PlayStation Home Update: Atari’s 40th Birthday & Winter Holidays

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PlayStation Home Update: Atari’s 40th Birthday & Winter Holidays

This Wednesday, December 19th, Atari’s 40th birthday invades PlayStation Home, the winter holidays begin, Domo dons some cute new outfits, Granzella hosts some special events and more!

Atari – 40th Birthday!

This fall, Atari celebrated its 40th birthday—longer than many of us have been alive! And something is invading the Action District that looks like retro fun could be on the horizon. What does it mean? We shall find out…


Winter Holidays

Brisk winds have blown into PlayStation Home and the mysterious and festive winter island has appeared again just off the coast of Pier Park. What wonders will it bring this year?

You are cordially invited to the the 2012 Winter Holiday.

Take on the role of a distinguished party guest and become both spectator and participant in events at the Holiday Ball. Head to the island first thing Wednesday and get your first reward, a stylish mask to help you slip into character. Throughout the rest of the holiday, play your role and earn XP while dancing, dueling, voting on each others’ fashion sense in a costume parade, kissing under mistletoe, and more.




Meanwhile over in Pier Park, there’s something dark going on! Begin investigating, starting this Wednesday to discover the meaning behind all this…


HellFire Games – Home Tycoon: Stunt Pack and Luxury Life Tower Sale


Save big in Home Tycoon this week! For a limited time, get 40% off the high-octane Stunt Pack expansion, and save 35% on the mega-popular Luxury Life Tower, on sale again by popular demand!

Drive like an animal with two new zoo animal cars this week in Home Tycoon: the Pink Bear Car and the Silver Giraffe Car! These new cars can be found in the Home Tycoon store under Vehicles > Animals.

Kung Fu Factory – Domo Holiday Friends 2012

Domo jumps right into the Holidays with six brand new Domo Holiday Companions! See who’s been naughty or nice with Santa Domo or take to the ice with Winter Domo!

You’ll also get to see what Domo did for Halloween! Six new Domo Halloween Companions are also coming your way! Rise from the dead with Mummy Domo or scare some players with Ghost Domo!

Spend your Holidays with Domo and have some fun!


Granzella – New Items + End of Year Events

Swimming Floats and Inner Tubes

Granzella introduces the Inner Tube and Swimming Float Series. Able to be used while swimming at the Glittering Sands Beach, the Inner Tube (can be used by one person) and Swimming Float (can be used by two people) have arrived. Each is available in aqua, pink, yellow, and green.

Additionally the Swimming Floats can also be used with Everyone’s Picture: On the Beach. Choose a pose on a Swimming Float, try taking a picture of yourself!

Granzella Winter Events

At GZ Burger, invite your friends and feast side by side! The Southern Island Hideaway and Great Edo of Nippon lounges have also been changed completely with winter scenery.


Game Mechanics – New Items

Game Mechanics has you covered with more cool stuff for your personal spaces and clubs. Adding to their Contender Series are a Racing Chair, a matching Racing Couch, plus a coffee table and an end table each made out of an engine block. They have an ice filled cooler made from a tire, a sports canopy, tailgate chairs, plus chairs and couches made from the front end of a bug car. Last, but not least, they have a fully functional grill that is carved out of an engine block.

In addition they are also introducing their new Elegant Line of more stylish furniture pieces for those with a more wealthy taste. They have an Elegant Chair and Sofa, plus table/chair combos and an Elegant Canopy to keep your friends from being exposed to the elements when you entertain. The featured item is an Elegant Dining Table that you can configure with 1 to 4 place settings. You can also change the color of the tablecloth to one of four colors.


Juggernaut Games – PartyMachine

Ring in the New Year in style with Juggernaut Games! The PartyMachine 2013 active item (5 slots) is the ideal DJ and comes with a great selection of party music! Bring life to the party with the Party Spotlight (5 slots), a unique customizable spotlight packed with tons of features. Celebrate the big moment with the Confetti Bomb (6 slots), which showers your guests with multi-colored confetti (and may have some other surprises in store!) If you feel like dancing, the PartyMachine 2013 companion is the perfect partner.

