Face Your Demons: DmC Devil May Cry Hits Blu-ray and PSN Today

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Face Your Demons: DmC Devil May Cry Hits Blu-ray and PSN Today
Face Your Demons: DmC Devil May Cry Hits Blu-ray and PSN Today
DmC Devil May Cry on PS3

The time to face your demons has arrived! DmC Devil May Cry for PlayStation 3 is in stores now, and downloadable from PSN in a day-and-date digital release. We’re really delighted with the final project and I think Ninja Theory did an amazing job of combining existing elements of previous DmCs, while injecting their own flavor into the franchise. Players can definitely expect to see both radically new elements and returning staple elements from past Devil May Cry games.

New to the gameplay are the Demon and Angel powers, which allow (and demand) Dante to switch fluidly between separate sets of abilities and weapons. The Demon side delivers heavy-hitting but slower attacks, while the Angel side unleashes swift area attacks that are relatively low damage. Dante can now also use grappling chains to propel himself, enemies, and other objects between two points, allowing for a new emphasis on positioning, crowd control, aerial combat, and some flashy traversal.

As far as the gameplay experience, you’ll see a return to the series’ trademark mixture of gunplay and swordplay and an emphasis on improvisation. While the old games may have had a gothic metal aesthetic and the new game may place thumping electronic music in the spotlight, let’s not forget that Devil May Cry has always been the improv jazz of video games, celebrating on-the-fly creativity, improvisation, and adaptation. This is still very much the case, and while the design changes Dante has undergone may be obvious, you’ll still see more-than-subtle shades of the wise-cracking, confident demon slayer we’ve come to know up until now, along with many of his previous signature combat moves.

DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3

For this version of DmC, we really wanted to put Dante in a grittier, more realistic world. Very early on in the project we asked Ninja Theory to think about what Devil May Cry would be like if it was a contemporary movie, and that is a mindset that has stayed with us throughout development. You may notice more than a few nods to various cult films as you’re playing the game, as well as a more Western cinematic approach to the narrative. While the game carries on Devil May Cry’s penchant for the bombastic, Ninja Theory’s legacy of highly nuanced storytelling continues here. The team harnessed cutting edge performance capture technology, allowing a single actor to simultaneously perform the voice, motion capture, and facial capture for a given character, which in turn has allowed them to convey deeper, more subtle states of emotion with less overt explanation—perhaps more than most games, DmC Devil May Cry sticks to the great storytelling mantra, “show, don’t tell.”

It’s been an incredible time working on this game, and we genuinely can’t wait to hear about people’s experiences with it, not to mention the inevitable flood of excellent combo videos. Keep it stylish, guys!

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  • Can’t wait.

    When does Vergil’s Downfall DLC Drop?

    I’m very disappointed in PSN because they gave me no incentive to pre order from there.

  • @Capcom
    Purchased! Now that I’ve thrown my money at it could you please be sure to patch the frame rate. Do right by us, we’re just as deserving as the 360 Gamers for this title.

  • One of my friends pre-ordered the game about 10 days ago, but now the game wont be played because it says he needs to renew the license, please help thanks, hes PSN id is Fiskefrikadellen

  • Excellent game, Ninja Theory was the best thing to happen to DMC! About five levels in, and loving it.

  • The metacritic score for the game is pretty good considering all the negative hype for the game leading up to it. I still have no interest in the game at the moment. May rent it from gamefly later this year, when the gaming landscape slows down.

  • Weren’t PSN Pre-orders given Vergil’s Downfall? I assume it’ll add-on with the PSN update later, I hope.

  • Eww DmC.
    hopefully now that Dragons Dogma and Resident Evil 6 are out of the way Kobayashi and Itsuno are working on Devil May Cry 5.
    for now I’ll simply wait for the complete edition. theres no point on buying a Capcom game day 1 (lol bloody palace DLC)

  • I’m really hoping this game doesn’t succeed in hopes that the series can go back to its roots.. This isn’t an example of a taking an old game and pushing it in a new good direction as a good thing. Something like Resident Evil 4 is an example of changing the series, but making it still something old and new fans can enjoy. This….not so much.

    Especially considering how much a chore the combat is in this game. The combat is the life blood of the series, and this game makes it boil down to using only specific attacks on enemies you encounter rather than freestyle combo your attacks on whoever you encounter. That’s a huge oversight. That type of design isn’t fun. It’s a chore. People are going to buy this game to have fun, not to have a chore.

  • @7 yeah Capcom is terrible with dlc. Either its already on disk or overpriced.

  • Can’t wait to get it Thursday.

  • The Bloody Palace DLC is coming very soon and its free. So what does it matter if its not there to begin with? Patience is a virtue.

