Vote For Your Favorite PlayStation Games of 2012 Now!

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Vote For Your Favorite PlayStation Games of 2012 Now!

UPDATE: The votes are in! See the winners of the 2012 PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards here.


The critics have named their favorite games of the year — now it’s your turn. We’re pleased to announce the first-ever PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards, a chance for PlayStation fans to select the best of the best in PlayStation gaming for 2012.

Voting is easy: Click on your pick from each of the nominee lists below. Don’t see the game you want to vote for? No problem! Just write in your selection by clicking the bottom option on any of the polls. We’ll reveal your winners next Wednesday, December 19th.

While we’ve put a lot of thought into our very first PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards, this is a first step in a much bigger journey. Next year, we hope to expand them to include more international regions, introduce more specific categories and bestow new awards. Be sure to let us know if you have any bright ideas for next year. We’re all ears!

But enough talk. It’s time to vote! See you on Wednesday.

PS3 Game of the Year

It wasn’t easy to condense the best of this year’s Blu-ray lineup into a manageable list, but we did it — barely. Vote once from the list of 15 finalists below. If you think we missed a game, vote for it using the write-in option at the bottom!

PS3 Game of the Year (PSN only)

This category is dedicated to PS3 titles that have only (or initially) been released on PlayStation Network, excluding full-priced digital Blu-ray games. We counted standalone games, free games, and episodic series such as The Walking Dead.

PS Vita Game of the Year

Vote for your favorite physically released PS Vita game of 2012. Don’t see your favorite on the list? Write in your vote at the bottom of the poll below!

PS Vita Game of the Year (PSN only)

We dedicated this category to digitally released PS Vita titles that weren’t available on store shelves, including free games such as Treasure Park and Frobisher Says.

PS Mobile Game of the Year

The newest member of the PlayStation family is only a few months old, but it’s already attracted a solid launch lineup of bite-sized gems.

Best Use of PlayStation Move

This year saw some intriguing applications of PlayStation’s motion controller, from music creation to new gameplay experiences. We counted any application of PlayStation Move, from full-priced Blu-ray games to PSN downloads to Add-on packs.

Most Anticipated PS3 Game

What upcoming PS3 game are you most eager to play? Vote from the list of 20 nominees or write in your selection at the bottom of the poll.

Most Anticipated PS Vita Game

Choose your most-anticipated PS Vita game, physical or digital, or write in a pick at the bottom of the poll app.

Now that you’ve voted, tell us what you voted for in the comments and why.

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6 Author Replies

  • My most anticipated PS Vita Game is Warrior’s Lair, well.. from what we’ve seen so far which is very little… I hope it hasn’t been cancelled!

  • Despite a few design choices I didn’t agree with SSX wins this year for me.

  • Borderlands 2, Rainbow Moon, Persona 4 Golden, Ni No Kuni and Dragon Fantasy Book II all get my votes.

  • Soul Sacrifice because it reminds me of Monster Hunter and it looks great, love me some co-op. The Last of Us, pretty hard to chose from God of War but it’s a new ip from Naughty Dog and I do enjoy the survival aspect of the game. UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss, its the best game that displays the vita’s power and is definitely better than Uncharted 3 in the story department. Walking Dead for psn, nuff said

  • Starhawk seems to be missing :(

    • Write it in! It was agony to hack that list down to 15 and we knew we’d have to leave off some good games. Do you think we should do an even bigger list of nominees next year?

  • Most anticipated will more than likely be The Last of Us. A close second would be Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and Fuse. Fuse being a game that doesn’t look all that interesting a first glance, but it’s difficult not to get excited for a new Insomniac Games title. Third being Watch Dogs, but has that even been confirmed for a 2013 release? Surprised not to see Remember Me on the list as I’m interested, but there’s a pretty high chance that it won’t turn out as well as I’m hoping.

