New Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Trailer Asks “Who is Sly?”

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New Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Trailer Asks “Who is Sly?”
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Happy Holidays, everyone!

The gift giving season is upon us, but we want to make sure that you’re thinking ahead — past the impending apocalypse and on to the upcoming release of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time!

Sneaking onto PlayStation 3 and PS Vita February 5th, 2013, the game is packed with all sorts of Sly Sweetness™. Not only does Sly Cooper support Cross Buy — which gives gamers who purchase the PS3 version of the title a digital download of the PS Vita version from PlayStation Network at no additional cost — it also includes Cross Save as well as some very cool AR functionality that lets you use your PS Vita to find treasures when playing the game on your PS3. We’ve also shown you how Sly’s costumes will allow him to complete challenging puzzles in a variety of stages throughout time.

But what about Sly? Who is Sly? Learn more about his predicament in this new Story Trailer:

We hope you liked this look into the game! We’ll have plenty more to show — including some (re)introductions to the rest of the gang — this January. Keep an eye on PS.Blog, and don’t forget to pre-order today to secure your early unlocks!

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  • Can’t wait to get this! Soo excited!

  • Excited for this. Hoping it turns out to be the first Cross-Buy retail title that is actually worth getting. Digital purchase day one!

  • Guys, what happened to the contest? I really want to know, say something.

  • I think u’ve said this before but can I reconfirm: Its only one trophy set shared between both games right. Only 1 platinum? And no matter what system you unlock trophies on they just unlock into that 1 set?
    @3 ya what did happen to it?

  • I love the heap of info you’ve been releasing.
    And any chance we’ll get to see on screen Vita gameplay?

  • Never played any Sly on PS2, but when the HD Collection came, I picked up and I’m a big fan since!

    When Thieves in Time got announced, I was a little worried, ’cause Sanzaru was in charge of the game instead of Sucker Punch, but now the worries’ gone!

    Sanzaru, congrats for maintaining the feeling of the franchise alive, as well as the core mechanics. I know it should be hard to pickup a series you don’t created, but you guys have proven yourselfs. Hope Sony sign a contract so you guys can be responsible for Sly once Sucker Punch is busy with inFAMOUS.

    Just a question: Did Sucker Punch helped with the production at some point or T in T is your little baby totally?

    Best wishes!

    • Sucker Punch and Sanzaru have worked closely together since The Sly Collection. Sucker Punch supplied comments and feedback on what Sanzaru has created and worked very early on to make sure we captured every nuance of a Sly Cooper game.

  • @4 Yes Sly 4 has 1 shared trophy list ie: Ratchet FFA / Retro City Rampage

  • really looking fwd. to the new Sly game … but it won’t be the first cross buy title to be worthy of purchase … we’ve had numerous hours of fun with PA All Stars & I have R & C FFA wrapped for Christmas, both of which are great cross buy games …to say nothing of digital cross titles like Zen Pinball2 & Hustle Kings ….
    I love the cross buy perks.

  • PS: I really don’t like the box art. I think it’s not Sly style.

    The actual is too childish.

  • A nice in depth Vita cross control video would be nice too!

  • Sly, you gotta shave off that goatee ;)

    So now that we are witnessing the return of sly, and ratchet never really left us, hows about bringing back Jak & Daxter on consoles?

  • The winners of the US Treasure Design Contest were never announced? Do you know when we can expect to hear about that?

  • I wish Jak & Daxter were to come back but honestly I really don’t see it happening. Pretty excited for Sly’s new game though.

  • Loved every Sly game, and can’t wait for this one!

  • can you tell us how many ancestors levels are there anyway cant wait for more stuff in januray and the while game to come out

    • Right now we have only announced Rioichi, Sir Galleth and Salim but there are more. We can’t give away all the secrets before the game comes out =)

  • I simply cannot wait to play this. The demo is great.

  • Is that Cross-buy logo a sticker or is it actually on the cover art?

    • It is on the box but we are working to release the box cover as key art without all the logos as well as possibly making it into a theme for your ps3 and vita =)

  • Looks really awesome. It makes we want to play the HD collection some more. Box art looks great too. You should also have reversible box art, it’s always a nice touch.

  • So happy to have Sly back! I bought the HD Collection recently and am playing through all three of the previous games again to get ready for Thieves in Time. It’s a day-one purchase for me.

  • @6

    The HD collection was made by Sanzaru.
    Yes, and it’s a very interesting and touching story behind involvement of Sucker Punch and Sanzaru.
    In short, Sanzaru was the biggest fan of Sly series, and they convinced SP to reboot the series. It’s not Sony’s top-down decision. Sanzaru contacted to SP with unofficial demo of TiT in order to show how much they love Sly. SP was blown away by the demo, and decided to make the sequel along with the HD remaster.
    This game is Sanzaru’s love letter to the series.

  • Don’t listen to #9. I think this is one of the best pieces of cover art this generation.

    It’s just a shame Sony keeps ruining the art with a permanent cross buy icon. I really wish it was just a sticker on the plastic wrap. That way I could remove it and experience every square inch of artsy goodness.

  • I think 1 word sums it up nicely… SOLD!

  • Can’t wait to get this game on Vita! Also, Merry Christmas to the Sly team too!

    Question – will the Vita version of the game have a box version that we can buy in stores?

    • Hello Mango

      Yes you can purchase the retail Vita version in stores for 39.99 on 2/5/2013 when the game is released.

