The Last of Us: New Survivor Tess’ Background, Details

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The Last of Us: New Survivor Tess’ Background, Details

The Last of Us on PS3

It’s been an exciting December full of fresh The Last of Us news. If you haven’t watched our brand new The Last of Us Story Trailer, you’re missing out some huge reveals. One of these reveals is a new character seen here, Joel’s partner, Tess.

A hardened survivor living in one of the last remaining quarantine zones, Tess operates in the black market of a city under martial law. Partners with Joel, they have become known within the criminal underworld for their ruthlessness. Street smart and confident, Tess is a savvy strategist and negotiator. Her ability to generate intelligent plans to secure the contraband for their trade is second to none.

Tess and Joel subscribe to the same dog-eat-dog philosophy. They survive by being willing to do what others can’t or won’t. Her trust in and loyalty towards Joel runs deep. However, secretly, she questions whether Joel shares the same emotions that she feels for him.

The Last of Us on PS3

The Last of Us on PS3The Last of Us on PS3

Strong, smart, and street savvy, Tess is a pivotal character in the world of The Last of Us. Tess is voiced and played by Annie Wersching. You might recognize Annie’s voice from her work on the hit TV series, 24. For our in-game cinematics Annie’s performance of Tess involved many long, intense hours on our mocap stage. To see how Annie’s performance was captured and certain scenes from it were put it into our Story Trailer check out this process video:

The Last of Us: New Survivor Tess’ Background, Details

Pretty cool stuff, right? We spoke about the making of a cinematic a few months ago and we’re very happy with how the game and all the cinematics within it are shaping up.

Don’t forget to pre-order The Last of Us to receive exclusive bonus content, including the Sights and Sounds Pack at participating retailers and the Survival Pack from GameStop.

Now that we are in the heart of winter here in the US we wanted to reveal one more new screenshot from the game. Here’s a look at one of the more familiar, strong survivors who inhabits the world of The Last of Us:

The Last of Us on PS3

Is it May 7th, 2013 yet?

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  • This game will be a good rental.

  • Great casting choice though. I loved her as Renee in 24.

  • Calling it now; Game of the year.

  • This game looks way too good! You guys produce amazing stuff!

  • Renee Walker!!

  • That Ellie Screenshot is awesome!

  • That shot of Ellie is amazing!

  • @1, god you are such a loser.

  • Renee from 24! lol. nice should of made the voice actor for joel Kiefer Sutherland! that would of been sick! lol

  • @ #1
    Why would you say that? Buy the game… its an exclusive, why not support the developer? Your purchase adds to their sales so they can get the most money… they are doing unique work that no one else does. Why not reward naughty dog?

  • He said it because he tried to be cool and smug.

  • Shady, shady Tess’… IT IS OVER TESS!!!
    Greatness!! :D

  • Heh… Goofus strikes again…

  • @Ryumoau

    I see you’re as cheap as ever. Why would you not buy this game and support Naughty Dog? They have not let us down once and this game looks to be another hit. Seriously how about spending money on a game for once?

  • @10 lol i’m not wasting $60 on what i have a feeling will be a short campaign, if its like Uncharted. I have no interest in an multiplayer aspects. I will only experience the game once before i move onto a new game. Renting sounds like the best option.

  • can the mocap scenes be in the game like in Drake’s Fortune. I love watching the mocap acting

  • @Ryumoau
    Don’t you have any positive thing to say ?!
    Every single comment of you is about being cheap or complaining

  • I love naughty dog you guys rock

  • @ number 1 and 15 you are PlayStation hater everything you ever say is I’m not buying that game I’m not buying this game you should stop gaming in general as there is nothing that you like and everything for you is a disappointment so you could please just do everybody on this website a favor and please stop commenting

  • Naughty Dog is at it again!
    Day 1 purchase

  • Ignore the haters… this game is a must-own for any true Playstation gamers.. $60 is worth it, in my opinion.. i’m not interested in mutliplayer either, nor do i blow through a game in one sitting… i take my time and savor everything it has to offer…
    and Renee Walker, that’s awesome…. makes me seriously miss that show… i bet Naughty Dog would do a great game based off 24…: )

  • god gave us naughty dog and all the greats of sony. i really hope the bow is a real in-game weapon not just for cutscenes. i really hope that you can draw the bow to any length unlike skyrim please make bow and arrow authentic or close to real life that would be amazing.

  • i sense some serious bow & arrow action ahead. I love the variety im seeing so far from environments, characters, and weapons! Keep it up guys :)

  • Gas masks, arrows, flashlights, horses, and snow! Can’t ask for much more lol

  • Not going to look! No more spoilers!

  • The only decision I’m having a hard time making is where to pre-order the game! I can’t wait for it to come out hope you guys make a cool theater event (like the Uncharted 3 Cinema event) prior to the games release.

  • I LOVE Annie Wersching, it’s great to see her in this. Can’t wait for this game.

