Sonic & All-Stars Racing Hits PS Vita Today, Nab Bonus DLC

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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Hits PS Vita Today, Nab Bonus DLC

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Why hello there, PS Vita owners! We heard you guys were hungry for an awesome multiplayer Vita racing game… and we’re here to deliver. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed hits PS Vita today, and we’re super-excited to share the game with all of you!

The game is out now both in stores and also on PlayStation Store. As you can probably guess, the game also isn’t your average kart racer. The reason we have that fancy “Transformed” in the name is because your vehicle is going to transform in every single race: from a car to a boat to a plane!

My last few blogs here revealed quite a few old school Sega fans, so it’s worth noting that the entire roster is essentially a love letter to gamers. Beyond your traditional Sonic cast, we’ve included the triumphant return of Vyse from Skies of Arcadia (a personal favorite of mine), Gilius from Golden Axe, NiGHTS, and many more. We’ve even got Wreck-it Ralph included as a playable character. (Don’t worry, though – he’s not going Turbo.)

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for PS3 and PS VitaSonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

One of the things I personally like most about the races is that “Transformed” doesn’t just apply to your vehicles. It applies to the tracks, too! Volcanoes will erupt, paths will get destroyed, and the terrain itself will change right in front of you, ensuring that every lap is something new and exciting. Add to that each track is based on a vintage Sega franchise or series from the last 20+ years, and you’ve got yourself some serious nostalgia stew cooking.

For PS Vita, the multiplayer features really bring the game together. Racing against friends (or rivals) in completely respectful (or heated and nerve-wracking) races is a ton of fun.

You can pick up the game now at most retail stores, and if you do so you’ll notice you get some bonus DLC content in there too – a little thanks from us to all those fans out there who pick up the game at launch to support it! The digital copy of the game will also come with this DLC, but it’s a limited time offer for both!

We’ve been off to a good start with reviews on PS Vita, so we hope you guys will enjoy it just as much as we do. Thanks for reading, and as always and if you have any questions, please feel free to post them below. Here’s to the launch of another great racing title for Vita owners!

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  • Is there any sort of cross-compatibility with the PS3 version for, say, cross-saves or cross-play multiplayer?

    • The PS3 and PS VITA versions are separate on the saves and multiplayer front, but each features many of the same tracks and characters.

  • I have been planning on picking this one up.
    Might hit the store today.
    I have been loving my Vita. Its my favorite handheld of all time.

    Anyways, thanks for the bonus Digital stuff. Always nice.

    • You’re welcome! Likewise, thanks to all of you out there who pick up games new on Day 1 (or thereabouts) – it really does help support the teams who create them.

  • How much does this cost?

  • I can’t wait to pick this up for my Vita. Only question is, does this game do 60 FPS on the Vita as it does on the PS3?

  • First and My Son is getting this from Santa . We Love Us Some Sonic and Sega

  • @ blokken $29.99

  • @3 – $29.99

    Will be buying a physical copy for my son for Christmas.

  • You’ll have two digital copies coming from me. Thanks for the awesome game and I appreciate the budget price!

  • will probably get this. hearing good things. also totally unrelated but any update on valkyria chronicles 3 localization or maybe even a new valkyria game :P?

    • Hope you enjoy it if you get it! As to Valkyria… no news from me, sorry! But for the record, it’s one of my absolute favorite games, and ranks up with Journey on my list of all-time favorite Playstation titles.

      So – quick, personal, shameless plug from me: If you own a PS3, if you enjoy RPG’s, and if you haven’t played Valkyria Chronicles yet, buy yourself a copy for Christmas. You won’t regret it.

  • After Xmas for me

  • Aaron Webber, Please tell SEGA we NEED Valkyria Chronicles 3!

    • You’re definitely not the only one who wants to see it. I don’t have any comment on the likelihood of it coming stateside, but I do want to say thank you (and thanks to all the VC fans) for supporting that series!

  • online multiplayer you said? how many players online? is there gonna be a way to race against our psn friends? please say yes and you got 2 copies sold!!!

  • hi, is the same offer for Playstation_Latam??

  • I will be buying this off the PSN today, and it will be taking the place of that Vita launch kart racer as my go to Kart Racing game. Sega, i really would love to see you show the Vita some more love, and this is only the start.

    Mr Webber, i know you have heard this a million times before, but PLEASE localize Valkyria Chronicles 3. I think the demand is very high, probably higher since we likely wont get it here.

    Also, can Sega look into releasing a Vita version of the Sonics Genesis Collection? You would not find a happier person in this entire world than me if i were able to play Shining in the Darkness, Shining Force, Shining Force 2, and all of the Phantasy Star games on my Vita.

    Please please please atleast let this suggestion get to the powers that be so that they know there is demand for it!

    Thank you!

