Table Ice Hockey for PS Vita Available on PSN Now

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Table Ice Hockey for PS Vita Available on PSN Now

Table Ice Hockey on PS Vita

Great news hockey fans: the NHL lockout seems to have been resolved! To get you back into the skating and ice-based brawling spirit, we’re pleased to present Table Ice Hockey — exclusively for PlayStation Vita.

We’ve aimed for an easy-to-play arcade feel that anyone can pick up and get into, coupled with a great visual look.

Play against the computer in Solo mode, or in a 16-team international tournament to take on the very best in the world. Alternatively, challenge your friends and play ad-hoc multiplayer on two PS Vitas, for that ultimate clash of sticks feel.

Table Ice Hockey on PS VitaTable Ice Hockey on PS Vita

Spend time in the locker room editing your team’s kits, names, numbers, logos and player names to create your very own team to take on friends, family and those tournament bruisers. And speaking of bruising, Ice Hockey wouldn’t be Ice Hockey without some knuckle shredding, tooth loosening punch-ups and Table Ice Hockey sees plenty of those as teams use tactics fair and foul to win.

Using PS Vita’s AR technology, you become the cameraman — zooming in to get so close to the action you can almost feel the ice splinters coming off the skates. When the gloves come off and the teeth start flying, you can get up close and personal in more ways than one with your opponent. This same AR technology lets you watch as your table top changes before your eyes into a crowded Ice Hockey arena, full of fans waiting to share the action with you.

All this and lightning fast gameplay for only $1.99, available for a smooth as ice download right now!

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  • Looks cool, might check it out.

  • This actually is pretty fun, even if I can’t score. . .

    • Play the lower ranked teams to sharpen your skills before taking on the top teams…..better players and more difficult to score against.

  • Multiplayer, that was the deciding point and for 2 bucks why not. How did you manage that price point? Is this a PS Mobile title?

    • Multiplayer is a great addition to play with family and friends, Table Ice Hockey isn’t a PS Mobile title it was developed for PS Vita platform.

  • Wat. “Punch-ups?”

  • We can edit our teams? Looks like I’ll be making sports greatest team THE VANCOUVER CANUCKS.

    Question: are there trophies?

    (Go Canucks!)

  • why can’t we have a trading card game like yu-gi-oh that utilize AR functions, this type of game bores me.

  • i hope not too many fouls lol. cant be giving away a decent win. But im going to pick it up. new jersey devils fab here :)

    vp – psn legioniare group

  • The Vita was in serious need of a hockey game. Good, portable hockey games are as rare as Unicorns these days. Wish it wasn’t an AR game, but the price point can’t be argued with. I’ll be giving it a shot for sure.

    • I agree that the needed a hockey game on the Vita. Having the AR aspect really brings Table Ice Hockey to life, you can play from any angle and be as close or far away as you want (within the AR Play range)…..having the ice hockey arena on a coffee or kitchen table is a really cool.

  • okay is anyone else really confused? I’ve had this on my PS Vita for like….3 months

  • Love my Vita, but when I bought it I was taking a bit of a leap of faith that there would eventually be an NHL game on it. Gonna pick this up, hope it’s a good hockey fix, and keep my fingers crossed for the future.

    • You won’t be disappointed with Table Ice Hockey, great game at a great price and with the lockout still in force until Jan19th, this will help your hockey fix and fill that gap.

  • @Ahkiva – I’m glad I’m not alone. Yes, as far as I know this game has been out for quite a while. I’m not sure where this blog post came from, other than to just promote the game, which is really weird.

  • @10 @12 Im wondering to about this Post to. LOL

    • Also @10 @12

      You are all correct, this was released on the US PSN Store in October, this was a very busy time period for Playstation titles in general, so it may not have been picked up on. With the lockout looking to be resolved soon, this is the perfect time to get this on everyones radar again…..hope you enjoy Table Ice Hockey and the new season.

  • Lets go Islanders!!!!!!

    I’m all over this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @2 …. that’s also what you say when your on a date with a hot chick.

  • trophies

    i see that its been out since sept 2012, but i’ve never seen it until now. had my vita in july.

  • No official NHL license, which means I can recreate the Maple Leafs and they can laughably terrible here also.

  • Awesome, Hockey. Why can’t I see just once a hockey video game without the fights. I would buy a boxing game if I wanted the fights.

    Before you ask, yes, I watch games all the time and rarely see a fight, so don’t give me the they always fight it’s part of hockey routine.

  • @10 @12 @13 Wondering the same thing here. This has been on the Vita for a while, yet only now there’s a post promoting it?

    The game was even in the holiday AR bundle, which was how I got it, and it’s certainly fun! I really like the AR tech on the Vita, and I hope there’s more games that uses it in the future…

  • cant be as good as the hockey in putt putt saves the zoo. that polar bear knew how to slap it

  • Heck, might as well get it. Kind of wish AR was just an option though since I don’t usually have enough space in my room to set up the cards.

  • I think they made this blog post now because:
    #1 – There wasn’t one before.
    #2 – The NHL is starting.

    The game does have trophies and ad-hoc multiplayer. One of the trophies requires ad-hoc play.

  • wow customize your own team! I might check this out.

  • @17

    what do you expect for 2 bucks with multiplayer XD

  • Good game. Would be better if it was AR cardless

  • Nice, yet another AR game :):)

  • @ 7 – Folklore_Legendz

    There is an AR game like that for the PS Vita but it’s currently only on PSP. They just put them on the EU PSN, It may get a new release in Europe also, the game is called Invizimals. It’s getting it’s own animated show in Europe because it was such a popular series there.

    It’s like Pokemon with AR.

  • Why are there reviews on Youtube from October? Was this game on PSN and taken off? Did it take longer for the game to come to the NA market?

    • Table Ice Hockey was originally released in October, due to a very busy period for Playstation games this may have been missed by some people. Good to see that people are aware of it more now, especially with the NHL season still in lockout until the weekend :-)

  • @27: I really hope they make a new Invizimals for the PS Vita, because it would be perfect for Vita. No need for some camera attachment here! :D sidenote; the Invizimals costumes for LittleBigPlanet are some of my favorites. <3

    @28: Nope, the game is just being advertised here. I don't see a problem with it. Clearly tons of people didn't see it in the store when it was added, so it gives the game more attention to those who didn't see it and may want to buy it.

  • Does this require AR?

  • @#30
    In a word. “Yes”.

  • they should make free games like temple run they already made jetpack joyride for free why stop?

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