  • Meh. Wake me up when you bring the real Dante back and not DINO.

  • this game looks badass, will definately buy this after i finish anarchy riegns and ni no kuni

  • Had this since last night as far as the “Day 1 Digital Download” program for the Playstation 3. So far, I’m very impressed. The moral of the story is, don’t ever judge a book (Game) by its cover lol. There’s a certian sequence in the game where a “White wig” falls under Dante’s hair during battle; AKA to reminisce the old Dante version. & he said: “Not in A Million Years”, LMAO. I was sold right there, a joke to all these fanboys who complain about the apperance of a character, get with the times people. In any event, loving every moment

  • What time does the store open? It’s after 11am now.

  • the game looks ok…. too bad the developers made it look and run better on 360 than the ps3…. which its a stab to the heart to every fan of the series since its beginning on the ps2 and not counting that ninja theory developed Heavenly Sword which was AWESOME and now they give us the second hand game? double treason I say…

  • I’ll be very pissed if this game got a digital release but Ni No Kuni next week doesn’t. That game is far more important.

  • Even though the game seems to be getting good reviews, the IGN review points out that the PS3 version is seriously lacking compared to the 360 version. So as much as I was looking forward to the game I’m gonna have to say thanks but no thanks and skip it because I’d rather not buy inferior products. Thanks Ninja Theory and Capcom…you saved me 60 bucks.

  • @11
    Blatantly bloddy palace was going to be paid DLC then before they realised the s***storm it would create.
    not to mention that its 2013, at this point if you think you are getting a complete game from Capcom day 1 its YOUR fault. I better save 60 bucks to buy MG Rising and weait for the complete edition of DmC.
    but maybe that’s their new strategy… yeah! let’s block content and then release it as “free DLC”, people will be grateful!
    not to mention that theres no way Im going to support Tammem Antoniades work! yeah, lets give the DMC reboot to the guy that hates DMC.

  • @16 Ni no Kuni is indeed getting a digital release. It will either be launch day or a couple weeks afterward. Confirmed

  • Hey I pre-ordered but it says I need to renew the license? What do I do?

  • @20 i just read about that now. Great news. Too bad no preorder bonus is being offered.

  • Just really want to know why should I pre-order my game online in the ps store. I can’t get a midnight download no discount on my game or like a $3 psn card nothing to make me say ok sure I’ll pre-order from the ps store and then have to wait until the store updates to even begin downloading not playing my game.

    I live on the east coast if I pre-ordered a game from the ps store I’d literally have to wait until late in the afternoon or evening to play it.

  • the thing is getting released today then.
    there goes one last boooo boooo to capcom for screwing dmc old fans and trying to build a new fan base
    not interested and not buying one.
    now could you just make a good mega man game capcom .

  • Dear Capcom…You guys got your work cut out in order to earn the good will of gamers/consumers due to borderline shady business practices and insulting the gamers intelligence.

    On a different note…IcedDice777’s protocol still in effect ’til you clean up your act (Never pay Full price for a capcom title).

    Also…if your decision making geniuses at capcom decide to pull the Always online DRM to play games we paid for…ie Bionic commando 2, Final fight impact/Magic sword (which are totally unplayable unless we’re online on PSN) on the New and upcoming Capcom Arcade cabinet…then i hope you go out of business.

    Now, may bringing a MEGA MAN collection in HD with trophies…”could” be the right path to redemption.

    My .02

  • hell yea been looking at videos and my hype meter is high been hearing great things about this one..loved the demo as well. Soon It shall be in my hands

  • I hate you Capcom!

    You killed Mega Man X, Breath of Fire, Resident Evil, these being my favorites franchises!

    I don’t buy ANYTHING from you, NOTHING!

    You’re DEAD for me.

  • Well since Capcom might read this here goes my message.
    Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Hideaki Itsuno, come on guys give us Devil May Cry 5. we know you were busy working on Dragons Dogma and Resident Evil 6, therefore you couldn’t work on a proper sequel to DMC4.
    Platinum Games has also offered their help to develop DMC.
    if you guys, Itsuno and kobayashi, could team up with Platinum games (especially Hideki Kamiya) for a proper sequel we would be grateful.
    dont tell me that Bayonetta scared you and thats the reason why you decided to abandon the over the top stylish action…
    Kobayashi and Itsuno, we are counting on you.

  • AGprodigy123 says

    man this game looks great. :)

  • @purse317 I preordered this on the PSN store and it received a midnight release at 12am EST instead of that PST crap. On topic, this game is amazing and is an excellent effort in both action-oriented combat and captivating storytelling. Excellent job Ninja Theory!

  • Sick beat

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