  • After being such a big fan of the last game i went out and got this day one, I really regret that.
    You took all the fun out of it! Dull power ups, dull roster, dull menus and no more fun trials or anything, just a bog standerd kart racer like every other out there, Really disappointed in this title guys.

    • What kind of power-ups were your favorites from the first game? The team at SUMO worked really hard to improve upon and add a lot of fun with this one, so I’m curious as to your thoughts!

      Gone are (the rather frustrating) blue-shell style power-ups, and in their place are now swarms of bees that would make even Nicholas Cage run for fear. But what I really appreciate is that the power-ups are balanced, and there’s always a way to counter them – even the bees can be dodged, if first place is a good enough driver.

      The roster is also vastly improved compared to last time – and includes a lot of returning favorites. What trials in particular were you hoping to see?

  • Hey sony, i just bought the hard copy of sonic all stars and the bonus dlc code that was given to me was for the ps3 version and not the vita? is sony going to send me the vita code as well??

    • Interesting, did you get your copy at a retail store? You should hit up SEGA Customer support @ and drop them a line.

      I’ll let them know your ticket is incoming so we can check it out for you. :)

    • Update: I checked into this for you! It will be fixed later today. Thanks for your patience! :)

  • go buy Valkyria Chronicles people. Merry Christmas!

  • Does the code for unlocking Metal Sonic and Outrun Bay for the PS3 work for the Vita ver.?
    Also I plan on getting the game by the end of December, how long will the digital ver. have the DLC for?

    • (Whoops, I accidentally posted this as a normal comment.) PS3 and PS VITA Bonus DLC is separate on the store, but the idea of dual unlocks is pretty cool.

      For your second question – Yes, if you pick up the game before the new year hits, you’ll still be good to go on the bonus content DLC. :)

  • Disappointing to see no cross play between Vita and PS3… :'(

    • Yeah, would have been fun — it’s not always something that’s in the cards, but we’re confident people will still really enjoy the game, whether you’re playing with friends, rival racers, or by yourself!

  • man, i really wish this had a Plus discount. I would love to have grabbed this at $19.99. I’ll wait abit i guess.

  • PS3 and PS VITA Bonus DLC is separate on the store, but the idea of dual unlocks is pretty cool.

    For your second question – Yes, if you pick up the game before the new year hits, you’ll still be good to go on the bonus content DLC. :)

  • What is the Bonus DLC? The extra characters? Waiting for the PSN store to update. I played the DS version of Sonic & Sega All-Stars racing a lot. I know that this will get a lot of play with my nephew and I having a Vita and getting the game today. The trophies will be a plus.

    • Bonus DLC includes:

      – Exclusive Metal Sonic Character (with transforming Car, Boat, Plane)
      – Exclusive Outrun Track (Older gamers will appreciate this one)
      – Additional stickers for your in-game driver’s license

      And if any of you readers are too young to remember Outrun… here’s all you need to know:

      Need to stop here before I get too nostalgic. :)

  • Thanks Aaron, and kindly pass the word onto SEGA if you can to hurry up with the announcemnt of V. Chronicles 3 and Skies of Arcadia for PSN if it’s not too much trouble. We know they’re secretly working on it ;3

  • Yo Mr. Webber,

    In your reply to the first comment on this page, you said “each features many of the same tracks and characters” in reference to the PS3 and VITA versions, which would imply that one version or the other (most likely the VITA version) would not feature all of the tracks and characters included in the other versions.

    Is this in fact the case, and, if so, what’s missing?

  • @MaestroX
    “go buy Valkyria Chronicles people.”
    I bought it when it launched! Plus I’d likely upgrade to a digital copy if one were to finally be made available… hinthint.

    It’s a shame Transformed wasn’t on PSN day one. Would’ve taken that over the disc. Anyway this is a very fun game like its predeccesor but with a lot more variety! Amazing that they got it priced even lower than the previous one. R.I.P. Sega retail. You surely did try.

    (Get Yakuza 1 & 2 HD collection & 5 out in the west somehow please!)

    • Nice – glad to hear you’re enjoying Sonic Racing Transformed, and thanks also for supporting Valkyria Chronicles, and Yakuza too. :)

  • Aaron, I bought this on the European PSN already, but I didn’t get any bonus DLC :(

    I know you’re with SEGA of America, but is there any way you can tell the folks at SEGA Europe to mirror this promotion? Thanks!

    By the way, this game looks and plays GREAT on the PS Vita!!

    • Hi Andrew – Not likely to happen on the European side to my knowledge, but feedback is always appreciated!

      Really glad to hear you’re enjoying the game on PS VITA! We tried to make the PS VITA version as close to a portable PS3 version as possible. :)

  • Only if Ryo Hazuki was in the game I would purchase it.