    Normally for a Vita game Killzone would probably be the most hyped, but right now I’m more excited/interested for Murumasa and Soul Sacrifice. I never got around to playing Murumasa on the Wii and hope that it transfers well to the Vita, as it looks like a great portable title. Tearaway looks intriguing as well. There are enough interesting PSN games on the way, and I’m surprised you guys didn’t put a poll for that too rather than grouping them with the disc releases. I understand they can probably stand strong with the others, but they didn’t have much of a chance.

  • Tales of Graces F for PS3
    Unfinished Swan,
    Gravity Rush (I’m loving Persona 4 Golden though)
    Little King’s Story.
    My most anticipated game for PS3 on the list is Ni No Kuni, but I’m still somewhat hoping Versus will arrive eventually.
    On Vita it is Final Fantasy X, please get us news soon.

  • Murumasa: The Demon Blade under Most Anticipated Vita game for US? Is it confirmed for localization?!

  • Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is the most anticipated game of the year for PS3 and PS Vita.

  • For most anticipated Vita game VOTE FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0

    Because I want it and this seems to be the only way to get a point across.

  • Dishonoured- Awesome stealth game. But all in all it was a pretty lame year for ps3 games.
    Journey-Because of the amazing experiance.
    Gravity Rush <3 because it was the game the made me fell in love with the psvita.
    Motorstorm RC- Because it's so addicting!
    Aqua Kitty- Small games can't get more awesome then this :)
    The last of us- It's a Naughty Dog game,what more do you need?
    Soul Sacrifice- This looks so brutal! Love the monster's designs aswell!

  • Tails of Graces F
    Rainbow Moon
    Gravity Daze (Very hard to decide b2ween Uncharted, and LBP)
    Escape Plan
    and this one its very hard to decide too!
    First it was GOW:A then the last of us but now my most wanted game for 2013 its obviously Dark Souls 2 :D

  • My most anticipated PS3 game was…

    Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain/Metal Gear Solid V/5

    as I’m sure they will all be intertwined into the same game experience. Hope you don’t mind all the slashes, blame Kojima not me ^_^

  • Hope Walking Dead wins best psn game. Wasn’t really interested much in the other categories.

  • Soul Sacrifice should at least be among the choices for most anticipated Vita title. Oh well, I guess that’s what the “Other” option is for.

  • Thats if FFvs13 its not launched in 2013 which i believe it will not… since sony doesnt care for its third party exclusive games i guess…

  • Oh god how did i forget soul sacrifice! Of Course! along with Phantasy star online 2 :D

  • most anticipated Playstion 3 game THE LAST OF US !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE LAST OF USSSSSSSS!!!

    that was easy

  • Most anticipated Vita game: Crash Bandicoot (PSOne Classic)

  • Answers I had to write in:

    Game of the Year: Sleeping Dogs. Seriously, this game was amazing and a TON of fun. I’m completely baffled at why NO sites that are doing awards seem to be acknowledging it (other than as a side thing in “action/adventure” category maybe).

    Most Anticipated: Tales of Xillia. Because I love me some Tales games. Also I’m trying to keep my hype/expectations in check for games like Bioshock Infinite and Last of Us so I don’t get too burnt out on all the media the release before hand.

    Even though I’m an owner of a PS Move, there was nothing I felt like I could vote for or think of on that list. Don’t remember if the LBP2 Move DLC was this year or last. And I never got a chance to play the Portal move DLC. Did Resident Evil 6 have Move support? I really liked it with RE5 Gold. It was superior to the original control scheme for that one I thought.

  • Max Payne 3, Journey, Rayman Origins, Sound Shapes

    Most anticipated PS3 game is a toss-up between GTA5, GoW:A, The Last of Us, and Watch Dogs.

    I wish I could say there were more Vita games I’m looking forward to. Tearaway and Guacamelee look interesting, but there’s nowhere near as much anticipation as with the PS3 games.

  • @5 DJHaole

    it really saddens me to not see starhawk on anyones list for anything. at the VERY LEAST it deserves a nomination for best multiplayer. There have been a lot of great games this year. But Starhawk is the only one i still manage to play at least once a day since i received my preorder. Never seen a developer take such excellent care of their game.
    Oh well, at least for me personally, Starhawk is my game of the year.

