New on Music and Video Unlimited

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New on Music and Video Unlimited

This week, we’ve added a number of new albums to the Music Unlimited service. You can get the entire download on the Sony Entertainment Network blog here. Highlights this week include:

Dropkick Murphys – SIGNED and SEALED in BLOOD

It’s lucky number 8’s for Dropkick Murphys, as their eighth studio album hits on the 8th of January, one of the first major releases of 2013. The punk rock stalwarts are a definitive brand in the genre and after 2010’s concept album, Going Out in Style, fans are given the classic Dropkick sound with this latest effort. “The Boys Are Back,” with their brand of Celtic-inspired punk about getting into trouble with booze, girls, parties and even a belated Christmas song about a dysfunctional family gathering. A New Year calls for some light-hearted optimism and this album is all about fun.

If You Like: Flogging Molly, Rancid, Social Distortion
Recommended Track: “The Season’s Upon Us”

Hollywood Undead – Notes from the Underground

After breaking through in the height of the MySpace Music craze, Hollywood Undead has been steadily enjoying multi-plantinum success throughout the years, in spite of losing their singer, Aron “Deuce” Erlichman and replacing him with Daniel “Danny” Murillo (who dropped out of American Idol for the gig) and a few other changes. Always treading the line between rock, rap & metal, this album leans more melodic, even with the rap verses. Catch them on tour starting tonight in Los Angeles and rounding out the month in Toronto.

If You Like: P.O.D., Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit
Recommended Track: “We Are”

Conor Maynard – Contrast

After riding a wave of success overseas, British pop singer Conor Maynard has made his way to the states and is ready to charm your younger sister and her friends. Make no mistake though, Maynard is not just another Bieber look-alike. His music has the gold stamp of producers like Pharrell and features appearances by Ne-Yo and equally buzzworthy UK export Rita Ora. His pop instinct mixed with beats for the dub-step generation make him a shoe-in for the next big thing in 2013.

If You Like: Justin Timberlake, Adam Lambert, Justin Bieber
Recommended Track: “Vegas Girl”

End of Watch

On the video side, there is a lot to enjoy this week on the Video Unlimited service and inside the PlayStation Store.

First, from the writer of Training Day comes End of Watch, a riveting cop drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña who must deal with the violent backlash after exposing members of a drug cartel.

Then, the animated monster movie Hotel Transylvania is available starting today in standard 2D or stunning, eye-popping 3D. Witness as Dracula, who operates a resort for monsters away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy stumbles upon the resort and falls in love with the count’s teenaged daughter. Both movies are available roughly two to three weeks before arriving on DVD/Blu-ray discs, so don’t wait and own your digital copy today.

Other notable new movie releases include Dredd, Frankenweenie (2012), and Death Race 3: Inferno, with House At The End Of The Street and Hit and Run (2012) newly available to rent.

In the TV section, get amped for Justified as it returns for its fourth season tonight on FX with the 1st episode available to own the day after it airs on the Video Unlimited service. This means you can own the episode beginning tomorrow, January 9th. And spoiler alert! The first episode has Raylan running down a vicious fugitive then finding evidence his family is at the center of a legendary unsolved mystery…

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  • monthly subscription service with playstation plus included somehow, thank you.

  • Why is the Journey soundtrack not on Music Unlimited?

  • I hope Music Unlimited to be available soon in Mexico…I missed the big plus discount because it´s not available in my region…

  • Yea!!! Dropkick Murphys!
    Will us Canadians get the new album of Yellow Card – Southern Air one day?
    US as it :(
    I’ll send you some poutine and pancakes if you make it happen!

  • When will the Music Unlimited Android App be updated to work on Android 4.2? I have a new Nexus 7 that I would love to be able to use that App on!

  • Mr. jeff i have a question and i hope you’ll reply.

    i have been downloading videos from the PSN for a long time and i prefer it better than streaming videos online (do to buffering and all that), but sadly in the long run there’s problems.

    1) downloading videos requires GB’s and the PS3 is pretty limited depending on which model (i have the 320GB i think)
    2)if a video gets deleted you can no longer download it again for free… you have to pay again…

    so to avoid this i have purchased a PS certified external hard drive to save my videos but more draw backs arrive.

    the external hard drive
    1) doesn’t seem to put the videos in a organize matter or in categories (of choice)
    2)backing up only videos

  • *Question
    by any chance will you guys create a cloud storage or external storage for videos. i’m in a situation were i have over 200 videos with maybe $300^money spent on videos and i really want my videos to be saved… also my PS3 seem to be getting old since it’s having a hard time reading disks… i’ll purchase another one but of course the PS4 is on the rise… so please take into consideration about a Cloud store or external storage for videos. if so and money is require to use the service it’s all good for me. i’m a PS+ costumer and if paying extra to keep my videos safe it’s all good for me.

    *please consider these features for it
    1) Organization/ just like i try to organize my comment which allows you to read it easily, please do the same with the videos…. and the download list from the store while you’re at it…
    2) saving multiple videos at once

    Thanks ;)

  • Hi Jeff, I’ve been looking all week for the newest episode of Young Justice Season 2. It was episode 10, and aired last Saturday (1/5/13). Will it be added soon, as will upcoming episodes?

  • Jeff Safran would it be possible too see what people are watching, like how you can see what people are playing on the ps3??? Make it happen..

  • @9 … why? and as long as it’s optional i guess

  • Music Unlimited – some of the albums eg TI – isnt clear! there is distortion when you listening to the some of the newer albums. Plus u cant create Station!! I tried to create channels based on the artist i liked and i m unable to do so. It’s hard to find recent popular songs by certain artists!! It’s not a smmothe system at all, either through the ps3 or the iphone – esp the iphone!! please fix these problems!!!

  • @ ps_n_blog_ac (6 and 7)
    What Sony really needs to do is integrate Video Unlimited with the Ultraviolet system ( Ultraviolet is operated by a consortium (much like the Blu-ray Disc Association) of content creators and distributors (major Hollywood Studios), consumer electronic companies and other industry partners, called the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem, of which Sony is a founding member.

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