Peakvox Ninja Sneaks into PlayStation Home

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Peakvox Ninja Sneaks into PlayStation Home

Today, Wednesday, January 9th, O-Two introduces their much anticipated Peakvox Ninja Lounge, Home Tycoon gets a new expansion pack, Emo Ray vs. the Intergalactic Teddy Bears Vol. Two invades, and The Casino celebrates its first anniversary. Check out all this and more this week in PlayStation Home.

O-Two – Peakvox Ninja + Sneak Preview

O-Two’s Peakvox Ninja Lounge is making its North American debut! Dive into the world of silent and deadly ninjas all in a universe designed in the Japanese style “Wa (和).” Choose sides and play death matches with up to 8 players, or you can work alone if you prefer, and take on various challenges that are thrown at you. Be the last one to survive the matches, competing for the ultimate kill count.

Also as a very special treat, the developers from O-Two have shared a developer interview, giving insight on the creation of various and popular Peakvox worlds.

Coming soon, O-Two would like to present a sneak preview of Peakvox Labs. Check out this video:

HellFire Games – Home Tycoon Update


New from Hellfire Games: Home Tycoon’s latest expansion pack has arrived! Learn the secrets behind TransUtopia in Big Science, available now in the Home Tycoon store. This sci-fi-themed expansion comes loaded with more missions, new rewards, and numerous eco-friendly structures to unlock. Harness the power of the sun with the Orbital Satellite Solar Power Array, and discover the true purpose of TransUtopia’s mysterious Area 52!


Unleash your inner mad scientist with new rewards and game-enhancing virtual items, including the TransUtopia Science Suit, Science Gloves, Scientist Goggles, and Fizzy Beaker & Biohazard Gloves.


Expand your commercial empire in Home Tycoon with two new buildings released over the holiday break: the GloboSyn Plaza and GloboSyn Offices! You can find these financial marvels in the Commercial > GloboSyn category of your Build menu in Home Tycoon today.


Konami – Strike Force Outfits

Save the world with these amazing Strike Force outfits! Each outfit comes with a unique weapon and blaster. Strike a pose with your fellow heroes and send fear into the hearts of your enemies. Each hero comes with unique custom animations.

Available now in the Konami Store.

landscape_billboard_strike force

Heavy Water – Emo Ray, Volume Two + Hexalon Village + New Crystal Headgear Items

Emo Ray, Volume Two

Continue with the epic Emo Saga by purchasing Volume Two! More weapons, more baddies, more rewards, and more fun! Find out what is really going on with this Evil Teddy Bears in Volume Two.

Visit the Radd&Son Garage Rooftop to gain access to Emo Ray Vs. The Intergalactic Teddy Bears, or take the teleporter to the Garage Rooftop via Mr. Radd in the D2O District.


Hexalon Village

Some of the community might have already noticed its arrival, but come venture into the Village of Hexalon and try your luck at their wildly popular game Hexx! The Village of Hexalon is a neutral tourist destination for everyone in the Avalon Kingdom. People come from all over to challenge each other in Hexx to gain leaderboard status, complete their tile collection or just win rewards! Since the Village is doing so well they have new VIP features under construction to be released in 2013: VIP Lounge and Dragon Riding!

Players of Hexx can always play for free, and they can even earn the first set of Elemental Tiles through Farlow and the Crystal Hunter game. If you want to increase your chances to win you can purchase random tiles, tile packs or the entire first set of tiles from the Hexx Store. So come see why the entire Kingdom of Avalon is a buzz with this new addicting social strategy game!
Side note: Owners of the Avalon Keep with get special bonus cards through Farlow, so come check it out!


Crystal Headgear

More Crystal headgear! These Crystal items are made from rare Avalonian crystals in the following new styles: Unicorn, Trihorn and (devil) Horns. Each version is blue for males and pink and purple for the ladies, except for the (devil) horns which are obviously red and orange!

For those really adventurous souls the Unicorn and Tricorn items come in rainbow. That’s right; they will pulse with the entire spectrum of the rainbow. And of course that means there are now male and female Rainbow Mohawks! So head to the Avalon store and pick up some unique and flashy headgear, only from Heavy Water.


Granzella – New Yukatas, Windbreakers + Capybara Companions


Autumn Foliage and Cosmos Yukata patterns are perfect for the deepening autumn.
For men, the Autumn Leaves pattern is available in red, orange, and brown.
For women, the Cosmos pattern is available in white, blue, and light blue.