    • Ryo was playable in the first game, if you haven’t picked it up already. I loved the Shenmue games back in the day, too.

      P.S. Want to try a game of Lucky Hit?

  • Thank You Mr. Webber. Can’t wait for store to update. Hopefully it comes early, like last week.

  • my psn buddy has thoroughly recommended this to me..i’m glad it made it to vita :)

  • Aaron.. tell me why is Valkyria Chronicles so good? I am not a rpg or something specific.. just like good games.. i am a big persona fan tho .. if u can explain to me the reason id love to pick it up… i just want to hear why u like it?

    Thanks Aaron.

    • I’ll keep it brief since this blog is primarily about Sonic Racing Transformed. :) So three reasons I’d say Valkyria Chronicles is one of my all-time favorites:

      1.) Presentation – Great music, great art style (it’s like a moving watercolor painting), good voice acting, comes in both English and Japanese.

      2.) Characters – Few RPG’s actually make me care about my party members. If I lost a single squad member in a fight in VC, I would restart the whole mission just because I cared about my squad that much. You get very attached… and that’s a good thing.

      3.) Vyse, Aika, and Fina from Skies of Arcadia all have cameo roles. ‘Nuff said! (Up until Racing Transformed, this was one of the only times Vyse had ever shown up again after Skies.)

  • Anyway we could get Valkyrie cronicles port to the vita? For the first 2 games?

  • So why does the game cost the equivalent of £18 in the US but is £35 on the UK store? I know things are usually slightly more in UK/EU, but this is almost double the price!

    • Hm, that is interesting. I’d bet it’s due to: 1.) Our lower price in the U.S. and 2.) Conversion rate from Dollars to Pounds.

  • OMG I buy this game at game stop and when I input he code, guess what!? I can’t download it on a PS Vita appearently. Someone needs to do something about this right now!! I’m sick and tired of this, FIRST I didn’t get my LBP Pre-Order DLC and no one would reply, THEN PlayStation All-Stars DLC I can’t use on my PS Vita and NOW this gives me DLC not downloadable on PS Vita!! yet I just faced a dude using Metal Sonic!! I’m 2 seconds from returning this game, I don’t care how good it is I’m not taking this no more, someone needs to give me a response that fixes this situation

    • Hi Teflon – Fear not, it will be fixed shortly! Once the store updates, you’ll be able to get all the bonus content for VITA.

      I’ll be here reading the blog off and on all day, and I promise you I’ll reply as much as possible to help get this sorted for you. :)

  • “The game is out now both in stores ***and also on PlayStation Store***.”

    If it’s out now (as you said) on the PlayStation store, I certainly can’t find it.

    Does “out now” really mean “out sometime today whenever Sony gets around to putting it up”?

    • Yes, it’ll be up once the store updates. Usually (and keep in mind I do not work for Sony) that’s in about 3-4 hours from the time of this comment. Sometimes sooner, sometimes a little later.

  • @ 34

    Purty much. Check back in 3 1/2 hours. Store usually updates around 5pm CST.

    I’ll never understand why it’s so late in the day but….whatevers.

  • I’m actually crazy surprised to see a PS.Blog post about this from SEGA, considering the SEGA twitter account hasn’t (ever?) mentioned the Vita game, and there still isn’t any official media.

    I don’t know what the SEGA of America team is doing, but I don’t think it’s doing Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed any favours. Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz’s launch trailer showing up on Youtube 8 days after its release date probably didn’t help either.

    It’s almost the end of the month, so it’d be a nice time to think up some good New Year’s Resolutions, while taking my feedback in mind! Please don’t take this the wrong way – I simply would like to see more love and attention paid to your Vita releases, because SEGA has been a great supporter.

    • There’s been a lot of media out there for Transformed in general, though totally understand your point that there’s not been a lot for PS VITA specifically. For most of our efforts you’ll see that we promote all the versions, as with the trailers, viral videos, etc.

      With both this and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz, we’re definitely behind the PS VITA. All feedback can be good feedback, so thank you for the well-worded post. :)

  • Any word on whether Toejam & Earl will be available via DLC?

  • I love all of the Valkyria Chronicles Love on these comments. I would love to see VC3 come stateside. I bought VC2 a couple of weeks ago and I got it on my Vita. I am hoping to get this sonic transformed game soon. I think Kart Racers are great for portables and I enjoyed playing the game on the 360. I might pick it up on my way home from work. :D

    • Always good to hear from another VC fan! If you do happen to pick up Sonic Racing Transformed on your way home, be sure to check out the Skies of Arcadia level. :)

  • I redeemed my Bonus Edition DLC code from the Vita version, but it saying that it can’t be downloaded on the Vita system. I think it may have given me the PS3 DLC. Any tips?

