PlayStation Blogcast 058: Sleeper Hit

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PlayStation Blogcast 058: Sleeper Hit
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Welcome back to the stage of history! On today’s very special episode of PlayStation Blogcast, we discuss the first alarmingly big release week of the year between dMc and a certain long-awaited club that PS Vita owners can shortly be members of. We also share the rest of the new PSN and retail releases for next Tuesday, January 15th, take some new voice mails and User Queries, our experiences with Far Cry 3 and the God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta, discuss our all-time favorite game collector’s editions and more.

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Please tell me you guys are planning to offer Ni No Kuni day 1 on psn? Theres too many shooter and action games being offered that way and not many rpgs. In fact there aren’t many jrpgs on psn store period. :(

  • You have one more Podcast before Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch releases. Will we hear a podcast that talks about the game before the release, other than that it’s coming out Tuesday the 22nd?

    Also, tell Sony they should release the blue Vita with the Sly Cooper Thieves in Time Bundle and not the black one. North America and Europe loves new colors, just as much as Japan.

    • I don’t think any of us have really played it beyond a bit of the demo, but I’ll definitely be checking out the final game! Justin too, I would imagine. So I’m sure we’ll be talking about it more eventually.

  • Actually, you guys were right. Vita version of Mortal Kombat got a price drop from $29.99 to $19.99 this week. PS3 regular version is still $29.99. The store post was wrong.

  • So I just left the EU blog looking at there instant games collection why can’t we get Knytt or Guardians of Middle Earth or Mortal Kombat for Vita.

  • Nick or Sid is BioShock one that comes with BioShock infinite on disk or is it a download?

  • ya the vita instant game collection is getting low. Any chance that the vita will get more instant games. I only have a PSVITA so im always looking foward to more games added to the instant game collection

  • Legend’s have it that there is a family of cats living in Nick Suttners beard.

  • Please post info on PSASBR DLC.

    pls respond

  • Gah! I know I’ve heard that mystery theme before. This is killing me. I’m usually good with this.

  • Great show guys.

  • Not trying to be repetitive here with others, but I really want to know if Ni No Kuni will be a PSN day 1 purchase. I have some money in the hopper and want to know whether I should spend it on something else of if I will be putting towards the future great rpg! Give me some good news!

  • Ni No Kuni should be have a Day 1 Remote Play option for Vita. Perfect RPG for Vita. Please make it happen Sony. Or give word on why you can’t.

  • @5 Should be on disc, but not sure.

    @4 Licensing.

  • Always looking forward to Thursday’s when I can hear this. Keep up the fantastic work guys.

    I’d love to see a SpaceStation Frogcast logo be made.

    • Thanks much! I would love to see that made too. Perhaps by someone in our devoted, talented audience? Who said you were vagabonds!? Nobody!

  • Great episode this week, personally enjoy the 1 hour shows where you guys don’t ramble on sometimes.. My personal favorite game in the DMC series is DMC3 and I’ve never played DMC2 which seems like I didn’t miss much.

    • Thanks! I remarked afterward how we’re usually within a minute or two of 1:15 and were closer to an hour this week, so I guess we cut out 15 minutes of nonsense along the way?

  • Will Aram be Jeff’s permanent replacement or that will change from time to time? Just wondering because he’s great!

  • Just an FYI, the “Send us questions and tips” for some reason links you to a polygon article about the Bioshock 1 & 2 bundle.

    • That’s just Sid’s way of keeping you guys on your toes. Will a random couple words link to something totally unrelated sometimes? Only one way to find out!

  • @Nick Last week was great also, just that 2 hours show seems like a tough pill to swallow.. there’s only so much Sid you can manage! ;) I usually split the 2 hours episodes in two days.

  • so far i’m enjoying God of war sadly i still have one of those fat TV’s so i can’t really read the small words… Regardless, nick by any chance can you read my PS.share ideas i think one of them might be useful for the PS community but needs more attention on it.

    Thanks :)

  • Hey blogcast its cody from last week……still unsure about persona, i was not aware of the turn based part and thats kind of a tipping point for me lol……. soul sacrifice though!

  • Dear Sony, Give us Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on PSN

  • Dear Sony. Please take my money! I want to download Ni No Kuni: on PSN

  • @19 yea same for me too. its kinda turned me away from trying it out because of it

  • Awesome podcast, and you guys read my email! Sorry for the crappy spacing, I was emailing by phone XD.

  • Devil May Cry 1 is my favourite game of all time, and of the most important action games ever made. Each sequel, (even the dissapointing DMC 2), made innovations in terms of control ( DMC 2 wall running, evading), and innovations in combat ( DMC 3, first action game to allow switching of weapons seamlessly within combos), and pushed the entire action/combat genre forward. DMC 4 was just DMC 3 with an HD visual upgrade, so that was good, but not great.