The Windbreaker and the Dress and Jacket are now both available. For women, the textured leather jacket and dress, loose fit boots, and knit hat set is available in 3 patterns, gray and brown, orange and khaki, and pink and black. You can choose to wear each set with or without stockings.

For men, a zipped checked windbreaker, cargo pants, belt boots, and knit hat set is available in red and brown, green and white, and green and gray. With these three styles, you can choose to tuck the hem of the cargo pants into the boots or not.

Digital Leisure – High Rollers Lounge + Casino’s 1st Anniversary

Digital Leisure is expanding their Casino with the all-new High Roller’s Lounge, located just off the VIP room on the second floor. This area is for the people who want to go big or go home… or at least go back to the main casino area. The buy-ins and max bets have greatly increase for those who want to bet big and win bigger. This area will be accessible to those who have earned 2 million throughout their casino career. Alternatively, for those who have the courage to jump into these tables, you can gain access by purchasing a High Roller’s Vest.


This area comes with an exclusive leaderboard for the high rollers. If you want to swim with the whales of The Casino then dive right in when this update goes live. Deal yourself in, the waterís fine.

January 11th will be The Casino’s 1 Year Anniversary and Digital Leisure wants to party with you! Just make your way to the dance floor in the concourse and join in on the celebration. In its first year the casino has played host to about a million unique visitors, so they are giving away free cake to everyone who comes out. Digital Leisure will be celebrating this milestone for one week, so get this free reward while it lasts!


BOOM – Galaxy Express

From the world renowned manga artist Leiji Matsumoto and his masterpiece Galaxy Express 999, a classic piece of manga and Japanese animation that must be watched by all. These costumes and items from the movie version of the anime have been lovingly recreated for the Playstation Home service. Boom Corporation has created all the items with a commitment to the detail fans of Leiji Matsumoto and Galaxy Express 999 fans expect.

Why not step into the shoes of Tetsuro, Maetel, Captain Harlock and many other characters, and be reminded of this magical journey through the universe.


Community Theater Update

This week is another double feature in the Community Theater. Head there later today and see Gamer Indepth ring in the new year with Replay with Doc with a special interview as well as our favorite Luge share her thoughts on her favorite upcoming new PlayStation games. Find it all in Theater 1 this afternoon.

The Virtual Items Showcase

Magnus is taking a well-earned vacation, but he’ll be returning next week with his famous Virtual Item Showcase!

See you in PlayStation Home!

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8 Author Replies

  • I don’t believe the decision to be publishing the Blog on Wednesdays is going to go over well with the Home Community. I would ask that you reconsider that decision.

    Nice to see what is actually here! Thank you!

  • Similar update compared to what EU is getting. Curious to see what next week has in store. Perhaps any hints?

  • Quick question About the PSN,.
    Did you guys change servers lately? (when you updated the STORE?)
    Why Im asking? because I been Having a hard time with the PSN and the Store (mostly the Store)
    It takes long time to load after it loads up to the main screen. and getting freezing a few times too.

    (my VITA in the same room, with other online systems work fine online)

    • There are upgrades to the network fairly often, but the last one that I’m aware of happened last week. It was brief, but should not have affected anything in a negative way. That said, I will have to look further into it to learn more. Thanks for the information.

  • Peakvox Labs Hope it’s the Current Version of it not the first 1.00 as it doesn’t have the extra games we need!

    Where’s the Stories update for Cutteridge estate and our FREE item for reading them?

    Now far as Updates to the Blog these need to be done on Monday or at least Tue Night! Wed doesn’t cut it… Why if Home’s already up i’ll just goto Home and see whats new that way and Skip the BLOG… That means Less SALES also as i won’t know ahead of time whats in the update! So that means i’ll buy LESS now knowing!

    By: DCS

    • We’ve moved it for a couple reasons, one being that it is following the PS Store’s blog post lead of publishing when the store is done updating for the week and two, to increase content accuracy, as things slip or get pushed often due to reasons beyond our control at the last minute.

  • Nice update those Strike Force costumes look awesome!

  • Ok first off blog updates on Wednesday SERIOUSLY ? Wth why bother even posting 1 then when we can simply load in home and see all the new stuff that was put in .
    Second for the first update of the year it royally sucked , and what’s with those stupid Power Ranger looking outfits ? I don’t know if you realize this but some of us home users are actually over the age of 12 .
    Third The Avalon Keep clubhouse is suppose to be 4.99 for current owners of Avalon Keep and it’s showing up for 9.99 .
    Are we ever going to see a decent Home update ever again or is it just going to continue to be crap week after week ?

