New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

Hello everyone! We hope you had a great holiday and are enjoying the new year.

It’s a light week for new music releases, but we wanted to remind you to check out the Music Unlimited service’s The Best of 2012 Premium Channel. Also, don’t miss the service’s top 10 songs of the year and the top 10 played artists of the year.

In the PlayStation Store’s new video releases, own House at the End of the Street before it arrives on DVD and Blu-ray Disc, or rent the futuristic action thriller Looper for just $3.99! Also, from Connery to Craig and everyone in-between, enjoy Bond films for only $4.99 in SD or $9.99 in HD now through Monday, January 6th. This is a limited time offer so act fast! For more details, visit the SEN Blog.

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  • so no new music?

  • Please lower the one day rental prices on psn store for videos. $2.99 for standard definition is crazy considering you can get a Blu ray disk for cheaper at Red Box for the same amount of rental time.

  • When are they going to update the Android App to work on Android 4.2? I have a brand new Nexus 7 tablet and I’d like to be able to use the Music Unlimited App on it.

  • Or update the Android App so it can rotate when your screen rotates? Or update the Android App so it can shuffle the songs in a playlist? Or update the Android App so if you didn’t leave it in offline mode, and you start it at a time you’re not connected to a network, you can switch it to offline mode on the fly rather than getting booted out?

    Or am I the only one with these issues?

  • I’ve contacted customer support on several occasions about the Music Unlimited server outages and they always blame my connection or my PS3 configuration. I ‘ m s i c k o f t h i s !

    1. When it doesn’t connect it’s not just my PS3 it’s also not connecting on the MU iOS app, PC, Laptop, etc..
    2. Last time it went out I had my brother check it in another city.. IE: not MY connection problem!
    3. If you check other forums you will see others having the same “unable to connect” message.
    4. Yes, I realize by the time I get a response from Sony (3-5 days after submitting) it’s back online so there is nothing for them to do at that point.

    Truth be told it’s not a bad service (for $12/year) when it’s working, but come on.. Pandora and I Heart Radio hardly ever give me connection problems like this and they are FREE.

  • I’m disappointed in Music Unlimited. I purchased a $12 year subscription through playstation plus. As a service that was pitched to gamers, I was shocked at how little game music is on the service. Even the GRAMMY NOMINATED Journey Soundtrack by Austin Wintory is nowhere to be found. That game is a PSN EXCLUSIVE! What gives?

  • @6. While I was delighted to find all the Mass Effect soundtracks on MU, I was shocked that the Uncharted soundtracks weren’t there. Did Sony fail to secure the proper licensing agreements for a first party game? Hello!?

    But I wouldn’t go so far to say I’m disappointed in a one-year sub for $12, though there’s no way I see myself paying $10/mo. once my year is over. The selection on MU is just too uneven (hit and miss on many artists), and the “channels” based on an artist or song often play seemingly random music selections. I just wish I wasn’t so lazy about creating playlists.

  • Need to catalogues the music better on Unlimited to it right music groups. PLUS separate the WALLET from BILLING AND leave the funds IN WALLET alone!

  • @5 It may be your connection, because I use Music Unlimited every day. I use it on my PS3, Vita, HP Desktop, iPhone, iPod and MacBook and I haven’t had any problems. Maybe try a different internet browser, also make sure that your not signed in to Music Unlimited on multiple devices at the same time.

  • @ 5 “SpooNManX”

    Initially I also had similar connection issues. Not sure what method you’re using to contact Sony but I called their customer service line [1.855.999.7669] & got right thru. A nice rep eventually got me going. Rarely I have connection issues but you gotta consider the volatility of 3G/4G or wifi everywhere. Download the Speedtest app & test your internet connections. May help you find good connections.

    Pandora or I Heart Radio are hardly comparable, btw. I’m a music app addict & love ’em both, but they serve different needs. I pay for Pandora’s One (premium) to avoid audio ads & yet still have skip limits as well as other limitations. But for $12, MU is a bargain, with none of those limitations.

    Also, try the music app “Songza” if you’re looking for a sweet free music app. It tailors your music via moods or activities. It’s also designed & serviced by musicians. Also has a rad headphone feature that adjusts the EQ levels automatically according to brand. Best of all, NO AUDIO ADS & it’s FREE!

  • @6 “Joey-Wan”

    The complete Journey soundtrack is available for download for less than $5 thru the Playstation Store, I highly recommend! For the price, it’s a steal & you can transfer it to any computer/phone/iPod via USB and keep it forever.


  • @ 2 “Ryumoau”

    I agree, I think the cost of digital video in general makes no sense and is way too high. How can they justify charging the same or more as physical media when there is less overhead?

  • Ryumoau and yesimasian2 – as long as there are brain dead people with money they will keep overcharging for digital content, because they can. (Side note – people pay HOW much to go see a movie in the theater? Sheesh)

    I have argued for years that PPV movies and such were ridiculously overpriced but lazy people like to spend money without having to actually leave their home, so the pricing has remained ridiculous. Sony may have to overcharge because they have been losing customers hand over fist here of late because they DON’T LISTEN to the people buying their products, they listen to the people behind a desk who keep saying they can make them more money, probably while renting movies online.

    It’s funny when you can BUY some of the movies on dvd or bluray for cheaper than they are renting them. Same with digital game downloads too. Most are cheaper if you get off your lazy butt and go to the store.

    People, paying $1.99 for a tv show is not a deal. Wait for the dvd/bluray and buy the whole season for the same price or cheaper in better quality! Wake up!

    If anyone tries to say it is more expensive due to the bandwidth, storage, etc needed for digital, do not believe them.

  • @Ryumoau Especially considering Redbox is only $1

  • And I still can’t shuffle play my playlists on the ps3.. Sigh..

  • Thanks,yesimasian2… I just signed up for Songza!

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