this update is the best. O.O

  • Dear Cade I would luv for yall two make new AC3 outfits four the males and females bye any chance that yall can.

    • As far as I know Ubisoft hasn’t planned any, but it’s worth asking for. They make such great games, it’s wonderful to get to celebrate it and enhance more of our world with related content.

  • What if someone tries to force cuddle with me and I don’t want it???

  • Yeah, I’m really not digging on the post-update blog thing. I kept quiet, gave it a shot… but the fact is, I found just about everything myself about, according to the comment timestamps (and factoring in my timezone vs the blog’s timezone), 3 hours before the blog happened. Had to do some digging for some of it (seriously, if you’re gonna make the blog AFTER the update, at least make the new tab in new and featured show ONLY that week’s content…), but still.

  • Good Update lots of content! But, the one thing i wait for every week is still not available! Basic V-Neck T-shirts for men! Please can we get them soon!

  • can you plz plz plz make home available on the vita?!?!?!

  • can yall fix lockwood to i wanna buy some clothes there..

  • Why is Home under maintenance?! Seriously, you had PSN down for almost two days for maintenance, and then you close home as soon as it’s back?! On a FRIDAY NIGHT?! Sorry, I’m going to violate your “DON’T BE A JERK” request for a minute because this sort of crap is just intolerable. I understand maintenance for update day, but why would you make it impossible to get into home for three days after said update? Why should I even bother paying for items in game if I can’t rely on the service?

  • Hello umm i was wondering i got a $20 psn card and wan going to buy some adidas shoes buy they where not there can you put them back on or do something because i was going to buy some & cant find some good shoes like the adidas so please let me know

  • i wanted to but the adidas shoes but they were not there can you let me know please thank you(:

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