PlayStation Blogcast 057: A Non Sequitur New Year

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PlayStation Blogcast 057: A Non Sequitur New Year
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We’re (mostly) back in the saddle with the first PlayStation Blogcast of 2013, an admittedly looser affair. First, we ring in the new year with next week’s new PSN and retail releases, scintillating holiday travel discussions, lots of movie talk, board games, and a recap of the top picks from the 2012 PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards (as well as your most-anticipated titles).

Phew! One down, just 51 more to go. Happy New Year, and we’ll see you (hear you?) next week!

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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10 Author Replies

  • Great show as usual.
    1. I want to know when Resident Evil (portable) will have more information like release date and possible story line.
    2. When will there be more remote play games? I mean cross buy is good but remote play should be more open to retail or full psn/ps3 games. (Vita not psp)
    3. In an older ps blog cast you spoke about a train conducter game. Will this ever be released in the us?
    4. Will ps2 classic games get trophies?
    5. Can you do 2 blogcasts a week? That would be a great New Years resolution!

    • Thanks!
      1. Not sure what you’re referring to here. Got any links?
      2. Most recently we saw Tokyo Jungle, which you can play via a free new patch on PS3. We’ll keep you posted on any updates on new games – Twitter (@PlayStation) is a great place to watch for updates.
      3. Not that I’m aware of, sorry — there are actually a ton of them, too.
      4. I haven’t heard anything about this, so my guess is no.
      5. I would love to do 5 a week! :3 Thanks for the kind words

  • answer to all 5 questions…… NEVER. LOL

  • Finally something good to listen to on my way to work.

  • Hey sony are we ever gonna get an online only multiplayer game on the vita like Warhawk? that would be awesome, is it true that because of the party system built in on the system the vita cant support more than 8 players online? i hope thats not the case and Killzone Mercenary supports 2 players online co op campaign and 16 players online multiplayer maps, vita needs more online multiplayer games.

    • I don’t specifically know of any upcoming online-only multiplayer games for Vita ala Warhawk, but COD: Black Ops Declassified is probably the closest to what you’re describing (I played a few matches and had a good time FWIW). I don’t think there’s necessarily a hard 8-player limit on Vita games, it’s more that it’s just a common number that developers settle on – many console games are in that range, too.

  • @1 4. No.

  • I just want more Vita games, and more Psp games on the mexican store.

  • been playing GOW:A Beta too…but Powerstone…..meh…its definitely its own beast. i cant compare it to any other multiplayer game on the ps3.. but thats the best part about it.

    favor of the gods is easily the best mode so far. 4 v 4

  • I totally went all Pac-man on that code :P

  • Any word on a DLC for demons souls? I’d pay another $20 for that broken archstone to be accessible. I remember a buzz about the creators talking about it being a “land of giants” but was scrapped for various reasons, and they left the stone in the game…i guess to taunt us all.

    Probably rebuying the digital version even though i still have my disc of it. Lame, right?

    Few things i’d like. 1: a search/filter for our download history. Its a pain to scroll down and hope not to miss a game.
    And 2: i’d like to see sony compile a “end of the year wrap up” list ALL the free games, and the various discounts given for ps+. I’d post it on facebook, as would others. And you’d have a easy marketing plan to get more ps+ members, if not convert a few xbox people over to the light. Just a thought.
    And 3: i’d love a sony approved external hard drive that could link to psn accounts so i can save games to it, my hdd is getting full fast. Or at least make the next gen ps4 whatever have a few TB of space.

    Keep up the ports to digital, the more the better.

  • Happy New Year, guys. It’s been pretty sparse around here lately but of course you deserve your holiday.

    I’m going to listen to this tonight. I hope I stay awake long enough to hear you talk about Demon’s Souls, which was a very nice surprise today.

  • Hey guy’s where’s the playstation blogcast then? not the movie blogcast or the board game blogcast but a PS3/Vita blogcast.. Are you planning on keeping this bizarre format? I think Nicks possibly the only guy interested in “Bored” games :) and movies?? Come on guy’s I’ve been listening since day 1.. love the show, Love Sid ! but board games and movies…yawn…just saying…

    A Gamer.

    • I know, I know. There wasn’t much new in gaming to talk about, it was our first day back and we kind of just went with it.

  • Keeping my fingers crossed that in 158 days, the fine folks at PlayStation will show us a glimpse of the next gen. We know the competition has something special planned :)

  • btw there should a psmove section on the psn store

  • NOOOO! Don’t listen to the “No Good” dude/chick, your blogcast is the highlight of my Thursdays! I will absolutely preempt the other podcast that goes ‘beyond’ for this show! And it is for the exact opposite reasons stated by the dude. And PLEASE keep the movies/comics/(and especially) boardgames in the mix gents. But this is one guys opinion that apprecaites all you do for us. Thank you!