Lockwood Publishing – Arctic Voyage + Party Season

Arctic Voyage

Give your friends the journey of a lifetime with The Dream Yacht: Arctic Voyage, including 20 onboard rewards. This amazing space is only available from the Gift Machine for 768 tokens.

Party Season

It’s party season! Stun your friends with the new Zipper Dress from Lockwood, perfect for hitting the dance floor. For a subtle look go for The Sarah Hairstyle, or don the Party Top Hat available in black or sparkling purple – perfect for hitting the dance floor. For the guys there’s the Sharp Suit Jacket and Trousers, this funky cut will draw attention especially when finished off with Rose Tinted Glasses.

Uproar Collection 2: Winter Riot

The latest Uproar collection is here! With new weapons, taunts, rewards and a level cap increase – there’s even a few quirky seasonal items to get you in the festive spirit. Visit the Uproar arena now to claim your FREE head tattoo rewards!


Atom Republic – Biker Jacket Companions

Get your hands on the RadPetz, a new generation of advanced companions complete with complex behavior, sound and visual effects! The first batch of Radpetz are Skully and his friends, Skullbat, Skulette and Scalaca: those cute and spooky pets fly, snore loudly and spawn little trails of Zzz particles as they doze off. Buy all 4 companions and get a free grey t-shirt and, a special t-shirt with a nest on the shoulder, where you pet will land to incubate its eggs and take a nap.

Also discover the new biker jackets, they are the first item from our Neon Design collection. They come in 5 colors, both for male and female avatars.

GroupShot black_684x384

nDreams – Journey to the West + Blueprint 1.1 Update

A Big update for Blueprint: Home this week — There are two new style packs available: Asian Fusion and Nightclub; two new Skies: Night Time and Chameleo and also two new environments: Snow Capped Mountains and City of the Future.

There has been an update to the lighting when inside the apartments making it better than ever. You can now select any floor or ceiling for use in any room and also an issue which aw furniture not fitting in some corners has been rectified.

Finally there is a range of furniture that is perfect for use in your Blueprint apartment. Create the garden of your dreams with the Great Outdoors Range including hedges to make amazing hedge mazes. Also available is a range of Patio furniture that will help complete your perfect Blueprint: Home.

This week also sees the release of outfits inspired by the classic Chinese novel Journey To The West. With four characters from the novel with different colour variants including a limited edition full body outfit for each one available for a short period of time there will be something for everyone.


Digital Leisure – Elizabeth Tower Reward

Out with the old and in with the new! The Casino’s fountain is now handing out a new reward! If you’re lucky enough after tossing some chips in you’ll be rewarded with the Elizabeth Tower ornament. This will go nicely with the other landmarks of the world that are rewarded elsewhere in The Casino. So head on over and get tossing!


Codeglue – New Items + Holiday Sale

Codeglue’s popular LED TV’s with mood light are now available in a whopping 80″! They come in various aspect ratios, like landscape, portrait and even square ones! Besides new LED TV’s Codeglue has released two leggings bundles, each with 7 fashionable leggings!


Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer on PlayStation Home? Then Codeglue might have just the thing for you! Starting this Wednesday, the 19th of December, they will be having a little Holiday Sale which will run all the way until the 2nd of January.


Home might not have many chimneys for you to go down, but regardless that our Santa on a reindeer costume will make sure that your Christmas Eve is complete! He even brings his own dance moves to the party. For the girls they have selected the more fashion-forward “u love green” bundles. These are filled with a dress, one-shoulder top, leggings, a pair of heels and to complete the whole look, a pair of earrings. They are available in green and black and will surely make you look perfect for the holidays.

Community Theater – Update

Another star-studded week in the Community Theater! PSTALENT premieres season 2 of the long-awaited hit series, The SPOTLIGHT! What will become of our beloved Director? Will the Junk Guy seek medical attention? Who is Nurse Sharome? Find out this Wednesday, December 19th at 6:00 p.m. PST for the SPOTLIGHT season premiere. The JUNK GUY has a very special gift for you – a free virtual item download: The JUNK GUY Xmas Butt-Huggers!

