Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault – Patch, Free Map Coming Soon

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Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault – Patch, Free Map Coming Soon

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal AssaultRatchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

We’ve been having a blast playing against you online in the last few weeks, and we hope you’ve been enjoying the game as much as we’ve enjoyed making it and playing online ourselves.

As you know, Full Frontal Assault is a cross-buy enabled title, so your purchase of the PS3 game entitles you to download the PS Vita version at no additional cost upon its release. Tin Giant and Sony have been hard at work to finish the Vita version, which will be available soon in early 2013. If you bought the PS3 game digitally, you’ll be able to download it via your Download List on the XMB when it releases. For those purchasers of the retail disc, you can download the Vita version via the “Disc Benefits” option under Game on the XMB.

One thing every great multiplayer game has is new content and support. The team in North Carolina has been working hard and listening to your feedback the last few weeks. We have a new patch coming out this week for Full Frontal Assault that addresses many of your requests, and fixes some of the balance issues both online and in the campaign. In addition, we are adding two additional levels to the weapons in the game, so you’ll be able to further up(grade) your arsenal.

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Metropolis Postcard

But that’s not all — in early January we’ll be bringing another patch to the game that will add a new multiplayer map. This patch will be free and will add the map for all users. This map is set in one of the most famous locations in the Ratchet & Clank universe: Metropolis. Check out a first sneak peak at the new map above.

For those of you who have already jumped into Full Frontal Assault, thanks for your support! And for those of you still waiting, check out the free trial on PSN. The game features a fun-sized campaign, but also two-player campaign co-op and our unique 1v1 and 2v2 competitive mode for just $19.99!

We have more skins and free maps to come in 2013 as well, so stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for the latest updates. If you have any questions, ask below and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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  • So excited! A new map! And it will be free! I really have great hopes on the skins comming :)! Keep up the awesome work :D! Though it is a game Quest for Booty size, I’ve played it all week XD!

  • But I don’t understand. If we level up our weapons to level 3, we have alpha. Then if we level up + 2 levels, we will have what o.O? Or is it a multiplayer upgrade system?

    • Your weapons will get even bigger stat boosts, so there will be more reason to keep playing and it will also make the game easier / going after faster times more competitive.

  • I want this game so bad, but I will wait until the vita version releases due to me not having access to my ps3 at the moment (Studying abroad). I do have my psvita ready for it !

  • I will have to pick this up soon! Love R&C games! Also, I have a Vita so it is even more worth my $20

  • its a decent game so far. I’m waiting for the Vita version before i play more though.

  • It’s insulting to even call this game a Ratchet and Clank game. First it was All 4 One and now it’s this. I would rather you guys stop making Ratchet and Clank games because you are doing a disservice to the game and it fans with the last few releases.

    Sad to see one of my favorite game series turn to this.

    • Sorry you feel that way. We think Full Frontal Assault is a great Ratchet game with a really fun twist. Between all of the action and the crazy weapons, it’s some of the most intense gunplay I think we’ve ever had in the series.

  • Well, hope they fix the annoying bug that makes us loose points when somebody from the OTHER team rage quit /:(, so unfair!

  • I bought this game not sure of what to expect. Since I’m a big fan of Tools Of Destruction & Crack in Time, I thought the story mode might be similar with multiplayer Node capture. Seems even the story mode only has some Node capture/defend objective missions.

    Granted I only played this game for like 10 minutes and wasn’t even sure what was going on. I need to pay more attention to the map I guess to see why my base is getting destroyed LOL.

    Anyway, I hope the patch and free map will also be for us EU players?

  • @James Stevenson even bigger weapons? Wow! Thougth game isn’t already hard to me. As I unlocked Infinite Ammo, just getting a Warmonger and it will be easy :P. Though I’ll level up all of them (as I already have them at level 3).
    But 1 question: why did you erased so many effects and things in game? Per example, Sonic eruptor no longer gets tired when out of ammo, he just freezes and the sound he makes with no ammo isn’t his original, Mr.Zurkon no longer dances with groovitron…Really hope some changes at new upgrades, even the return of that wave that used to came while using sonic eruptor :)!

  • ratchet all 4 one is the best ratchet game ever but insomniac must continue making ratchet games because it is my favourite game series ever! when will we see ratchet deadlocked/gladiator on psn?

  • and will you make hd version of size matters too?

  • are you making a new ratchet game in 2013? is it true that the next ratchet game will be intergalactic football?

  • I assume the new weapon levels will apply to the campaign only, and competitive weapons will still top out at lvl 2?

  • i have a big problems with the trophies – they are very hard, impossible hard! can you make them easier like in all 4 one please? i want easier trophies please!!!

  • This game rocks doin co op I wish their were more campain stages the online is ok but playing split screen with my gf is where I have fun.

  • As much as I enjoy FFA and the Future trilogy, when will we expect an actual update about Ratchet: Deadlocked HD? Me, and an entire community are waiting patiently for an update for Ratchet: Deadlocked HD. When will we expect a release date?

