The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

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The PlayStation Recap: What We’re Reading

Putting together this Recap is the last thing I’m doing before my holiday vacation officially begins, so forgive me if I keep it brief. I still love you, I just love gorging on Christmas cookies more.

We didn’t see it coming, but the first half of this week ended up being quite a doozy. We saw Marvel heroes return to LittleBigPlanet, Sonic and co. hit the portable tracks in Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed, map-exploring indie entry Knytt Underground rolled out on PSN and PS Vita, we landed some Angry Birds DLC (seriously, who saw that coming?)… and that’s not even addressing the top 10 listed below!

Let’s talk about that number 1 post though: The first-annual PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards! We put a lot of time and passion into getting these awards set up, and you all responded in full force. Some of the categories were almost too close to call, but in the end your voices were heard and the winners chosen. Go take a look at the list, and see what PlayStation gamers chose as the best games of 2012.

As for what I’m playing this week, I have officially surrendered myself to the gaming gods at ATLUS, whose Persona 4 Golden refuses to let me go. I anticipate a large portion of my “family time” next week will be spent face-down in my PS Vita, looking for clues on the Midnight Channel and forging ever onward in the quest to max out my social links.

But enough about me. What do you plan on playing over the break? Maybe catch up on that backlog a bit?

  • I’m playing: Persona 4 Golden, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 4 Golden
  • I’m watching: Dickens’ A Chirstmas Carol (A dinner play, as well as the 1938 classic)
  • I’m listening to: PlayStation Blogcast 056

What We’re Reading

This Week’s Top 10 Posts

PlayStation Blogcast 056

Most-Watched Video of the Week

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  • Happy Holidays PlayStation Blog team!

    I’m Playing: God of War II, God of War III, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

    I’m Watching: Nikita season 3.

    I’m Reading: The Dresden Files Book 14: Cold Days.

    I’m Listening to: Official PlayStation Blogcast Episode 056: My Big Fat Game of the Year Show.

  • I’d like to be reading more on the PSN store botched Flash Sale… So it’s just AC3? ‘Cuz even Ubisoft thought it was going to be more inclusive…

  • You guys discussed your top games of year, top movies, and even top board games but nobody mentioned any music. I thought it might be cool to lay down your favourite albums of year, so here are my top 3:

    1. Black Light Burns: The Moment You Realize You’re Going To Fall
    2. Mondo Generator: Hell Comes To Your Heart
    3. Mark Lanegan: Blues Funeral

  • Will there be a store update this Tuesday (on Xmas)? I understand if there isn’t.

  • Also i have noticed there has been no updates with the blog share at least with new ideas being shown.

  • Happy Holidays Everyone!

    I’m playing: LBP Vita and Two Worlds II (thanks to the holiday sale!) and catching up on my ever-growing backlog.

    I’m watching: Spongebob (yeah seriously)

    I’m listening to: Straight no Chaser’s 12 days of Christmas, (funny stuff!),
    Official PlayStation Blogcast Episode 056: My Big Fat Game of the Year Show.

  • @Sonicfan11589 I believe they said they will be doing the store update (with another holiday sale!!!) on Monday 12/24

  • I’m playing: Persona 4 Golden, Sonic & All-Stars, and pretty much anything on my Awesome Vita.
    I’m watching: The Walking Dead Season 1 on Netflix. (Late to the party.)
    I’m listening to: Really nothing atm.

  • When will we an ps+ update if the store updates Monday?

  • I’m playing: Little big Planet (thanks a million for the sale), Persona 4 Golden (still not finish after 55 hours of play)

  • Playing Mass Effect 2 now that I was finally able to get ME1 and beat it in a week. Just this moment finished downloading Persona 4 and am watching opening sequence, but have been playing MGS3, Uncharted and AC3 (thanks to flash sale) on Vita.

    Watching an embarassing amount of Grey’s Anatomy with my wife, catching up on last couple episodes of Dexter from this season, and Mythbustering it up!

    Listening to Band of Skulls, The Toadies and The Police!

