PlayStation Blogcast 055: To BioShock Infinite and Beyond

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PlayStation Blogcast 055: To BioShock Infinite and Beyond
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A lot of good discussion on this week’s show, starting with a roundtable discussion of BioShock Infinite (read my recent hands-on preview here) and get some insight from Irrational Games Writer Drew Holmes. Then we shift to a brief discussion of some of our favorite games of the year (stay tuned for much more next week), before delving into next week’s fully loaded North American PlayStation Store lineup, a bevy of Listener Queries and Player Tips, and assorted hijinx. Join us!

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[Editor’s note: PSN game release dates are subject to change without notice. Game details are gathered from press releases from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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7 Author Replies

  • Great episode. Luv u lot. From the UK.

  • Enjoy your show. Good interviews. Keep it up.

  • BEYOND! err…wait this neither is Podcast Beyond nor does you talk about BEYOND: Two Souls…explain the title please!

  • What ever happened to Rey?

  • @3 MakoSOLIDER

    Toy Story man! Get with it! :D

  • Can you guys talk about games that are coming out soon. Like in one of the next Blogcast, can you talk about Ni No Kuni or before the release of Sly or God of war. It would get a lot readers pumped for the next big exclusive or next big title coming to the PS3. You do it now, but it’s usually long (3 or so months) before the release.

    Glad to see some Vita price drops. Next year is looking really good for Japanese gamers and hopefully us, NA gamers get some Vita love too.

  • @5 I havent listened yet but do they talk about Toy Story then cus then itd make sense. I don’t see Toy Story in the “What we talked about” section LOL

  • Hey, @Nick, your deep voice is so soothing that I’ve never heard a whole blog cast because I fall asleep almost every Thursday night listening to what the upcoming retail releases will be.

    I’ll try again tonight. Thanks, guys.

  • Never listened yet, bout to download to my Vita.
    Crash finally going to work on Vita this week?
    FFV going to finally work on Vita this week?
    We going to end the year without getting what was promised over the summer? Crackle and Hulu for Vita, as well as Crunchyroll?
    If we really still don’t have something from those by the end of the year I believe Sony doesn’t care about Vita, like how long it took to update Sony titles prices on PSN.
    Also still waiting for my PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Pre-Order DLC to work on my VIta, thought people were working to fix this, it doesn’t take almost a month to fix a error that just didn’t provide the PS Vita Costumes. Honestly if I’m not getting what was apart of my deal I need something to replace this DLC I CANT USE, I bought the Vita copy of the game and can’t use my DLC. AMAZING!!

  • Oh wow! You guys read my question! (The Spec Ops one) thanks :) …does this mean I get anything? :P (I saw Spec Ops was mentioned and found the portion and was happy to hear my name be read…I’ll listen to the rest of the blogcast on my way to work tomorrow). Keep up the good work guys.

  • Hey guys,

    Will we have another yearly sale and top ten fan voted sale on PSN this year?

  • i’m glad to hear you guys are having a massive sales thing on titles on the psn store next tuesday, but i know not too get too excited considering psn digital prices are rarely ever cheaper than retail.

    I hope the Sega holiday sale includes Sonic Generations, which is around $15 retail. The psn sale should match that or be cheaper.


  • love the podcast….. any idea if mortal kombat is coming on ps plus for vita this week? just like the Eu psn …? BEYOOOOND

  • Pennsylvania does have Chipotles.

    Not nearly enough of them, but honestly, they could be as commonplace as Starbucks, and I still wouldn’t think there’s enough of them.

  • Guys, can you please just stick to video games and cut out the useless chatter about random things like Chipotle? Your show is entertaining but difficult to concentrate to during work when it’s about 1 hour of filler and actually 10 minutes about video games.

    I would LOVE to hear something new on the vita front, and why Sony fails to do anything about their failing product. I have a vita, but thinking of getting rid of it since the PS+ is useless for it after the initial 6 games, and barely 0% discounts.

    Thanks guys.

    P.S. How long should i expect to wait until any of my questions are read on your blogcast for FREE stuff?

  • @16 i just listen for the upcoming psn store releases. Thankfully they do that near the beginning so i can stop listening afterwards.

  • @Sid Any update on the PS Share portion of the Blog?

  • something to hear saturday

  • Recently started listening, you guys are phenomenal. It’s not very often you can jump straight into a new podcast and instantly feel “at home.” Thanks guys, keep up the great work

  • Great show as usual.

    1. I want to know when Resident Evil (portable) will have more information like release date and possible story line.

    2. When will there be more remote play games? I mean cross buy is good but remote play should be more open to retail or full psn/ps3 games. (Vita not psp)

    3. In an older ps blog cast you spoke about a train conducter game. Will this ever be released in the us?

    4. Will ps2 classic games get trophies?

    5. Can you do 2 blogcasts a week? That would be a great New Years resolution!

  • Great show. Love the real time review of the upcoming content. Can you please discuss the store re-design and all of the issues everyone is having. I can appreciate some of the cosmetic changes to the store, but there a re number of negative aspect that have been introduced that really need to be addressed:
    1) Significantly slower navigation
    2) How games are no longer broken out from add ons or avatars. Navigation is a mess
    3) Is it even possible to have the ability to go back to old store design (I would be all for that option)

    Please look at the Playstation Network discussion forum regarding the feedback. It is not good. I hope someone is listening

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