PSN Community Spotlight – How I Met the Love of My Life

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PSN Community Spotlight – How I Met the Love of My Life

Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our company…wait. No. This isn’t the Mickey Mouse Club. In all seriousness, this is the final iteration of our PSN Community Spotlight. For the unfamiliar, this is where PlayStation gamers would tell their unique stories/experiences/thoughts, as submitted to this section in the PlayStation Community Forums. Those that made it all the way to the PlayStation Blog receive a $50 PlayStation Store voucher via private message on the forums. After this ends, we’ll be putting out a new community-centric post, so keep an eye out for it!

PSN Community: Winscar_Shinobi

Last week we asked for your PlayStation stories, and gamer Winscar_Shinobi wrote in to tell us about how he met the love of his life through the PlayStation Network.

How I Met the Love of My Life

The first day I met my girlfriend, she shot me in the face. With a grenade launcher. Then told me I sucked. It was a bit disheartening.

I was playing MAG, as I had since its launch in 2010. I was a level 70 valor soldier. She was a level 70 SVER hoodie wearing evildoer. I got shot because I was the only man who could get close enough to a bunker to destroy it. She didn’t like that. After the 30 minutes of me getting rocked I got a message from a member of her clan, inviting me to switch sides and join them. I agreed because anything was better than playing solo on valor.

I vetted over to SVER as a little grunt. Needless to say I was impressed when I saw she was an officer in a clan with 300 members.

A few weeks passed, I had gotten familiar with everyone, and to my surprise, out of the blue I received a friend request from her. Needless to say after that day, we spent almost every day playing together and talking, going from MAG to Killzone 3 to Mass Effect 3, and finally onto Starhawk.

We were around the same skill level so we had a competition going, to see who could outscore who. It also started up a team killing war. I “accidentally” shot and killed her once. There was a hysterical argument about it, in which several people said we fought like a married couple. In turn, it became sort of a tradition for me to randomly kill her in a match. Clan members would lack excitement unless we had out little team shoot outs. She never really enjoyed them, but it made everyone laugh when she would yell at me. It was mostly due to my inability to actually talk to women without sounding, well like a gamer nerd. I was just trying to get her attention and I was just really bad at talking unless it involved video game shenanigans.

We even managed to sneak in a competition for Infamous 2. Whoever got the platinum trophy first would win. I admit I had a bit of a head start because I got the game launch day while she had to wait for it in the mail. It was only a one day head start, but I ended up with the Platinum 2 days before her. Despite that she still won’t admit that I won, although she did best me in Skyrim, and about 20 other games. Her 29 Platinums to my… 8. And she won’t let me live it down.

But despite the weirdness of my attention seeking it actually paid off. We started talking to each other outside of gaming. In the beginning it was mostly us talking about games, strategies we could use, and in late 2011 to be specific, her trying to show me how to not die instantly flying in the Starhawk beta. I was actually quite bad at it, still am. She just laughs and kills me with homing missiles now.

But it was on April 1st that I formally asked her to go on a date with me, because little did we know, we actually lived right near each other! So I as the bumbling fool I am I went to ask her out and somehow it came out as “will you marry me.” She simply brushed it off as a April fool’s joke, so I told her to prove it wasn’t, I’d ask her to go out with me every day until she said yes. It didn’t take real long because she said yes the very next day.

The very first day we met in person we had known and talked to each other for over a year, so when we met it was as if we were meeting someone when had known forever. Although after saying hello to each other the first thing she did was inspect my PlayStation for the games and content I had on it. She looked at my old school original PS3 and couldn’t believe it was still running after 5 years. She has a slim PS3 so she hasn’t had much time with the fat PS3s. I suggested dinner and a movie for our first date. She decided a movie, and then come back and play some games. I couldn’t have agreed more on how great an idea that was.

Now any day we can’t spend together we spend playing games together — Starhawk, Dust 514, Borderlands 2. She even convinced me to get Journey and got me to try out the God of War series for the very first time. Come to think of it, a big reason I got Starhawk was in order for me to play with her. Turns out I had a great time with the game, and now have the PSN version.

This past week was my birthday and to my surprise she got me the God of War collection as well as a Borderlands 2 shirt that I just loved. I also was given PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. She challenged me to a fight. First it was best of 3. Then best of 5. Suddenly it was 1 a.m. and it was best of 307. She just wouldn’t admit that my Raiden was better than her Big Daddy.