  • any news when we will get the store update list? and also i really hope that there are good vita ps plus games this week. not just some minis and stuff. the folks in EU got mortal kombat…. hope US get something like that too and a worthy title

  • Hopefully I will be able to cut down on my gaming backlog before the madness of 2013 begins!. A bit unrelated and a small issue, but please fix the new ads in the LBP Vita live area… ad images for Smart As and other games look like they were done by an amateur in photoshop as you can see a lot of white pixels around the edges of the respective logos.

  • Also really wonder if the awesome AC3 sale is due to the whole 2012 thing not happening at all (perhaps people can stop being so naive from now on). I haven’t played it yet, but really tempted to as it is a sale that not even retailers are matching during boxing day.

  • I’m Playing: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed vita ( this is what ModNation Racers Road Trip should have been!!!, 8 players online is a blast!!!! ), Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD vita, Little Big Planet Vita community Levels, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale vita online, Sorcery ps3 ( we need more psmove games like Sorcery )

    I’m Watching: English Premier League, about to start watching Manchester United- Swansea, come on red devils!!!

    I’m Reading: latest ps4 rumors haha, yea we know its coming sony!!!

    i’m listening to: all kinds of music.

  • Well I’m Playing: Far cry 3 , Assassin`s Creed 3 and Liberation,Resident Evil 6,Dishonored ,Borderland 2,Call Of Declasified and a lot more (never been that much DAY 1 in 2012 )

    I’m Watching: A sexy Mom

    I’m Reading: Your Comment people !!

    and i’m listening to: Top 10 Best Zelda song HD loll

  • im upgradeing my ps vita from 4gb to 8gb so I can download more

  • yah Should wait and buy 32gb ,10 gb left on mine it just go pretty fast , 8 bubble left , I love my ps vita man

  • and I have no video and no music it only game !!!!:)

  • Well for one, I’ve been trying to get the PSN Store to not throw an error (NP-2244-2 on my Vita) when I redeem a PS+ code. (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻

    I’m playing Gran Turismo 5 for some sideways action on my PS3, and replaying FFIX on my Vita.

    I’m listening to some chiptunes by she (google shemusic).

    I’m watching/reading about War For the Overworld, a Kickstarter project that is essential Dungeon Keeper. It looks really promising.

  • Hey for those looking for a Vita memory card, is having a 20% off sale on all Vita memory cards.
    $15.99 4GB
    $23.99 8GB
    $47.99 16GB
    $79.99 32GB

    Act fast I don’t know how long it’ll last.

  • I’m playing: Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, Knytt Underground, Rayman Origins and the Soul Sacrifice demo
    I’m watching: People play the Soul Sacrifice demo on YouTube.
    I’m listening to: The newly add songs on Music Unlimited.

  • Playn – Farcry3
    Watching – yogscast
    Listening – The shady bunch ep

  • Hola que tal…

    el día de hoy quise comprar el juego de assassin’s creed 3 gold edition, y el sistema me decía que había ocurrido un error, ya he realizado compras antes y no había pasado esto, le intenté con otros juegos y tampoco se pudo, quisiera saber que solución existe, y que no sea la compra de tarjetas porque ahorita ya no alcanzo a ir a comprarlas, y no me parece justo tener que comprarlas, si antes no había tenido este error,

    De antemano gracias y espero su respuesta


  • I’m playing: Prince of Persia Limited Edition (2008)
    I’m watching: Yu-Yu Hakusho
    I’m listening to: P.O.D. – Album Murdered Love

  • Playing: Ni no Kuni, hard to figure some things out, but I have managed to do all the sidequests with next to no Japanese ability.

    Okami HD, beat it, forgot how good the ending was. Now to go for the platinum, not many trophies left. Fishing will be a b though. Depending on that and the trial gates yen output buying Brown Rage (2 million) could be easy.

    Watching: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Listening: Karmin ~ ‘Brokenhearted’

  • @Elvick Lol I started watching my little pony after hearing Sid talk about it on the Blogcast, and I must say it’s actually pretty good. Nothing beats Spongebob though (the older episodes)

  • @27: I used to watch generation 1 all the time. Still love to watch the movie from that generation. It’s still one of my favorite movies. I like the new generation, skipped 2 and 3. Saw an episode on tv once and loved it. I’m glad they released a full season on DVD, because I hate volumes.

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