    • You are correct! So, tell you what – you keep that PS3 DLC, and we’ll give you PS VITA DLC too, once the store updates. Sound good? :)

  • For a second there i thought Sonic was going to be added to the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster! :(

    Why don’t you guys make Valkyria Chronicles 2/3 for the PS3?!! And patch Valkyria Chronicles 1 with trophies while you guys are at it. And adding a Valkyria Chronicles rep to the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster wouldn’t hurt either!!! Please make it happen!!! Thank you.

    • Lots of cool ideas, but as with most things, some of these are far more complex or challenging than they may appear on the surface.

  • I’m guess that any bonus DLC included with the game won’t be available for download until the store updates.

    • That’s correct – the PS VITA DLC will be available after the store updates today.

      We’re actually going to be giving away the PS3 DLC for free when you redeem the PS VITA DLC code (for a verrrry limited time), so if you happen to have both versions, you’re in luck!

  • Decent game, though I do find myself wishing I had the drift system from Asphalt instead half of the time. Still a decent racer.

    • Appreciate the feedback. Drifting is always an interesting topic – everyone has their favorites, but it’s good to hear you felt it was still decent regardless.

  • Seeing Vyse and the maps of Skies of Arcadia in this game made me cry tears of joy……
    The Delphinus leading our pack of vehicles as we tore down the track was awesome too.

    Mr. Webber; Will we ever see a sequel to our beloved Skies of Arcadia anytime soon?
    It would be also awesome to play an HD version or at least the kind of quality the GameCube had in Legends….

    Please please, revive the Skies of Arcadia franchise!! It’s THE Greatest RPG I have ever played!!
    We miss Vyse, Aika, and Fina!!

    • Skies of Arcadia is also one of my favorite RPG’s. (I have a Vyse costume – for real.)

      No word on Skies from my end, but I’m with you in thinking it’s one of the best games I’ve played. When I first loaded an early version of the Skies track in Sonic Racing Transformed, I had a similar experience to yours!

  • Oh and btw, great racing game Aaron! I enjoy playing this with the little ones.
    It’s one of the best games of this year!

  • Aaron Webber# When you say “each features many of the same tracks and characters.” does that mean the psvita does not have all the tracks and characters that the ps3 version have?If so which tracks/characters are exkluded in the psvita version and why?

    • All tracks and characters in the PS3 version are included in the PS VITA version. :)

      We made the two versions as identical as possible!

  • Hey Aaron all my gamestopss don’t have this on vita. If I buy it on amazon today will I get the bonus dlc?

  • I bought SStransformed for ps3, last week. I don’t have a Vita. Also, i am importing RGG5&HD. Keep up the good work, Aaron. The Real fans are with SEGA.

    PS: What is the SEGA “main lady”, in your opinion? We know that Chun Li is the Capcom lady, Mai is the SNK lady, so what girl is the SEGA lady? Honey from FV? Aika or Fina? Blaze from Streets of Rage? Alis from PStar?

    • Thanks for repping and supporting the SEGA fans!

      As to your question… that’s a very good one. Personally, I don’t think there really is a single “Main SEGA Lady”, because we have so many strong female characters in all the SEGA franchises. You listed some good ones, and there’s also Bayonetta, Alicia and Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles… the list goes on and on.

  • @47: Blaze? Didn’t think anyone else remembered Streets of Rage. Wish it would be brought back Mega Man 9/10 style (ie – no new-age 2D graphics like certain other games. Keep the old flavor). And the soundtrack!

    • I feel like, once I travel back to the midwest this year for Christmas, my younger brother and I need to bust out some Streets of Rage II for old times sake. Such good memories… and great music.

  • @46: Any copies that have the red “Bonus” tape on the box art has the content. Target carries this version (at least in the southeast US), and mine came with the code. Does say it is valid until Nov. 2013. ;-)

    Just watch out for versions without the red banner; they lack the code insert.

    • This is correct. If you’re picking up a copy now (in the US), they should all have the Bonus Edition extra content banner on them.

  • First off I wanna say thanks Aaron for responding to all these comments . I’m kinda on the fence with this one but I just may pick it up, maybe for Christmas.

    As for Valkyria Chronicles I keep hearing how this game is so good, I think it may be time for me to get it. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it also for PSP? If so does it work on Vita, if not and you guys port it to Vita you got a guaranteed buy from me

    • Yeah, no worries. Responding to the comments is fun – I grew up a gamer and used to work in community, so this feels like home to me.

      You’re right that there is a Valkyria Chronicles for PSP (VC II). It should work on PS VITA as far as PSP games go, but I’ll verify just to be sure. (There’s not a VITA-exclusive version.)

      If you have a chance, I recommend starting with the first game on PS3, then playing the second. There are some neat references in VC2 that you’ll really appreciate if you’ve played the first game.

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