If it wasn’t for PlayStation then I wouldn’t have met the girl that I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I wouldn’t have such a great co-op partner who can read my mind as well as she can. And if it wasn’t for MAG I would never have known PhoenixArcher128. We will be together 9 months come January 2nd 2013 and it’s thanks to our PlayStation 3’s that no matter how far we are from each other, we will never be apart.

Thanks for writing in Winscar_Shinobi! Hope you’ve all enjoyed reading your fellow community members’ stories.

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  • Looks like a good read. :)

  • why in the name of pancakes this just does not work for me :( every girl i met in real life thinks gaming is for kids and psn pftt no one even rplys back ( forever alone )

  • Such a awesome story!

  • Damn I was right. I also made some good friends on MAG that why I’m wishing for a MAG2. Best multiplayer shooter I played.

  • Awww that’s so sweet… most the time I get those guys that tell us girls to get back into the kitchen pfft

  • This story is so heartwarming…

    …also makes me want to play MAG again lol.

  • Kinda makes me wish I had tried MAG, not because I’m desperate for a girl but because you make it sound like a game with real community. I generally shy away from FPS because unless you’re good at FPS most people will consider you garbage and treat you as such.

  • Sad to see it go away.. Thank you kristine. maybe you guys can start something else. and congrts to shinobi

  • @ 5

    Times have changed teatera

  • @randomwolf

    I’m terrible at competitive FPS games, but I routinely came first in MAG. This is because the game had different roles than just shooting and by playing as a medic I was able to find my niche among the 255 other players all vying for the top spot.

    I’m not sure how active the game community is anymore, but it’s definitely one of my favourite shooters. If you can find a copy I recommend it – though it does have a steep learning curve!

  • @Akibara12

    Then its just my bad luck to keep finding them hahaha

  • “Although after saying hello to each other the first thing she did was inspect my PlayStation for the games and content I had on it.”

    This is so funny.

    As I was reading, I was starting to wonder how would meet. Were you living in different states/cities? But it turned out that you lived close to each other. Congratz, this is usually something that does not happen often. Guys usually try to hit on gamer girls when playing online and that I suppose scared them. I hope your love would last for the rest of your lives :)

  • Great read to end the spotlight on. I play with my wife often enough for her who is a non-gamer but she does enjoy games with little competitiveness such as Journey or Walking Dead.

  • I’m sad to see this feature go. It’s been one of my favorite features about the blog, and I hope that someday it’ll come back.

    That said, this was definitely a high note on which to end the series. A funny, happy story. I wish them both well.

  • Great story. Good choice for closing the spotlight feature.
    I hope the author and the love of his life have a real future together.
    You (the writer) sound young. Just remember, if it doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world.

  • My Love of My Life is my…PS3!!! :D :D :D & before that my PS2 & before that my PS1!!! :D D :D

  • Great story Winscar. It really is great having a gaming partner. My partner of 2 years is also as big a Playstation gamer as I am. After being with women in the past who hated my gaming, threatened to stand on my console, and just generally made me feel restricted in my gaming time, the partner I have now is so awesome, she plays as much if not more than me and has never complained about how much time I have spent gaming (even joins me on some multiplayers). Your story Winscar was a really nice read :)

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words :D

  • Wait, I forgot. Was this before I was in BHD? Phoenix was the #1 girl in that game (On par with SovietGirl) and I remember when I had the hardest of times getting her since i was always nubtubed. (NubTube is a MAG term). I remember getting into BHD through the forums and pilgrim. Those two got along great! I’ve never seen such a competitive duo. They make a great couple!

    [BHD]Nitroz76 (OIC From Hell)

  • That very nice! I almost have me a Playstation 3 girlfriend until my real girlfriend kept asking queston. Im happy for you.

  • very nice story, i’ve had a few gfs I met on PSN pretty much all on Home, my most recent one lasted a yr & a half…2 occasions we were close to meeting in RL but we had money trouble, we’re not together anymore but will still talk a bit…I do believe shes my one

  • LOL@16 :p

    I’m jealous of these two :( practically every girl I’ve dated has been anti-gaming like #17 posted. I want to meet a girl as passionate about gaming as me that I’ll be attracted to and is genuinely nice and funny and lives near me :/ ugh :(

  • This is a truly great story, proof that video game-playing nerds like myself still have a chance at finding true love. Although I know that they are out there in droves, I have yet to meet a woman who loves video gaming as much as I do. Most women will talk to a nerd like me, but then completely ignore me as soon as they see some block-headed pillar of testosterone coming down the pike!

