escapeVektor Launches on PS Vita Tuesday

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escapeVektor Launches on PS Vita Tuesday

We’re happy to bring you information about escapeVektor, a new game coming to PlayStation Vita from Australian independent developer Nnooo.

Vektor is trapped inside your CPU and needs your help to escape! Each node (level) consists of a series of interconnected lines which form cells. These are claimed as Vektor moves along them. Claiming all of the cells in a node unlocks the exit to the next node, bringing Vektor closer to his escape. Watch out because the CPU sets up obstacles and sends out its army to destroy him.

There are four main abilities to unlock and use in escapeVektor.

escapeVektor on PS VitaescapeVektor on PS Vita


This ability allows you to destroy enemies which get too close. If you can escape a node without detonating you’ll earn a star! Getting stars on all the nodes is going to be tricky.


Boost allows you to travel much faster than normal for short periods of time.

Super Boost

This is a much faster version of boost which drains boost energy even quicker!!


Boostenate is Vektor’s most powerful ability which not only invincible for short periods of time you also travel at Super Boost speeds while doing so! Now those pesky enemies are no longer a threat…

Vektor will also periodically upgrade one of your abilities making your detonate radius larger, allow you to hold more detonation pips or Boost energy, make Super Boost faster or allow Boostenate to drain boost energy and detonation pips slower.

There are 150 nodes in escapeVektor spread across 27 zones (worlds). Some nodes have second exits in them which open up different routes through the game. These secret exits and routes will allow you to explore more of Vektor’s world and uncover shortcuts to other nodes in the game.

escapeVektor on PS Vita

There are many different enemy types to watch out for: Patrols, Hunters, Interceptors, Locusts and Munchers are all hiding away in nodes trying to hinder Vektor’s escape. For example, Patrols will stick to their patrol route. Learn it and you can easily avoid them. Munchers are super fast and will consume lines you’ve colored, changing them back to normal!

There are also a variety of objects you can interact with. Electric Fences will destroy you
and enemies on contact so try to work out how to turn them off before you pass through
them or try to trick an enemy into passing through one which is turned on! Cannons will fire
bullets out in patterns so dodge them when you can.

Every node in the game has a leaderboard allowing you to compete with other players. You can filter this by:

  • Location – Players nearby via ‘near’
  • Competitors – Players from across the world who are closest to you in score
  • Friends – Your friends

escapeVektor on PS VitaescapeVektor on PS Vita

Every time you set a personal best on a node you’ll earn a Wildcard. Use a Wildcard before starting a node and if you complete that node you’ll double your score! These doubled scores will also be uploaded to the leaderboards.

Each time you earn a Wildcard the game will also drop a ‘near’ Wildcard gift in your current location allowing people who are nearby to earn more Wildcards in the game.

At Nnooo we like to try to take advantage of the unique features of each platform we work
on. With the PS Vita version of the game, we added the following features to enhance the experience:

  • ‘near’ Wildcard gifts – As detailed above these allow users to gain extra chances to double their points!
  • ‘near’ location based leaderboards – So you can compete with those around you
  • 3G data connection – So you can drop gifts and update the leaderboards when out and about
  • Enhanced camera controls using the Gyro sensor – Just tilt your PlayStation Vita up/down or left/right to see more of the gameworld
  • Touch controls – Tap a node to select it and tap it again to enter it. Drag to pan around the zone and node select screens to explore the map quickly and easily
  • Live area updates as you play – The live area of escapeVektor keeps a tally of your medals, stars, score, Vektor’s version level and the last few bits of story. This way if you’ve not played in a while you can see the where you were without having to boot the game!
  • 60 frames per second gameplay! With the great power of the PlayStation Vita this version of escapeVektor is the smoothest, slickest version yet!

escapeVektor launches on PlayStation Vita on January 22nd for $9.99. PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a 20% discount until February 5th.

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  • That looks really cool, I like the Plus discount. Will there be a demo by any chance?

  • reminds me of cubixx, awesome price and discount.

  • Saw the trailer for this and it looks pretty fun. The later levels look like they get pretty challenging too. Nice to see a Plus discount as well!

  • This actually looks pretty good. A bit intimidating, but good. I like the concept. It’s kind of like a new take on Tron and The Grid.

    I like all the indie goodness that is being churned out on the Vita. It’s too bad that marketing for these games is extremely limited because there are a ton of gems out there.

    Looking forward to trying this game out.

  • Will I help? Nnooo!

    Sorry ,just wanted to make that joke. I’ll probably end up picking it up – especially with that Plus discount :).

  • I’m sold! It’s like a futuristic pac man. Can’t wait to play :D

  • @AguilarX –

    Heh, Cubixx… Actually, I was thinking Qix. That’s what we call a generation gap.

    Looking forward to this. It’ looks fun and, PS+ discount is always a good bonus.

  • Looks neat. Nice PS+ discount too!

    I’ll be getting it simply because I know I’ll be crapping my pants and screaming when there’s like 50 enemies chasing me. Which is always fun.

  • This looks really good eh. Definitely picking it up. Thanks for the plus discount as well!