    Now flash forward a few years and Capcom confirms a new DMC game is coming. Everyone anticipates DMC 5! What do the fans get? A reboot…

    Any action game that does not revolutionise or evolve the action/combat genre does Not deserve the name ‘Devil May Cry’.

  • From everything I’ve played, leaked reviews I’ve read, ( It’s scoring well, so congrats to Ninja Theory ) and info I’ve seen online, there is nothing about this game that pushes the action genre forward . There are no new action mechanics, even worse it was simplified for the casual audience….

    Biggest dissapointment I’ve had since that terrible Dragonball movie, man. This is why so many fans are still bitter to this day, the reboot appears unnecessary.

    Suffice it to say, I’ll wait for Metal Gear Rising, a truly “Innovative” action game. Finally a game that pushes the genre forward, the sword swipes and combat can impact the environment ( finally!) and you can literally Slice almost anything with satisfying physics. Even the sword swipes have weight to them, very meticulous. Now that is innovation! I tip my hat to Platinum games, Inaba, and to Hideki Kamiya the father of DMC.

    Maybe one day we’ll get a true sequel worthy of the DMC name

    P.S. New Year, New Avatar :P aaaand love the blogcast as usual.

  • @26: I read your first paragraph about DMC not pushing the genre forward and I was ready to respond with, “That’s because Platinum Games are busy doing that”. Then I read the rest of your post and ya beat me to it! Good to see others giving Platinum Games the shout outs they deserve.

  • “Welcome back to the stage of history!”

    …I see what you did there. I haven’t listened yet, but I wonder if you guys talk about the game in question (Soulcalibur series)?

  • @25 YES! I completely agree with every single word you said. The new DmC is actually pretty decent, but it could’ve been so much more compared to the improvements of the previous games. Plus, the new Dante has ZERO class and charisma, he’s just an arrogant punk now, kinda reflects today’s generation which is a shame.

  • nick will you update your pic so we may see your magnificent beard

  • Hah, love the joking around about the beard, Um… I’m tuning in this week, was a little bit questionable about last week for the plus subject. but I’ll see what’s going on for this week. Listening now…

  • Honestly I will say this, I am a new listener for a few posts and not really familar with the start up music, Have to say I wasn’t paying attention to my ps3 at the moment and thought my controller went bizurk on me. haha

  • I feel like I’m listening to the Sony version of The big bang theory cast. haha. With no Sheldon.
    Also I thought Zero Dark Thirty came out few weeks ago too, Dec. 19th same as the release of the DLC for MoH.
    Keep it up the good work.

  • Always enjoy listening to the blogcast when I have to organize my room/office. Even the most tedious tasks are fun when listening to great shows like this one.

  • I just noticed I can’t find the hyperballoid hd dlc on the store anymore. Is it no longer available

  • Ive got a dumb question. Who do I email about the mystery theme? I recognized this one immediately when I heard it. I would lover to be able to try to win the prize :)
    Love the podcast. I have been looking for a weekly podcast ever since feedback went down. You guys do a great job covering Sony. Keep it up, and keep telling me how to spend my money for my ps3 and vita haha.

  • can you guys give out one more pre order code for PlayStation all-stars battle Royal ?

  • @Glidethefirst – ah congrats I wish I knew it haha. but you email the blog email with it.

    They put it in the post I assume every week.

    Always feel good to lend out a helping hand, whatever code you get I hope it’s a good one

  • @Glide – My first comment is awaiting moderation so I don’t know if you’ll receive it in time but congrats I wish I knew it. But the e-mail is right under “the stuff we talked about” box – always feels good to lend out a helping hand

  • I hope you guys talk about Ni no Kuni a lot in the coming months after it’s release, because I want it to do well and anything is better than nothing. Because if it does well, we’ll see more of the series. D:<

  • please give out although code for PlayStation all-stars battle royal ….. please

  • @DonkeyKongKilla Thank you for the help. I sent in my response on Friday evening. I haven’t heard anything back from them yet, so either everyone knew the song this week, or my message is yet too be read. I’ll let you know if I win anything. Thank you again.

  • @Glide – not a problem at all. I’m not sure but they probably wont look at it until tomorrow or the day that they record the blogcast because they do have other roles in the company to attend to you know. But I always try to help out with questions.

  • ahh i want a complete refund for my season pass on psn for dlc i dont want it anymore u guys will never see any money from me and my friends and false advertising zombies nuketown is horrible please reply i have season pass under different name thanks

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