New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

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New on Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited

This week, the Music Unlimited service features new releases from Bruno Mars and Green Day, as well as Big Boi, Boys Like Girls, Lifehouse, and Masta Killa. Also, we’re excited to release our Best of 2012 Premium Channel, featuring the year’s best songs, hand-picked by the Music Unlimited staff alongside the tracks that got the most plays from our subscribers in 2012. Check out the details here. And still it’s not too late! Our limited time Premium Music Unlimited One Year Subscription is still available to PlayStation Plus members at an insanely low price of $12… that’s $1 a month and savings of over $100 a year based off the normal price of $9.99 a month. If you’re not a PS+ member, you can still take advantage of the Premium Subscription deal, which is still over 50% off the price of a full year’s worth of service at $59.99.

In the video store this week, watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt dodge speeding cars, crazed cabbies and eight million pedestrians in Premium Rush which is now available in New Releases, or check out The Bourne Legacy and Ted, both now up for rent. Also, check out our 99¢ Holiday Movie Rentals to enjoy holiday flicks like An American Carol, The Christmas Bunny, and more for less than a buck! Also, to celebrate the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, we’ve put together a Lord of the Rings Collection so that you can catch up on the entire trilogy before watching the epic prequel – in theaters this Friday. Get all the details here.

Finally, don’t miss the opportunity to enter for a chance to win great prizes in our Sony Holiday Essentials Sweepstakes. From now through December 26th, we’re offering great prizes each day featuring music, movies, games and more! Unique prizes will be revealed every day (for 14 days), so enter here daily for your chance to win. (Open to 50 US & DC Only, 18+).

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  • Two questions. One: When will the promotional offer for the subscription for $12 dollars end on? Second: When will you finally get around to make the option for closed-captioning or subtitles in these videos. No excuses for saying that they are extremely difficult to implement. Look at Apple, Google, Vudu and Amazon Instant Video now have some subtitles implemented in them…. No excuses.

  • Please lower the cost of standard definition rental prices for videos on psn store. $2.99 for rental is absurd, considering you can get an HD Blu-ray for less at redbox.

  • I am having trouble with the iPhone app, it’s unable to pull any music up. However it works great on the PS3/VITA

  • PLEASE revamp the music unlimited app for the iPhone. There are many glitches, which I find most noticeable while trying to listen to the “Favorites” station. Usually it plays the same song twice in a row to begin, then it plays a couple more songs, and then it plays the same 3 songs in a row. That’s pretty ridiculous and it is just one example of how every station needs a better, more trustworthy random/shuffle function.

    And, just like the Vita app (which is the best version), both my full library and my playlists need to have a “shuffle all songs” option on the iPhone app. And the PS3 app needs a “shuffle all songs” option for playlists.

  • When will there be a Music Unlimited app that is compatible with the Nexus 7?

  • tried out music unlimited with the 1 year subscription deal and have been pleasantly surprised. I was hoping to buy multiple years at the $12 price, but was disappointed to find that you could only purchase it once. with a vast personal collection, the music service is only a bit more than a novelty and I would only continue the service if you have this sale again; which I hope you do.

  • I enjoy the program, but Sony’s server seems to go offline so much lately.
    It was down all day on Thanksgiving and it seems like every time I really want to listen to something it
    comes up saying it can’t connect.

    I also had it come up last night and wasn’t able to find a single album I had saved. They seem to be back today, but they really need to improve this service. I don’t have problems like this with Pandora or I Heart Music.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is they don;t seem to like British bands!
    Where are all the Led Zeppelin, Beatles, The Who albums?
    And 2 Pink Floyd albums? Come on…

  • @ 2 Ryumoau

    Do you seriously comment on every PS post and say nothing, but negative things? Get a life already dude!

  • @1LovesJapanManga –

    There was a post on the European blog when Music Unlimited became available at the low price about how long it would stay up.

    They commented that it would be up until Dec 31/12 or the first 100,000 memberships were purchased.

  • I have seen lots of people asking for a shuffle option for individual playlists in music unlimited for ps3. It is crazy this option isn’t already available. I just got the app and was going to use this for my upcoming Christmas party, I loaded the playlist up with all the latest top hits Christmas albums, and unfortunately each album plays all the way through with no option to mix them up. This SUCKS! I guess were listing to Pandora this Christmas party and if the options isn’t in by next year I won’t be renewing.

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