  • Looks like a perfect pick-up and play gave for the Vita and the PS+ discount makes buying a very easy decision. Thank you for incorporating Vita’s prowess into your game to make it look and work well.

  • Got it!
    This is Pacman with logic puzzle.
    I will get it.

  • Awesome. Loved this game on Wiiware. Will buy day one for Vita. It took me a little while to figure out what is going on but once I got it, it was a lot of fun. The later longer levels got kinda tedious having to redo a lot of things after messing up but it was worth it to pull off a level. The updates look interesting. Game is perfect for the Vita to do a couple of levels in short bursts.

    I think the best way to describe the game is a Qix stealth retro action game. (It makes sense when you play it.)

  • more vita games are always welcome, when are we gonna see Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault running on the vita? i think the game is supposed to come out on the 29th and we havent seen it on vita yet.

  • This game looks like amazing fun! Day one buy for me.

  • Yay, more Vita games, thanks.

  • Awesome!. Glad the Vita is finally getting some love.

    Game looks amazing as well, gave me somewhat of a Pac-man feeling to it, definitely picking this up on Feb 5th.

  • cmon sony , enough is enough, get some full retail games or i will no longer support the vita

  • The game play looks very addicting. This reminds me of Qix, Tron and Zoom. I am going to buy this D1P! Thanks for the PS+ discount.

  • This type of PS+ discount should be applied to every new PSN release. That would make it even more attractive for people to subscribe, and it can also be a factor for some people in deciding to buy a game or not.

    But anyway, looks cool as hell. Reminds me of games like old “Pepper II” on the Colecovision (man, that makes me feel old!) or Amidar, Qix, and the likes. Will buy. It’s good to see something worth buying on the Vita that is priced right (EDF 2017 is definitely worth buying, but definitely not at 40$ – how about a discount for PS+ members?)

  • looks like a great game, but sadly I can not buy it even you released it in europe as you skipped some countries, whats the reason for not wanting my money? (I am from Norway btw)

  • Darn you Nnooo now I might have too go buy a new $10 PSN card so I can buy escapeVektor for the third time. :)

    I originally bought escapeVektor for WiiWare than when it came out on 3DSWare I bought it again and know I’ll probably end up buying it again for the Vita because the game is much fun and I like the Vita exclusive features like the Enhanced camera controls.

  • It sounds minor, but I like that you can access game information in the Live area. There’s only a couple games so far that use this feature effectively.
    This looks like a polished title!

  • More games are always welcome but vita really needs more than a bunch of mini games u know! we want more rpgs and action adventure games!! MOOOOORE

  • Yawn…..another boring mobile looking game. Where’s the console style games?

  • Trailer said 2012.

  • You know, I’m not going to lie, I wouldn’t have picked this up, but for a discounted price on PS+ I will definitely try it out. :)

  • PS+ discount, or Club Nintendo Rewards for the 3DS version… Trophies vs nada…

    Same core price, so could go either way. Does look to be a good game though. Glad to see the Vita finally getting a little love.

  • Hi guys, check out our competition to win a copy of the game. There are 10 chances to win. Winners will get to play it BEFORE it’s officially released so you can get an early start on those leaderboards!

    Good luck everyone!

  • @Nic Watt Wow you guys are awesome!! Now even if I don’t win, I’ll officially buy it when it hits Tuesday. You guys show a passion for your game and kindness to your fans, so I want to wish you luck and many sales now and in the future!

  • This is not particularly my type of game but I’m sure it’ll do well, unique games often do.

    It does look like a pretty fun time killer with a high level of polish.

  • not buying this

  • @+ RE4LNOiZE_42:
    I was going to say the same thing. This totally reminds me of Pepper II. Which was one of my faves on the Colecovision, along with Lady Bug, Mouse Trap, Time Pilot, and more.. :)

    I believe the price will be $8 for Plus members. Sounds like a decent deal to me.

  • Ouch Made by a Australian Developer yet the game releases on the US store *Cheaper*.

  • Fan boys don’t bother reading!! I bought the PSP on release as I did the vita.. The PSP disappointed in the first few months but then became a great handheld. Wtf Sony!! WTF!! This is BS!!! The vita is awesome but the games suck!!! The up and coming games are mostly a joke and scarce, pathetic!!! I don’t want games that compare to the apps I get for free from the apple store on my ipad, I didn’t pay $199 for a system to get the same games I get for free on my iPhone and iPad.. This sucks!! Where are the good games? Where is the cross play you displayed at E3 before this ****y handheld was released? I am a angry consumer not the only one BTW, there are many of us who aren’t fan boys and believed your BS and feel ripped off!!! Get developer support or give me my money BACK!! I mean come on 2k13 made a PSP version of nba and ignored the vita, pathetic!! This is GD BS!!! Get your act straight man…..

  • stop releasing games like this on ps vita!!! what about ratchet and clank full frontier??

  • going to sell my ps vita! and buy the nvidia project shield! !!! i have 13 ps vita games ill already finish them all!!! what a slow update of games

  • @36: Good riddance. :D

  • another mini oh come on
    when i go on japan website i see more games for psvita over there than over seas

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