Crafting the Horrifying World of Siren, Out on PSN Tuesday

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Crafting the Horrifying World of Siren, Out on PSN Tuesday
Siren for PSN (PS2 Classic)

The SIREN project started in the autumn months of the new 21st century. I was very fortunate to have been surrounded by a very talented team of people on my team. Together with Game Director Keiichiro Toyama, Scenario Writer Naoko Sato, and Art Director Isao Takahashi, I sat down to discuss concepts. We then extended the discussions to excellent creators both internally and externally for a collaborative production effort.

We were on a mission to formulate a form of fear or horror that would resonate with an audience regardless of their cultural background, and to deliver that from a very intentionally Japanese perspective. Thorough studies sprung our inspirations, which then became our core for producing SIREN. No room for compromise, but plenty of room for the sense of playful creativity, we progressed to develop a Japanese Modern Horror that could reach out and be appreciated by the world. The feeling of hopelessness caused by close ones, who, one by one are transformed into your enemy, the dreadful or creepy feeling of seeing yourself through the eyes of others, and an environment unique to SIREN that pulled you right in all led to the bloodcurdling experience that only a game could take you through.

SIREN enjoyed a worldwide release along with sequential releases, and expansions into a movie, novel and other forms of multimedia, something that I along with the team are very grateful for. The most memorable moment was being approached by the master of horror movies, Sam Raimi, with an offer to make a movie based on SIREN. I must say this was a very rewarding moment for all of us who had worked very hard to make SIREN what it was.

Siren for PSN (PS2 Classic)

Siren for PSN (PS2 Classic)Siren for PSN (PS2 Classic)

I am delighted that SIREN will be published on PSN. Over time, SIREN is now re-introduced to a whole new audience. It is gratifying to know the experience can potentially reach out even further. This not only makes me happy, I am sure this will be quite motivating for everyone who was involved in the SIREN project to further excel in what they do in hope of delivering new and exciting content.

How long can you withstand the world of SIREN?

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  • i actually own the ps3 version of Siren, extremely creepy!

  • FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good. This is a game that I wanted to play back then but never had the time. too many other games t play. lol. Hope to see Rival Schools released soon.

  • Great game though very difficult. Is there any chance of seeing Siren 2 on the PSN later? It’s the best game in the series in my opinion but the English version is currently only available in Europe (I played the Chinese version while I was in Taiwan).

  • Cool stuff. The PS3 Siren didn’t grab my attention too much, I’ll see if I can get into this one better.

  • Well this WOULD interest me but i have one question…. isnt the version of SIren on PSN a remake or the PS2 o ne? if so why would I choose the PS2 one of that? now if the PS3 one is a prequel or sequel and not a remake then Im all for it.. but no point in buying the “downgraded” (even if its “better”) version of a game i could already have… right?

  • I already have my ps2 games physically, i dont need this

  • I’m still waiting for Blood Curse to get a discount after all these years. Why is it that it’s never been discounted, even for PS+ members?

  • @8

    i was just going to mention that lol, but yah why hasn’t siren blood curse dropped its price. i played the demo when i got my first PS3 that’s like 5-6 years ago…and still no price drop

  • I didn’t know that there was a PS2 version. The PS3 one is super creepy.

  • will siren be able to play on the PS Vita if not now but later

  • I’m sorry, but the episodic PS3 version of SIREN is creepy enough that I haven’t played it in over a year and have given serious thought to removing it from my HDD, despite the fact that I have over 600 GB in available space.

    Why on earth would I want the PS2 version?? :P

    Not a dig, just a joke.

  • Any chance we’ll see Siren Blood Curse free for Plus or at least a discount next week?

  • Siren PS3 is a re imagining of part 1 isnt it, they should have put Siren 2 on PSN instead since it never came out in the US and already translated to Eng in Europe.

  • i may get this

  • @6 The PS3 Siren isn’t a traditional remake. It’s like Silent Hill vs. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – both games sort of cover the same story but in drastically different ways. Both games are worth playing.

    The PS3 Siren has the best tech in the series & is the most user-friendly. Siren 1 on the PS2 is the least user-friendly game in the series (it’s kind of clunky and REALLY hard) but it’s also much longer than the PS3 game and has the better story.

    Siren 2 is the best game in the series IMO. Much more user-friendly than Siren 1 but not as easy as the Siren PS3 game. Plus it has lots of cool ideas like a character who is blind and has to sight-jack enemies & his seeing eye dog to get through the areas.

  • @16 Thanks for the info. Siren: Blood Curse is the best survival horror game that I’ve played since Fatal Frame 2. To hear that the first 2 are just as good or better means that I need to play them. The whole blind character idea sounds really cool.

  • I really hope Siren gets a continuation or that the wonderful people behind the franchise are working on a new horror for next gen.

    I found it odd/sad that the ps3 version did not see a disc release in the US and even odder that it did not get any attention last Halloween.

    Not sure why I would be encouraged to get the PS2 version over the PS3 version.

  • I’m incredibly excited to see this. There has been a few of these Playstation 2 Classics that are exactly that. This rates among them. Though I have “New Translation” for PS3, I am looking forward to getting my butt handed to me AGAIN and AGAIN as I did when I first played the original.

    • Gotta love the challenge aspect of some of the games from our past, right? This is certainly one of those. Glad you’re excited to give this one another spin!

  • Why hasn’t the PSN version lowered in price yet?

  • Thank you RDespair for you explanation. I wish I had the ability to edit my previous comment. I played the ps2 version but didn’t finish it.

    I would still wish there was a physical copy of the PS3 version in the US. The Ebay/Amazon prices for the New Translation import is a bit high for a previously released game.