PlayStation Home Mall Update

Magnus is back in his 71st volume of the Virtual Item Showcase. This week he showcases Secret Agent outfits from Konami as well as some new tats to help ring in the new year of the Snake, cute new Peeptoe shoes for ladies from Lockwood, a sleek new suit for the men, Domo dresses up for the holidays, sled or skate around with new locomotions or throw snowballs at your friends. Check out the video below for all the details.

See you in PlayStation Home!

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20 Author Replies

  • Atari stuff and winter holiday event looks great, and that’s about it…

    I am seriously angry that we aren’t getting the Granzella Dreamy Beds, pajama sets, and Watchful Snowy Owl set until next year, after EU and Asia got them last week. That is a huge slap in the face to GZ fans in NA for the last update of the year. I don’t want freaking inner tubes and fried chicken!

    Everything else has come here too late for me to care about, like Journey to the West, I no longer have interest in it over a month. Maybe I’ll pick up the biker jacket set, but again it’s been way over a month and I don’t have much interest anymore.

    In any case, due to the lack of the Dreamy Beds and PJs until next year, I subsequently won’t be buying anything until next year…was ready to spend $100.00 or so…but whoever’s in charge just HAD to screw us over with the GZ stuff once again…so I’ll be spending my money elsewhere for the holidays.

  • I didn’t know you wrote books to Cade. WOW now that is an update! :-) looking forward to this event. (and your next book) :D YAY!

    • I am quite the novelist each week, cobbling these vast Home updates together, if I do say so myself. (j/k, it’s all the developers’ work, I just help put it together). The many events planned will unfold, require exploration and discovery, as well as a little role playing. So I hope you’ll enjoy the festivities, as there has been a lot of care put into all of it.
      We get to take a little time off for the holidays and we’ll see you guys all next year!

      *NOTE: This is the last Home update for the year, so I hope it’s enough to tide you and everyone over! The first content update in January will be on the 9th.

  • The update looks great but one thing what happen to the new street moves? im glad to finally have a winter place back cant wait.

  • Space Invaders? The Apocolypse? GZ Winter? OH GOD. Awesome. (Also, can someone gift me that Arctic Dream Yacht at some point? :P)

    • I think the new yacht will be bringing together many folks to do some not-so-Secret Santa gift giving. Happy holidays!

  • I’ve not ventured into Home since that Xi game, but dang, it looks like it’s truly taken off since then. I mean, even by Xi, it was WAY different than the original Beta. Those were some weird days. Hope everyone who uses Home enjoys it.

  • And in case it wasn’t obvious, the event in Pier Park ties in with Xi Continuum, those are structures from the continuum…

  • Atari in Home WOW never seen that one coming since it’s not a SONY product… LOL!

    • We’ve had content from most major game publishers not Sony-owned, from EA to Ubisoft, tons of indie developers and more. It’s all good in the Home-hood. We’re glad to introduce Atari to the Home community.

  • @BrushYourTeeth You should check it out again. Majorly different and even a new Xi: Continuum game.

  • No new dance moves this week?

  • Locomotion?

  • Nice update and having Atari is good lets hope there are some Atari related content rewards.

  • Looking forward to the leggings… if they don’t get pulled! :)

  • The Granzella floats look great, how much will they cost?

  • For the “The Dream Yacht: Arctic Voyage” is says: “Give your friends the journey of a lifetime with The Dream Yacht: Arctic Voyage, including 20 onboard rewards.”. So does that mean that my friends can get “20 onboard rewards”? Or are the “20 onboard rewards” for the Owner Only?

  • Wow……I’m speechless….lol….well I’m glad the winter place is back :)!! How much for juggernaut party set?

  • So we’re not getting the same xmas rewards that EU and HK got? I dont remember a stylish mask being on their list.