  • the new map its only for vs or have co-op too, and congrats for the new fuse trailer amazing

  • I am glad this game is CrossBuy/play, I will try it on my Vita when it is out for the Vita.

    In the mean time, can we ever expect another game like Crack in Time or Tools of Destruction? :D You know the fans want it!!!

  • Hi Insomniac!
    I really loved FFA and I’m very excited of the new maps that are arriving.
    I agree with people who says that it is not the usual Ratchet & Clank’s games but they are awesome too. I don’t worry because I am sure Insomniac planed a big R&C for 2013.

    My idea, and I know a lot of people would want that too, is to add trophy support to Tools of Destruction, it will be great for players to come back or discover this game that does’nt have any trophy.
    Good continuation and thanks for your work (if there are some mistakes it’s normal, I’m French) :)

  • any chance of split screen in competitive, and matchmaking in co-op,

  • I don’t see why so many people are complaining about this game. Sure, it isn’t your typical R&C game, but it is still loads of fun. Also the multiplayer adds hours of fun, intense, gameplay, that requires a great deal of strategy and skill. And for $20, what more do you want? Seems like a great deal to me.

    Anyway, we can expect the patch this week?

  • Really need to get this, but after hearing the single player is kinda short I became a bit weary about it.

    @James Stevenson
    Any chance of another R&C Future game, I always kind of expected that there would be a 3rd (well 4th really) game dealing with Ratchet finally finding the Lombax’s
    Also idea for another downloadable game, Captain Qwarks origins, show the incredibly lucky series of events that turned him into a “hero” (I know R&C 3 had the “True” story, but it might be a fun thing to do)

    • Single-player is 4-5 hours and the game is 20 bucks and has co-op and competitive, seems about right to me!

      In terms of future Ratchets, who knows!?

  • thrilled to hear of the new map … this is wrapped for Christmas – very hard to wait on it … I really don’t understand the contempt for All 4 One …. we love it, & b/c of the co/op MP it will be our go to R & C game … we replay the levels, finishing missed missions, online players join in on the frolic …. it’s one of my favs. & I’m only missing Quest for Booty – any chance of a holiday discount ?? ;-) I know – it’s worth the $15 price of admission … will likely snag it after Christmas – as a belated goodie to finish the collection. happy holidays ! love the series.

  • Metropolis. <3 Can't wait to see how awesome that map looks.

    Haven't got FFA just yet, but I'll be getting it by the end of the month! Really enjoyed helping out in the beta, so I'm looking forward to being able to play again. :D

  • Still seems kinda of short for R&C to me, but im thinking ill be downloading it today (along with Rayman Origins)

    Still nice to know there is a future for the Ratchet series

  • Thank you for sharing the news, James.
    Man, I need to get this game soon. Price is very comfortable, I need to get in the fun mostly because I miss all the time I used to spend playing R&C: A Crack in Time. ahhh Ratchet & Clank, lovely ground PS franchise.
    Happy holidays!

  • Will be getting this when the vita version is out. I got a lot of games to still play.

  • Is there matchmaking I tried one of the modes and it had p1/p2 but nothing about MM is there a separate co-op in the multiplayer?

  • patiently waiting on the vita version

  • I’ve really been enjoying the demo and am looking forward to buying it soon.

    I’m also glad to see that your are continuing to refine the experience (and add free content) after release! I think I remember Insomniac doing something like this with Resistance 3, and it shows me that do indeed care about your franchises *and* your customers’ feedback. I also applaud your willingness to give the Vita version the time it needs to be great!

    Thanks for all the great games!

  • Me, and about 100 other members Are apart of a R:DL private facebook group. it seems like every day someones on there asking about DL hd. LOL we can’t wait. i hope Idol minds doesn’t ruin Online like they did to UYA.
    Have you or anyone else tested DL hd so far?

    • I played a build fairly recently and it’s come together well. Haven’t done anything extensive with it. As with the HD Collection, our games are hard to part, and by and large Idol Minds has done a great job getting those games running as well as they do

  • nice thank you guys but please consider a real Rathet game next time, pleaaase.. I got both A4one and this one they are okay but a bit less catching than a Ratchet platforming game.
    Please make it happen… and quit using 3D it’s terrible with too many ghost effects all the time it hurts.

  • Question about the Cross Buy;
    I enjoy my PS3, but no access to it while abroad is bummer so,
    if I buy the PS Vita version when it is out, will I get the downloadable version for the PS3?

  • Glad to hear there is a trial/demo of this game. I’ve been interested in getting this, but shied away because I really don’t care for or excel at RTS/tower defense type games.

  • I love this game, My wife and I have been playing a lot as of late. She wishes she can play as a girl in campaign mode nothing wrong with that tho, I am pumped for it to come out on vita, I did want to mention to yall that it would be cool toss in a dlc twist maybe from resistance level, I know its prob to far fetched lol I just hope to see some new Infamous footage some time soon, it sucks when ur a hardcore fan like me and you can’t find a single thing about alright enough ranting Thank you for this fun action packed R.C game keep up the good work and I’ll keep playing!!

