Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt Begins Today

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Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt Begins Today
Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt Begins Today

Hey there, Anthony Burch from Gearbox here! Sir Hammerlock had told me that in the past he wrote his PlayStation fans a letter, so naturally when I mentioned I was writing this blog post he jumped at the opportunity to do it for me. Sucker! He’s all book smarts.

Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

Salutations, Vault Hunters!

Sir Hammerlock here, with a cracking proposal for you. Being the oh-so-well-armed badass you are, you’ve already saved the world, found a pirate’s treasure, and spectacularly murdered your way to the top of a badass leaderboard or two.


Have you – he asked, pausing for dramatic effect – have you ever fought a Stalker the size of a small building? Have you ever fought a mystical shaman bandit who can level up his companions at will? Have you ever hunted down Scaylions, Boroks, Spores and Savages?

As you have not yet joined me on my excursion to the brutal continent of Aegrus, I shall pre-emptively answer on your behalf: “No, Sir Hammerlock,” you say. “I have yet to do any of these things. Pray tell – how could a no-nonsense brigand like myself experience such violent hilarity?”

Glad you asked! My Big Game Hunt starts on January 15th, 2013. Journey with me, and you shall see things the likes of which you’ve never seen before: new vehicles, weapons, skins, heads, and environments – the lot! You may also see a man open-mouth kissing a skag*, but, depending on the life decisions you’ve made, that may well be something you’ve already seen several times before.

Anyhow, this is Sir Hammerlock, once again reminding you: the Borderlands are waiting!

-Sir Hammerlock

*Totally not in the DLC.

Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game HuntBorderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt

An Addendum (the nitty-gritty details):

Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt is the third of four add-on content campaigns for Borderlands 2 and is available individually for $9.99 or as part of the Season Pass. The fourth add-on content campaign will be available by June 2013 and is also part of the Season Pass.

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  • Any chance there’s a raise in level cap? At least some time soon perhaps?

  • Gearbox already stated on their Twitter or FB account (I believe that’s where it was), that there was no planned level cap raise with any of the 4 planned DLC packs. They went on to say that there was a very good chance they would do a cap increase as a completely separate patch once all the campaign DLC was out, as well as possibly announce a second set of DLC. And you should really check out Randy Pitchford’s twitter, if you use it. He’s really good about answering questions, though not always with definite answers. >>>

  • Sweet. Thanks for the info

  • Looking forward to it. Gamebox IMO has the best/fun DLC. Three of them out already and in a short amount of time, that’s how you do DLC.

  • made a typo, meant Gearbox. :)

  • Update the playstation store NOW!!!

  • if they started updating early in the morning like at midnight id probably be making a bunch of impulse buys….so what im hinting is update the store when the products really released id be more willing to buy

  • Will be all over this once they raise the level cap. Until then, I’ll keep my money.

  • I’ll play it once the level cap is raised. I knew I should have waited for the GOTY edition like I did for Borderlands 1. It was excellent to just play the game, then use the DLC to level and finished the DLC and game at full level. I’m burned out on the game replaying to get to full level when the DLC doesn’t scale to level 50.

    I learned my lesson wait for game releases.


    I really enjoyed the writing in the game and would like to commend you on your fine work.

  • You guys do realize that there is so much more to the game once you do get to 50? Just because you’re not leveling up, doesn’t mean it’s over?
    It becomes much more of a strategy game. Having the right equipment or team at the right times makes nothing impossible. I’ve been 50 for months and am still finding better gear and better ways to win. Its about the grind for gear, not experience points.

    If you think you just have to over-level everything to beat this game, or to even have fun, then you’re very mistaken.

    If we do get the level cap increase eventually, I hope that the next season of content scales just like this one.

  • can anyone explain if it was released today then why is it not on the Psn Store.?

    • It’ll hit when PSN updates later this afternoon. Keep your eyes on PS.Blog or @PlayStation on Twitter; we’ll be sure to announce in both places when the update is live.

  • Oh yessss this looks great! I’m so addicted to BL2!! Can’t wait to download this later today!!!!!!!! I’ve got all 5 characters at lvl 50 & I really don’t care about the level cap being raised, I play this game for the loot not the XP.

  • Thx Anthony love the vids love the writing love the game.

  • Same here EBK_JUS. I dont see the new DLC yet either. I have updated the Playstation store and still nothing. I checked for DLC in the game as well. I bought the season pass a while ago and never had this issue with the othe two DLC.

  • yes i logged onto the playstation at 9:00am Central time zone and there was a playstation store update avaliable i downloaded it and now i am on the store looking and there is no DLC available for BL2 under the name of Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt

  • and it is now 10:31am Central time~not^8:32

  • haven’t played this game since 2 weeks after it released. Maybe this dlc will be incentive to go back to it. Still need to finish the main campaign.

  • @katastr0phical1

    Excellent point. I’m done with the main story but still on playthrough two. I want to play the DLC to get a different story or experience, but I read that the max level on the DLC, pirates for example is locked to level 30 (35?). I’m at level 46 why do I want to go through a DLC over leveled? As you said I play for the tactics. When I can stand in the middle of the game and become a bullet sponge and just fire at will, it’s lost the fun.


    The DLC will not be in the store until it publishes later today. When you see a post on the Blog from Grace Chen with the “Store update” then you can go on the PSN store and find the DLC.

  • No skag kissing? What about rakk shagging?


    (sigh)…well, I guess I’ll still download it.

  • LOL! still need to beat the main game XD


  • as usual wondring and waiting for dlc and updates to the store while xbox 360 gets everthing frist and right away gettingb real old fast love my ps3 but tired of everthing comming in second when it comes to dlc store updates map packs for black ops 1 and 2 its always waiting while 360 players enjoy frist

  • @23.. I’m really hoping your grammatically questionable rant was some form of a joke.. Especially the last thing in the list, because that is one of the most ridiculous things someone can say.

  • @23 THIS IS ABOUT BORDERLANDS 2 DLC not about what PS games are needed find a different blog to BS on

  • OMGOSH pleeease update the store soon I can’t wait to download this!! :)

  • It’s up to download now

  • Download and installed…but still can’t play. Not on Fast Travel and I can’t talk to Sir Ham at Badass Crater Bar. Anybody figure out how to play yet?

  • You cannot find it are you sure? The area is called Hunter’s Grotto.

  • Live in England and still no new DLC for borderlands 2 this is stupid Sony sort it out please

  • Can you guys please make Borderlands 2 for the vita i wanna get my Siren to level 50 and it takes to long to do it because I have to take turns with my brother but since i have a vita i would love to just pick up where i left off and get my siren to level 50 faster

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