  • @17 and 22

    Yeah. My 1st GF was also anti-gaming. I tried to play with her LBP but she simply didn’t like to game. My 2nd and current GF isn’t much into gaming, but she has a gaming history and when she plays with me at home, she has beaten me in Street Fighter and LBP Karting. We were at at the mall, and she wanted to play some arcade games. After we run out of coins, a guy invited us to play with him because it seems he had to go(not sure, was too loud to hear) and he wanted to use all the coins he could before leaving. He was playing King of Fighters and my GF almost beat him, she managed to beat 2 of his characters. The guy quickly left so I took his place, and I only managed to beat one of my GF’s characters. Although she isn’t much into gaming, I’m glad she isn’t anti-gaming.

  • I want this in my life…
    I need this in my life…
    Come put this in my life…
    I’m a keep it in my life…. and old song that felt right saying at the moment.

    LOL This was a great story. Maybe I’ll get lucky, and find something like this in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn…

    I had a story similar to this in FFXI, but due to Hurricane Katrina I never heard from them again. I had thought about doing the story to share on here for this feature, but it isn’t a feel good story, more of a sad unfinished story.

  • great story and cool opener :) hope to encounter you in GOW MP :)

  • Man I can’t help but feel a little bit jealous

  • This is funny because i know both of them via the starhawk forums

  • This is an awesome story. I spent tons of time playing MAG with everyone from BHD and both Phoenix and Winscar were always awesome to play with. I stopped playing most competitve games but still talk to Phoenix on occasion and have always thought she was an excellent gamer and person in general and Im happy for both of them that they were able to find each other doing something they both love so much.

  • Skyrim for playstation plus please.

  • Love at first click.

  • Don’t tell me; she was an Officer of the SVER Clan PRO. I am one of their elite members, will also be playing with them once Dust 514 releases to the public.

  • nice story ^_^

  • Always love reading these stories, my own brother met his girlfriend over Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 as she sniped the f**k out of him.

  • As I kept reading, i keep thinking to myself “hes talking about pheonixarcher, he is totally talking about pheonix” and I was right. Anyway, that was a very sweet story. I’m a bit jealous to be honest, you meet a real hardcore gamer girl(not the damn causual COD girls who think they’re gamers) that kicked your ass you ended going going out with you. That’s exactly how I wanted to meet my special someone.

  • Nice story, but this doesnt happens too often.

  • It shows love has no limits on person type

  • @35 – Heh, I was thinking the same thing. “Huh, ‘How I Met the Love of My Life’…Winscar_Shinobi, wait, Winscar from MAG? Wasn’t he in BHD? There’s only one person he can be talking about…”

    Good story, Winscar. Congrats on the relationship.

  • That was a good read, I met my now wife on an online dating site, and the night we started talking I told her I was playing PS3. She told me she had one, and we both owned Marvel vs Capcom 2. We spent a good many hours that night talking while brawling relentlessly in the game. I’m pretty sure I won more than she did though, which is fair, because in life she seems to win more than I did. But then again, I got her!

  • Sweet story. Online gaming is all about community (to me at least.. and competition). It makes me wonder why more developers don’t capitalize on this to put it simply, and make games where you can play with people from your same state…. Lobbies for people from california, lobbies for people from texas, etc…… would be nice, because the more local gamer friends we’ve got the better!!!! Socom US Navy Seals and MAG (I think) also had lobbies that were sorted by region “US West, US East, US Central” etc… but it would be nice to narrow it down even further too.

    Just throwing ideas out… just think about it.. imagine a sports game where you could play 5 people that are FROM one state / city against 5 others from another state / city… a REAL rivalry…. ;) Stuff like that… there is a lot of innovation to be had in the online gaming space community wise. Socom was one of the most advanced online games on the PS2, and yet they’ve gone BACKWARDS with the PS3 versions of the games. No lobbies anymore to hang out in on Socom 4.. etc…

  • Anyway, again- very sweet story and very well written too.

    PS: Give socom a try if you haven’t… VERY team oriented just like MAG is (it’s made by the same company), but way smaller maps. More about small squad tactics.

  • well i think i found my soulmate she is on psn x-zombie-x-slaya or xxvgIscopezxx she lives in kentucky i live in canada ontario im older by 6 months but the way you do seperate countries is one will have to move eventually she says she wants to move to canada my last one was jvlopez23 she was in california and she was against moving to canada i met her playing black ops but didn’t date her till cod mw3 i met my girlfriend when i was playing mw3 cause the black ops 2 servers were down 1 month tomorrow

  • also i was born in finland helsinki

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