  • What is the name of the song at the end I cannot stop listening to it.

  • an episode with tomb raider info coming up would be nice

  • Hey, great listening, BTW are you guys planning to import Jojo’s Bizzarre Adventure All Star Battle to america? maybe a PSN download only, like the One Piece games?

  • I’m a huge fan of the series so it would be awesome if you could, sorry for the double post, my work compute sometimes messes up the Enter button.

  • 70 hours of Persona 4 Golden sound a lot like my holidays. What a great game!

    • The credits rolled on my game at 100 hours and 5 minutes. And I still plan to go back for a second playthrough! I can’t get enough of it.

  • With some of the retail games for plus, it seems though it’s getting us cited up for the new. ex. bioshock 2 and Tomb Raider Underworld (Even though underworld was a year ago) do you expect this will be a trend of the retail games for plus? As in saying bringing back a GTA game to plus? Is this the logic on some of the games being on plus?

  • Well trying to get us cited for the new one, Downloading the blogcast for this show, trying to be more part of the community.

  • What this blogcast needed was a special guest who was willing to drive down to the bay area to talk about games; PSM, Vita, PSN. These are the categories that I believe the Blogcast listeners appreciate the most. Marketing dollars will take care of retail releases for the most part, but the PlayStation Mobile devs and PSN devs don’t typical have the extra funds.

    I am curious about LIfe of Pixel and Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable now. I believe strongly that Nick and I have similar tastes, Sid about half, and Justin not at all. Sorry bro. I don’t have the life span to spare for 100 hours of a single game. That’s like 10 typical Vita/PS3 games or 1000 PSM games.

    I would like to formally request more information on Cross Controller: how well has it done with LBP2, will this be a focus for Sony and developers, and what’s next? I want this to do well and rather cherish having something to look forward too. This is my krux. Its January 4th in 8 minutes and I am looking forward to almost nothing.

    Happy New Year, keep up the good work.

  • Capture the flag?
    The new style to Zombies in BO2 is an better aspect, give you the feel to actually survive without being in one room, but there are hidden places did you find them? ex. The WoW first map in zombies is hidden through the corn field. Never was into zombies mode but the multiplayer makes me hard to take CoD seriously anymore. Anyways, Dora and Diego games really? haha silly this is coming… As for movies and shows, the PS Store Teams seems to worry more about it than gaming. Ex. another streaming tool we really don’t need coming out.

    Will there be more PS3 apps other than entertainment streaming? Ex. there’s a pulse app for presets and such, I have Turtlebeach PX5’s. It’d be more helpful on a app instead downloading to cpu then transfering to the headset which doesn’t do it right for some odd reason.

  • Happy New Year, Sounds like you had fun.
    And yeah kind of dragged out on movies haha. Understandable.
    Sequel to first class? Sounds good. X-Men Origins Woverine was a good movie whhhhhhhhhhhhhat,
    Most Antispated, easily The Last of US, Or sinse GTA5 will be on more consoles maybe.
    Honestly really want to play both deff. The E3 game demo of The Last of Us Looked flawless. Seen the video from ign on GTA5 where they watched it being played, also seems great. Well I’m a huge GTA fan.

  • if you would of kept me more informed on when the store was updating through the holidays…..MONDAY ,,,,,cool but by not informing me i didnt take advantage of a few deals because i wasnt allowed to compare from week to week

  • Hey, guys, I listened to the whole thing. I like the mix of topics and the current group of amigos (although I would still appreciate you including gamer girls more often). That reviewer who called you hipster doofuses was funny but where did he get the hipster part?

    I liked that listener question about best game that didn’t come out this year. My answer is also Dark Souls. I started it in Oct 2011, but put it aside when U3 and then Skyrim came out.

    Great to have you back!

  • Hey Sid, welcome back buddy. Missed ya but hope you had a great vacation. I find you to be one of the more erudite in the gaming blogosphere and it’s always a pleasure to hear you pass on your knowledge about games, past and present. Great to have you back.

    P.S. Hope your boss is reading this ;)

  • That was a good blogcast. I’m wondering how much the Mortal Kombat Vita is going to be on sale for. I’m hoping the Ratchet and Sly collection go on sale soon, as well as Resistance Burning Skies.

  • Thx for the code guys plz dont stop talking about movies i like hearing your oppinion

  • When are we Getting Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and FFV compatibility on PS Vita!? This is completely frustrating that I ask every week and get no aswers.
    As well as the 3 apps that are non-existant that was told would be out summer (one by years end).
    Hulu (doesnt effect me since I’m in Canada though)
    I use Crackle and Crunchyroll quite abit and have been waiting to get those apps. Been dying to always catch the new Fairy Tail eps on time, even when out on the road.