  • I’m liking the idea of being able to upgrade your weapons further. I’m seeing more fun times with the Warmonger up ahead and every other awesome weapon in the game :) I can’t wait to try out the new maps as well!

  • This is pretty cool. I would like to know more details about the fixes in single player. Any chance we could get some matchmaking servers for the campaign?

    • No plans for matchmaking for the campaign at the moment, but we’ll keep it in mind. It’s hard to find people on the same level and looking for the same goals (playthrough? skill points? challenge times) so it’s an interesting problem.

      our forums are a great place to find folks to play with though

  • Thanks for the Info On DL:HD
    Are you aware of all the glitches/bugs online in uya. such as the skin DAN canceling a lobby if picked as a skin. and the random ps3 freezing?

    Also With DL:HD will any bugs/glitches be fixed? or is it a AS IS port? you get what you get.

    Hope for you to reply

    • It’s up to Sony / Idol Minds to choose to deal with fixes and stuff (and decide if the bugs are big enough to fix). We’ve relayed some of the bugs we’ve heard about back up the chain, though we’ve been so busy working on FFA we may not have seen every little one.

      In terms of the Deadlocked port, it’ll be as is, but as always, there may be some differences which may cause things to not work or work now.

  • Oh and 1 More question.
    At pax. Insomniac said DL:HD would have a net code re-write.
    Is this true? If so whats that mean? Like 100% new net code? or is it just ported

    • No, we just said at PAX that it would include the multiplayer component. It’s a port of the PS2 game and code.

  • I bought the game day one. Then I found out the vita version was delayed (nothing on or in box stating otherwise). Eagerly waiting for the vita version to play. Any chance on a demo or something else for the vita while we wait? I will check my disc again soon.

    • Yeah, we provided stickers to retailers but it was all pretty whizz-bang last minute, and during the craziest time at retail, so we’re sorry if those didn’t make it on. We’ll have a date and info as soon as possible. Tin Giant is working hard

    Dude STFU…. I myself dont consider a Ratchet and clank Fan but while i havent played them all i own them all and ive been playing this game with a friend and its freaking awesome. If u dont like Tower defense then ur bad.

    At James, Thanks for this game bro its awesome and I really LMAO with the trololol song!!!!! Really loved that u put that song there! Thanks.


  • Very cool, glad it’s free. I haven’t bought it yet since I’m still so busy with the Ratchet & Clank collection, as soon as I beat that, this wil be instantly bought! Loved the MP Beta of it, hope the SP is good too and not like All 4 one.

  • hope the patch fixes some of the multiplayer( when the other team losses I lose ranking points at the end???)And I hope that there will be a continuation of the future series.

  • Loving the game :) Me and my daughter sat up till 4am to complete it :D and lvl 5 weapons will be a godsend

    Own EVERY R&C made :) enjoy playing them all (except A4O) hopefully we get Size Matters in HD too (I know gladiator will be here one day….)

    P.S A small request, vids of the Dev times or they never happened :P

  • DUDE! Don’t listen to the haters. I’ve played ALL the R&C games since the first game’s launch on PS2 (minus the PSP titles) including the PS3 games and I even just Platinum’d the entire HD trilogy last week to relive the glory days all over again and I still love it.. so when I say I love All 4 One and FFA you know it’s legit because I’ve been a R&C fan since it’s inception.

    Expanding the universe with All 4 One and FFA have been great moves and true R&C fans like myself do appreciate this. Insomniac has literally never failed so I have complete faith and confidence in whatever direction you decide to point R&C in. In my opinion the last 2 games are the best possible choices you could’ve made for a non-traditional R&C game, we’ve always needed a 4 player R&C game and Dungeon Defenders was also a great game so FFA was a dream come true (all it missed from DD was the 4 player splitscreen).

  • My and my girlfriend love all of your games and we bought 2 of the limited edition posters! I freaking love Tower Defense games and it’s a nice change of pace for R&C.

  • For the record, your comments that it is impossible to add trophies to TOD is not accurate. You simply do not want to.

    If MGS4 got a trophy patch 4 years later, then it isn’t a stretch to know that Insomniac could do the same for TOD. You simply do not think it will be profitable, and that is probably true. Though given Insomniac’s utter failure at creating fun and balanced platformer/shooters like the Ratchets of the past, it might be an act of good will towards your fanbase, letting us know you still give a crap about what we want, and stop making experimental party games and tower defense crap. I know I am in the majority for thinking this. You do too, I’m certain you check the message boards.

  • Why was there no matchmaking for co-op?

    Hopefully the update makes it easier for me to solo the times for medals, and the secret trophy solo.

  • Thanks for the Info on DL and UYA :) <3 you made me fell like im able to wait for DL hd longer then i want to hahaha


  • Looking forward to this map.I wish more people would play more online you know…Hay can’t wait Till Ratchet and Clank DeadLock!

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