    • I’ll check out the Avalon Keep Clubhouse… to be continued…

      As for the content publishing this week, Peakvox Ninja alone contains six times more content than we are able to publish in a single week under normal operating procedures (it’s a LOT—over 600 parts to it, including rewards, commerce items, mini-games, and spaces). So while it appears like an average week, it’s actually one of the largest publishes in Home history.

      That said, and next week is a big one too, including a special announcement, so stick around—it’s only getting better and better.

    • In the end, it’s ultimately for a better user and customer experience—give it a couple weeks, and I think you’ll appreciate it.

  • Great update, but my guess is I might be even more excited for next week. Atari maybe? That would be awesome! If not well I still have a lot of crystals to collect to trade for hex tiles, and a city to finish building, and some ninjas to kill, and a mystery to solve, and…

    • Things move so fast. Update: next week’s change to the blog due to special announcement has been delayed. It will go Wednesday as planned. Things change *that* often around here.

  • alright where to begin, blog post put to day of release

    is fine for the ps store becauce it updates late. not for home just for the fact it gives us two days in advance to see if theres anyything worth getting a card for. second, was really hoping u were holding the blog back to blow our minds with the first update of the year. lets hope your announcement that something big is coming next week is true.

  • GREAT!! Nice start to 2013 , HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  • cade when are you guys updating the action district/atari event its useless nothing to do

  • and btw you should contact naughty dog and see if they can give us some the last of us gear when the game drops this spring

  • Hi Cade. Been really busy this past semester but during this break, its good to be back. I remember a while back when I posted about Peakvox Labs and you jumped in, asking the community if they wanted it or not. Afterwards, I also had the opportunity along with many others to try out Peakvox Ninja during its brief trial. Ninja is awesome and thank you for working with O-Two to get them to come to the US. I’ll be looking forward to Peakvox Labs on release. Any word on if they will be selling the Arcade Machines for our Personal Spaces?

  • 2 weeks of no updates this is what we get I hope next weeks is better…………..

    • You know the deal—we go on holiday and shut down entirely. No, we don’t have little elves processing new content while we’re out to make the first publish a mega-one, it’s true! But it’s January and we’re back in action!

  • well if there is no blog about home til after it comes out – no need to read it – guess i can clear up a space on my desktop – no need for the blog anymore – it was always something i looked forward too – just something else you are taking away from us – THANKS

  • You guys made a Pokemon maker? Neat.

  • An exceedingly excellent update.! There should be no complaints.!

    There is plenty of action + new items in PlayStation Home.!
    Not to mention the PlayStation Home + subscribers, gets access to God of War: ascension.


  • I’d like to see the blog update come out on Monday personally…. I see alot of goodies this week..Makes me happy happy happy..Sue

  • Galaxy Express 999 clothes are pretty awesome, loved that anime and movie. I hope there is a conductor outfit at a later time or even perhaps Captain Harlock add-ons.
    This is a great update, hey Cade do we know yet how all our home experiences will transfer to the (PS4) version of home?? I only ask because I would purchase more in home if I knew if it will all transfer over to the next gen. I know that is about a year away, but I would like to play around in home more like I did a few years ago.

  • Hi, does anyone have any idea of those atomic republic hover bikes are coming to NA? They have all the corresponding jackets in their store, but no bikes? Can we get a time frame?

  • I am quite unhappy about the blog not being updated till the day of the update. Can someone tell me why was that changed?

  • Replying to TkA I know Lockwood will be apart of next weeks update and I’m not for sure but they should be giving us a bike next week.

  • So what is the update on the Avalon Keep clubhouse price and im sure that i won’t get a refund for the error -____-

  • these updates are bad. And you needa move the blog to a monday like it used to be… regardless if the blog dont contain some of the items that will be out. this is the only reason i came to this site… and now since they dont update atlest on tuesday. im not using this site anymore.

  • why are peakox outfits missing from the stores a grl was looking for the fox mask its no longer there only things in there are just the umbrellas n fans another thing when is us home server going get that hed kandi dance n cheryl pink hair thanks.

  • us home needs special events like eu home n japan events us home events suck eu gets hed kandi items free from hed kandi events no fair japan gets great stuff from there events us home nothing no full avatar hed kandi n hed kandi dance n items bit shellfish u think no fair to other regions we like that have those too fair is fair

  • like see more customize costumes like customize faces can be weared with any other outfits that be cool if we can actually buy different customize faces for our avatars just like the poses but variety of customize faces to chose from n purchase different face for different outfits ^^ just like customize face costume in ps originals club female avatar its customize head to toe face very unique customize faces like vampire costumes very unique faces as well

  • thank you for giving us more stuff from japan home

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