  • It about time we got Game-related stuff ever sine Sports Champions 2 Launch :P

    I got some questions from you. accoring to Alphazone4. they found a new application for PS Vita. which is called “PlayStation®Home Arcade” it currently out in Europe Region.

    also notices the Background. it look like a new Bowling Alley. here’s the picture.

    Sucks that you cannot confirm it! :( hopes it releases next year in the US.


  • So much awesomeness this week! Really excited about The Spotlight’s season 2 premiere, and I know PSTALENT has a few other surprises coming to the community theater this week too! Also, happy birthday Atari! The winter space looks and sounds like tons of fun! Christmas really is my favorite time of year! I just have 2 questions:

    1) Can you tell us the name of “the mysterious and festive winter island”? (We have [party invites to post!)
    2) Who wants to send me an Arctic Voyage yacht for Christmas? :p

    • 1) It’s a mystery! Tell you what, let’s just call it Farallon. It might be there all the time, just hidden from sight on most days until the winter comes, or maybe it just disappears into the mist!

  • Love The Update!!! even if its a bit late >.>! lol Happy Holidays to You and Everyone At Home :D and can i say one thing? Can we have a delete button. I love home but with all the stuff i have its getting harder and harder to find things even in my storage. i have too many things. and when i go to the Hub to get my free gift, I get nothing? is it not there or not there yet? :3 please help and again Thank You all and happy Holidays and best wishes :D

    • If you haven’t picked up Home’s anniversary gift last week, it should also be granting in the Community Theater. Head there and give it a shot.

  • Almost forgot. did you check the Calendar? *hinting that Wednesday is on 26th :P

  • looking forward to the atari event, when are we getting the intellivision games that were mentioned a couple months ago?

  • I wish Home would make the hats seperate from hairs.I never like the hairs but love the hats but pass on them do to hating the hair.

    P.S.I want Marla’s outfit from Midway 3’s Whack Off

  • Question….Magnus showed some items in the Ice Palace House is it finally going to come out ?
    And last week EU Home got a Home Square personal space . Will NA Home be getting a Central Plaza personal space anytime soon ?
    And those leggins were suppose to be out next week . Will they actually be out this week ?
    And how much will the stealth outfits Magnus showed be ?

    • 1. Not yet. 2. If I announce it, it will come. If not, that too. 3. Central Plaza is gone. Like gone-gone. 4. Yes, they’re coming! 5. The Konami Secret Agent Stealth Suits (outfits) will be $3.99 each.

  • will quests be making a comeback for the holiday event? or are the pretty much done for good?

  • Nice to see the Ice Palace space seeing the light of day in the Weekly Item Showcase, even if just as a backdrop. Any news on that front?

  • Finally, a winter space. I was beginning to get worried.

    I had high hopes for this week, but it isn’t too bad of an update.
    I was hoping for some new dance moves! I’ve been seeing new ones on Home lately; not sure if they’re from different regions or not.

    In any case, Happy Holidays everyone~
    I need to snatch those ice-skates before it’s too late. :-)

    • Fear not! Winter is here. And there are lots of new dance moves on the way in the very near future from a few developers.

      Happy holidays!

  • I have the first Dream Yacht and as i told Lockwood already , im not happy how they keep making Yachts that sit STAGNANT in the middle of the ocean, whats the point of having navigation controls if the Yacht doesnt even cruise around. Their last “update ” was of light in the lighpost, wooo hoo, Big Deal, give me movement so we have a chance to look at the scenery, and let us get off the Yacht and onto the sandy shore.
    As for the new Artic Yacht , i hope is not as boring as the Sunlit Meadow .
    I also should point out that if you put furniture in the Dream Yacht , when your friends come over to get the rewards, they will not appear because of the furniture, they will get 2 or 3 rewards, but not all, so if you want your friends to get all the rewards dont put any furniture until they get all the rewards .
    As i said last week, 100 furniture items is not cutting it anymore ,so many active items coming out , which im Happy but we need to raise them up to 150 or even 200 slots to make it workable.