  • I’m wondering if the reason why we haven’t heard anything about the contest, is because of the problem their site had with the ” 250 Character limit.” Remember they were saying there were legal issues as to why the winners haven’t been selected yet. Well, the official rules say we have 250 words or less to explain or design, but the site would only allow 250 characters. Big difference there. Wondering if some people are claiming they were robbed a win based on their description. I can’t remember for sure, but wasn’t the judging supposed to be something like 50% of points are based on the design and the other 50% on the description or something like that. I know I for one had an “ok” drawing of my design, but felt that my 250 WORD description sold the design better than my arts skills. But since we were only allowed 250 characters, my entry most likely quickly fell from the ranks. Anyway, just a thought. Really disappointed in the contest. Was so excited for the chance to be a part of the game (and of course the prizes) and all this waiting, and we’ll probably never know…..just disappointing.

  • Can’t wait for this game! How many episodes will there be in total?

    Hopefully you guys will move on to Sly 5 if this game does well enough!

  • Also, has Sucker Punch already played this game? If so, what did they think? That’d be pretty interesting to hear!

    • Yes Sucker Punch has played the game and they are very excited about all the hard work and dedication that Sanzaru has put into Sly Cooper:Thieves in Time. Sanzaru has really nailed the look and feel of Sly and I can promise it will show as you play the final product.

  • I think i heard about a new demo we would get access to before release date. Is this true Caley? And if it is, when do we hear more about it?

  • thank you for responding to my message keep up the good work guys and have a nice holidays

  • Can you tell the people at Sanzaru that I love them?

  • The game still has the open world aspect of it correct? Like where you would walk to mission markers to start the mission

    • That is correct. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will feature a gigantic hub world that you can run around in just like Sly 2 and Sly 3.

  • Fantastic news! I can’t wait for the game

  • hi there Caley.We all know that if we buy ps3 version,we will get vita version free.I have two accounts,usa and uk.If i buy usa version and use code on uk account,do i still get vita version or i have to buy it?

    • No if you buy a US retail version of the game you will get a US digital vita version. You can not get one US copy and one UK copy

  • I cant wait to play this game. Is there any plans for DLC after the game, maybe story related?

  • I love that Peter Mcconnell is back making the music. Is there any plans on releasing the music in the game on a separate cd?

  • Please, no DLC. Everything should be included on the disc. Focus on a new game instead.

  • Can you give us any hints at when the new Demo will be coming out Cause ive played the Amazing Cooperoni one so many times i can almost do it blindfolded.
    P.S. Tell the ppl at Sanzaru that i LOVE THEM FOR THIS

  • @3 & 4 There was some legal issues to sort out.

    @36 Next month possibly.

    + Caley Roberts on December 13th, 2012 at 11:33 am said:

    It is on the box but we are working to release the box cover as key art without all the logos as well as possibly making it into a theme for your ps3 and vita =)

    Will this theme be free?

  • Alrighty cool! Thanks for answering

  • Have there been made more episodes, since you announced the 7 episodes? Hope you will answer! :-)

  • Who won the treasure contest? When will the winners be announced? What are the winning treasures?

  • Caley, what graphical sacrifices have been made on the Vita version from the PS3? We still haven’t really seen footage for that version so I’m really curious. I have the game preordered and am really excited to play on both PS3 and Vita.

    • I can tell you that Sly looks gorgeous on the LED Vita screen and that you will absolutely love Sly on your Vita. I think the biggest difference will be that Sly will run at a super smooth 30 frames per second while your PS3 will run at an ultra smooth 60 frames a second in 2D. Both will offer you a fantastic play experience and one of the best Sly story lines ever!

  • Sorry for all the questions, but i have one more. We have been waiting so long for this game: Are we going to get some kind of video about behind the scenes, you know see the people at Sanzaru Games work on the game or something like that?

  • Wish it had released this year. I want it now.

  • Will there still be slideshows from previous Sly games?

  • Please ,please ,please….can you do something about all the hacking on MW2?I believe I´m speaking in behalf of thousands of pleople who still enjoy playing the game online the way it´s supposed to be , no hacks and no advantages other than the perks you choose!!!It could be our Christmas present ; ) P.S. If you want PS Network ids they can be provided they To whomsoever it may concern I thank you in advance for updating the software or whatever it needs to be done to end this huge inconvenience which it taking the fun out of the game Big Time!!!

  • Will the pre-order bonuses be available in the UK?

    • Yes you will get the same pre-order bonuses that are available in the US as long as you have pre-ordered the game.

  • Not sure if I’m sold the very first day. But I look forward to play Sly 4!
    Though I must point out that Sly looks cartoonist, more like a sleeker version from the Japanese cut-scene on “Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus”. lol

  • @45 This is the Sly post, not the Call of Duty post.

  • The only thing between me and a Vita copy of Sly cooper is this stupid world end :D
    I’m looking forward the game I also saw that IGN will give us 2 hours preview or sth like that on Tuesday so I’ll have something to do while I wait February

    • That is correct Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty are going to sit down with Glen Egan and Mat Kraemer from Sanzaru and have a 2 hour playthrough LIVE! They will also answer questions from the fans live on the air so don’t miss it Tuesday from 2-4pm on IGN.

  • in one of the rioichi gameplays it revealed five episodes and there was a picture of 5 costume holders…is 5 the magic number or will we see more

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