  • I would love to see a more forward looking segment, especially for the Vita. The prevailing sentiment I get from friends is that it looks like a great device but there are not many games (which I show to be false) and not much coming out for it on the horizon. I feel more needs to be done to effectively communicate to those who might be interested in picking up a Vita what they have to look forward to after their purchase.

  • I would also like to second what KosmoCrisis (#22) said about hearing more about PS Mobile. I want to keep on what will be coming to Xperia phones/tablets…. because I want an Xperia play phone later this year!

  • I say keep the off topic talk. You guys are most definitely about video games first and foremost, but at the same time, having off topic stuff is great because you can honestly criticize things. I know you can’t really talk bad about other video games since it might be a conflict of interest, so knowing what kind of things you don’t like indirectly informs us what you may think of a certain game. Plus it helps us get to know you as actual and not just talking heads who work at Sony.

    And let’s be honest here: your off topic chatter is less than 10% of the show, which is fantastic for a podcast. People who complain probably shouldn’t listen to podcasts because they almost always go off topic at some point.

    So, keep up the great work guys! I absolutely love your personalities and how you truly listen to us.

  • Happy happy happy

  • Anarchy Reigns is $29.99? I thought it was originally supposed to be a $20 budget title. That was what originally had me interested in it. :/

  • Don’t listen to #11, your movie and board game chats are some highlights of the show. It makes this into more than just a news show. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You could even find a way to work in little movie segments or something as a routine official thing. Anyway, I like hearing more about the interests of those on mic, so I have no problem with the movie/board game talk.

    And thanks for putting up another blogcast so soon after the holidays. You guys are dedicated!

    Two quick questions regarding DLC for Vita, if you don’t mind:

    1) Frobisher Says US trophy patch? Any hints as to when that’s coming?
    2) Hot Shots Golf Vita’s DLC with Kat and new courses? Still no word on that coming stateside?

    Happy New Year!

  • btw, I’m glad you guys are finally bringing new avatars. Its been a month since the last update on those.

  • You should keep doing what you’re doing, don’t listen to a turkey.

  • Wowwwww, major props to Sid! I wish every psblog post had this much feedback from the staff. Really impressive. About to listen on my android. Keep up the good work. Love my vita! COD Black Ops Declassified is awesome since the last update! Just so everyone knows…

  • Talk about whatever you like! I enjoy hearing your opinions. Nick always seems to be logged in directly to some sort of meta-universal indy nerd-vein. Every other show I wind up googling something he talks about. Cheers guys!

  • hello mr justin. while recently browsing the playstation store i came across Socom Confrontation and noticed it can be downloaded on 2 console systems and 2 portable systems, does this mean playstation vita or psp or is it simply a typo? Just curious.

  • i suppose that question would be better directed at Mr. Sid Shuman lol my bad

  • @35: $30 is also a budget title. It was never said to be $20 that I’ve seen.

    @36: I really hope we get the Frobisher Says patch soon… based on how long it took us to get the game itself though, I expect October 2013, if ever. Prove me wrong Sony, please!

    REALLY hope we get the Hotshot’s Golf DLC with Kat. I’ll be all over it, and anything with her in it.

    @41: That’s where applicable, SOCOM: Confrontation isn’t available on anything but the PS3. So the portable system limit doesn’t apply and was probably just an oversight when they updated the digital terms.

  • as some one who lives just south of McCarran airport, the meme that fits best is “one does not just go to the strip.”

  • I would like to add the interest in the Off Topic too. I drove this weekend from San Diego to Seattle and listen to the Blog Cast for a solid day start to finish. I had many games, movies, and board games to talk about.

    I think the store updates would be good if you could say “These are the store update for North America on January 8th, 2013” then add the “fine print”.

  • I am catching up on the podcasts from a few months ago and getting back into Home. I have had PS3 since late 2008 and a new Vita. I am spreading the style/experience of the Vita to as many of my college friends as I can. I have noticed that after the first half of the year most people are thinking the PS4 will be around towards the holidays. (I will be a day one PS4/Orbis purchaser no matter what)
    Can you touch on maybe in your next podcast on how you think sony will transfer Home purchases and other XMB items to the PS4. Perhaps you have already done this in a previous podcast, I am catching up. I listen to other well known podcasts and I haven’t heard about anything yet on the transition to PS4 (obviously this is a reery early thought so whatever you think is good enough). I will use my PS3 for a long time after the transition anyways.

    Either way you guys are all totally cool and I love everything Sony. I can’t wait of the next podcast coming up in a day or so.

  • I’ve never heard any of your guys podcasts, but i’m currently dl it. QUESTION?what does it mean when someone has “legendary” or “pro” under their avatar? thanks

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