Metro: Last Light Getting PS3 Pre-Order Bonuses

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Metro: Last Light Getting PS3 Pre-Order Bonuses
Metro: Last Light Getting PS3 Pre-Order Bonuses

As you might have heard, the apocalypse is just a few short days away — or so say our Mayan friends. However, in the upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter for PS3, Metro: Last Light, you actually may have a few more months to prepare!

According to the game, the world actually ends sometime in 2013 (hope this helps you sleep better). To better equip you to survive the toxic ruins of Moscow in Metro: Last Light, we are announcing a special offer for PS3 fans who pre-order the game.

Starting today, all pre-orders of Metro: Last Light will get a free upgrade to the Limited Edition, which features essential items to fully immerse you in world of the Metro.

Also, as a bonus and exclusive only to PlayStation Network users, fans who pre-order the full digital version will get an exclusive Metro: Last Light PS3 Theme as well as a free copy of the gripping first-person shooter, Homefront in which America has fallen to a savage military occupation. Join the Resistance and fight for freedom in this cinematic first person shooter.

The Metro: Last Light Limited Edition includes:

· Ranger Mode: The brutal and hardcore way to play Metro in complete immersion. That means no HUD, fewer bullets and deadlier weapons. This is the way Metro was meant to be played and is definitely not for the faint of heart!
· Modified Russian assault rifle: Compact but deadly, the modified AKS-74U is the perfect weapon for the claustrophobic combat in the Metro.
· Extra military-grade bullets: In post-apocalyptic world of Metro, military grade bullets are extremely rare, so much so that they’re used as the only currency by the surviving population. They’re coveted for their ability to deal high damage, but will you use them in battle or to purchase precious upgrades for your arsenal?

Metro: Last Light for PS3

This is the first time that the team at 4A Games has developed for PS3 and it also marks the debut of the Metro franchise on PS3. The team is extremely excited to be working on the platform and want the PlayStation.Blog readers to know that their proprietary 4A Engine is helping the game to deliver incredible graphics and gameplay for PS3. Metro: Last Light is scheduled for release in March 2013.

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  • If we pre-order on PSN, will we also receive the Limited Edition bonuses?

  • What about Europe ?

    Can we also pre-order digital edition on European PlayStation Store ?

    And any news on the demo ?

  • Confronting concerns of PS3 optimization up front. Polite, non-bragging and approaching people with opportunities to have questions answered and to hear opinion. Hmm, aside from free candy cane this has all the properties of a good post. :P

    That oddness aside, I always wanted to play Metro due to how similar it seemed to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, but my computer couldn’t really handle it… Glad to see I’ll finally be able to play one.

    I have to ask though, is the game all close quarters? From what parts I did play it seemed to lack gunplay in open spaces, yet I see a lot of concept art of this one out doors with more range.

  • These are horrible pre-order bonuses. A copy of Homefront is good but should be for both physical and digital, not just the people who pre order the digital version. Ranger mode should be included in the game for all and Modified Russian assault rifle should be an unlockable. I really hate what video games have become. Definitely looking everywhere else for a good and fair video game experience.

  • Nevermind on the Homefront being a pre order bonus for both physical and digital part, I mean it would be better but you guys are doing it to try and get more people to buy the inferior digital version. It’s not bad, it’s okay, but most know purchasing a physical version is better and aren’t going to fall for buying the digital version, so they might not pre order the physical version anymore because they’re not getting Homefront. I never pre order games unless the bonus is worth it but depending on how much Homefront is now and the other bonuses, I would consider pre ordering this game.

  • GREAT offer(I WILL get it) – Hardcore, & Russian Submachineguns are my thing(=D) – but I would rather Metro 2033 as the accompanying game… >.> (=P) I Rate this offer a 4/5(5/5 for Metro 2033 instead of Homefront)… =]

  • i agree with #6, i rather have Metro 2033 or just 10% off since im sure i wont be playing homefront

  • I picked up the humble bundle because of Company of Heroes & Metro 2033. MY question is I would love to pick up Last light but do I need to play 2033 first, is there a continuation of the story or is this a separate new game?

    Thanks so much for this game & the humble bundle so awesome of you guys!!

  • So no plans on bringing the first game to PS3? I have it on Steam, but haven’t played it yet.

  • Im sorry but this is not acceptible, Metro last light is supposed to be the continuation of Antyom’s journey, i played Metro 2033 on the 360 (sorry) it was a very good game but how could people play Last Light if they have not played 2033? they will not understand how Antyom’s journey began or understand what happened in Russia and how the survivors how to go underground ect. Homefront is the free game are you serious PS3 got the first Mass Effect why didn’t Metro 2033 come to the PS3 as well. This makes no scence if people want to get the true experience of the Metro universe they should wait to see if 2033 is brought to the PS3 if not it’s like playing Mass Effect 3 on the Wii U it’s useless.

  • game looks great. cant wait to play!

  • So ranger mode won’t be in the game if I don’t pre-order? Then I wont bother, it would be like me paying for hitman absolution and finding out I only get the contracts mode if I pre ordered.

  • Is there any possibility that Metro 2033 releases on PS3? I purchased the humble bundle and i cannot run it on my PC.

    Metro: Last Night looks awesome and i want to play it, but i will not get it until i play Metro 2033 first. And don’t worry THQ, you are still getting my money with South Park: The Stick Of Truth.

    Still, Homefront is a great pre-order bonus.

  • lol this is not on the wii u any more looool. long live playstation!!

  • Thanks. I have the first Metro on PC. I hope you guys handle the PS3 better than Bethesda.

  • Thats a game that I can’t wait to play..for real..I’ve been following this game since its announcement and its amazing…pretty neat.I’m trusting on this game to bring the difference to the flooded FPS games…the only way to get more great…is if you guys release the 1st metro game…yes Metro:2033 on PSN anytime soon.Is that too much to ask?…anyway I got Metro:Last Light Pre-ordered…that E3 2012 gameplay was a blast.

  • Oh I forgot to mention…fantastic trailer.

  • Hi, I saw the trailer during VGA, I think? Totally creeped me out & made me depressed.

  • Didnt think it looked that great, I have not really followed this IP but with this trailer it intrigues me a lot more.

  • How many gigs will the game take up?

  • homefront is like $5 in stores, if you buy on PSN you cannot resell the digital copy of the game later, AND it takes up HDD space? not worth buying on PSN, you will be stuck with a game you spent $60 on and cannot do anything else with, no reselling even if you don’t like the game? get out of here.

  • if metro last light on psn comes with the LE contents AND Homefront (and the theme I guess I dontvcare) then conaider it a day one purchase from me!

  • I usually don’t pre-order digital, but I think this game will change that. The bonuses are just to good to pass up.

  • I got Metro 2033 free on the facebook page the other day. Really enjoying the atmosphere. I would also like to get Homefront… but i don’t think i want to get the game digitally. I would rather have both physically.

  • As much as I think THQ has some fun games, I think it’s time to invest in a new game engine! Graphics to me always seem to look old and outdated!

  • I agree with the all of the people with respect to the PS3 Version of Metro 2033

    Since that game came out in 2010, i was trying to play it, but my computer was a NO-GO for me… then i quietly wait for the PS3 Version, and then heard that was not coming because a “business decision”.

    Isn’t any way to rethink that decision and release that game to the PS3 platform?

    I think that the option is there, like somebody said with the first Mass Effect Game

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