    • I know, would’ve loved to have done a best multiplayer category, best fighting game, etc — we didn’t have the time this year, but will definitely be looking to do next year. Please write them in if you think they deserve GOTY!

  • Not one single RPG on the list for game of the year so sad. So i wrote in Final Fantasy 13-2.

  • I had the most fun playing Dokuro this year. That game blew me away and justified my purchase of a Vita.

  • UMVC 3 or Persona 4 golden? Then again I definitely paid $69.99 for the solid gold premium edition so I’ll stick with the latter.

  • vita: Grav rush

    anticipiated: ni no kuni

    game of the year : Playstation All-stars Battle Royale, i mean we asked for it for years, and now we get it, that in itself is amazing.

  • Most anticipated PS3 Game was tough XD but i went for bioshock either way i’m sure the other games will get high scores anyways

  • far cry 3 goty

  • Once again ignoring fighting games, eh PlayStation? No Tekken, DoA5, Virtua Fighter, BlazBlue, or PERSONA 4 ARENA in the PS3 categories!!!

  • Is Muramasa for the Vita really announced for an American release?

    Also, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward shouldn’t be in the download-only category for the Vita. It has an American retail release from Aksys Games and I own it.

  • DARK SOULS 2!!!!!

  • How could you have a PS/Move category and not include my favorite PS/Move game – Okami HD!!! Okay, everyone, write in Okami HD.

  • Some REALLY difficult choices for almost every category. My picks:

    Assassin’s Creed III (really tough choice) *Enjoying the single player, expecting to love the multiplayer*

    Walking Dead (My personal game of the year) *Great, engaging story, love the characters, shocking but good ending*

    Gravity Rush (Another very hard decision) *Fun and unique gameplay, cool art style, love the main character, plus I got 100% of the trophies!*

    Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (sorry Treasure Park) *fun platformer, funny, hidden pop culture references, cool final level*

    Sports Champions 2 for best use of move (Datura close 2nd) *fun, gotta love that archery!*

    Dark Souls II (!!!!!!) *It’s Dark Souls, what other reason do I need?*

    Soul Sacrifice *Looks like it may be the new Monster Hunter*

  • Muramasa confirmed for NA Vita? Awesome!

  • Wrote in Lumines for best Vita game, love the heck outta it.

  • Also DJ Max is a retail game.
    I own the NA cart.

  • And Sid, you should tell us what you voted for! : D

  • Starhawk! Its sad to see that Sony and Santa Monica just left all Starhawk fans in the dark with no news at all.
    Its simple the best PS3 multiplayer to date, miles away of what any other game has done.

    Can somebody please give us a feedback about Starhawk situation?
    Or should we just give up like Sony?

  • For all PS3 multiplayer player, please, watch this:

    We need to do something while Sony and Santa Monica still ignoring Starhawk players.

    Please, share this video with your friends and social networks.

  • Done! thx for the poll.

  • The Last Of Us……………

  • cool i voted for crisys 3 for more ancitipated

  • The Last Guardian I still believe in you :,|

  • The Last of Us……..Can’t wait

  • Wow
    I’m having a hard time choosing between Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us and God of War: Ascension.

  • PS3 GOTY ~ Assassin’s Creed III
    PS3 GOTY PSN ~ Journey
    PS Vita GOTY ~ UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss
    PS Vita GOTY PSN ~ Sound Shapes
    PS Mobile GOTY ~ Sixty Second Shooter
    Best Use of PS Move ~ Other: Just Dance 4
    Most Anticipated PS3 Game ~ God of War: Ascension
    Most Anticipated PSVita Game ~ Killzone Mercenary

  • Update PlayStation.Blog.Share, none of my new ideas have been posted since like Ever. I bet I am not the only one aware of this issue.

  • My most anticipated Game overall is Final Fantasy Versus 13, unfortunately that has no release haha….sigh

  • 2013 is looking like PS3’s best year ever, and probably one of the strongest for Playstation too if those next-gen rumours are true :). But seriously Square Enix….give me my FF:Versus 13!

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