Munch’s Oddysee HD on PSN Today

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Munch’s Oddysee HD on PSN Today

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD for PS3

Munch the Gabbit is now in HD! The team at Just Add Water, with help from the programming staff at Four Door Lemon, worked hard over the last 18 months to bring you an updated version of Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee on PS3.

Gamers met the crazy planet of Oddworld back on the original PlayStation, with Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus quickly becoming classics. If you played those games, you’ll remember the reluctant hero’s destiny to rescue his fellow Mudokons from corporate slavery at the hands of Glukkon Companies Rupture Farms and SoulStorm Brewery.

Munch first burst onto our screens in 2002 (on that other console that sounds like egg-fox), following in the footsteps of the now-classic Abe games. Another reluctant hero, the diminutive Munch, is the last of his kind. His mission: To escape from the evil Vykkers Labs, save all the lab animals and liberate a can of Gabbiar, using the eggs to get his species going again. All with the help of Abe, of course!

Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD for PS3Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee HD for PS3

We have no doubt that one look at these screenshots will bring all those childhood memories rushing back. Just don’t cry on us, though, or we’ll get all emotional too.

So, what’s new in Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee? Enhanced assets featuring fully remodeled characters, for one, as well as high-resolution textures for crisper-looking environment detail. We’ve also included new audio fit for PS3, DualShock 3-centric controls, unlockable art, and 46 Trophies — including a Platinum!

Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD is now available on PS3 in North America, starting today. PS Vita owners won’t have long to wait, with a version due out early next year.

We hope it’s worth the wait! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • The store has published and I didn’t see this listed. Is it delayed?

  • I really would have liked this to be on the PS Vita. Why not release it on the VIta as well?

  • @RenderMonk

    Read the whole post.

    “Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD is now available on PS3 in North America, starting today. PS Vita owners won’t have long to wait, with a version due out early next year.”

  • JAW has done a brilliant job with their PS3 releases. I wish more HD rereleases got the care these guys give to their projects.

  • nice been waiting to play this one

  • Well this was a nice Christmas surprise.

  • Ever since I played the original Munch’s Oddysee, I’ve been counting the days for an HD version. Mainly to see Munch’s sexy body in all its glory.

  • Price?

  • Definitely picking this up.

  • Would really like to see a video… Never played the original (despite being very excited about it beforehand but the lacklustre reviews made me decide not to buy it. But I’ve liked plenty of games the press didn’t like so I am definitely up for this one, especially at PSN price. But please, post a video!

  • WELL, WELL, WELL. Look what came crawling back to the PlayStation. I suppose I should forgive you now, Munch, what’s it been, like, a decade!? At least I can finally play this one with a non-weird controller.
    Merry Freaking Xmas!

  • Ahh.. Another Xbox exclusive bites the dust.

  • @11 wat? the 360 controller is the best controller on any console thus far.
    I never played it, I played strangers wrath an it was meh… don’t think i’l buy this but if PSN+ users get it free one day I won’t hesitate to play it.

  • Want get it for vita!

  • @USRevenge2

    What?! The PS2 controller (Dualshock 2) is the best controller on any console thus far!

  • I just grabbed it. Looks great, controls well, but 5.1 audio sends out a nasty beep, then does not work. I had to disable 5.1 sound output on my receiver to get the sound to work at all. Anyone else have their PS3 with 5.1 optical having issues?

  • @13 – I’m sorry, but most of us have our thumbs in the same place on both hands. Nor are our hands bigger than our heads.

    The Dual Shock is the closest to perfection a controller has ever reached. The only way it’d be better would be if it had six buttons on the right, instead of four.

  • Anyway, back to the game, for anyone upset that there isn’t a video, there IS a demo, so give that a shot if you’re unsure.

  • Yeah so don’t buy it now if you want the vita version, since we have to pay for them separately. -.- Looking at you stranger’s wrath!!!

  • The price isn’t listed in the blog post, so to help everyone out, I just checked the store. It’s $9.99 and also has a demo.

  • when is Abe’s Oddysee coming?

  • it’s already in PSone classics, so I’m not expecting an HD remake

  • it’s already in PSone classics, so I’m not expecting an HD remake lol.

  • @21 i believe summer 2013 on ps3 and vita and i believe

  • @24 cool, that’s the main one I’m excited about :)

  • bring back odd world. thats when games were good. i miss that line of games. my son 16 yrs old still playes. on psp and x box orginal..later

  • Hopefully there will be a demo of this.
    I want to see how the textures and lighting were redone before buying it.
    I already own it on the Xbox and didn’t think it was a perfect game by any means.
    If improved enough I would consider giving it another play.


  • Personally, I can use either controller. Xbox or PS3. I dont have a preference. However….. they do make Xbox shaped controllers for PS3. They do not (at least not that I’ve ever seen) make PS3 shaped controllers for Xbox. So since there is a market for them, sounds to me like alot of people do feel one design is superior. Just saying.

  • its support CrossBuy feature?

    cos i dont want to spend on both (ps3 and vita) two times:P

  • It’d be nice to get Abe in PlayStation All Star Battle Royale, because you know, Oddworld is actually iconic and/or important to PlayStation, which PSASBR is suppose to be all about, but of course that isn’t the case and instead we get games/characters that aren’t like Rising/Raiden instead of inclusions of actual iconic/important games/characters to PlayStation like Legend of Dragoon, Alundra, Jumping Flash, Team Ico, Dark Cloud, Arc the Lad, Tomba, Gran Turismo, Socom, Syphon Filter, Legend of Legaia, Blasto, Crash, Spyro, Battle Arena Toshinden, Tomb Raider, Snake, GTA and more.

  • I loved this game back on the original xbox, will pick it up someday just like i did with stranger’s wrath great games!

  • I had no idea! Glad i checked the blog! I always check the update, surprised i didn’t see it listed…oh well i know what I’ll be downloading tonight :-)

  • I happen to remember loving this game on the original Egg’s Box. I hope to pick this and Stranger’s Wrath (which I haven’t played) up soon for my new Vita.

    Keep the releases coming for Vita, Sony! I love it I just don’t want to run out of things to do with it!

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