  • HEY CADE, I noticed in Magnus’s video The Frozen Peak Palace are you finally gonna let it be available in one form or another??? been waiting a year now for it and asking for it just as long.

    • No, not quite yet. Magnus does like to use theme-appropriate sets for the VIS videos though, so occasionally you get to see works in progress. Treat them like a sneak peek.

  • not into companions anymore, i got 1 too many, as for the rest , Great Update, specially Granzella and Game Mechanics . So Happy to see the winter holiday back, cant wait to get into all that snow .
    Amazing Job Cade, and Magnus, great work as usual , with all the virtual showcases .

  • Glad to see the Winter Holidays event coming back this year. Had some pretty cool rewards last year and some fun quests.

  • @Cade Peterson “if public spaces are gone gone as u say right then why are far cry 2 , hot shots golf , etc. still available in the navigator in eu home when there gone gone from our na servers ? ” so technically there not gone gone and if the layout of cp is gone gone then why did you come out w/ hunters vs. yetis using the layout of cp.

    • Hunters vs Yetis came out before the original Central Plaza left, and we keep around for its game. I specifically said CP (not other spaces) was gone-gone. If you like H vs Y because it is based on the original CP, then that is a bonus!

  • I don’t go on PlayStation Home much, but do PlayStation Plus members get free or discounted items?

    • Yup. Being a member of PS+ gets you access to exclusive VIP nightclub “x7” which has lots of freebies and exclusive virtual item bundles that are a premium in value. Walk in, take the elevator upstairs, and talk to the bartender. There you’ll find all the loot.

  • @StephieRawks – Feel free to send it to me. I don’t have the yacht at all. If you want, As soon I get a PSN card (Which is gonna be soon.) I’ll get you back. If you want.

  • + Cade Peterson on December 17th, 2012 at 9:05 pm said:

    Yup. Being a member of PS+ gets you access to exclusive VIP nightclub “x7″ which has lots of freebies and exclusive virtual item bundles that are a premium in value. Walk in, take the elevator upstairs, and talk to the bartender. There you’ll find all the loot.

    If only we could have more exclusive access in Home like in Theater or Casino, without needing to buy extras. Maybe some free estates perhaps?

    When I joined PS Home almost a yea ago, the Winter Event was going on. Since then, I’ve gotten a lot of stuff, mostly rewards over time. I’ll be here to the future.

  • Nice update, especially the arctic Dream yacht. I can’t wait to collect all those christmas rewards too! I still wasn’t able to buy all the cool stuff from last time. And i’m surprised Atari has made their way here too. :)

  • Awesome Update! Can’t wait to go there on Playstation Home!

  • It’s always good to see snow in home.

  • Does anyone know what HAIRSTYLE that female avatar is wearing in the one piece santa suit?

  • Wait, People still use Home? I stopped using it once good games started hitting the PS3. Who would of thunk it!

  • Really looking forward to Peakvox in Na but guess we still have to wait

  • Looking forward to the Atari stuff!

    “get to tossing” for the Elizabeth tower reward? I lol’d

  • And just posting so that I can be poster 42

  • my ps3 broke so im being teased by this but watever i geuss ill be more excited be when i get a new ps3 for christmas so

  • add me if you want ill be on in a week i look like a boss on there so

  • just when i thought Home would have a ho-hum update this week…was i wrong.

    looking forward to wednesday. cool update.

  • @ GW umm if my memory serves me correct cp left na on nov 1 2011 because halloween was the last event that happened there. the yeti vs hunter game didn’t come out till late dec / early january. so explain to me how did yeti vs hunter space / game come out before original cp left ? wwwhhhooo :D

  • @ #38: That hairstyle has not been released in the NA region :( Only in Japan to my knowledge.

  • How much does the codeglue leggings and game mechanics furniture cost?

  • The pier park looks like the end of the world ?. Why make that event ?. What we going to do on pier park ?. And are we going to have a New Year’s Eve event too ?.

  • The Atari birthay and Holiday 2012 event space looks awesome but I’m sure going to miss it cause my PS3 died from RLOD :( .

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