MLB 13 The Show: First Trailer

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MLB 13 The Show: First Trailer

It may only be the first week of January, but to us at San Diego Studios that means we are just two months away from bringing you the latest installment of the number-one selling and rated Major League Baseball video game franchise, MLB 13 The Show. We’ve been hard at work improving the best baseball video game on the market and we want all of you to check out our first trailer.

MLB 13 Cover Showdown

We can’t wait to show you more in the upcoming months. But, before we do, don’t forget to vote for one of these seven ballplayers to be on the cover of MLB 13 The Show next week by clicking here.

If you can’t get enough of The Show, you can visit,, or @mlbtheshow on Twitter for more baseball coverage.

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  • Love the trailer but come on be realistic…sold out crowd at Dodgers Stadium? You kill me MLB 13 The Show!

  • The old Washington Nationals logo is on the 2nd base.

  • (Sigh)

    Looks good as always. However, unless they show me something amazing, this may be the first time I skip buying it. In the developer’s defense, I don’t think it’s their fault. It’s just time for a version on PS4.

  • Nice — when can we expect to hear about new features and such?

  • Anyone know the name of the song?

  • Nationals and Orioles!!!! They both lost but they had a greeeeat season!

    Now let’s see RG3 lead the skins to victory! They need a win after those years with Mcnabb… and Gano…ugh..

  • Will this be available on the VITA???

  • Out of curiosity. Why are there no flags on the flagpoles? Those empty flagpoles are eyesores on the AT&T and Wrigley shots. Flags and pennants are such a cool part of baseball history I’m surprised they haven’t been included.

  • Will this title be a crossbuy title thank you get back to me

  • Second snakeeyes211 comment. If this is crossbuy I will get it for sure or at least some level of cross save or play (at least be able to pick away at my league/career on the vita).

  • y do they just get better cant wait to get i have 2012 and i hate it so stupid i just watch game to good at it nothing else to do on it cant wait. hey playStation i hate the paten ur making for the next PS3 so stupid thank for putting people out of business

  • More Bryce Harper? Come on, where’s Mike Trout? Trout proved last season what he can do. Harper hasn’t really proved anything yet. Harper keeps getting tons of hype while you ignore the real star. Get your act together and put the real star in there. It was bad enough you didn’t have Trout on the list of cover stars. What a snub that was.


    gib monie plx HUEHUEHUEHUE

  • Make this cross-buy and you will have another day one purchase :)

  • While I enjoy baseball games, I really do not like “realistic” looking ones. What are the odds of getting a new NES RBI Baseball style game made? I know they make one every year in Japan called “Jikkyo Powerful Pro Yakyu (Live Powerful Pro Baseball)”. I would so buy a baseball game that looks like that, but with US teams.

  • This looks awesome!

    Song is “Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke – Find My Way”

  • Cross Play + Cross Buy = My $$$

    That’s all I really have to say to this and it is the only reason I do not own a copy of MLB The Show 12.

  • I’m all for MLB 13: The Show, but where is Warrior’s Lair? The game has been MIA for almost 2 years and had a name change. Then we find out the studio that was/is working on it is coming out with a baseball game and the other studio is working on a Ratchet HD game.

    Sony, please stop announcing games before they are ready to be released or if you do, make sure we get some info on it throughout the time of it’s announcement to the time of it’s release.

    @17, While last year we didn’t get Cross Buy, we did get a discount on the Vita version when it was bought with the PS3 version. I would take a discount on the Vita version, if there is no cross buy. You guys need to stop relying on Cross Buy, because before there was cross buy we just bought the games or we didn’t. Also you passed on MLB 12: The Show before Cross Buy was even made public?

  • @12: How about winning that other Rookie of the Year award? How about the second most home runs by a teenager in MLB history, behind only Tony Conigliaro? I can’t argue that Trout is a great ballplayer, but you can’t argue that Harper is as well, and is deserving of the praise given. Facts are stubborn things.

  • I have a gameing pc with windows 8 pro media pack and blue ray burner can I play ps3 games on my pc since I have a blue ray burner because last time to my knolge ps3 is a blue ray game

  • @20 No.

    I love how the players actually look and act like they do in real life. It’s not like Madden where I run for 5 yards with Eli Manning and he gets up and starts dancing.

  • Robust, amazing, unbelievable, complete, play the entire game with just PlayStation Move support I can safely assume right? We are around two years and half since PlayStation Move has launched and it’s support has been rificulous. You have had more than enough time plus all the time Nintendo has done it. Who will want to buy your products when they don’t get even good support and some get virtually no support like PlayStation Eye and Sixaxis -_-.

    Also, I safely assume Cross Buy and Cross Save at least right? right smart, pro consumer and not anti consumer Sony?

  • Besides that’s how it should be. I’m glad PlayStation Vita isn’t selling and a lot of your things aren’t doing good either because you don’t want to do anything pro consumer, just want to be anti consumer like the rest of the video game industry. Everything has to be on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and you get both versions by buying the PS3 version. And the exclusive titles are games that can only be played on each console like PlayStation Move and PlayStation Eye games for example on PS3 and games that use any features that PS3 doesn’t have on PSVita like Tearaway. Get with the program!

  • I am definitely going to buy this year’s edition, but I hope you do a better job of handling game bugs this time. You have the ability to patch the game to fix bugs and issues but you don’t really bother to do it. You fix a few things here and there and I don’t expect to you to fix every single bug, but you still leave some annoying ones. Thank you.

  • Looking forward to MLB 13 The Show on PS3 when it comes out on March 5th 2013. It’s the best baseball videogame of all time and this year it will be even better.

  • Please try to get Cross Buy included with this title and details of Cross Play. I’m not a huge baseball fan but MLB The Show has always impressed me and those features would push me closer to buying it.

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