Assassin’s Creed III Battle Hardened Pack Now on PSN

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Assassin’s Creed III Battle Hardened Pack Now on PSN

Assassin's Creed III: Battle Hardened Pack

The Battle Hardened Pack for Assassin’s Creed III is out now! Available on PSN for $9.99, It adds three new maps and three new characters to the sneaky — yet brutal — multiplayer, and introduces a little extra variety to your Animus-simulated mayhem.

Of course, if you have a Season Pass, you’ll get all of this free. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get:

Three New Characters
The influential Governor
The resilient Highlander
The fearsome Coyote Man
Three New Multiplayer Maps
The lush, tropical Saint Pierre
The moody, atmospheric Fort St-Mathieu
The embattled, enflamed Charlestown

Assassin's Creed III: Battle Hardened Pack

Assassin's Creed III: Battle Hardened PackAssassin's Creed III: Battle Hardened Pack

Rally your troops, discover the power of numbers and ignite the revolution!

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  • To me so far, the Season Pass is a waste of money. I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

  • When is the George Washington DLC coming out? interested in more singleplayer story missions.

  • Still need to finish the game!

  • Too expensive for 3 maps and 3 chars!!!!
    Remember they used to be free in Brotherhood? and the paid DLC was SP ????

  • Payed Downloadable content will be the death of these popular video games…

    Battlefield 3 and anything Rockstar makes so far has been the only games that have had GOOD downloadable content. All these other games are just robbing us.

  • Campaign was very short, I’m not selling my copy yet though. Hoping for some really cool campaign DLC soon.

  • Dear Ubisoft,

    All this DLC and Season passes you keep doing is the reason why I quit buying your games.

  • I’m glad to see that the game is still receiving updates, but I can’t bring myself to continue playing it after the lackluster experience the single player campaign provided. Everything, from the gameplay to the story, was just a complete step backward from every game in the Ezio Trilogy. Ubisoft, if you are going to continue releasing Assassin’s Creed games, please try to bug test and use focus groups before you bring the title to release.

  • i will wait until i get the complete game (goty edition) and dont have to download every single piece of it!

  • Unless that “resilient Highlander” is named Connor MacLeod, not gonna buy this.

  • Why is this TEN dollars? If you want more people to buy something like this, I’d seriously recommend the next one to be $5.

    I can think of many huge, very well made pieces of DLC along with FULL GAMES that I have bought for $10 that would justify why 3 maps and characters should be $5 instead of ten.

  • Glad I didn’t buy the season pass. Most disappointing game up there with Resident Evil 6. Keep on cranking out dlc and AC games, I’m done.

  • i just rage deleted this game…the platinum isnt within my reach.

  • @10 no love for Duncan? :P

  • this is my 1st ever “season pass” this dlc is useless to me as you can check my uplay account i dont play multiplayer online. i hope you have some more single player coming other than the george washington one.

    ps. is far cry 3 getting some dlc, maybe another island to explore.

    anyways both far cry 3 and assassins creed 3 are my games of 2012

  • very dissapointed with this dlc, not even worth the 10 bucks. im even more dissapointed with the season pass, but heres to hoping something great happens with rest of the dlc, like some ultimate armor at least /:

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