Table Ice Hockey for PS Vita Available on PSN Now

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Table Ice Hockey for PS Vita Available on PSN Now

Table Ice Hockey on PS Vita

Great news hockey fans: the NHL lockout seems to have been resolved! To get you back into the skating and ice-based brawling spirit, we’re pleased to present Table Ice Hockey — exclusively for PlayStation Vita.

We’ve aimed for an easy-to-play arcade feel that anyone can pick up and get into, coupled with a great visual look.

Play against the computer in Solo mode, or in a 16-team international tournament to take on the very best in the world. Alternatively, challenge your friends and play ad-hoc multiplayer on two PS Vitas, for that ultimate clash of sticks feel.

Table Ice Hockey on PS VitaTable Ice Hockey on PS Vita

Spend time in the locker room editing your team’s kits, names, numbers, logos and player names to create your very own team to take on friends, family and those tournament bruisers. And speaking of bruising, Ice Hockey wouldn’t be Ice Hockey without some knuckle shredding, tooth loosening punch-ups and Table Ice Hockey sees plenty of those as teams use tactics fair and foul to win.

Using PS Vita’s AR technology, you become the cameraman — zooming in to get so close to the action you can almost feel the ice splinters coming off the skates. When the gloves come off and the teeth start flying, you can get up close and personal in more ways than one with your opponent. This same AR technology lets you watch as your table top changes before your eyes into a crowded Ice Hockey arena, full of fans waiting to share the action with you.

All this and lightning fast gameplay for only $1.99, available for a smooth as ice download right now!

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