PlayStation Canada Boxing Week Sale

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PlayStation Canada Boxing Week Sale
LittleBigPlanet Karting for PS3

Are you in Canada? Did you score some sweet gift cards over the holidays? If yes, you’ll want to check out PlayStation Canada’s Boxing Week sale.

Between December 25th and December 31st, you can pick up a 160GB PlayStation 3 system for $199.99 at Best Buy, EB Games, Future Shop and Walmart. This console is perfect for a new PS3 owner, or is a great second system if you already have a PS3.

But, that’s not all we have on sale for Boxing Week – one of our favourite games is also available at a discount. You can pick up LittleBigPlanet Karting for $29.99. Playing this year’s biggest and best games on PS3 is a great way to spend the rest of the holidays.

If you’re still looking for more great Canadian PlayStation deals, check out our Play Days promotion. Play Days is on until Thursday, January 10, 2013. For more information, click here.

So, Canadian PlayStation fans, let us know what gear you plan on picking up on sale in the comments, and enjoy the rest of the holidays!

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  • US store update today right? New deals and games and what have you. Surprised there wasn’t a blog post with all the new deals coming today. Lay it on me! SE sale please! :D

  • Little Big Planet Karting needs to come to the psvita or you guys should seriously think about adding online multiplayer to ModNation, the psvita needs more online multiplayer karting games, Sonic&All stars Racing Transformed is a blast to play online, really good but we need more options i think ModNation or Little Big Planet Karting would be even better than Sonic.

  • One more thing sony , is it possible to give psn games as gifts to our psn friends? if not, then you guys should consider that option.

  • playstaction plus sould get some free stuff for ps vita since the store updates on Christmas day I need some gifts

  • @ 4 I believe the store updates today according to a post last week. Given no one is working on Christmas.

  • I really hope there are some vita games this week and a bunch of other sales for christmast.

  • This is for sure one vita game coming because the blob game is going off. Morgan has been promising great stuff but but i guess we’ll see today what it is.

  • i know if that game is not under the tree, i will be picking it up, loved the demo. and i live in canada. i already own 3 ps3s so i dont really need another one of those but 200 bucks is a pretty good deal for people late to into this gen

  • that’s not that great of deal
    future shop had it for 19..99 a few weeks ago

  • Still waiting for the updates of today, free rockstar games will be great!


  • I second #3, we need gifting, I remember gifting my mom using my account on something else cause I had enough money for what she wanted and was so happy, it will also help with christmas sales and so on cause ppl can get there friends PSN games as presents etc. would be great.
    but this is great and All but did you guys forget the Vita? Or did you guys only post those 2 things just as example.

  • Drop the memory card prices already jeebus.

  • sooo the store updates today instead of tommorow. im so ready to see what discount sales we have today. lots of psn games would be nice. hope there not all full retail games. those i prefer on disc . we will see.

  • Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3) is going to be $29.99 and $19.99 for the Vita version in Canada for boxing week sale

  • I hope I get a new PS3 either for Christmas or for my birthday next month ( I sure missed playing my old PS3 but has ylod).

  • Rather weak boxing week sales for the most part considering that Canada picked up on some of the Black Friday sales… PS All-stars for $29 is very tempting for both versions.

  • So I can go to the store and buy LBPK for $29.99 or download it for $39.99? What?

  • Sorry just read Dec 25th. my bad. Come on Santa how about a new psn card!!

  • LBPK is $39.99 on the PS store?

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