  • Ok I don’t even need to play the other games to say safely that TLoU will be the best game of 2012…and probably one of the best games ever made…Tess looks like an great character,by the trailer I knew she was some sort of strong woman,thats fantastic…loved the 1st photo of her and Jesus Christ those screenshots…the graphics are unbelievable.Man the story looks so great.Last game I was this excited was Uncharted 3(which unfortunately became a big letdown)…but I’m sure TLoU will be an phenomenal experience like no other…Uncharted 2 team FTW.Also I wasn’t expecting but there will be snow environments…I love snow.And keep the mocap videos coming…its great to watch these videos.

  • @ 1 Ryumoau – I don’t know what you’re doing here if you came just to troll…ND never developed bad games and plus thus all their games are must buy.If you dont wanna buy TLoU then you’re not a true PS playa also if you think TLoU isn’t a game worthy of your money then you must rent every other game.For real get lost dude.

  • Just Cant wait for this game!!

  • i seriously can’t wait for this game!!! may 7th 2013 is gonna be an AWESOME day for me. i’ve been looking and studying this game for 2 years. i’ve been looking at games play/screen every single day!!!! this game is gonna be GOMTY!!!!!! :D

  • Chills man, chills.

    I really hope the SP will last about 20 hours but I’ve got a feeling it won’t be. :(

  • Day 1 Buy for me. This game looks soooo good.

    and that shot of ellie.. I know the PS3 is powerful and all, but theres no way thats realtime… …is it..? lol The lighting is too smooth…

  • Annie Wersching? Nice! I had a crush on her during the last season of 24. Looks like Naughty Dog is once again assembling a great ensemble cast and is looking to tell a good story.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Naughty Dog, you are the top…and one of the only reasons why I keep gaming on home consoles. The moment that games all go the mindless Call of Duty route is the day I just start playing Words with Friends exclusively.

  • I’ve seen enough of the single player, (looks like it could be the greatest campaign ever!) but I don’t wanna be spoiled anymore.

    Time to talk about the multi-player!

  • Any chance of multiplayer as well? The single player looks simply amaziing and stunning. Best studio on PS3! I would love to beta test this bad boy please!

  • Will this have 3D functionality? played though uncharted 3 with it and it was amazing.

  • Amazing, I just finished watching the VGA trailer, it really shows how much dedication and passion everyone at ND is putting into this work of art!
    Hope everyone enjoys their holiday seasons.

  • Buy games!!!!! Ugggghhhh!





    at least let me play this game before everybody =]

  • Will you be talking about the gameplay for this game?
    What is it similar to? Uncharted? Condemned?
    How will crafting work?
    How will Ellie work withe player?
    Have you been following Bioshock Infinite and how they are tying to incorporate Elizabeth in the gameplay with the player?


  • The game looks great, and the addition of a bow as a weapon really hypes me up. As long as there is free aim with the bow I’m completely in.

    Now if you could give me a way to contact customer support that would be great. Problem is, I keep throwing money at my screen but I’m unable to obtain the game, some help to deal with that would be excellent.

  • I can never believe how AMAZING y’all’s images look Naughty Dog! I swear, every image I see from this game looks like a PAINTING! I find it hard to believe how amazing the graphics you guys cram into this game, I can’t wait to play it guys, I know it’s really something!

    PS – THANK YOU for a NEW IP!!!!! We need more of that in the gaming industry…

  • the game looks GOTY 2013!! Great Job and Merry Christmas :D

  • @ 1 Ryumoau

    You are the most negative person I’ve seen on these posts so far! Please go away already! You by far are the troll of the PS Blog! Congrats to you!

  • I think it’s time for Ryumoau to find a new hobby. The game is looking phenomenal.

  • I think its pretty well established that Ryumoau is an obvious troll, look at his past comments, proof is there clear as day.

  • Soooo excited for this!! I’m holding off on the pre-order for 2 reasons.
    1) I want a collectors edition so waiting to hear if there will be one
    2) Would like to know if stores will open at midnight cos i don’t want to wait until the next day to play

    I try my best to not watch a video so can enjoy the story at the most enjoyable experience possible. I deserve a medal for not watching them awesome videos!! So hard to turn away from em

    Keep up with the good work! You guys make the best games! Hope you all have a good Christmas and happy new year!

  • I hope this game doesn’t force the player to move on in certain directions, like the terrible uncharted 3 did.
    Uncharted 3 was the worst game I played last year,full of bugs and rushed to hell.

    The last of us needs to give the player freedom of play and exploration. Gameplay and game design should always come highly before graphics.

    Hopefully the last of us should be a great game,because the two veteran directors that did the brilliant uncharted 2 are making this.

    I also hope this game doesn’t have a short 10 hour campaign. A game like this should last 25-40 hours.

    Anyway I have not pre-order this yet, I will be waiting for high praised reviews hopefully.

    Am sorry folks but I lost faith in naughtydog after the terrible uncharted 3.

  • @49
    Please tell me a linear PS3 game that has a story at least 20 hours long.

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