  • Nice, I would love to see Indigo Prophecy be released as a PS2 classic. Also, any chance of PS2 classics getting Vita support? I’m just about sold on the Vita and PS2 games would definately be the incentive to go buy one.

  • ahora para PS3 oh my god esto sera lo maximo se lo pondre a mi hermana para que se asuste wuauejiqwuwuw.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but this was done by the Gravity Rush Team right?

  • Oh, thank god… When i saw the image I tought it was “Dora Takes Your Soul to Hell”

  • @24 Keiichirō Toyama was the director (and usually other things like writer) for all of the Siren games, the first Silent Hill, and Gravity Rush.

  • Is really posted by taka fumi fujisawa, wow its a great honor.. i like ask is possible to bring a remake or port “Lifeline: to psn i really loved that games, very unknown and unappreached gamee. I think it need a second chance also some of your best work in my opinion.

    also legend oF legaia( lol) one my all time favs frst game and only game that made me buy a book to get throught it .. alot loved that game i like to say thank you personaly,, alot are begging for port or remake , or bundle of both leg of Legia &2. Maybe even a exclsuive part 3 for ps vita ;) and ps3.

    Lets not forget omega boost.. all i can is thank you and hope all is going. Hopefully you persuade a few friends to get us “legend of legaia. on psn . Ang thank you for your wonder ful games :)

    vp psn legionairre group.

  • You guys should look into releasing Siren 2. Like some have already pointed out, it wasn’t released in the States, so it would be huge for everyone! Also, not exactly related, but Indigo Prophecy and Dark Cloud 1+2 should also be on the list. (One can dream)

  • Oh, also, this is awesome and I’ll be getting it! Keiichirō Toyama is an awesome director/writer.

  • is this a whole different game then the psn one ? my type of game but i have no clue.

  • Please give me discount on the Siren series!! i know its an old game but when i played the demo it was the scariest game i’ve experienced! i cant pay $40 for an old game without trophy support. not asking for it to replace any free game but just huge discount will do. kthnxbye

  • @8 and @9

    Siren went on sale twice in the last few years for 50% off all episodes. Once was in October 2010 for the Halloween Sale, and again in 2011 for Halloween Sale. If you just got a PS3 more recently than yeah you would think they have never gone on sale.

    Personally never found them too scary, but at my age, I don’t expect to get scared from games anymore.

  • Cool! Now we just need Xenosaga I, II and III. :D

  • its alot scarier than the remake but it is beyond hard and frustrating. basically, PS2 Siren is like Demons souls with stealth. you mess up, you start at the beginning and its all trial and error. it great game, but i couldnt finish it. way too hard and the mechanics are really bad.
    but the atmosphere is amazing but the gameplay/mechanics suffered dramatically.
    demons souls you die because of your own mistakes, siren you die because of the sloppy mechanics.
    i love the game and hate it at the same time. only die hard recommended. remake is way better but the original is 10 times scarier

  • Please lower the price of the PS3 version. I know you can

  • The PS3 game should have lowered in price by now, why is it still selling for $40 after all these years? Drop it at 15-20 and keep it that way.

    • As ArchAngelMai noted, these do go on sale from time to time, but I wanted to post that we hear ya. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Siren: Blood Curse is one of the best games on PSN. I’d recommend everyone here buys it but not until there’s a price drop. 40 dollars for a game that old is too steep. If it’s ever at 20 dollars, POUNCE ON IT!

  • COOL :P The more old PS2 games on PSN the better i say! ;) But there are LOADS of PS2 classics still not on PSN yet:( Like GT3 + GT4(even PS1 GT1 +GT2?!?!) + The Getaway 1 + 2 + Ape Escape 2 + 3 + TimeSplitters 1 + 2 + 3 + etc etc(sorry i haven’t got all day to list all the PS2 classics i want) :D (well what i really wanted SONY was a PS3 that could play my 70’ish PS2 discs really, but i can’t see that happening really ever) :(

  • awesome news i love the game

  • You did Dark Cloud 1 and 2 right?
    If so,I would love to see them on Ps2 Classic on PSN or a HD remake.

  • Now this is a PS2 classic not like this week 5 Dora the Explorer games did they sell well back in the day or what and what’s up with Toy Story 3 being on there it came out for PS3. Can we please get Tenchu Wrath of Heaven, Dokapon Kingdom, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of the Roses next

  • Also can u guys update Blood curse with trophies please.

  • Outstanding game, not as spooky as all the Dora stuff, but a hell of a lot more fun (for grown ups that is).

    Now make my dreams…err…nightmares, come true Sony and help get the Fatal Frame series released…even better as a HD collection with trophy support, I would be your bestest friend. Pinky Swear.

  • I still wonder why we didn’t get Siren 2 in North America…

  • I would absolutely buy this, if I could play it on my Vita..

  • i agree with discount on blood curse been waiting for a while $40 for a game that came out n 08 is a bit much please a discount or sale maybe for ps plus collection

  • So according to some of these comments, the PSN Siren: Blood Curse is somewhat of a remake of this game? Anyway I always wanted to try that one so I may check this out too.

  • This would be great on the vita! (replies on vita)

  • Very cool. I look forward to playing this again. I do have two wishes, though, for the franchise, besides, of course, a PS3 Siren 3…

    1) That there is a trophy patch of some sort for Siren: Blood Curse. I loved playing through it the first time and I’d love an excuse to play through it again

    2) I’d like to see Forbidden Siren 2 show up as a PS2 Classic on the PSN sometime in the future. North America never got it, so it would be nice to be able to finally play it.

  • I hope this game features japanese audio rather than an english dub, though I kinda doubt it.

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