MLB 13 The Show Cover Showdown Heats Up

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MLB 13 The Show Cover Showdown Heats Up

This past week has been a whirlwind for MLB 13 The Show. We kicked off our first-ever cover contest on Monday and the response has been overwhelming. So far, over 300,000 votes have been cast in the cover showdown and over 750,000 total tweets from fans have been sent in support of their athlete.

Don’t forget, you have until 5:00pm PST Friday, January 11th to cast a vote. Voting takes place at, where you can send a tweet or make a Facebook post in support of your favorite player. You can also vote directly from twitter, just by including an athlete’s unique hashtag in any tweet.

All seven of the cover candidates have been getting the word out of why you should vote for them on their social platforms. Celebrities have even taken sides to get their favorite player to be on the cover of The Show including Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, television personality Larry King, film director Spike Lee, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, chef and television personality Anthony Bourdain, and Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Kobe Bryant.

The current leader, Pittsburgh Pirates’ outfielder, Andrew McCutchen (#MLB13Cutch) hosted an ESPN chat on Wednesday to talk to fans about why he’s the best option for the cover of MLB 13 The Show.

New York Yankees’ starting pitcher, CC Sabathia (#MLB13CC), was at ESPN all day on Wednesday to talk about why he should be on the cover. He sat down with fans to talk about The Show.

Even Vibe has gotten involved pushing for people to vote for Los Angeles Dodgers’ Matt Kemp (#MLB13Kemp) to be on the cover.

Washington Nationals’ outfielder Bryce Harper (#MLB13Harper) joined PlayStation at CES this week in Las Vegas to tell everyone at the conference to vote for him.

Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers has even gotten his local beat reporter to get out the word on his campaign.

San Francisco Giants’ catcher Buster Posey (#MLB13Buster) and Milwaukee Brewers’ outfielder Ryan Braun (#MLB13Braun) both spoke to Jon Robinson of ESPN about how they have each dreamed about being on the cover a video game since they were kids.

Visit to choose who you want to be on the cover of The Show. After you vote, you’ll get the running tally of who is currently in the lead. For more information about MLB 13 The Show, visit,, and @mlbtheshow on Twitter.

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  • *cough* Cross Buy *cough*

  • I would love to see this be a cross buy title. Other than that this will be a great year for baseball.

  • confirmed at CES no cross buy

  • I voted for McCutchen…he is the best cover…he must win.Also his videos are the best.

  • Kemp all the way!!!

  • I’m sorry, but why the heck isn’t Trout even listed? He should be on the list and in first place. He is the best and it isn’t even close.

  • Oh and no crossbuy means no buy. I can miss a few years in between sports games. I currently do at least 2 years between Madden titles. Not much changes

  • My vote goes to Mike Trout. I won’t buy this game unless you can give me a GOOD reason he isn’t on the list. He doesn’t have to win the contest but he should have been one of our choices. Stop overhyping Bryce Harper and ignoring the better player.

  • It’s kinda lame how you can only vote with Twitter or Facebook, neither of which I have.

    More importantly, it’s kinda lame how this seems to be the only new thing about MLB ’13 The Show. Still no information on new features or improvements, so is it fair to say there are none? A re-branded MLB ’12, as it were? If Harper ends up on the cover, I’ll probably get a copy (a little foolish on my part, maybe, but true nonetheless), but other than that I’ve been given no real reason to upgrade. Terrible advertising on your part, guys. Just sayin’.

    • @jqtaxpayer – This past week at CES in Las Vegas, we debuted Cross-Play in Home Run Derby mode. Over the next 2 weeks, many new features will be unveiled.

  • Can two friends play against 2 other friends online? Like FIFA?

  • Can we Bautista?

    I’d much rather have Bautista…

    at-least for us Canadians, again.

  • No Cross Buy = No buy for me, and with the insult of not selecting Cabrera as the only choice just reinforces that decision. Last year I bought both, this year, none. I can hold on this year with my old copies for both platforms. Hope you learn Sony, next year try again and see if I care.

  • not even having trout among candidates was a surefire way of losing customers. i have purchased every mlb series game since the first one but this insult is the final straw for me to move to xbox once they come out with a new console. what stupidity by the mlb and sony!

  • @13
    Wow you are seriously going to move to the junkbox just because of a cover athlete??? What kind of baseball fan/gamer are you? Me thinks you’re just a bad troll. Stop getting you’re panties in a bunch people. Cover athlete doesn’t dictate game quality. We all know MLB The Show is by far the best baseball game out there, regardless if Justin Bieber is on the cover or Bugs Bunny.

  • Only Posey and Cabrera from that list are worthy candidates.

  • @EricSmith: Thanks for the reply — I’ll keep my ear to the ground for new announcements.

    @15: Granted, Cabrera probably deserved it more than anybody on the list (first batting triple crown since Yaz), but to say that, for example, McCutchen didn’t deserve it at all is plain ignorant. There’s more to baseball than the postseason, and a LOT more to baseball than who was in the World Series.

  • Leaving the cover up to the fans to decide was a bad idea.
    People will vote for someone they don’t even care about, just so the “other guy” on that-team-they-hate won’t be on the cover…
    Having the fans decide is just a weak way of tossing the job on their shoulders so you guys don’t get upset fans asking you “Why did you put HIM on the cover?”
    Now you can just fold your arms and say “Well, the ‘fans’ voted on it.”

  • Cc for cover!

  • @17: Frankly, I’m surprised that Pittsburgh had enough of a fan base to participate. That said, I would have been comfortable with any of these picks (well, except for the prospect of putting a New York Yankee on there). I’m surprised by some of the candidates, though. Not that I’m a fan of his, but I can only assume RA Dickey was overlooked for not being terribly photogenic?

  • @17 i dont know i like the fact that someone random can get in. Usually the sports teams like flashy here and now players and some of them do not hold up looking back on the years. I like the fact the Browns fans put a no named RB a couple years ago.

    Personally I think they should have multiple players on the cover.

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